It’s one thing to lose ….

…. but it is another to give away a game like the Mets did last night. Inexcusable. If Jerry Manuel didn’t read them the riot act then he’s not doing his job as manager.

How in the hell do you miss third base? All those missed opportunities …. they could have won the game three times over. It’s one thing to blow a good pitching performance from Johan Santana. I’m used to that. It’s another to blow one from Tim Redding. When will they get another one?

In the original post I said the Mets’ weaknesses would be exposed during the rest of this road trip. Well, some got exposed last night.

Ryan Church got a couple of hits. Maybe he’s showing signs. But, the baserunning was unforgivable.

Jeremy Reed, of course, is not the answer at first base. I don’t know who is, but why not give Daniel Murphy a shot. He can’t do any worse.

All teams have stinkers, but last night was maddening because we’ve seen it all too often from the Mets where it all unravels.

And, the pitching match-ups for the rest of this series favors the Dodgers. Then they go to Boston. They are on the verge of giving back all they’ve accomplished the past 10 days.

14 thoughts on “It’s one thing to lose ….

  1. The issue is professionalism at the game. was it it jeff that got on my case that 86 mets goofed around during the game..
    The difference was they goofed with each other not the other team. when it came to being on base.. they played. Except when the kid stole second. the second baseman laughed and shook his hand.

    I think the issue is, some of these guys dont see this as a game. People like Wright Church santana beltran. they take teh game to hearty and seriously.

    I dont see the same concern on the others.

    We need Keith and Ronnie.

    Honestly, though as much as i hate to say it. It’s time to rethink the team. at this point we only have maybe 4 or 6 regulars i would like to keep. everyone else. just replace.

  2. The one good thing I saw was Manuel and Beltran were pissed. Church is now so deep in Jerrys doghouse he may never get out. That being said, last nights lineup had a centerfielder playing LF, An outfielder playing first base and a second baseman playing SS who arrived at the ballpark a half hour before the game. Five errors was the result. Omar says he is happy with the club the way it is so dont expect them to bring in a real first baseman.

  3. the sky is not falling…they have lost 2 straight, i know in bad way but still…deep breath, ton of season left..tied with the phils

    my main problem is with how manuel is playing people..having reed at first is a joke- after the game reed said he “had never practiced” that throw home..are you kidding

    manuel need to stop yanking guys playing time..he doesnt like church then fine, sit him and let the other guys try to establish a rhythm..he is hurting his player by his lineups and subs

  4. Gotta agree with jim the sky is not falling.
    Even after Church’s screw up the team did not quit. They played badly but they were trying hard.

    Ray if Omar really said he was not looking for 1st baseman I would have to think he is putting on a good poker face.
    Every body in baseball knows the Mets need a 1st baseman lets hope he finds one without getting fleeced.

    One thing Omar and Jerry need to decide is what is going on with Murphy. Play him everday in LF or send him down to Buffalo for 2 weeks and let him get a crash course at 1B.

  5. by the way i think it will be :
    church and pitching prospects for
    aubrey huff

  6. they need a vet who will get in your face when u mess up

    the closest they have is santana and he’s a pitcher

  7. jim
    seems a bit too much for a guy who is going to be a FA at seasons end
    MetsBlog has tonights lineup with Murphy in LF at Reed at 1B and Church is starting in RF.
    and Reyes is back at SS and Martinez is at 2B

  8. WHY IS REED AT FIRST AGAIN??????????…if you really need him i nthe lineup, which i hate anyway, put him in left where he is supposedly a very good OF..and move murphy to first, what the hell is jerry doing

  9. 5. church
    6. martinez
    7. reed
    8. santos
    9. pitcher

    is jerry trying to not score runs?????????????

  10. It must burn Manuel to put Church in the lineup today. Sheffield is 40 yrs old and needs a rest. Who else is going to bat 5th?

  11. (8) A vet to get in their face. C’mon. Do you think Church needs someone to get in his face about yesterday???? Don;t you think the manager has totally broken him already. How’d that help. Turned him into a total piece of turd. Do you think Reed should really have someone get in his face for throwing a ball away in a position he never played as a pro.
    You all can love or hate Sheffield all you want but what his addition did was totally destroy the chemistry of the team. Force feeding him in the lineup has screwed Church and Murphy. They don’t know ifnthey be full timers part timers or no timers.
    (1) This criticism oif the Mets for talking to the opposition is a crock. They don’t do anything any different than any other team does. This ain’t 1986 and players are all in the same fraternity, the same rich man’s club, they are all pals.

  12. 12, Chiti- I think this is really slowing Murphys progress. In the last year he has gone from a AA 3rd baseman to a Major league Left fielder to an Arizona league second baseman back to MLB Outfielder and soon to be first baseman. How can the kid concentrate on his hitting when they keep moving him all around the field.
    I agree about Church, I saw the look on his face after the game. He looked like a beaten dog. Good job Jerry to backstab one of your players to the media. This organization has no clue.

  13. 12

    Did I mention Church?

    I think Jerry really nailed him. very hard. It seemed he couldn’t stop saying what a bush league play it was.

    Now, I am not excusing Church. He is a pro player and it is astounding that he can’t put a foot on the bag, even if he had to stop and go back.

    But what this team needs is a veteran player who will help get this team in shape. This season alone there have been stupid plays, from Church, to Beltran to Jose, to pretty much everyone on the team not named Johan. Johan got upset in an understated way and called his team out. But he is a pitcher.

    Arguably our best player on the team is not that player. Our younger guys either still defer or make bonehead plays themselves.

    But it is not this season alone. It has been a few. Going back to Piazza where Clemens went after him and the whole team sat on their hands. That was a terrible display of team unity. This team does not seem to want to pick themselves up. You want a grimy player. A guy who will approach the game right. All the time.

    Church last year seemed to play the game right before he got dinged in the head and so does Murphy. But Murphy is a rookie and Church at this time is not an every day player. Jose has too many episodes where he is fundamentally unsound and David throws the ball away and has issues with being mr clutch. Then there is Beltran who is probably our best overall player outside of Jose and yet his displays on the base this year says something is wrong.

    I don’t see any player on this team who has the stature and the temperament to lead this team. Johan has both, but he plays every 5 days and there seems to be an issue with pitchers taking that role.