Reyes and Wright

Did losing two of three from the Braves take the shine off of winning seven straight? It appears so, but not because they lost but by how they lost. Same old stuff. Sloppy baserunning and not hitting with runners in scoring position.

A lot of the running mistakes were by Jose Reyes, who, because of his speed, is blasted one way or another. Reyes can’t win. He either is blasted for being thrown out at third with the play ahead of him or for not trying for third as in yesterday’s game.

By his own admission, Reyes ran with his head down on the first play and promised he wouldn’t do it again. He didn’t have a chance to be thrown out yesterday because he glided into second after styling out of the batter’s box. Maybe Reyes could have made it, but for sure if he learned from his previous mistake and was running hard with his head up he would have seen the play in front of him and known if he had a chance.

The crime is in loafing out of the box because you never know. With Reyes’ speed, sometimes he can force a bad throw. That’s also part of the equation. Rightly or wrongly, Reyes is as fault because of the perception of not hustling.

On running to third on the ball hit to shortstop, well, that was just a dumb play.

The problem with Reyes is because of his talent and physical gifts there are lofty expectations. Some of these expectations are unfair, but Reyes can take the heat off by hustling at all times.

Speaking of hustling at all times, I’ve noticed what a few of you have commented on concerning David Wright. He’s been known to take a routine play off and not run hard, and eventually it will come back to bite him.

17 thoughts on “Reyes and Wright

  1. My problem with Reyes has to do with his brain. Reyes has all the tolls but not very smart in the baseball sense. Ex. reyes will watch a pitcher walk to guys back to back in front of him on 8 pitches and than swing at the first pitch he sees and pop out. Runs the bases without thinking how many outs are there and who is hitting. Reyes seems to always mess up a simple ground ball when the out is extremely important. Reyes just doesn’t think out on the field. He acts like a 15 year old. I myself is tired of waiting for him to grow up. I don’t think it’s happening.

  2. I was surprised when I read on this blog how met fans were getting excited because they won 7 straight. Met fans should know better than that with this group. I actually stated that I would be impressed if the mets swept the braves and of course the mets were very close to getting swept by the braves. This road trip should give met fans an idea how good are the Mets. I myself would be happy if they went 5-5.

  3. (1) If you think Reyes has a problem in his brain then you shouldn’t have a problem with him. Do you have a problem with Castro not having speed? Of course not. Well, if you think Reyes lacks brains then you should expect him to play smart. You don’t expect Castro to steal.

    Delcos: Whatever happened to never making the first or last out at third. Yes, Reyes loafed, but the worse sin would have been risking the first out at third. And yes, Reyes was out at third Tuesday but it was the second out and it was a close play.
    And thank you for noticing thatWright is lazy a lot as well. The same can be said for almost all players on all teams.

  4. i havent seen wright not hustle. i dont see how he is “known” for that.

    and jeez i agree with some of the criticism but i mean come on. reyes is alot of you people’s whipping boy it seems. damned if he does, damned if he doesnt. I mean the AB to lead off the 12th was tremendous and I must have asked JD 7 times to give some credit to him for his approach there as him and i hve both criticized some of Jose’s ABs in big spots and yet JD nor anyone else seemed to care. people enjoy ripping reyes and i hope it doesnt get in his head. i love his game, play smarter jose, but stay yourself

  5. It seems that lots of athletes with all the physical gifts will coast on those gifts — maybe taking things for granted. Then there are those middling guys, pretty much role-players, that do everything they can to maximize what they’ve got. These guys end up on the bench, maybe will start on occasion, maybe will catch lightning in a bottle and be the star for a game or a series. E.g., David Eckstein. Don’t you think it just kills someone like A-Rod to know that Eckstein hasn’t just been to and won a W.S. but was also W.S. MVP? Then of course there are those guys who have all the physical gifts and also don’t take anything for granted or coast. These guys become superstars. E.g., LeBron James. We want Reyes and DW to be superstars, but they haven’t really shown it yet.

    Maturity can help the gifted but underachieving player see the light. But as tomg said we’ve been waiting for Reyes for quite some time and he is still inconsistent. Perhaps this is all we can expect from him — I hope not. I like him and want to see him reach his full potential.

  6. I’m also wondering if Mr. Wright is seeing a bit too much of the nightlife as well. He has been known to be out and about the town at night so who knows. Just throwin it out there

  7. This will sound silly but Manuel got greedy.
    Reyes and Wright both needed a day off this week. More for a mental break than physical.
    Manuel did not let them have a day off and they lost 2 out of 3 due to mental errors.
    Maybe it would have not helped but you never know.

  8. i agree scott.. i have thought giving one of beltran/reyes/wright a day off was important before the roadtrip but manuel, although he prmised otherwise, has not given any rest to the stars

    delgado’s injury hasnt helped im sure

  9. jim (4): I commented on Reyes’ at-bat on the other post. I said it was a great at-bat until the point where he left the batter’s box.-JD

  10. Scott (8): You’re right. I knew Manuel wasn’t going to rest them against the Phillies or Braves. The Pittsburgh series was the perfect time.-JD

  11. 3. Interesting argument, Chiti. But a little league player knows not to advance to third on a ball hit to SS. I ve seen Reyes get away with it a few times and now he has gotten burned.
    Disagree with Wright. He Doesnt have a great arm for third base, but I have never seen him not run out a ground ball or fail to slide.

  12. 8. I agree with you Scott. A perfect time would have been the Pittsburgh series. Now they have 5 tough series in a row coming up.

  13. My problem with Wright is his throws. He makes way too many bad throws for a gold glove 3rd baseman. Also his bat seems very quiet when it counts most.

    My problem with Jose is that this year his bat has been shaky. The past few days his decisions on the bases has been terrible. How do you make two bad baserunning plays in one game? The walking to first base on the flyball that did not go out is inexcusable. This is the same type of thing my favorite ex-Met used to do before we shipped him to the capital. Little leaguers are taught to run hard when you hit the ball. This does not change just because you are a professional ballplayer. With his speed he may force a bad play which could give him an extra base. His excuse after the game is just that. His play at third was not quite as bad but still terrible. The play is in front of you. He can’t say he didn’t know and then when caught he did not try to get out of it. He walked into the tag.


  14. Dave, Yes we all know that Wright doesnt have a strong arm. Others here say they see him lollygagging it. Thats a fallacy IMO. If anything He tries too hard.

  15. (15) Ray: C’mon now, you’ve watched Wright and you’ve always seen him hustle? There are plenty of times i’ve seen him not bust it out of the box, especially when he thinks he hit a home run.

  16. (14) Dave – frankly, he got the GG more on rep than actual play. He makes some dazzlers, but it’s the routine plays that seem to cause him trouble, especially with throws.
    As for his bat being quiet, his numbers in “clutch” situations have improved of late. And lest we forget, 2005, 2006 and 2007 were very good in those areas. Last year and early this were the abberattions.