METS CHAT ROOM: Game #36; Delgado goes on DL Edition.



You have to like how this road trip began. With the springboard of losing two of three to Atlanta, the Mets have responded with two thrilling victories at San Francisco, including last night’s rally from a four-run deficit.

Today we have Johan Santana against Randy Johnson, easily the day’s marquee pitching match-up.

We begin with the news Carlos Delgado was placed on the DL with an impingement of his right hip. Replacing him on the roster is Angel Pagan.

87 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #36; Delgado goes on DL Edition.

  1. Who are these Mets? Another comeback last night? I admit I tuned out early. This is new. Should we start calling them The Phiting Metsies?

  2. Hi – must admit I’ve been looking forward to this one. Hope these new Mets – whatever we call them – give Santana the support he deserves.

  3. It’s nice to be on the other side of this kind of base stealing rampage after watching it happen to us when Piazza was behind the plate.

  4. JD (9): But all of the pitchers? This is like a regular thing regardless of who is on the mound.

  5. They need to really pile it on now while they can and give Santana a chance to pitch some stress-free innings for once

  6. Too bad they didnt have Joe McEwing on a day like this. He absolutlely used to eat Big Unit alive.

  7. John (14) Santana must think it’s Christmas – this is a whole new Mets team playing here and without some of the Big Boys.

  8. Howie must be reading my posts – he just wished Santana a ‘Merry Christmas’ :)

  9. I hope today’s homeplate ump is better than that loser from last nite. That was some of the worst/most inconsistent calls I’d ever seen. Those low “strikes” weren’t even close!

  10. Ray (22) Yes I am, but I have it on mute – cant’ stand the Fox announcers, the commercials and the delay. I am watching Santana very carefully – love the way he uses his whole body to pitch and plays his position in the center of the infield. What an athlete.

  11. rmk (25) Yes, he is and he seems to have a great personality and a real rapport with his team mates.

  12. If Shef can keep hitting, It will almost make up for Omars re-signing of OP. btw, has anybody noticed what Wolf is providing the Dodgers? how about an ERA under 3?

  13. Ray (28) I don’t usually get ESPN even though they are my neighbors. Actually I rarely listen to some of these ‘sportscasters’ I just mute them and look at the video. Particularly enjoy watching Santana pitch –

  14. Ray (29) Sheffield seems to be on his best behaviour – guess he wants to stay with this team…

  15. That error was INEXCUSABLE. I never thought Id’ be saying this before the season but this infield sucks

  16. John (33) I tend not to pay much attention to visiting players, so I didn’t know much about Santana when he got here. Has he always been this self assured?

  17. Just read about Perez pitching an extended spring training game. 3 IP/7K/4 BB/0 hits/56 pitches. Not bad but the walks are annoying

  18. Gotta believe Johann is pissed about this inning. Since that error by DRod his location has not been as sharp

  19. 6 runs JD? I think that is half of the entire run support Santana has received this year

  20. Another ball squirts away from a one hand catch. I noticed Rowand using two hands on a ball hit to him before.

  21. Ray (57): There was no other way for him to catch that. How on earth did you expect him to get two hands on it when he’s running back and trying to make practically an over the shoulder catch?

    BTW…that was a horrendous throw by him. He’s got an awful arm. Reyes would have thrown Ishikawa out there

  22. 58. I agree it would have been tough to use 2 hands there, but Ive seen it too many times. He should have let Shef take it. Great play by Tatis at first.

  23. They need to keep the pressure on and get some of those runs back. I don’t know how much longer Santana can go and with him in the game this defense is just another error waiting to happen.

    Not to mention I don’t know how confident I feel in Putz right now after his recent bad outings. If they go with Parnell it’ll be interesting to see how he bounces back from his first real bad outing.

  24. Ray (58): I dont think Sheff was even close enough to that one to make that catch. If he were I’m sure Cora would have been more than happy to let him take it given that it was an easier angle for him coming in on the ball

  25. For anyone who wants to hate on Reyes (and I’ll admit he’s annoyed me of late), you have to appreciate his arm at SS even more after watching Cora there.

  26. 62. Coras momentum was taking him the other way. Isnt it funny the Mets have the most SBs in a 3 game series without Reyes?

  27. OT – The filly – Rachel Alexandra wins the Preakness at Pimlico, the Derby winner Mine That Bird, finished second. A great race.

  28. If Santana comes out of this game with a win instead of a no decision I’ll be shocked.

  29. JD (63): The catch I won’t blame him on but the throw was pathetic. He barely got it to the plate from very shallow LF.

  30. This crew had done a horrendous job behind the plate…especially this game and last nite

  31. JD (71): Seriously I wonder how often Santana wonders if he’d have been better off on another team

  32. Again…how was that last one not a strike?? What ever happened to QuestTec??

  33. We have the heart of the order to add some insurance, with no K-Rod, this could be crucial

  34. Need some runs here. I don’t feel comfortable with a potentially shaky JJ Putz coming into a one run game.

  35. Since when did this team turn into a station-station team?? I don’t understand why no one has scored a run from 2B today?

  36. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. Ups and downs were the order of the day, but Santana got his well deserved win.

  37. It’s interesting that the Mets have looked good offensively and defensively and playing well without Reyes in the lineup.

  38. Good win for the Metsies…finally runs for johan. very nice, keep it going boys.

    pelf vs. cain tomorrow, he is a good pitcher, stay hot offense