METS CHAT ROOM: Game #38: On to LA



Tim Redding goes tonight for the Mets at Los Angeles. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled. Redding just personifies the Mets’ lingering rotation problems. It is not a deep rotation, with Johan Santana the only starter providing consistent innings.

There’s promise with Mike Pelfrey and John Maine, but there can be no assumptions with either. Livan Hernandez is good for five only, which taxes the bullpen. Oliver Perez? Well, so far he hasn’t been good for anything, and there’s no promise he’ll ever snap out of it.

The Mets won three of their first four games on this trip, but there remain flaws with this team. The pitching match-ups in the Dodgers series favors Los Angeles, and from there the team heads to Boston for three. This isn’t a critical stretch, but it is very important as they go head-to-head with playoff caliber teams. The Mets will be tested over the next six games and their flaws will be revealed.

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  1. JD: You sound like me last week watching my favorite show, “Lost,” as ABC aired its season finale.

  2. The bad news: Delgado will have surgery and be out two months. … Jose Reyes still out. … Alex Cora on the DL with a thumb injury.-JD

  3. On th injuries: Definitely glass half full from where I sit — coulda been much worse. Delgado’s not out for the year, Reyes is day-to-day and hopefully Cora will return in a few weeks.

  4. Please let it be said that I’m NOT going to pull a Rush Limbaugh here and say I hope Tim Redding fails, the way the radio host said he hopes President Obama fails.
    I hope Redding succeeds.
    But if Redding fails, I’ll be the first one here to say, “I told ya so!” :)

  5. 6. You believe a Met injury report? Expect Aug or Sep if the Mets say July. Plus it took him forever to bounce into shape in 07/08 from small injuries. This is a bad thing, but all them Delgado basers will be happy. After all the offense will be so potent with guys like Jeromy Reed at first.

  6. 8. Gil, I am not a Limbaugh fan, but this is not a political site. We come here to get away from the BS of politics.

  7. Harry (9) I’m not sure I believe much of anything from the Mets these days – particularly if it’s Jerry Manuel speaking.

  8. I’ve eschewed SNY’s feed tonight to instead watch and listen to the master, Vin Scully, of the Dodgers’ Fox feed.
    Already, Scully has conveyed two interesting facts about Mets players:
    1. Gary Sheffield’s dad worked on cleaning boats and was a technical diver
    2. Redding’s great aunt played Trixie on “The Honeymooners.”

  9. Delcos, In answer to your last thread about Dunn, Yes the Mets would have been wise to sign him if they could have gotten him for what he got from DC. How about my pleas for the Mets to sign Wolf instead of OP?

  10. I wish Redding’s great aunt was pitching right now for the Mets.

  11. 13. Gil, I am with you on Vin. He is the best in the business. Why did they ever break up the Scully Garigiola team that broadcast the greatest world series comeback of all time?

  12. This is why last night was so important – not because I’m greedy for wins – but they lost one they should have won and the match-ups were awful in LA – so now were on the verge of a losing streak – can we get anyone on at the plate

  13. 23 Ray: Not sure why they broke up that team, but in LA Scully carries the home telecasts all by himself. When I lived in San Diego, I used to just drive at night sometimes and pick up the LA radio statio to hear his on-air poetry.

  14. Gil (26): I think you and I were the only ones who were saying that last nite, and were facing doubt from everyone else.

    His signing was a typical nonsensical one that Omar does. He’d have been better off signing him to a minor league deal at least. I’m sure he wasn’t facing much competition for this loser

  15. Jd- he’s playing more then three days a week – he’ll be on the DL before the all-star break as it is – thats why they signed Valentin – its not a matter of if its when

  16. Nice to know that Larry flynt has a casino in L A If it werent for vin I never would have known it.

  17. 31 rmk, we are the voices of reason on Redding. When Omar first signed him, I said we’d be better off signing the late R&B singer Otis Redding to pitch for us.
    Even fantasy baseball GMs would’ve had enough sense not to sign him, let alone a real GM.

  18. Gil (36): Well put.

    Hopefully this offense breaks out of what they were doing yesterday and actually drives men in tonite.

  19. Anyone have any idea why lefty off-speed pitchers like Wolf have always bedeviled the Mets?

  20. Redding isnt the problem – he’d be fine as a long man or even a fifth starter- the problem is RESIGNING FRIGGIN OLLIE FOR THREE YEARS AND YES IM YELLING

  21. Javy valentin reds catcher the last five years – stache’s younger brother

  22. Omar’s ego got in the way he couldn’t let go of his golden find from 2006

  23. Well we’ve already got more runs now than we had last night – I’m surprised.

  24. Wolf was lights out against Mets last year. Crzay to take Redding and not RW.

    Why Pagan? He brings nothing to the table. Why not play Murphy? What did he do to play himself out of the mix?

    Put this game aside. Why had Jerry Manuel morphed into Willie Randolph part deux? Same uninspiring use of batters and pitchers. Church and Murphy have become non-entities, and Sheffield and Pagan get playing time. I understand the “potential” of Sheffield, but he is 40 and was not released because Detroit wanted to pay him to play for Mets.

  25. 41-43
    Lost track of Valentin where was he earlier this year.

  26. I think I’ve become one of the more positive posters here, without changing a bit.

  27. i’d take wolf at 4mil and garland at 4mil and have a better chance then ollie at 8 mil

  28. I remember wishing the Mets could’ve tried to deal for Bronson Arroyo nin the off-season. He’s already got five wins for the reds.

  29. (50) Pagan has range – Redding is a contact pitcher – Beltran has to cover gary he cant cover dan as well with a contact pitcher

  30. 50 you’re right on Randy Wolf — I was at a game at Petco and he absolutely stifled the Mets. But he’s a SoCal guy who grew up a Dodger fan, so I doubt he’d have signed with the Mets as a free agent.
    Gotta disagree with you on Sheffield, though. I was not at all a fan of his signing, but the guy has produced and had some great at-bats and his defesnse hasn’t been as bad as we feared.

  31. 52. Chiti, You have changed though, getting soft in your older years.

  32. which first basemman should they go after – Johnson, De Rosa, Russell, Huff

  33. Garland is still in the majors right …. is ollie … i could cut garland at 3mil. if he was a flop

  34. (58) Expectations must be the pits if you are pleased with a clean up hitter racking at a .250 clip.

    Tough break guys, Reding had a good inning.

  35. Gil (58) Sorry, I’ve got to disagree with you on Sheffield – to me he’s just another druggie who shouldn’t even be playing at all.

  36. JD, can you explain why Murphy is not seeing time at 1st with Delgado gone for two months minimum?

  37. Annie – you have to stop looking at them like that – if you realized how many did it you would be stunned

  38. (60). No Sadecki, these guys are the best. I can’t compete so now I’m going contrarian and criticiaing the negativity.

    This is a team decimated by injuries, decimated by bad personnel decisions made by the GM and horrible managing and yet is sitting on top of the feared NL East. They deserve nothing but praise.

  39. they used coke in the 80s, greenies in the 70’s , spite coffee in the 60s-50s – competitors are alwyas going to look for an edge …. if your mad be mad at the league, owners, agents, union for turning a blind eye

  40. John (67) That would be me When I’m 64 — but it was Annie. I was 65.

  41. 62
    The Mets are paying Redding less than that at least give the guy a chance.

  42. Jeff M (65): I have no explanation. He should get some time at first. I might even send him down to the minors for a couple of weeks to get some time at first.-JD

  43. I have a first hand story about an iconic Mets – that i wont tell but it always makes me chuckle when people dispise guys who were caught – if they knew i bet they’d change there tune

  44. 64 Ah, Annie, there’s also been conjecture — though not yet proven, that Mike Piazza was also a “druggie,” in a performance enhancing way. Would you feel as strongly about Piazza, if proven, as you do about Sheffield?
    What about former Met Paul LoDuca, who not only admitted he used, as a Dodger, but also was a supplier to Eric Gagne?

  45. John (73) But sending him to the minors to get time at first was the plan before. Why not just play him there now, since Delgado is going to be gone for much of the season?

  46. if we called them cheats and didnt want our team to sign them – there wouldnt be a league

  47. 76 ed: I know who youre talking about. I saw him once in the locker room before he was a Met and the acne on his back was a telltale sign…

  48. (77) At least Duca didn’t give the Hey, I was too stupid to ask or know line, or the my doctor screwed me line, or the hey, someobdy stuck the stuff in my locker line.

  49. Jeff M: You’re the man! From what I hear abotu the park they should have named it Dodger Stadium East vice Chiti Field.

  50. I’d rather them say you try to do this straight and then see what happens enhanced and how much better you are and how addicted you get to being that player and then the money they throw at you for being that good and it almost becomes an ego addiction- because thats what happens

  51. 83 Or say he was using flaxseed oil…or say he “misremembered” something…or pound his fist on the lectern and point while denying use under oath in a Congressional hearing…or suddenly forget how to speak English at the same hearing…

  52. 82 …and maybe the guys, too, from what I heard from at least two MLB sources…

  53. (13) Nothing wrong with SNY: Gary just mentioned that Redding’s aunt is Joyce Randolph, the last surviving member of the Honeymooners quartet. See, he can read the media notes just as well as Vin Scully — so there!

  54. i dont know first hand – but i worked at an addiction center at one point in mmy life … that sounded to first hand -had to explain

  55. Changing the subject Huff would be a good pick up if he did not cost much. He is a FA at the end of the year. How is he at playing 1st base.

  56. (82) had a friend minor leaguer shared a room with a certain player open the wrong draw one day of that players dresser- this guy wouldnt lie and only told a handful of people – he never made it himself blew his pitching elbow out

  57. 90 Ha! Ha! Ha! OK, Jeff. But as much as I like Gary Cohen, he’s no Vin Scully.

  58. (96) Gil, who do you think you are, Lloyd Bentsen? (Hope not — he’s dead…)

  59. (94) The O’s are hard to deal with. The owner butts in to almost every possible deal. But Huff had over 100 RBI last year nad his d can’t be worse than Delgado’s or any of these out of position guys are going to give.

  60. 98 Good one! But hey, I thought we were keeping politics out of tonight’s discussion.

  61. Annie (99) I like Howie, but I think I like Gary better. Anyway, you’re mixing apples and Roses.

  62. 100
    Forgot about the owner.
    I guess that explains the rumors that Huff wants to get out of Baltimore but I guess you could say that about just everyone on that team.

  63. Jeff M. (103) I don’t hear Gary very often, but I listen to Howie and Wayne every game that’s probably why I like them better.
    Apples and Roses – very good.

  64. I’m curious – how many of you have read Ron Darling’s book “The Complete Game”?

  65. Gil (110) I started reading it this morning and am about 3/4 of the way through. It is really good, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Ronnie.

  66. 112 I met Ronnie when I was a teenager and after his cup of coffee in ’83. He was once engaged to the older sister of someone I went to high school with. Great guy.

  67. 119 I was. Redding still sucks, no matter what he’s done so far tonight.

  68. 115. chiti has been the biggest supporter of Redding on this site. I must admit.

  69. (121) Apparently Annie wasn’t. I don’t think I was either, probably because I had no idea who he was.

  70. Vin Scully comes up with this nugget about Angel Pagan: He grew up idolizing boxer Felix Trinidad.

  71. 123 Jeff: If you want to avoid making yourself sick, don’t look up Redding’s career stats — or hell, even his last season second half stats.

  72. Someone said the Mets would be better off with the late Otis Redding. I think the late Noel Redding, from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, wouldn’t be too shabby either.

  73. 123
    Well done.

    Did anyone else see SNY showing Jose Lima in the stands.

  74. Gil (125) Give it a couple of innings and I’ll see if Gary mentions Pagan’s Felix Trinidad fixation.

  75. More Vin Scully nuggets:
    *Luis Castillo actually broke Ryne Sandberg’s record for most consecutive games without an error.
    *When Castillo had a 37-game hitting streak, the Marlins strength coach showed up to work out with him every day. The day the strength coach didn’t show up was the day the streak stopped. That coach was dale Torborg, son of former Mets’ manager, Jeff Torborg.

  76. Hmm… Seems all the Angel Pagan bashing has ceased also.
    How can you bash anyone with that great name!!!

  77. Gil (133) Howie and Wayne are taking us on a tour of the Stadium, telling all about the pictures, the traditions and the many former Dodgers who still come to games. Howie says it’s like getting a history lesson.

  78. Is this really only the 5th inning? Is this game going even slower than usual, or am I imagining it?

  79. 135 Dodger Stadium is, hands down, the most beautiful park in all of baseball. Just driving in is like entering a national park. The tall palms are beautiful, as are the view of the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the outfield fences. behind home plate, there’s a breathtaking view of the LA skyline.

  80. “Five stellar innings for Tim Redding.” Gary said it, not me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  81. 137
    All that is true but the history of how the Dodgers got the land is another story.

  82. 139 Too true. Same way the Padres’ building Petco Park pushed out many longtime Chicano-owned businesses and lower income residents in Barrio Logan.

  83. Gil (137) Sounds great – my favorite sports facility was Hialeah Race Track when I was in the business there.

  84. 144 Haven’t yet been to Hialeah. I’m not a track guy, but now that I’m here in Florida, maybe I’ll make a visit.

  85. 143
    I guess it goes on everywhere.
    NYC is in the process of doing the same thing to the owners of the business’s in the iron triangle behind Citi Field.

  86. Gil (146) It is not used for racing anymore, only Calder and Gulfstream have racing meets now. But it is still beautiful and has a palm lined entrance.

  87. I lost my audio, Tried mets, mlb and dodgers sites all telling me come back later.

  88. Gil
    Tell me you went to Del Mar.
    If I lived near by I would go everyday.

  89. 147 You’re right. It’s always the people on the lower end of the economic spectrum that get squeezed by baseball’s wealthy fat cats — whether it’s the folks in the communities that either have to relocate or don’t reap any of the team’s profits, or people like us who can’t afford ticket prices to go games in person as much as we’d like.
    Miami is next, when the Marlins build their new park near the site of the Orange Bowl, where a low-income community exists.

  90. Dare I say that Redding is doing as well or better than some of the other Mets pitchers? I don’t want to jinx him.

  91. 153 You bet I went to Del Mar when I lived in SD. Beautiful place. That’s also the site of the annual San Diego County Fair.
    Damn, dude, you’re making me homesick!

  92. 149. Delcos. I will not cry a single tear when the chop shops go. Also the neighborhood in San Diego where Petco is was more dangerous than anyplace in NYC, It is now quite vibrant. Sorry but somemtimes change is good.

  93. 155 Annie, don’t delude yourself. This is just one outing — and it’s not over yet.

  94. Ray, I must disagree. I lived in SD for 10 years and have also lived in NYC. As a reporter, I covered several stories in Barrio Logan and that area, according to SDPD crime stats, is far from the city’s most dangerous area.
    The area around Petco, the Gaslamp Quarter, had crime problems in the ’80s, but revitalization in the early ’90s changed all that.

  95. 160,Gil, I was there in the early eighties as a young sailor. That part of San Diego reminded me of times square of the same time period. It was not safe at all.

  96. (161) John, the game’s not over yet! Besides, stop changing the subject. We’re talking about everything BUT the game.

  97. John (161) this is not the game I expected when I first read the lineup for the Mets –

  98. I’m waiting. when is the Redding implosion happening. Not Tonite. GOOD JOB Tim REDDING!!!!!!!!

  99. 161 Gotta give credit to Cain and Wolf. Cain got himself out of trouble when he had to and Wolf has lulled us to sleep and teased us.

  100. 162 That sounds about right for the time you were there. But thankfully, a lot changed by the time I arrived in the late ’90s.

  101. Speaking of giving credit, I’ll give it where it’s due for Tim Redding tonight.
    He pitched well.

  102. I REALLY am tired of “God Bless America” at baseball games. The anthem is ENOUGH!
    Stop with the uber-nationalism already.
    Eight years of it is ENOUGH!

  103. Old story
    Dodger Stadium and Shea were designed by the same architect.

  104. Gil
    The Mets only play it on Sunday. The Yankees play it every night.

  105. Gil (170) Now you’ll lose me – I’m big on music everywhere, all the time. I’ve got over 900 songs on my IPOD and it plays all day long.

  106. A question – I see that Bobby Parnell is pitching. The other day someone mentioned that Mel Parnell might be related to him – my question is, who is Mel Parnell?

  107. 174 Yeah, Annie, I’ve got 5,600 songs on my iPod, but I’m not wearing others out with nationalistically correct songs.

  108. Gil (170) I agree with you 100%.
    Annie (174) Music is one thing. Over-the-top nationalism is something else.

  109. (175) Ah, Vinny was just talking about the great Red Sox pitcher, Mel Parnell who he said pitched a long time ago, and is no relation to Bobby.

  110. Hey Gil, it seems you cant help yourself, Always getting political. why dont you just shut up. some people here might not hate this country as you seem to. As I mentioned before I am a veteran and I dont appreciate people knocking my country.

  111. 177 Thank goodness someone else out there is with me on this. Love of country is one thing, but over-the-top nationalism is borderline fascism.

  112. Lets see. THREE Hits for Angel. 6 stellar innings for Redding. I guess Jerry was the better manager tonite.

  113. 180 Ray, that’s such a predictable, knee-jerk, reactionary response, accusing me of being an America-hater because I say I’m tired of hearing “God Bless America” at BASEBALL GAMES.
    Who’s doing the “politicizing” here — me, by voicing my freedom of expression, or MLB by forcing “God Bless America” on everyone who just wants to enjoy a baseball game?

  114. 182. Gil, so now it comes to name calling. So I am a facist now? Because I like America the Beautiful? OK Im a fascist your a communist. See what happens when you bring your political views here?

  115. Finally some sort of break. Gotta give Sheffield credit…it was weak as hell but clutch nonetheless.

  116. Now if Wright could just hit another one of those doubles, this time with someone on base, that would be nice

  117. Pagan slides FEET FIRST and knocks the catcher’s leg out of the way! Finally, somebody who knows how to play!

  118. Ray: No one called YOU a fascist. Go back and read my post, please. I said “uber-nationalism is borderline fascism.”
    Me a commie?
    HA! HA! HA! HA!
    You’re killin’ me.
    Guess that’s why for years I’ve done freelance writing on the side to make extra money!

  119. 197 Yeah, anyone still Pagan-bashing after his three-hit performance tonight?

  120. (196) I think this is one time Gil that you should listen to the part of Sadecki’s write up that said “why dont you just shut up.. If God Bless America ruins a baseball game for you, then you have serious problems.

  121. Sadecki, stop it! Gil didn’t call YOU a fascist. He didn’t even say you couldn’t like America the Beautiful. He said that forcing everybody to sing America the Beautiful at a baseball game was “borderline fascism”. It wasn’t name calling.

  122. Gil, My point is this is a baseball site. If you want to talk politics, I will come to your site if you like. I think most people like to use sports as an escape. I am one of those. Please keep your political views to yourself. you are bound to offend somebody and we lose our escape OK?

  123. My mistake — it wasn’t America the Beautiful, it was God Bless America. See, you guys got me so upset with your fighting, I screwed up the name.

  124. 200. Who has forced you to sing God Bless America ever?????????? Mentioning fascism with God Bless America is a terrible comment. You don’t like it, you know its coming take a leak.

  125. Im starting to wonder if extended playing time is gonna expose Tatis a bit. That was a really major let down. What a potential rally killer.

  126. (205) Telling people to take a leak during God Bless America is disrespectful!

  127. Ray, the simple singing of “God Bless America” is in itself injecting politics into baseball.
    I was reacting to something I saw on tonight’s telecast of a baseball game.
    We are both Americans and we agree to disagree.
    But give me a chorus of “Lazy Mary” at Citi over “God Bless” any day of the week.

  128. Gil (209): It was flat out unnecessary was what it was. It’s that kind of crap that often leads to some stupid weak ass run now. Way to go Ramon.

  129. Not good news here: If the Dodgers go ahead, we’ve got the 7th, 8th and 9th spots coming up.

  130. These guys were getting away with this sort of sloppy play but now they’re playing against a team that can and will take advantage.

  131. The truth is, God Bless America doesn’t bother me nearly as much as that horrendous Sweet Caroline sing-along that has come out of nowhere and become pervasive at all games. Nothing against Neil Diamond, but — So bad! So bad! So bad!

  132. 210 rmk: you’re right. Awful throw. Now we gotta deal with Mark “Get Back” Lorretta.

  133. I hope all the Reyes bashers were paying attn to Martinez’s crappy defense tonite and Cora’s weak arm the last few days before that.

  134. Maybe whem they find out that you and Gil correlate God Bless America with Fascism they’ll take a leak on you.

  135. 213 Jeff, you commie pinko! Take back what you said about Neil Diamond! :)

  136. Gil (211): I’d say that Church is coming up batting 9th, but then again, the way he’s going it’s no better than having a pitcher come up

  137. 208. Gil, If you insist on keeping this up by saying a song that implies that you love your country is wrong, I say that you hate your country. I know your kind. by calling me a knee jerk reactionary shows your a communist, that right out of Maos Book. I have tried to be reasonable with you and asked you to refrain from sputtering your idealogy here but you refuse. If you want a fight you got it, and dont call me your friend anymore. your are my enemy.

  138. 219 JD — I didn’t know Neil Diamond wrote “I’m a Believer.”

  139. Jeff (213) I’m with John on this – I like Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline, but his duet with Barbra Streisand in ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ is his best work in my opinion.

  140. 216
    Cora is so much better than Martinez or anyone else the Mets have had to back up Reyes in the last 4 years.
    Reyes is so good sometimes you just don’t realize it till he is not playing.

  141. John (219) I like Neil Diamond; I like Sweet Caroline. I just hate stupid repetitive singalongs. Being surrounded by people mindlessly shouting “so good! so good! so good!” is akin to fascism.

  142. Hey Gil; Go to Auschwitz. Go to the Holocaust museum in Dc, then come back with your disgusting comparison of GBA and Fascism.

  143. One thing about Jeff and Gil; If people are having a good time it must be a bad thing.

  144. 223 You crack me up, Ray!
    I’m trembling.
    And by the way, the word “ideology” doesn’t have an “a” in it, friend — er, enemy.

  145. Scott (226): Cora was good but his arm looked really weak in comparison to Reyes

  146. 228 Harry, it’s obvious neither you nor Ray scored too high on reading comprehension exams. Go back and read my posts.

  147. 230. yeah so sorry I forgot to spellcheck. Also a nice diversion. Why dont you just admit you hate America?

  148. rmk: Cora is a very smart player. The Mets will miss him while he’s out.

  149. 235 Well, you know us commie pinkos, Ray. We’re the masters of diversion.

  150. Gil (236): I don’t doubt he’s a smart player. But miss him? I’d much rather see Reyes out there and him not playing

  151. 231. JD.You lost us when I asked Gil to keep his political opinions to himself long ago.

  152. Gil,, This isn’t your English class. Or your jounalism class. Another line losers with phony superiority complexes spew out when they know their argument has no merit., They criticize someone elses typing.

  153. 243 Geez, Harry. What can I say? You got me there. Guess I gotta get up reeeeeeal early in the A.M. to pull the ol’ wool over your eyes.

  154. Can we proclaim Sean Green as “back” after the last couple outings? I’m still not sure

  155. I think I’ll talk about the weather – here in Central CT. in the middle of May it is now 32 degrees and we have a frost warning.

  156. Gil (249): Unfortunately Omar would rather give Figueroa the shaft than do something that might actually benefit the team

  157. Why is Green still on the roster? Get him off the mound and off the team, PLEASE!

  158. Every year the Mets have to keep “that guy” in the pen. That one pitcher who everyone watching on TV and in the ballpark just KNOWS is gonna suck when he comes in…everyone except for Omar and Manuel (or Willie before him)

  159. 253 I comment on the bottom of the seventh inning singing and you say I’m injecting politics.
    Then, when I talk baseball, you say I’m changing the subject.
    Ray, please make up your mind.

  160. John (248) this turned out to be a nice game, didn’t it? Not at all what I expected. Sometimes I get surprised. Howie and Wayne are really getting into the game themselves and they rarely show much emotion.

  161. Again, I ask: Why is Sean Green on the Mets — or anyone else’s — roster?
    By June, we’re all gonna be clamoring for Aaron Heilman’s return.

  162. Gees…how many times are we gonna get burned by one of these stupid weak ass infield hits?? I feel like this year more than in the past, there have been so many of those.

    Nice job Green you bum

  163. 257, Now you want to talk baseball. I asked you to do that long ago. Out of respect for John I will drop it, and I hope it doesnt come up again.

  164. 263 I’m slowly starting to agree with the anti-Jerry talk here. Green should NEVER have been in this game. Why the hell doesn’t Brian Stokes ever get a sniff in tight games?

  165. Really good game. Never thought we’d have this score considering Redding was the starter. Thought there would be more scoring.-JD

  166. BTW…I have to give Redding some credit…after Tatis, Castro, and the Dodgers scored those 2 runs in the 1st, he settled in nicely

  167. 265. Frosty in PA as well Annie. Latest date of a frost in recorded history here tonight.

  168. Gil (263): It’s what I’ve been saying…Jerry Manuel is a very dumb guy. Last nite’s move with Pagan/Murphy solidified that

  169. Hey Sadecki, Thanks man, I’d have fallen asleeep innings ago if you wouldn’t have come back to Gil!

  170. JD(276)
    I was going to say the same thing but was afraid to go off topic.

    and Brain Stokes has been found

  171. 280 Chiti, Its good you stayed awake to see your faith in Redding come to pass.

  172. If I’m Troncoso, I don’t throw anything close to the strike zone. Why would you challenge Wright here when Tatis hasn’t done a thing all nite at the plate

  173. (278) Its cold Annie. Frost warnings as far South as Tennessee and North Carolina.

  174. rmk: great point. Guess that’s why Reed’s not running from first, so first base would then be open to put Wright there…

  175. (276) It’s climate change. “Global warming” was not an accurate term. Raising the atmospheric temperature a couple of degrees does not lead to an immediate feeling of “warmth” — but warming of the overall atmosphere creates changes in the usual climate patterns, and thus, things like stronger and more frequent storms, and odd weather that can include, oddly, late frosts.

    (And pointing this out does not mean that I hate America.)

  176. This reminds me of so many Mets games from the early 70’s. Good pitching and not a lick of hitting.

  177. Wow. What a great job by Tatis. Up 2-0 with the lead run on 2nd, and he pulls a Castillo. This team is in trouble with this guy batting behind Wright. Manuel better start getting his head out of his ass and start giving Murphy a shot at 1st. Tatis is good but if he plays too much he gets exposed

  178. I remember when we were saying Wright needed to be more like Tatis with RISP. Now Tatis is 3 for 24 in those spots… ah, how silly we were!

  179. Harry (287) Thanks for the info – it’s always safe to talk about the weather –

  180. So I’ll throw this question out to everyone: If we’re going to get a replacement 1B, should it be Nick Johnson or Aubrey Huff?

  181. Cool. Ramon didn’t field or throw the ball that time as if it were a live grenade.

  182. 290-Jeff, It was warming a few years ago with Gores scare film. Now its change since the climate is cooling now. How convienient is that? I hope you enjoy your carbon tax. I know I wont.

  183. Annie (297) I covered some of the more sensitive plants. We’ve got a frost “advisory” here in Westchester, but some of the neighboring counties have a frost “warning.” I’ve never understood how, on the TV weather maps, the warnings and advisories stop exactly at the borderline.

  184. I’d take Johnson. I like his glove and high average. He might slot in nicely behind D-Wright.

  185. (301) Ray, the climate is not “cooling” now. I’ll never understand you people who hate Americans (such as Al Gore)!

    Now stop bringing politics into everything!

  186. Jeff M. (302) I have mostly hostas around the condo, so I covered them. I agree with you about TV weather maps, they are always divided into counties for CT.

  187. I get the feeling the next time — if there is a next time — Ryan Church homers, the bench will give him the silent treatment for a few moments…

  188. Well…one thing you can say is that at least it looks like Church is coming out of it now after those last two ABs

  189. Church has gotta be running here…we need a shot at cashing him in with a single.

  190. 304. But it is. I can show you proof if you care to see it. I am responding to your long discourse on 290. Once again enjoy your carbon tax because the CO2 is causing a “greenhouse effect” remember?

  191. Gil (308): If Church steals then you’re inviting them to just put Pagan on base and pitch to Mr. groundball

  192. 309 a joke. Same thing the bench did to Brian Schneider (remember him?) last year.

  193. Can you FREAKING believe this???!!!!!
    What the hell is Church thinking?

  194. I’m not getting the TV feed. Is this a legit call?? Is Church that much of a f’ing idiot?!?

  195. hello all, what a way for me to enter, how can church make that mistake unbelievable…hey gil/rmk as you said you were gonna be the first to say i told you so, let me beat you to it…as i hope redding gave 5 to 6 solid innings, nothing spectacular but he can be a solid #5

  196. This is un-frigging real.
    Three balks yesterday, three errors tonight and now, a no-touch of third base?
    This is worse than Little League play.

  197. Church needs to be WHACKED upside the head for being such a stupid moron.

    You know what…forget it…with all the moronic brain fart plays that have gone on with this team all year so far, I blame it on the idiot manager that’s coaching them all. This is just plain sloppy bad baseball

  198. hard to tell rmk, but the dodgers seemed sure and chruch didnt argue, what a joke

  199. Vin Scully: “The one thing about the way the Mets have played tonight? They should be being managed by Casey Stengel. Shades of Marv Throneberry and other Mets of 1962.”

  200. and now stokes walks the leadoff man..unreal, can this team NOT give away games

  201. Ok I’m out. I need to get to sleep. After a play like that and now Stokes with this wonderful start to this inning I dont think this game is gonna last much longer.

    This team simply did not play “winning” baseball tonite and doesn’t deserve to win this game.

  202. Have Jose Reyes and Ryan Church both forgotten how to run the bases? Did Mike Pelfrey forget how to pitch from the stretch?

  203. rmk and gil owe tim redding an apology JD!

    bruce springsteen concert in DC tonight…got back in time to see another blunder, wow

  204. Jerry should turn over the post-game spread table, on general principle.

  205. gil- we are spoiled…the nats are embarassing, they pull stunts like this all the time…but with 150 mil payroll, inexcusable

  206. Somewhere, the original Bad News Bears are watching…and laughing their asses off at the Mets.

  207. Sad, just sad.
    I watched the replay of when Church came back to the dugout…Jerry gave him a look sort of like what Sadecki would give me.

  208. This is hilarious.
    We have a seven-man infield, but watch, Stokes will walk in the run.

  209. they havent learned from the previous 2 years…giving away games..they all add up and when september comes its easy to forget these type games…very disheartening

  210. Bases loaded, nobody out. Anybody think there’s a chance in hell the Dodgers don’t score?

  211. Mets fans who read the morning paper will never find out about this game unless they check the net.

  212. Jim (333) Tomorrow we will expect to hear a complete review of the concert and see the set list :) I’m sure you had a great time.

  213. i dont agree with beltran in the infield with one out… what r ur thoughts

  214. 352 what difference does it make? they could put the whole team on the frigging infield and they’d still find a way to blow it.

  215. Vin Scully: “It’s almost 2 in the morning New York time and there’s no doubt they’re enjoying this telecast.”

  216. 333- annie, no problem…the boss still puts on a great show..too much new stuff, but still unreal energy..max and the E street band always good

  217. 5 errors…joke… someone has got to be held accountable…go wild in clubhouse jerry

  218. im not embarassed to be a fan but the team should be embarassed tonight….billingsley tomorrow, this is how you start losing streaks..goodnight all…gave it away completely.. jerry needs to be livid in the locker room and omar needs to tell jerry his job is not100% secure

  219. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ and I can’t begin to explain what happened, except that the Mets lost a very complicated game.

    We all need our sleep now – it’s already tomorrow.

  220. gil and rmk…redding looked solid eh?… serviceable 5th starter is possible for him

  221. So what have we learned tonight?
    *Jeremy Reed can’t play first base
    *Ryan Church can’t run the bases
    *Ramon Martinez can’t field or throw
    *Carlos Beltran feels the need to try and unnecessarily catch every ball hit in the outfield
    *The entire team is prone to mental lapses
    *The offense is as limp as a dishrag

  222. (365) Gil, the Mets don’t need acid — they’re tripping all over themselves anyway.

  223. 376 Jeff, you’re right. We ought to file a class action lawsuit against the Mets for inflicting emotional distress on us.
    And what did Jeremy Reed do to piss off the baseball gods?
    He grounds hard into a 3-2-3 DP yesterday and tonight he throws away a sure 3-2-3 DP ball.

  224. In closing — and just to add insult to injury — here’s a story from Newsday that will make you even more pissed at Mets management:

    Ex-Met Hunt gets seats, courtesy of Bayville’s Peluso

    12:30 AM EDT, May 19, 2009

    It cost $869 for a pair of seats to the torn-down Shea Stadium last year, and Louise Martone Peluso wanted a set for her Bayville home.

    A Brooklyn Dodgers fan back in the day, Peluso, 88, had been a Mets fan since right around the time the club first opened Shea in 1964. She loved Casey Stengel’s plea, “Can’t anybody here play this game?!” She even had formed a friendship with Gil Hodges’ widow, Joan.

    Peluso thought the seats would look perfect in her living room. Then a friend of her brother’s said he would be interested in another pair, so Peluso purchased two more seats and stored them in her garage, in the original box shipped to her by New York City officials.

    It was that second purchase, a mere afterthought at the time, that put Peluso in a most unexpected situation. That extra pair of seats will shortly be in the possession of Ron Hunt, the man who recorded both the first hit and first home run by a Met at Shea and also became the first Met to start in an All-Star Game.

    “It just hit me that I had to give them to you,” Peluso told Hunt on Mondayin a telephone conversation.

    Peluso, who still works as a secretary for L. Martone & Sons, a family-owned roofing and sheet metal company in business since 1918, read my “7th-Inning Stretch” on April 26. In the column, Hunt expressed regret that the Mets wouldn’t give him two seats despite his significant role in the team’s history.

    He had seats from three other ballparks where he played – the Polo Grounds in New York, Crosley Field in Cincinnati and the old Busch Stadium in St. Louis – and he wanted to add the Shea seats to his game room at his farm in Wentzville, Mo.

    “They wanted money,” Hunt said last month, “and I told them, ‘I played for 7,000 dollars [a year] and had to play for four years to get a pension. If you can’t get me two seats, then stick them up your –.”

    Because she never made contact again with her brother’s friend who originally requested the seats, Peluso still had the extra set. She planned to give it to someone in her immense family; she has 18 nieces and nephews, and when you add their descendants, family gatherings often can include more than 80 people.

    Yet the news about Hunt affected her enough that Peluso changed her mind.

    “Here he did so much. To make seven thousand dollars!” Peluso said. “The ballplayers today probably make that in 15 minutes.”

    She asked one of her nephews about the idea, “and his face lit up,” Peluso said. She asked her brother, she said, “and his face lit up. Everyone I mentioned it to, no one said, ‘Don’t do that. Let me have them.’ They just said, ‘What a wonderful idea!’ ”

    Yesterday, Hunt, 68, sounded far more cheerful as he spoke with Peluso. “I’ve never forgotten the support I got from New York fans,” he said. He wants to meet Peluso when he comes to New York in August for a couple of appearances.

    “I feel like I made a new friend today,” Peluso said, smiling.

    And the longtime fan of opera and gardening and baseball now has a prominent fan of her own in Ron Hunt.

  225. Just don’t send Ron Hunt any flowers from your garden, Louise. He’s allergic to them, as Joan Payson found out when he had the first game winning hit of 1963. And I am still mad Pete Rose was Rookie of the Year instead of Hunt.

  226. Now that delgado is out I feel like Manuel is treating the Mets like Little League. everyone gets a chance to play every position.

    Come on once you see a guy can play a position or 2 well. stop screwing with what works.

    Beltran has a small chip on his shoulder. we are losing our players to attrition. I guess Omar is over seas looking for new talent and not looking in our own farm.

    Yes, with the economy with where it is and these people making ungodly money. I would prefer the money paid stay in the U.S.
    It does us no good to see that money funneled out of the states.

    ok off the soap box. back to needing good players. Lets do what teh Marlins do and start young. keep the consistent guys, tatis beltran church wright. a few others. and get all new players .. 😉

  227. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I left after the 10th inning. Would’ve been up all night.

  228. FIRE OMAR!!!! He’s the one that has put this dysfunctional team together. No manager alive could make this team play sound fundamental baseball.

  229. (382) Interesting comment Steve the O. When the Mets played phillie, ex-Met announcer McCarthy also said he thought there was nobody who could manage this team.

  230. the sky is not falling…they have lost 2 straight, i know in bad way but still…deep breath, ton of season left..tied with the phils