METS CHAT ROOM: Game #33; wrapping up the series.



Jon Niese goes today for the Mets. If they get a good outing from him they’ll have a decision to make because Tim Redding is ready to return. The Mets will also likely decide today to place Carlos Delgado on the disabled list with his lingering hip injury.

Important game last night for the Mets to come from behind to win. They did catch a break when Carlos Beltran stole third because he looked out. Beltran eventually scored the tying run and drove in the game winner with a bases loaded walk.

Here’s today’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Ramon Castro, C
Ryan Church, RF
Jon Niese, P

262 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #33; wrapping up the series.

  1. going to have to settle with watching this game from play by play πŸ˜‰

    I like Church I think he is still good. and i think having both Murphy and hurch is good for the team .

  2. Awesome having a clean up guy below the Mendoza line. This team wins games in spite of the horrible manager. Manuel = Joe Frazier for those of you who still have those nightmares. For those of you who don’t he WAS the worst manager in Met history.

  3. SteveC (9)I’d like to see the Mets answer right away today and not wait until the last minute like last night.

  4. you and me both Annie.
    they need to get up at the plate and hit one single after another. and show a little bugs bunny action.

  5. Everybody still in love with that Sheffield acquisition. Runs and hits like he’s 40. Hits and runs like he ain’t taking PEDs anymore. What a clean up hitter!

  6. 10 Chiti- And Shef promply grounds into a rally killing DP! He better get it going or hes gonna be gone when Delgado comes back.

  7. I don’t remember anyone on this blog who was in love with the Sheffield acquisition – we’ve all seen his act before.

  8. I think delgado needs to worry about the fact that maybe the mets dont need him anymore. he’s been injuried on and off every year for the last 3 years. i think he and sheffield should ertire and count their money.

  9. Mets were working out Murphy and Reed at first base again before todays game.

  10. SteveC (22) Good Advice – There’s an old show biz saying about leaving before they boo you off the stage..

  11. I guess the Mets finally heard my bellyaching about first base πŸ˜‰

    (25) Thanx annie.

  12. If I were Bobby Cox the pitchers would be under orders not to throw Beltran a strike today.
    Steve C. I don’t get you ragging on Delgado. He’s old. Old guys get hurt sometimes and don’t bounce back. When he is in the line up he’s still the most feared guy on the team. And he still carried the club for half a year last year. If he wants to play next yeaer, he’ll get a job. And thisfranchise has nobody who can come close to replace his numbers. He’s out a while its verty bad news for this team.

  13. (24) Keith was just saying that Evans was doing so bad at Buffalo they sent him the extended spring training. He ain’t coming up.

  14. (25) Ted Williams. Remember how he ended it? Hit a homer, ran the bases said that’s it and left for good.

  15. Sadecki; This Schaeffer kid can’t hit but he is an incredible center fielder. He totally mis judged Chuch’s ball and then out ran it and made a Willie Mays type catch back to the plate.

  16. Did anybody see Werth stole his way around the bases last night. Thats a good ballplayer.

  17. Chiti, Did you ever go to and read the excepts from the new book from first to worst? Joe Frazier reminded me to ask you.

  18. argh. 1 more run we have to make up.

    (27) Because Delgado always gets teh beneefit of the doubt. Church gave us awesomeness and had 2 really bad accidents .. and the management all but left him to hang out to dry.
    But delgado always gets the benefit of the doubt even when he’s still hurt and cant play.

    I believe in fairness.

  19. (33) Thanks for the reminder. I forgot. Will do it as I trry to stay awake Thursday and Friday nites!!
    (34) So you look at Delgado’s season numbers last year and you have a problem somewhere?

  20. Niese is reminding me of the 60’s lefty we had, Al Jackson. Had to have perfect control or he was in for a long game.

  21. wow walked reyes. i wanna stolen base, cause i am greedy.

    (36) yes delgado woke up but not for long and yes i have a problem.

  22. (38) So Steve what is your problem with Delgado’s numbers last year? 38 homers not enough for you? 115 RBI not enough for you? Was it that he missed three games all year? I guess Church’s numbers were better? The Church who never had 20 homers ever, never had 75 RBI ever, never played 150 games ever. Seems to me if you really wanted to be fair you’d be giving Delgado every benefit of the doubt.

  23. Hey SteveC. Put the game on at the meeting. That should keep all your meeting buddies awake.

  24. Herry, wish that I could tehse are all Philly’s fans.

    as for given delgado the benefit of the doubt when he woke up last year. i gave him that. ask anyone. I bowed my head to his accomplishment.

    If he stays that way great, but i think it was a flash in the pan. just my opinion and observation.

  25. Harry (41): I think Delgado will get a job next year, just not sure it will be with the Mets. And, they’ll miss his numbers.-JD

  26. Harry (42) I think we are all going to have to find ways to stay awake for the next couple of games. Maybe the Mets will be so exciting that we won’t want to miss a minute πŸ˜‰

  27. 44. Not in it I mean. The Mets cant get hits against a guy who has lost his last 9 decisions. Cant wait till the 8th inning every game.

  28. Bases loaded, nobody out. There goes Jo Jo. Cox with the quick hook.

  29. YES!! Couldn’t happen to a better guy – Tatis gets a Grand Slam…

  30. Not much better than catching a few innings at home on your lunch break and seeing a granny…

  31. I go away fro 3 minutes and Tatis shows he’s still the clutchest guy on the team.

  32. You guys have been busy, I see. Forgot there was a day game. Tatis got a grand slam? What’s the score?

  33. Never mind, I see it’s 6-5 Mets. 5th inning already? Seems like a quick game.

  34. Redding can’t be that bad. Anyone who wins 10 games in Washington can’t be that bad.

  35. david wright has go to stop playing like garbage at 3B..big spot bobby..keep it tied now

  36. give david a day off out west. put tatis at 3B and murphy at first for a game

  37. JD(52) I never disliked Tatis. I thought he had potential, specially at first.

  38. Wright and Reyes are killing this team right now… how many mistakes in one series can two guys make

  39. (66)You are just being spoiled watching that Ryan “Joe Dimaggio” Zimmerman!

    Where’s ed. today I’d agree with him about Reyes!

  40. ed…. I can’t beleive you shpwed up for Reyes’ first base running gaffe of the series!

  41. feels like the old braves are back – only problem is these Braves arent as good – no way the pitchers shouldnt have pick up the positional players

  42. Harry – even Reyes said last night was a bad play and today he runs in front of the ball

  43. Putz said on the radio that its hard to get up for just the 8th – if he cant get up for this nothing will and he looks sloppy

  44. just because Putz was traded for Heilman he doesnt have to act like him …. I’m not impressed with him at all

  45. (75) Reyes manned up. I still like hustle every time. I like Reyes not whining like a baby like so many players do these days.

    You are right in all your posts about Putz. Over rated. When they got him I said he’s pout about not getting saves. Your quote bears that out. Another me first guy.

  46. putz has been not good
    sheff- thank you sir
    wright- still off at the plate i think…sit him for a game out west..tatis at 3B

  47. who is going to pitch the 9th?.. i saw green warming up before..i sure hope its not him

  48. ed(90) Chipper’s already struck – he was responsible for the first run in the first inning.

  49. thats the best we could do a bunt and two strike outs … I know i know sometimes you have to tip your hat to the pitcher …even if its james parr

  50. green- this is a spot heilmana would giveu p a run…dont do it sean..keep the ball down

  51. easy ed..have a little faith my man..fighting mets lately.. gotta love seeing that

  52. good pull jerry…not sure why he started the inning though?? green (if he has options) needs to be sent to the minors

  53. The duece already gave up the heilamn run…J.J. new nickname the duece for what ever reason you want second closer, two JJ or second coming of Heilman

  54. wow close game. they want to make this a nail biter. this is how a game against the braves should be!

  55. jimmy baltimore. u going to met games in camden yards. I couldn’t go but now my sked is changed, actually I had the dates wrong so I think I’ll be down one or 2 nites.

  56. Maybe putz suffers by wearing that # 22. The curse of the unappreciated Kevin MacReynolds. Has there been a good # 22?

  57. scouting report is out on Warthen relievers get to 0-2 then try to get them swinging at junk

  58. harry, ironically im going up to NYC that week for the US Open at Bethpage (to follow Mickelson)..but i will be going to the game on Tuesday I believe.

  59. i will keep saying this. we have a full pitching rotation. starters arent really starters. its whomeevr comes up in the round robin. every pitcher is used in every game.
    so says the pitch count..

  60. I was listening on the radio earlier — Mets’ two grand slams this year are by their big boppers: Tatis and Santos. :)

  61. Jeff(119) there’s precedence. but only if all pitchers have been used.

  62. annie- i have heard its a bear to walk but i am excited. I love golf and will be rooting for Phil the whole way…then head over to watch El Tigre play some as well (along with thousands of others)

  63. Jim (122) Years ago, I followed Sandy Koufax in a pro am in Hartford at Wethersfield CC. I’ve never forgotten it – he was a really nice guy, but a lousy golfer. I had a great time even though I had already played 18 holes myself earlier that morning. Enjoy!!!

  64. SteveC (121) It was edfever who said that, not me. But you’re forgiven.

  65. Annie (127) That Koufax connection should be enough to get you in good with Wilpon. See if you can get complementary seats.

  66. i think we’ll score if feliciano get us thru this inning…escobar and chipper coming up

  67. I DONT GET HOW YOU CAN WALK HIM THERE..awful…makes no sense. throw a strike. now u put a man on for chipper who is ripping the ball today

  68. ok here we go. small all. no one needs to be the hero. produce the run …

  69. Steve (136) I was in his small gallery when he played in a pro am golf tournament at Wethersfield CC in Hartford. I have never met a more gracious athlete.

  70. ok. well i guess we need a homerun now. unless we can get 3 sinlges rally. oh wait this isnt the 85-88 mets. :-(

  71. I knew when Reed went in for Castro that Santos would be coming in. Come on, Omir, be a hero.

  72. Wake me when it’s over. (I thought you guys said that would happen tomorrow?)

  73. not the best kind of game to have right before a west road trip.. a win certainly makes it all worth it. come on takahashi..keep em down

  74. what is it with the braves and the fricken mets.. am i reliving Bobby V and Al Leiter all over again?

  75. Howie says the Mets are ‘almost out of players’ and they would have to use the starting pitchers if the game goes on much longer.

  76. 168- i think takahashi will be the last pitcher used by the mets..he can go 3 innings.
    come takahashi..throw strikes..give the top of the order a chance

  77. ed- obviously a later start time out west but using every pitcher in your bullpen isnt what u need

    damn it..

  78. there it is – were not coming back from that they have their closer ready

  79. ed- a little positivity jeeze i think i remember us coming back against the braves recently.. pretty recently.. maybe even less than 24 hours ago

  80. That was Takahashi’s first mistake with the Mets. Just missed with the pitch. Reyes, Castillo and Beltran in the bottom of the inning.-JD

  81. JD – no way they come back they couldnt touch up bennett … they played not to lose despite being home

  82. well they have been neck and neck all day.
    maybe they need to give someone a hotfoot like jerry manuel.

  83. ed- are you being serious?.. are you always this negative? jeff bennett pitched well. and no way this team comes back? like in the 3 times they came back today? played not to lose? how so? i dont get your negativity or logic on this one

  84. JD- we both have been very critical of Reyes ABs in the past…that was a great one..missed a Hr by a foot

  85. ugh thats a tough loss to angry when you land in san fran boys.

  86. Howie has put this everlasting game ‘in the book’. It was a long story.

    Late night game tomorrow. Get some rest.

  87. un effing real.
    It was a bad call to have castillo bunt.
    a single brings him home.

  88. why does this team always leave you feeling fustrated they had this game so many times

  89. steve- castillo has to bunt was the exact right play. you have youre hottest, best hitter up there with a man on third with 1 out..i dont see how you can not like that..fine decision

  90. man on second no outs with reyes speed no way they shouldnt tie the game

  91. negativevill here…im proud that the guys seem to really be fighting til the end..a change from the past.

    go get em out west fellas

  92. fly ball gets a run – how many times do you have to say it – sure once in awhile a pitcher beats you but not this many times – this is crazy how many men they leave on third with less then two outs – im livid

  93. didnt finish the job today but its baseball and you dont always get it well out west. solid we need a solid roadtrip

  94. steve it is the exact time to bunt…down one on 2nd…third hitter up next…good bunter at the plate..the exact time and any manager would do that..any

  95. JD- great AB by reyes eh??? i know i know not running but the fly ball but i dont see him at 3rd with it being to left

  96. i dont see how getting a man on 3rd with one out for beltran can be criticized..its 100% the right call. not a ?

  97. goodbye all- be angry and play well out west fellas…10 game road trip. keep fighting til the last out and battling thru ABs and i like..scratch that Love the Mets

  98. jim (236): You had Beltran and Sheffield up with a runner on third. They just didn’t do it. The bunt was not why they lost the game. … How about Putz? How about Reyes being thrown out at third on the grounder to short? What if Reyes busted it out of the box on the double? Maybe it is a triple. Let’s not forget the error by Wright. … This game was lost in a lot of places.-JD

  99. but its reyes. he could be on first base and someone hits a single and he’s home.
    I am not impressed. any other runner i would have said yes the bunt was correct.
    But we are talking about Mookie Lite.

  100. JD- give jose a little cred my man…great AB there..down 1-2 and worked it 3-2 then big hit..we give him a lot of lip around here on bad ABs.. he deserves credit for a good one

  101. haha but yea a good AB JD???.. i thought it was great

    different team recently..really battling

  102. goodbye all…play well out west fellas. get those arms rested up bullpen..need a good start from maine tomorrow

  103. no credit for reyes i see… harry (i believe) claims you dislike jose?

  104. ken davidoff posted these comments from jose

    1) With one out in the seventh, he bolted from second on Luis Castillo’s grounder to the shortstop hole. Omar Infante easily threw out Reyes, who didn’t slide, at third.

    On this, Reyes pled guilty: “Like I said, it’s bad baserunning.” I’m not sure to whom he said it first, but whatever.

    Judge Jerry Manuel’s verdict: “I think reading the ball off the bat was the issue more than anything else. You have to have a better read than that.”

    2) In the 12th inning, Reyes watched the ball off the bat as he missed a homer to left by a couple of feet. Then he turned on the gas and got a double. It’s not clear whether Reyes would’ve had a triple if he had ran all the way, but it obviously looked horrible, regardless.

    On this, Reyes pled not guilty: ‘How am I going to get that ball a triple? Nobody can get that ball a triple. The guy (Braves leftfielder Garret Anderson) got it right away, so I don’t know how I’m going to be at third base with nobody out.

    “A person on second is good, nobody out. We weren’t able to score there. You have to give some credit to the closer for them.”

    Judge Jerry: “It’s like, the harder he runs, the more trouble he gets in. He did the right thing holding up at second. I think …there’s nothing else that he can get out of that. I think if we encourage that, were still doing the same things that we did, running into mistakes.”


  105. i saw the 10 seconds hi lites and have a few comments

    is this the twilight zone? what happened to the home whites?

    why are all the players making excuses for a loss?

    can we bench jose? he’s got a great glove, but can’t cora play ss? why is he admiring his babe ruth hit and walking into a double? why is he running to third on a play in front of him?

    church made a nice throw to 3rd.

  106. To me this series pretty much takes away the “good vibe” of the seven game winning streak. Wasn’t Jerry supposed to be instilling some baseball acumen to these guys? Wright is lost when it comes to hitting with runners on base, his defense has been spotty at best. And by the way, Wright NEVER hustles out of the box. Reyes knew he made a mistake the night before baserunning wise, and he makes another mistake the next day again? Where are his baseball smarts? I’m beginning to think that no manager can get much out of this group of players and that the players are the ones who need to go.

  107. It doesn’t matter what Reyes does, he’s getting blasted. Tuesday he’s out at third hustling all the way. Yesterday he loafs because he makes the decision right away he can’t get a triple and he’s blastd. If he hustled and was out at third he’d have been blasted. If he coasted into second and stopped on Tuesday he’d have been blaseted. He only deserves being blasted for the grounder to short. Guys trot into second all the time and nobody says a word. But, Reyes, he isn’t allowed to do that? Why, because he’s fast?

  108. (254)C’mon Harry, a sage veteran like you condoning it? It wasn’t that he coasted into second base yesterday, it’s the way he jogged out of the box stylin for a homerun. On Tuesday he had the play in front of him and with one out you don’t try to get to third and run your team out of the inning. And who cares really if other people do it, it doesn’t make it right. The one who gets away with it is Wright who never hustles out of the box and is always watching his fly balls that he thinks have a chance.

  109. Steve: Its so easy to criticize because he was out. I’m glad he tried for thrid Tuesday. He was out yes, but it required a perfect play off the wall and a perfect throw to get it. You know as well as everyone else if he’d have pulled up at second with one out he’d have been blasted for doing that. And if you wanty to criticizie for getting Tuesday’s play wronf while right in front iof hium than congratulate him for getting yesterday’s play right which oh my was right in front of him. You want it both ways. There’s no way yesterday he goes to third NOBODY OUT. Its either a double or a homer. And everybody knows it. But Tuesday is one out. You want hustle. wEll, apparently Met fans don’t want hustle. They only want hustle when they don’t get it. You force action good happens more than not, but if it doesn’t happen on a play the player is dumb, ….

  110. (254) (256) sorry harry but I disagree. I myself has had it with Reyes. Reyes has a mentality like a 15 year old. Reyes has all the tools in the world but has no brain, not very bright. I’m not going to point out what I mean by that, just watch his at bats, his running bases and fielding.

  111. (257)before anybody kills me, what I mean Reyes has no brains is in the baseball sense. reyes has all tools but does dum things at the plate, on the bases and in the field.

  112. tomg (258): I get what you’re saying. You’re right. He doesn’t always think and there are times defensively when he takes plays off and loses his focus.-JD

  113. i agree on both sides. reyes doesnt always play samrt and needs to improve that…..on the other hand he is a tremendous talent who does a lot for this ballclub..i mean look at the AB in the 9th last night.. worked the count and then drove the ball. like i said when it happened..if we are gonna rip him when hes bad then give credit when hes good. still waiting on JD to say something about how good of an AB it was. we have criticized, but how bout some credit for his good plays too.