Stop it before it starts

The Mets have always been a streaky bunch. Hot, then cold. You knew the winning streak would end eventually, but didn’t think it would come in a game started by Johan Santana.

It’s not surprising he lost, but what is disturbing is the manner in which the Mets lost. They won by playing aggressive, crisp baseball, but last night were sloppy. Five unearned runs is inexcusable.

It’s easy to say it was only one game, but games like that can lead into bad habits. The Mets need a good start tonight from Mike Pelfrey, because, quite frankly, I don’t know if Jon Niese has two in a row. Then they have a murderous trip with four games against the Giants, three at the Dodgers and three at Fenway.

Winning is tough enough as it is and if the Mets start playing sloppy ball then this could be a very difficult stretch.

6 thoughts on “Stop it before it starts

  1. manuel needs to tear up the pitch count score.

    when someone says he’s pitched X pitches he needs to say so? let him pitch until he is struggling beyond repair.

    A start should go 8 innings if not 9. i dont give a flying fig about 100 verses 150 pitches.

    how many times do they need to rob a good outing but putting in an overused and tired bullpen.

    I will not be able to enjoy a single win or game ig they keep taking out the starting pitcher for no damn good reason.

  2. Agree with the original post, tonight’s game will be very big as we can’t afford to lose two going into Niese’s start. If for no other reason than he doesn’t need the pressure of stopping a losing streak before a tough west cost trip.

    Steve, I agree in concept with the issue with the Starting Pitchers, but I wouldn’t have minded too badly pulling Santana if we then didnt keep switching pitchers all inning. Let Parnell finish the inning if we can’t get Santana to, we cant keep using 5 or 6 pitchers a game.

  3. jurrjens is a good pitcher. mets need pelf to perform tonight.. right on point JD, stop it before it starts

    big game for the collective confidence of the mets (and us fans)

  4. (3) Jurrjens is indeed good.
    Delcos: It seems I’ve seen very few crisp gems by both teams this year. Either one team has been a disaster fundamentally or both have and one just made less costly mistakes. You can blame the errors but I blame the horrendous move by the manager. I can buy taking Santana out. He wasn’t throwing as hard as usual and he may have felt he was done. But once you take Parnell out you’ve committed to lefty/righty and then to leave Feliciano in to pitch to Diaz was just inexcusable. Knock the errors, knock the overthrows by the outfielders, but the biggest error was Manuel screwing up the managing of the inning. Diaz is a star versus lefties and a bum versus righties. Even the late Harry chiti knows this fact.

  5. I tend to agree with Harry: I think Jerry mismanaged his pitching changes that inning. To me, Parnell has become a real weapon out there; as such, you have to use him for more than two hitters.

  6. harry is exactly correct…having feliciano face diaz is an awful managing move..brutal.

    1. Jose Reyes, SS
    2. Alex Cora, 2B
    3. Daniel Murphy, LF
    4. Carlos Beltran, CF
    5. David Wright, 3B
    6. Fernando Tatis, 1B
    7. Jeremy Reed, RF
    8. Omir Santos, C
    9. Mike Pelfrey, SP
    thats the starting lineup tonight. murphy batting third i like but reed starting again is not something i am in favor of.. i know he had 2 hits last night but id rather see sheffield (at least a threat of power) and his OBP or church trying to refind his stroke..weak hitting lineup i think..castillo once again benched even though he has been playing well.