What about this trip?

After a successful home stand that ended on a down note, the Mets are in San Francisco tonight for the start of a four-game series, then three in Los Angeles and three in Fenway.

If they play the way they did at the start of their homes stand, they’ll be in good shape. If they play as they did against the Braves then the miles will wear on them.

What’s your confidence level for this trip?

4 thoughts on “What about this trip?

  1. putz has elbow inflammation
    still no decision on delgado
    neither on DL
    hey why not play a man down on the bench and in the bullpen..makes a lot of sense

  2. Have to agree with jim 6-4 would be great.
    I could live with 4-6 if Delgado and possibly Putz would end up on the DL.
    Manuel needs to step up and manage the bullpen better.

  3. No confidence. I want them to play hard and force the issue like they did the other day. Perhaps they will win more consistently. I would be happy if they played 500 ball, but don’t think they will. Delgado out and Putz injured is not a good combination.