Who’s on first?

OK, for all of you who dissed me this winter about Adam Dunn, how would you like to have him now that Carlos Delgado is on the DL for who only knows how long? Word is Delgado could be out for a lot longer than two weeks, which only exposes what we already knew – the Mets had no contingency plans for first base.

It’s a reflection on the minor league system that there’s not a ready replacement for Delgado.

Unless the Mets know for sure Delgado will be out for an extended period, it makes no sense to unload the remaining blue chips on the minor league level for a first baseman. Besides, despite their recent run, the Mets’ rotation is due to expose itself as it did earlier this season and they’ll most likely be looking at acquiring pitching at the trade deadline. That’s where the chips should be spent.

Currently, the Mets are mixing according to the pitching match-ups between Jeremy Reed and Fernando Tatis. Neither are good enough to play fulltime, although Tatis has been playing well.

Moving Daniel Murphy to first – which also keeps Gary Sheffield’s bat in the line-up – has been discussed. But, should the Mets bite the bullet and stick in him there, or send him down to the minor leagues for a month at the position?

Delgado’s injury leaves a gaping hole in the middle of the batting order the Mets are trying to fill with the 40-year Sheffield, a player the Detroit Tigers were willing to pay millions of dollars to for just going away. Sheffield has been hot lately, but do you want to bet for how long it will last? If Delgado is gone for any length of time, David Wright will eventually assume the clean-up position in the order.

12 thoughts on “Who’s on first?

  1. Serious question for you.. Can you please ask Jerry Manuel why he insists on playing Jeremy Reed so much.

    i dont like jeremy reed getting this much playing time…especially with it taking away from church (a better version of reed, hopefully a decent bat and a above average glove)/ murphy (a far better hitter)/ or tatis (a guy who continues to produce, yet is sat down)..i dont get it. people talk about going to get anohter 1B with delgado out..manuel cant manage having this many players to use, how would he deal with another option..probably by yanking around playing time even more

    said that yesterday prior to reed doing nothing offensively and then manuel Phitting the .235 career Rh hitter pagan…then jerry wonders why murphy is cold???????

    and why wouldnt you put murphy at 1st last night if you NEEDED reed in the lineup..isnt reed supposed to be a good defensive outfield

    jerry is being exposed as inept

  2. Just heard that Delgado is definitely having hip surgery and will be out AT LEAST 8 weeks. There is no excuse for not putting Murphy at 1B now, is there?

  3. Wow.

    I don’t think I have ever seen you be this forceful. I like it.

    Didn’t Murphy rotate at 1B in AA last year with Evans and the other guy when they were all batting above 300?

    Not saying he is a gold glove and it may be a good idea to give him some concentrated attention there, but I think he has had more experience there than he had in LF before they put him out there.

  4. I don’t like being the defender of Jerry the bad, but it is possible that Murph is worse at first then he is in left. If that’a not the case then Jerry is very bad.

  5. Alex Cora has been put on the DL
    torn ligament in thumb
    Ramon E Martinez will be starting at SS tonight if he can get from the airport to the game on time
    I hope he does not get stuck in traffic

  6. (8) You’ve been around for a while. So tell us, what are the plusses of these headfirst slides???

    Slide past the base.
    Get hurt
    Style points…
    Style points..
    Style points.

  7. Players do get hurt sliding in feet first.

    2 players that come to mind are Tommy Davis and Robin Ventura.

    Sliding head first into 2nd or 3rd never really bothered me.

    Sliding head first into 1st base or home is another story.

  8. JD: hey! I was always calling out that we needed a real 1st baseman. and got lambasted for it.

    I told all of you. last year was a flash in teh pan he shot his load to keep his job. now he’s down for teh count.