METS CHAT ROOM: Game #35: Reyes out again.



Jose Reyes will sit again tonight with a calf injury and was a topic of trade talk on the radio this afternoon. Can we get over it? Reyes isn’t going anywhere. Neither is David Wright or Carlos Beltran. I don’t care where the Mets finish in the standings.

In other news, Carlos Delgado’s hip isn’t getting any better and is ticketed for the disabled list. Also, Tim Redding is expected to be activated to start Monday’s game at Los Angeles.

Tonight’s line-up:

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Jeremy Reed, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Livan Hernandez, P

60 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #35: Reyes out again.

  1. I could see Reyes going in a trade. When is his contract up? the next year or two, I think. Maybe Wilbur Flores will take his place. If it looks like they are going to lose him to free agency, they would be smart to trade him while his value is high. I really like that kid who plays SS for ATL, not to mention the kid in Miami. Reyes is replaceable.

  2. Oh Howie just mentioned that Jeremy Reed has only played one inning at First base. We’re so glad to hear that, aren’t we?

  3. (4) Wow! He has more experience than I tought. Plus he has a great bat.
    (2) I guess church is out of the dog house, I mean the Jerry house since Murphy is in it now. Small house. Only room for one player.

  4. Word is Nick Johnson could be had for Cheap. I say go for it and pray he can stay healthy till Delgado gets back.

  5. Ray (6) Nick Johnson would be great to have again – plays a great first base, Larry Bowa’s nephew, but has had some unfortunate illnesses and accidents. I can still see him with that broken leg.

  6. (6) Nick Johnson is a very good player. He’s healthy and he’s having another fine season. hits and walks and fields better than Delgado. I’m sure they want to move Dun to first so Willingham can play.

  7. Harry (5) I can’t make sense of the way Jerry manages these days……

  8. Just went to the DC site to check on Johnsons numbers BA of 333. I saw that Dukes went out with a straind Hammy. Our favorite son should be making his way back to the big leagues soon.

  9. (12) Your favorite ex-Met ain’t coming back to DC. Broke his finger and out indefintely.
    (13) Is that you Delcos or edfever?

  10. (14) You’re lucky Annie. Livan is throwing batting practice. They haven’t mentioned Figgy. Will you be able to watch on NESN next weekend when they go to Boston?

  11. Harry (16) Yes, I will be able to watch on NESN when the Mets are in Boston, but I will probably miss Howie and Wayne’s conversations – they’ve already discussed the flowers at their hotel on Nob Hill.

  12. John (8) somehow I can’t get that bubble out of my mind – I can see and hear that Seinfeld Bubble Boy…

  13. (21) Haven’t followed the NBA much since they stopped playing professional basketball at MSG.

  14. John (21) I’m only concerned about the Celtics – that game will be on at the same time the Mets game is.

  15. Now that we are discussing other sports events taking place this weekend, anyone got any thoughts about the filly running in the Preakness? Rachel Alexandra won the Kentucky Oaks race, and is running against the boys tomorrow. The jock, Calvin Borel, got off the Derby winner Mine That Bird to ride Rachel in the Preakness.

  16. Harry (22) you can see a familiar face now playing for Boston – Stephon Marbury is there.

  17. John (24) It’s time for the “Go-Go Mets” to have their breakout inning or two, isn’t it?

  18. Harry (29) As I recall from previous games, the Metsies prefer to rest during the middle innings and finish with a flourish in the late innings.

  19. Harry (33) Luck, pure luck – now the Mets hitters have to do their part.

  20. Sheffield better deliver here. I have no confidence in KRod coming up after him.

  21. Hi everybody! Looks like I tuned back in just in time for tonight’s Wright Moment!

  22. JD — I see you were quite the Mets Booster earlier. Why so glum?

    Looks like they’re stealing everything in sight — including o u r h e a r t s.

  23. Annie (39) Very funny! No, I’m home. Though if I were in Alaska, I’m sure they’d have SNY there.

  24. At least all those dire predictions from the first two innings are gone – and the little Metsies have made the game interesting…

  25. I did NOT think they were going to get out of that inning without the Giants scoring! Good defense. Now we need some more offense.

  26. Dare I say it? These guys are beginning to remind me of our 86ers with the way they’ve been playing lately. It’s like night and day since the beginning of the season.

    Maybe they were reading the blog and got insulted.

  27. Howie has put this wonderful game ‘in the books’. The Mets have made baseball fun again…

    Later today, Johan Santana meets Randy Johnson.

    Get some sleep :)

  28. Where did all the other guys go? How come everybody could stay up late last night but not on a Friday?

  29. #
    John Delcos May 15, 2009 9:53 pm

    Well this game is off to a good start. Let Livan suck it up and eat the innings because they aren’t coming back.-JD

    new team it seems JD….lot of fight!

    GREAT win for the metsies…get em tomorrow johan

  30. harry- the more ABs sheff gets, the better he seems, not badddd, not bad at all..keep hitting gary

  31. Only got to see the ninth because of my job..working evenings nowadays. But this team is turning things around. But let’s face it, the last two years have taught us to wait for the other shoe to drop.

    I say avoid Nick Johnson. JD is right: he couldn’t stay healthy if he was wrapped in bubble wrap. Which is a shame because he is a good hitter.