Giving back ground ….

Well, 3-0 on this road trip went to 3-3 pretty quickly. I’m not sure what to expect from Livan Hernandez tonight, but it won’t be much more than five innings. Jeff Weaver, I think the Mets could take, but he has his moments.

All of a sudden, the offense stopped hitting and the defense went south. I don’t like how John Maine pitched last night and I’m concerned about him. He’s becoming another Coin Flip. Does anybody really know from one start to the next what to expect from him? I don’t anymore.

Outside of Johan Santana, there’s not one starter that you can be sure on. Check that – I’m sure I won’t get more than six from Hernandez. Who would have expected three balks from Mike Pelfrey?

The defense is a concern, also. Championship teams don’t give away runs and outs the way the Mets have recently.

And, how the offense can hit a wall that suddenly is also puzzling. And, it’s not like they’ve faced overwhelming pitching. They had their chances in each of the last three games.

The Mets were sizzling for awhile, winning 11 of 13 games, but that seems like such a long time ago.

14 thoughts on “Giving back ground ….

  1. The Giants and Dodgers both have very good pitching. Lincecum, Cain and Billingsley were 3 of the 6 pitchers faced on the trip. Not to mention long time Met killer Wolf. Manuel needs to get a set lineup. He should have Murphy at first, Church in left everyday. Shef and Reed can platoon in LF. Tatis is your versatile sub/top pinch hitter. Give the players a role and stick to it.

  2. You want a team to keep winning then I don’t think you take a career minor leaguer and bat him 6th. You want to win and build a player then you don’t take a kid and proclaim him your everyday player and then don’t even let him play a whole game when he plays while you don’t PH for your career minor leaguer who you have in the 6 hole. You want to win then you recognize that you got all you are going to get out of your career minor league catcher and you start playing him a lot less than Castro. You want to win you sit down your horde of outfielders and out of position guys and you tell them this what you are going to be doing playing wise, and not change your mind every inning or so. Since there is no first baseman I don’t care who gets to play there, but end the game at first, 2nd left right and catcher. Give these guys specific roles and see what happens over 6 weeks or so.
    And tell Church to swing like he did for Randolph. He’s become a large size Castillo punching the ball to the opposite field. If he’s gonna be a singles hitter than he has absolutely no value. I read that he’s being taught to hit by Jerry the Horrible. Jerry was a horrible hitter, just like he’s a horrible manager. Get him another hitting coach, like the one who worked with him last Spring namely HoJo. And get these pitchers to pitch to their strength. Maine was nibbling all night like he forgot his best pitch was the high fast ball.

  3. Chiti, you bring up something interesting here. Could it be the friction between Church and Manuel is Churchs resisting Manuel forcing his approach on him. Church was a doubles machine before this year. Hmm.

  4. Maine was not consistent at all last year. I haven’t seen his games really so do not know how he is pitching and what his secondary pitches look like, but my sense is he needs to trust his stuff more and not get tentative. Pelfrey learned that last year and it made a huge difference. Maine needs to do the same or else he will be our career #5.

  5. I trust Johan and BigPelf. I know what we are getting from Livan. Not that I am excited about it, but I know what I have.

    Maine seems to be doing whatever and who is our #4 today?

    The offensive problems we have seen for a few years now. Nothing new. The change in managers did nothing.

  6. harry’s comments about batting the wrong people in the wrong spots, too much spot playing time, etc.. are all right on. i agree. jerry on the FAN said Beltran, Sheff, Church is his OF with tatis and reed backing them up..and murphy playing 1st for the next couple days…stick to it jerry..tatis spells murphy some and STOP JERKING THE PLAYING TIME AROUND

    mets needs this game tonight..cant go into boston on a slide and the mets need to show a little urgency tonight

    dont let the pphils run away from you, its only 1 game right now but stay with em

  7. 7. I heard he said all that jim baltimore, but he says one thing one day and it lasts until tomorrow. We shall see.

  8. I listened to the interview. He said he will keep murph there through the red sox series. Thats not much of a sample, but he said Murphys not going back to the outfield. I hope Dan can make it at first. We need his bat and his hustle.

  9. 9. Did you also hear Torre? Francheschia(?) asked Torre what he was going to do about Ethier and his deep slump. Torre sais their just gonna ride it out. What adifference in philosophies. Four games is an assinine evaluation period in baseball.

  10. awful news about schoenweis and phil mickelsons wife… i will have all of them in my prayers

    manuel just said daniel murphy in the OF is done and he will get games to see if he is the short term solution at 1B..i hope manuel actually gives him a solid amount of time to get comfortable at 1st and at the plate

    pagan starts tonight again at left….he must have jerry loving him like he is omir santos

    this is a game the mets “need” to have

  11. What happened to Sheffield being one of the regular OF’s? Is it an injury thing or is this Manuel trying to continue his vasilating?