Mets Medical News

Mets GM Omar Minaya told reporters on a conference call today a MRI revealed J.J. Putz has inflammation in the back of his elbow. Putz will meet the team in San Francisco but is expected to miss the first couple of games in the Giants series.

Minaya also said the team will wait until this weekend to whether Carlos Delgado goes on the disabled list. Delgado is receiving treatment and medication for a bone spur in his right hip.

3 thoughts on “Mets Medical News

  1. Now the Mets want to wait until Monday to see if They should put Delgado on the DL. He cant even pick up a bat and now they are going into another series shorthanded. Jerry is getting a lot of heat lately but Minaya is not giving him much help.

  2. The Wilpons are not very efficient. Poor handling of Delgado. DL him and get a replacement.