METS CHAT ROOM: Game #37: Bring out the brooms edition.



When this series started Thursday I never imagined the Mets would be going for the sweep tonight. Never. But, they have played well in this series, and yesterday finally gave Johan Santana the run support he needed.

Mike Pelfrey looks to go 5-0 tonight, but it won’t be easy against Matt Cain. Also, Jose Reyes is out of the the line-up for the fourth straight game.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, RF
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, LF
Omir Santos, C
Jeremy Reed, 1B
Mike Pelfrey, P


* Jose Reyes will miss his fourth straight game with tendinitis in his calf.

357 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #37: Bring out the brooms edition.

  1. i dont like jeremy reed getting this much playing time…especially with it taking away from church (a better version of reed, hopefully a decent bat and a above average glove)/ murphy (a far better hitter)/ or tatis (a guy who continues to produce, yet is sat down)..i dont get it. people talk about going to get anohter 1B with delgado out..manuel cant manage having this many players to use, how would he deal with another option..probably by yanking around playing time even more

  2. hopefully reed continues to prove me wrong but im not a fan his continued playing time

  3. i think jerry’s “situational” managing is being exposed this yr..i like the way he handles the media..but the way he handles the bench, i dunno

  4. Hi John/Jim – I’m trying to figure out why Manuel brings the patients on the road with him without explanation. Now Reyes is out for the fourth day…

  5. great point annie…no idea why delgado flew west..if his injury is as bad as i have heard, 5 days off was probably not going to do anything.

    how many times can steve phillips bash the mets tonight?

  6. JD- murphy (when he plays, which hasnt been much) has been in the 6 hole..hopefully he comes out of his slump

  7. JD- you mean HALL OF FAMER Joe Morgan..dont forget it..espn sure wont let you

  8. very well done..come on carlos…fundamentals here…fly ball at least

  9. waste of an inning..thats how you lose the pitcher confidence he can get out of jams. awful execution by beltran

  10. JD- i think we’ll know immediately with Pelf tonight. hopefully he is ready, cain is a good pitcher.. a run not scoring there is a waste

  11. That was a bad job. Can’t blame Beltran…he got beat on a good pitch. Sheffield needed to deliver there.

    And what a STUPID lineup that Manuel put together. I don’t understand why he has sucha fascination with Reed.

  12. Jim (10) Yes, watching ESPN, listening to Howie and Wayne. FYI baseball on FOX and ESPN is always one pitch behind. I hear the play from Howie/Wayne before the pitcher even throws.

  13. agreed rmk… i dont like reed’s game..especially with who he is sitting to play him

  14. I don’t understand why Pelfrey so rarely gets swing and misses, given his ability to throw into the high 90s.

  15. i wouldnt be suprised if omar minaya signs benjie molina this offseason…still good numbers and is getting older..just like minaya likes em

  16. Well everything against Pelfrey has been hit on the ground so far. His sinker is doing its thing thus far

  17. Jim (30) Don’t tell me that the big sports networks are afraid someone – Morgan, Phillips – is going to say a bad word???

  18. Jim (33): True. And the fact that he’s a latin american also factors in too..haha.

  19. That’s all on Pelfrey there. He basically manufactured that run for the Giants

  20. ill never understand how someone who is payed to call the game..can know less about a given game than myself. i know because i love the game, mets or not, i cant imagine how much i would know if I was being paid to watch or call it

  21. jon miller called murphy sheffield 3 times that inning,u know they look alike and all

  22. it makes me sad Jd…id work for free to watch and call baseball games

  23. Jim/John – David has really started to play well, average went way up – Maybe he just needed to get away..,,

  24. Jim (43) I learn a lot from Howie and Wayne every game. Not only about the players, but about baseball, too.

  25. I am watching ESPN. Unfortunately my only functioning AM radio is in the car, so I have to hear these clowns.

  26. very good ABs here…here ya go jerry…you put reed in the lineup, lets see what hes got

  27. Annie 51- howie truly is the best.. i know we are biased, but he is great. wayne has me coming around a tad too

  28. What a great double play – didn’t know the Giants had it in them.

  29. Wow…they are going to totally blow this opportunity. Way to go Manuel you idiot…there’s your boy Reed

  30. i just dont agree with reed being in the ballgame, i dont see it, i dont get it…he has never been a solid performer at the plate…and you put him at 1B?

  31. These guys are back to their early season tricks again with stranding runners

  32. Jim (60): It’s another example of Manuel’s stupidity. He’s not a very smart guy

  33. Jeff M (52) pick up a little transistor radio and keep it near the TV or your computer. I think you would appreciate how very professional and knowledgable Howie and Wayne are.

  34. he couldn’t hit a fly ball – i would have settle for one run- change your swing and elevate the ball

  35. wasted opportunity…i dont think its the same old tricks rmk… bad managing with reed in the game (although he hit it hard) and then the pitcher hitting.

    silver lining- cain 50 pitches thru 2

  36. bad early signs – somehow they get a two out run – we have bases loaded no outs and cant get one – i can tip my hat to matt cain but not in that situation- Reed has to elevate the ball their

  37. this is a Willie game- if you rem. Willie would get the first two wins and sit everybody – i think its wheere they got in the bad habit of not sweeping teams

  38. how does jon miller still call our CF carlos BelTRONN. its a joke.

    whoa..good pick by reed

  39. OT = I just peeked at TNT – the only thing shining there is the parquet floor, but it’s still early.

  40. only way they win is to get his pitch count up and get him out – that bases laoded was their chance getting out of it settled him down

  41. come on gary..take advantage like they did in the first…base hit here..lets go

  42. Jim (71) I really like college basketball – living here in CT with Yale and UConn, but Boston’s OK with me, too. A friend of mine is really big on the Celtics, goes to games etc., so I’m cheering on his behalf.

  43. 69 pitches thru 3…thats the good but we got 0 runs.. come on boys, keep working him

  44. they really do look like that team that couldnt get a hit – I dont wanna be neg. after how good they been but their such a switch type of team and i dont want them turning it off going to Los Angeles – I can handle a loss but not a bad Mets loss

  45. A friend of mine loves the C’s too…but boston fans have become what they despised..arrogant, all-knowing, etc etc aka Yankee fans

  46. It’s time for the Mets to start scoring if they want to sweep…..

  47. steve phillips, here is again..talking about a player who never makes mistakes, dont get this idiot

    how can you walk matt cain?

  48. Jim – I would agrree if they hadnt left so many damn runners on base and the one time the Giants get a man on second he scores

  49. Boston Hockey and Basketball teams were always very popular, but the fans there went really wild when the Sox won the two Series…then of course, there are the Patriot fans….

  50. im trying to look glass half full…lots of men on, good ABs, keep it here pelf

  51. listening to steve phillips bash the mets for not having a perfect player..unbelievable, he comes off as a moron

  52. Jim (96) I remember when Steve Phillips was the GM for the Mets. He was a sleaze then and still is now.

  53. jim – I agree i always thought eventually you break through – but last month I got beat down on that idea

  54. This talk about leadership. I’ve been in the clubhouse. When things unravel, everybody talks to Wright. Hands down, he’s the leader of this team. Beltran in too quiet. Delgado torpedoed Randolph. Reyes isn’t the guy. He loses focus.-JD

  55. hahaa joe morgan calls out Steve Phillip who brought up talk radio.. ” im not a big believer in talk radio.”

    can it phillips

    people love to bash reyes

  56. come reed, clear the pitcher..ugh manuel why the hell is this guy in the game

  57. John (104) It’s way past the time when the Mets should have named David the Captain. Why not do it now? Everyone would benefit.

    Oh, but there’s one thing about David – I wish he would give up those head first steals.

  58. right really seemed like he was going to make it – was he running in mud

  59. Ed- i think thats one positive from the delgado injury..i think wright will become the leader

  60. Jim (108): With Cora’s injury it’s a moot issue now. Reed was gonna get in this game anyways because if Tatis had started at 1B they would have had to move him over and put Reed in anyways

  61. ed (112): Probably not. The Latin players would gravitate to Delgado, thereby splitting the team. You might see a different Wright with Delgado gone.-JD

  62. yea but reed doesnt bat in the first rmk..santos woulda been in the 8 spot and this whole game is different..but alas its over with now..come on pelf, keep pitching well

  63. I think this team will change for the better without Delgado – not saying he was a cancer or anything but I dont think it was the right mix… with that said they need a power bat

  64. Ed- manuel cant manage the options he has now..what would he do with another

    i think this constant sitting is hurting sheff (who now plays everyday and is succeeding), murphy, church, tatis
    reed should rarely start, it hurts the other

  65. top tier —– Peavy ish
    middle of the road- Millwood
    journeyman but better then we have – marquis ish

  66. (123) i think the critical part of the line-up is your power hitter even when he slumps because pitchers work too the 4-5 hole and away from it – I cant see a 40 year old being that pivitol all season

  67. but ed, if you just said even if he slumps in the 4 hole, i think his presence is a good one in the lineup, id prefer not in the 4 spot, but right now its where hes gotta be

  68. i think pitchers will work away from him out of respect, sheff still has a presence

  69. Wow…that was right down the middle. I can’t believe the ump called that a ball

  70. What a terrible job by Tatis. You have the pitcher unable to throw strikes…work a 3-1 count and then you end up hitting a weak ass fly ball to RF.

  71. Jim – when Ryan Howard slumps pitchers are afraid he could break out at any pitch so it has the same effect… Im afraid when when Sheff burns out because of his age they wont fear him ….where is the clutch hit here

  72. I foresee this being another blown opportunity. These guys are just not into it tonite and have that “lets mail it in” look.

  73. the organization has never swept a four game in their history…. they really have that look weve dont enough here – instead lets crush these guys and finish it

  74. rmk i dont see how you can say that.. they are working out good ABs and just missing a big hit, not hitting doesnt mean you arent trying

  75. ed where do you see that,, just cause they didnt get a hit? its not a matter of will..thats not baseball

  76. joba told him he cant hit the curve ball… another lead off hitter stranbded

  77. i think thats just bashing them for no reason, theyre wokring good ABs, knocked a good starter out after 5 with those ABs…jsut cause a ball doesnt find a hole doesnt mean they arent going for the sweep

  78. No killer instinct on this team. Honestly…it’s national TV…a chance to sweep and facing a pitcher that’s basically giving them every opportunity to score and they respond with dumb at bats, no clutch hitting

  79. rem. the first game of the series the shots into the clubhouse and the seven stolen bases everybody chearleading and up on the top step making an obvious effort … I dont see that fire tonight their sitting backl watching the game unfold

  80. Matt Cain is one of the best pitchers in the national league. It’s an old baseball theory. Good pitching will stop good hitting

  81. they had baseloaded no outs and got no runs and have had the lead off hitter on four innings in a row … they look flat to me .. just my opinion … they dont look like they looked thur. night

  82. are you watchin espn ed, they have shoowed the players all on the top step cant celebrate minus the big hit..what do you want them to do, start chants?

    rmk- where do you see no killer instinct…you could say that if they went up their flailing..they have worked good ABs, just no big hit…YET..its the 5th!

    jeez you guys are so negative

  83. stop bashing the mets espn..this is absurd, all phillips has done has killed beltran and reyes

  84. Before the game started Jon Miller, who is the giants regular announcer, stated that Matt Cain has pitched very well when he gives up base runners. Miller stated he pitches better with man on base. That’s exactly what Cain has done tonight.

  85. jim- you seem to be the one too sensitive – i started by saying they’ve done great over the last 15 games – but when this team turns it off they seem to turn it off and tonight they look like they turned it off – they beat up Lincecom with less opportunities so its not all the pitcher – the shott i saw of the bug out they were all sitting down relaxing

  86. TomG- you cant win here… people are looking for a reason to be negative it seems

  87. Steve Phillps is just showing his pure stupidity here. How cna you make that comment abt Beltran in the context of the numbers he’s putting up so far?? That’s just him trying to advance his own personal agenda against the Mets

  88. 151-Reyes I can understand but it’s obvious that Phillips still has a hard on against the mets for firing him.

  89. i just am tired of the negativity…just cause you preface well theyve played well doesnt mean youre not being negative, i jsut think you are both off. if you are watching the same game as me, i see the team gridning out ABs, just missing the big hit

  90. heres an example all the opportunities weve had and they gotten two guys to second and about to score both

  91. Hey, everybody!
    Someone please put a sock in Steve Phillips!
    What a moron.
    Saying he’d get rid of Carlos Beltran.
    This is from a guy who traded Melvin Mora for Mike Freaking Bordick.

  92. Tomg (152): How can you say he’s pitched “better” with men on base? He’s fallen behind every one of these guys. Each time someone has gotten on they haven’t done anything at the plate with it despite teh favorable counts.

    BTW…what is with these guys failing to pitch well against the pitcher??

  93. heres a great question for everybody

    why the hell did angel pagan get called up…we have 6 or 7 we have no one to play short tonight with cora getting injured…omar minaya- awful with little moves in season

  94. Tomg – all they needed was a fly ball – thats lack of excution by the hitter not the pitcher – you have three outs to get a man home and you cant poor execution

  95. 168 Seems like the mound itself is beating Pelfrey. Without the two balks, this game could be a scoreless tie.

  96. If I was going to trade any of the core it would be reyes but the Mets would have to get something back that is equal in talent, either a pitcher or a everyday fielder. That’s my opinion because I’ve had it with reyes and his stupidity. He has all the talent in the world but appears he doesn’t want to grow up.

  97. JD (168) Agree with you on that. Cain drilled that pitch. That was inexcusable.

  98. rmk- jon miller has been saying that all night…look at his #s,, with no1 on he gives up an OBP over .300…with a man on its under .200…thats how tom can say it..cause he is right

  99. 172- this team for the last three years have done that way to many times, not surprising.

  100. i know dare you let facts get in the way of people constantly looking to the negative

  101. tomg (174) I agree with you – the Mets have babied Reyes the whole time he’s been here. I remember early on when they rented an apartment for him and brought his parents here to take care of him. Now, 5/6 years later he’s still acting like a child, when he’s married and has children of his own…

  102. I say this both ways its not whether you win or lose – it’s how it happens… this winning streak the Mets won in a very good way – but in the two loses and so far tonight they have lost in bad ways… I can live with a lose but not due to errors, leaving boat loads of runners and pitchers who get two strikes on a weak hitter and give up a run scoring hit

  103. 171 jim: If you check the stats at AAA, there are very few options that are appealing. Nick Evans? He’s going so bad, he’s being demoted to AA. Mike Lamb? Please. Wily Mo Pena? Not a first base option.
    So the solution appears to be letting Daniel Murphy play first and replace Delgado’s power and presence with Gary Sheffield.
    If you bring up F-Mart instead of Pagan, you rob Sheffield of at-bats and throw a rookie into the majors who could benefit from more Minor League at-bats.

  104. you cant always play perfect or get the productive out as frustrating as it maybe..the key for this team, i think, is to rebound from a poor peformance…but once again, it is the 6th inning not game over, come on offense keep working

  105. 174 182 Are you both kidding?!
    Babying Reyes??!!
    What do you want the team to do, make him go out there with a bad calf and then have him miss the next six to eight weeks because he re-aggravates it??
    Give him another day off in May so he’ll be healthy in September.

  106. Wily Mo is hurt – calf injury
    Evans is in PSL
    FMArt wont come up unless he’s starting
    Lamb isnt hitting
    Ramon Martinez could have come up

  107. 184 Gil- but if they knew reyes was hampered..why wouldnt you bring up another IF? in case of an injury like the one tonight with cora..thats poor roster management

  108. If they lose I think Im most disappointed because with the up coming schedule they could have really used the momentum

  109. murphy has not looked good since jerry has yanked his playing time around

  110. 188 190 Ed and Jim: Unless Omar Minaya time-traveled, a la the Oceanic 6, how could he have known Cora was going to hurt himself tonight and that Ramon Martinez should’ve been called up?

  111. jim – he was struggling when before he pulled him – but it took a while to show because he was so far over 300- if you look back he was in a slight slump

  112. somebody asked why pagan got called up I simply explained why – the only other alternative was Ramon isd all I said – im sure he’ll be on a flight tonight

  113. Ed (194): Given his versatility they should have brought Ramon up all along. Bringing up Pagan was indeed a moronic decision. BTW…how are they making room for Redding? Are they gonna send Figueroa back down for the 100th time?

    Also…can someone tell me why there is such a fascination with Redding? The guy’s career record is like 30-51 or something like that and his ERA is in the 4s

  114. I think teh plan is to use pagan as the fifth outfielder and use Murphy and Tatis at 1B

  115. What the hell is wrong with Pelfrey?? Everytime someoen gets on 1st he turns into a rookie on the mound

  116. 198 rmk, I agree with you 1,000 percent.
    Let me now say it for the 100th time in this space:
    He has absolutely no business being on a Major League roster. Omar must’ve been dropping acid when he decided to sign him.

  117. why is pelkfrey stressing anytime someone is on base – he’s had only two base runners and they’ve scored … now he’s begging to score the panda

  118. Well Gil, you dont need to time travel to know to carry a backup infielder so you dont put your team behind the 8 ball. thats why you carry backups..and injuries are why you dont need 7 OFs and 0 backup IFs with reyes out

  119. tim redding would still be the #1 on the Nats rotation, #2 on the Os rotation and others around basbeall, i dont think he’ll be that bad..just like people said livan would be awful and hes been fine

  120. This is absolutley RIDICLOUS! What the hell is wrong with him?!? What a dope

  121. jim: Alex Cora IS the backup shortstop. Fernando Tatis is the backup third baseman, first baseman and second baseman.
    What GM would have the foresight to make a callup based on a premonition that your backup shortstop would injure himself?

  122. This advise might work for some of my fellow met fans. I’ve been on this blog many times venting my frustration with this team. This team the past three years has disappointed me time and time again. I finally have reached a point where my expectations of this team is not very high. Maybe met fans on here should try it and you will sleep better.

  123. This Pelfrey balk stuff is &%@@$#*(.
    Is he a Major league pitcher or what?!

  124. Inf- Tatis, Murphy, Castillo, Reyes, Wright, Reed, Cora

    OF- Beltran, Church, Sheffield, Reed, Pagan, Murphy, Tatis

    seems more like versatility to me then then redondency

  125. Pelfrey needs to get slapped in the face and told to wake up.

    If you want an example of mailing it in, just look at his performance. He’s practically handing this game to the Giants

  126. the bats and Pelfrey are beating themselves … The line up is not even major league quality

  127. Wow…the Giants pulled a “Mets” on that last half inning…failing to put the game away when you have a pitcher on the ropes.

  128. reed plays one IF position, that doesnt make him an IF, tatis can MAYBE play 2nd base along with 3B and IF…no back up SS or 2B is bad GMing…exactly Gil you made my point
    Cora is the backup.. if the starter is out..he becomes the starter..leaving a NEED for a new backup

  129. Jerry – doesn t mind losing this one because of how many they have won – this was a maturity lessen for the kid – dont look for a bail out you made this mess you clean it – take the next step

  130. Gil (216): To his credit he’s only thrown like 78-79 pitches or so. Aside from these stupid balks he’s actually throwing a good game

  131. reed was a top notch first base men in college – moved to the outfield because of his excellent foot work and range – if he can hit I’d take him as my first baseman

  132. Tatis was a thrid baseman for years and has shown he can play the other three

  133. remember folks, baseball season is a marathon, The Mets can’t win every game.

  134. 220 jim, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. If Reyes were put on the DL, OK, I agree, get another IF to backup Cora.

  135. This sure would be a nice spot for Church’s second homer of the year.

  136. it was either Martinez or pagan – they went with Pagan – Church looks bad

  137. i dont know, ive rarely seen tatis play 2B and i sure dont like him as my SS under any circumstance… all my point ever was, another OF was not needed, jerry has plenty of them and struggles with their PT, another IF was what should have been called up

  138. The Mets REALLY need to win this game, considering Redding is gonna get hammered tomorrow night…

  139. church doesnt look like he changes his approach at 0-0 or 0-2 there is no difference. he has been brutal

  140. Church was horrendous there. What the hell is wrong with him latlely? He looked overmatched

  141. 245 jim: The difference is, we started a Major League pitcher against Lincecum.
    Tomorrow night, we’re starting someone who has no business being in the Major Leagues.

  142. His swing is huge and slwo – looking for the homer to prove he belongs – that short base ghit swing is goine – right now

  143. 247 Hell no.
    A Major Leaguer’s job is to be ready whenever called upon.
    Look at ’99 and ’00 when Bobby V rotated players. Look at ’69 when Gil Hodges did it. All three of those years, we made the World Series.

  144. we scored five runs on Lincecom and knocked him out early – tonight we let this guy off the hook and then became easy outs

  145. Gil (250): BobbyV had a logic to what he was doing. I think Manuel lights up a bong and then sits down and starts figuring out who he wants to play

  146. GIl- redding isnt that bad, watched him pitch alot last yr on MASN for DC. he would still be their #1…he is a serviceable #5/longman..just like livan, having both of them starting is not good

    and hell no to random playing time not hurting guys? just look at the lineup more often, lets players get into a groove

  147. it says something about an organization when they’ve never swept a four gamne series

  148. 251 completely agree, ed.
    Cain was begging to have his ass handed to him when he walked the bases loaded.
    But then Reed hit into that DP…

  149. many guys cant peform with spotty playing time…but with church, harry may have been right the whole time, he might just be bad

  150. Jim (253): Redding’s career stats are awful! He’s a #5 at best. Livan at least has a track record

  151. reddings ERA has been around 5 with awful teams…i think he would be fine as a #5..but problem is with Ollie being ollie they need more out of him or livan

  152. I really like Tatis – he finds a way to do things – and now I’d like him to find a way to score some runs in this game before it is too late..

  153. I dont care if I sound negitive – if we lose this 2-0 after having bases loaded and no outs – ill be disappointed and it will suck

  154. jim: Sure you weren’t watching Redding on LSD, not MASN?
    Here’s what he did last year in the second half: 3 wins, 8 losses, 6.82 ERA.
    Here’s what he’s done over his sorry eight-year career: 34 wins, 51 losses, 4.92 ERA.
    He’s a loser.

  155. JD – they have to make room for redding who if not Taki – they going to mess with Figgy again

  156. beltran has good power from the right side. turn one around beltrONNNN

  157. gil- thats why i said i watched the games, numbers dont always tell the whole stroy

    kinda like the mets leading the league in average but not until recently even getting in the top 5 of runs scored
    or johan being 5-2 when he could be 7-1 or 8-0

    yes redding wasnt great last yr but the nats were and are brutal, he has decent command and i think as a 5 he is fine, but like i said

    if you have him and livan starting, thats not good

    so nope sorry bud, no LSD for me

  158. I gota wonder if Bochy’s all there.
    Why bring in a lefty to turn Beltran to his power side, then deal with Sheffield?

  159. 274 jim: You don’t have a 6.82 ERA by pitching on a bad team.
    You don’t have a lifetime 34-51 record over eight years by pitching for bad teams.
    You do both by completely sucking.
    That’s what Reeding’s been great at.

  160. Celtics behind by 20 pts with 2 minutes left. Congratulations to Orlando.

  161. ed, rmk, gil- inexcusable from sheffield…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    come on david, pick him up

  162. execution it cant be that hard to get a fly ball – ive seen a thousand given up by our pitchers

  163. haha well i guess we’ll see Gil.. i have more faith in redding than that. i know what my eyes have seen…just like everyone bashed livan in the spring. i see redding being serviceable, but not great

  164. That was an awful AB by Sheff. Are you kidding me?!!? He’s gonna PH Pagan for Murphy??? What kind of crack is this idiot on?

  165. ok – the Giants were 2-3 with runners in scoring position what is our 0 fer

  166. haha jerry oh jerry…reed starts, then pagan PH..jerry is 0 for 1 so far…lets see how this works out

  167. its not losing – its how you lose – this is not the way to head into the best team in the league

  168. That was AWFUL!!! Manuel is such a moron I can’t even stress that enough. Everytime he makes a dumb move he tops it by doing something dumber.

  169. that was the santos move all over again – a rusty player in his first at bat of the season – beacuase he’s faster

  170. rmk, how is it Manuel’s fault?
    Murphy might’ve done the same thing.

  171. How did manuel win coach of the year – i just cant believe what im watching tonight – is this the team that crushed this AAAA team for three games – now cant get a guy home from third

  172. Gil (300): I first guessed that move. Murphy is a better hitter than Pagan. That move was just assinine.

  173. 301 against a tough lefty? Yes.
    But now, we’ve given up, because the great Sean Green has taken the mound.

  174. Gil – you cant put a player in that position – first at bat of the season is bases loaded 8th inning

  175. rmk- i would think everyone would first guess that move…crazy decision…jerry is absurd

  176. Ed (306): You can put a player in that position if they’re better than the guy their replacing. Pagan simply is not. I can’t stand Manuel. He’s an absolute idiot

  177. They just had some many opportuuniteis to win this game – its just fustrating – you cant win them all – but you have to win the one you should- sound like yogi

  178. JD (308): They totally snoozed. Its like I said earlier in the game…they are mailing this one in.

    Green looked good there. Wonder who’s gonna be the one to get the hook for Redding. I really hope they don’t screw with Figueroa again but I think that’s what it’s looking like

  179. i put all out of the blame on 2 big spots where the team could produce

    he had reed starting
    Pagan Pinch hitting

    i dont get it, not at all

  180. 308 Damn right. Pelfrey did too much of a Chevy Chase impression on the mound.

  181. i dont think they have mailed this one in…the offense has put men on and not produced…they have had good working ABs

    jerry put pagan and reed in…bad moves

  182. it was like the first game they lost to Atlanta – i didnt mind losing the game – but not because my all star SS cant field a simple grounder with the catcher running

  183. reyes was JD???? then what????????????????????? how is he not in there?

  184. jim – the Giants did the same thing – Gianst have a mninor league line-up in tonight

  185. Can they beat Wilson again? I doubt it…I think they’re already looking ahead to the trip down to LA

  186. Im saying there entire bench is starting tonight which is waht we did as well – so that even things out – look who left the runners on – 3-4-5

  187. The Mets have NOT mailed this one in.
    Pelfrey balked us into giving up two runs.
    Give Cain credit for getting out of tough spots and driving in a run.

  188. thats a fly ball – can they show that to the other players .. some might not know what it is

  189. i agree Gil
    and the offense has put runners on and unlike recent nights havent been able to drive them in

  190. How can we really be down on our team right now? We’ve won 11 of our last 13 games. We can’t win every game — although we’ll lose tomorrow night with that clown Tim Redding pitching.

  191. You can’t say this team had “good AB’s” when they’re about to be shutout, and not to mention also when they had men on 3rd each time the failed to get the damn ball in the air – either made no contact or hit the ball on the ground. That’s bad baseball

  192. they have had good Abs rmk…bad ones as well..but you bet they have had good Abs tonight

  193. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. It was truly a strange game – Pelfrey balked three times. Enough said.

    Dodgers tomorrow night.

  194. Gil (337): The Phils won and now that we lost we’re only up 1/2 a game. Also it would have been a nice statement to come thru on a 4 game sweep.

  195. that was a pathetic showing – come on i dont know how you cant be up set with this loss

  196. cant let this linger…gotta rebound tomorrow…cant get down.. get em tomorrow metsies…goodbye all

  197. I’m not holding my breath on getting a good game out of Redding tomorrow. Hopefully these guys bring their bats tomorrow unlike tonite.

  198. what was up with Pelfrrey and the balks – ive never seen that before is he mackey sasser

  199. 341 I’m sending Jeff Gillooly out to LA tomorrow to take out Redding the way he took out Nancy Kerrigan back in the day…
    Either that, or if Redding gets knocked out early enough so we have a chance to come back.

  200. 345 I agree, rmk. But if someone told you we’d start the road trip winning three of four on the road, you’d take that.

  201. yea if redding cant give 5 or 6 solid innigns that would be great…come on boys, rebound and bring your bats to LA

  202. pagan .225 as a righthanded hitter lifetime….good thing jerry put him up there..what a joke