METS CHAT ROOM: Game #32; getting on track.



I’m not going to suggest that if the Mets lose tonight that they are destined to hit a slide. It’s just with rookie Jon Niese working tomorrow and then starting their toughest road trip of the season, they are ripe.

I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far from Mike Pelfrey after the tendinitis left his right forearm. He’s pitched well and shows he’s capable of taking the next step. I like it when he challenges the hitters and doesn’t nibble.

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  1. Yeah, but tendintis in the forearm usually means the pitcher is overcompensating for pain in the elbow.

  2. I like how Mike seems to be getting better and dealing with his issues.

    Hope they win tonight. I hope they don’t think Johan is pitching today.

  3. Dave (2) I just hope that Mike can keep his pitching record at his current winning percentage (1,000%)

  4. 1. Jose Reyes, SS
    2. Alex Cora, 2B
    3. Daniel Murphy, LF
    4. Carlos Beltran, CF
    5. David Wright, 3B
    6. Fernando Tatis, 1B
    7. Jeremy Reed, RF
    8. Omir Santos, C
    9. Mike Pelfrey, SP
    i dont love this lineup

  5. (4) Wow …I saw you agreed with me in the other post. I’m not used to such things happening. HaHa!

    Heard the manager on the internet WFAN feed. sounds like a better than even chance Delgado is going on DL. They’ll decide Friday or Saturday he says.

  6. I wonder if we had signed Lowe, if we would have scored less than we have to date.

  7. they had the shift on vs. chipper dave (havent seen that really either)

  8. (13) I guess they wait, hoping the pain subsides and he can play soon.

  9. manuel said if delgado goes to DL..murphy plays first, i guess along with tatis

  10. Harry (17) it reminds me that last year the Mets flew a patient cross country, too…

  11. (20) not the same…. At least his head isn’t cracked!!!!
    (18) And the best part for all the creamer is that Jerry is gonna give sheffield that long look so we can all see why the Detroit Tigers are paying him 14 million bucks to stay away from their team. How exciting!!!!

  12. Harry (21) about that 14 million – reminds me that Clemens was supposed to be on Mike & Mike this morning – I missed it – anyone here catch that interview?

  13. tatis swings at ball 4 and that was an atrocious call at 2nd..wright was easily safe.

  14. annie- nothing you havent heard clemens say before. i didnt use…my family has heart problems so i couldnt use..pettite misremembered etc.

  15. (22/24) If a ball player was ever falsely accused, and so said, would anyone believe him after all the denials and lame excuses we’ve heard over the years?

  16. good block of the bag from kelly johnson..he was out…come on reason to walk schaefer

  17. 31 JD- dont know what i believe anymore JD. i feel for him and even bonds because it became just a witch hunt. but most of roger’s excuses dont make sense just like his rise in numbers as he got older dont make any either

  18. Jim/Harry (24/27) All we ever hear are excuses – that’s how we know these guys were using – and I’d bet that there are many who still are…MLB is losing credibility on this issue every day.

  19. until they test (i guess it would have to be blood) for HGH we’lll never truly know.

  20. Jd- this lineup is too weak. i dont like reed in the 7 spot.. 0 power..and yes santos has been hitting but once again little power

    little to no power in the 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 spots…gotta grind some runs out without delgado

  21. agreed JD- we have been calling for that for a while. beltran/reyes/wright= cal ripken to jerry

  22. (43/44) Yes, there was only one Cal Ripkin but you guys want guys to rest for no reason. Why does Beltran need to rest? He doesn’t beat up his body sliding or anything. And why does Wright need to rest. He’s proven over and over he can break a slump by playing. An if you rest Reyes… How often. If its not significant and it won’t be his body will still wear out from all the punding on the bases. They can rest if they get hurt or when the season ends.

  23. I guess there were really 2 Cal Ripkns. Isn’t Cal JR? There’s only one Bill Ripkin .

  24. Harry (46): Reyes had his problems at the end of the last two years. Maybe because he wasn’t fresh. He’s started every game. If he once every 40 games that’s four off days. Not too bad.-JD

  25. haha billy ripken. only one of him for sure. the ripken family is and always will be idolized down here.

    i dont think giving reyes/wright/beltran one day off every 30-40 games is a bad idea at all.

    reed tatis santos coming up..just dont love this lineup at allll

  26. Harry (46/7) Yes, Cal is a Jr. His Dad was a real old school guy. My brother has lived in the Baltimore area for years and loved the team, hated the owner. Cal Jr. was always his favorite player.

  27. annie- thats how we all feel in bmore…love the team, owner has set the franchise back a decade. sad

  28. harry- bill ripken was joe mcewing at best..maybe but his name certainly didnt hurt
    cal sr. managed ripkens at SS and 2B

    great job clearing the pitcher’s spot by santos

  29. ray- i get the feeling jerry doesnt like church’s game. remember him clearly backing murphy and not church in the sprng and now 2 straight starts by reed. reed? come on

  30. Jim – I like what Cal Jr. is doing in his ‘retirement’ – he’s a real role model for all those kids in his programs.

  31. 54… I remember thise teams. My cable compnmay carried the O’s for a while.. HomeTeam Sports? I think it was. Then they took it off. Now I have them again on MASN……

  32. (56) Sadecki: Was wondering when we were going to hear your words about Church. Apparently he’s the 5th outfielder now.

  33. HTS- yes sir harry that was it
    MASN- angelos raking in cash

    annie- there has been no finer role model than cal ripken jr in the last 25 yrs. he truly is the best

  34. church is better than reed. i cant understand him getting 2 starts in a row

  35. Players dont get out of a funk by sitting. Shef is one thing. Starting Reed over him is something else. Noble talks about it at his column.

  36. Lets see.. Jerry doesn’t like C hurch and Jerry doesn’t like C astro and Jerry doesn’t like C astillo. Maybe he’s doing the letter C for Sesame Street!!

  37. the mets need to put together an inning in the bottom of the of the order. need to get it going now.

  38. i do JD. when is church getting that opportunity? i understnad he has played much more than reed but come on jeremy reed’s bat/glove whatever is not a main concern. finding out if church is your everyday RF is

  39. 66… You got that right Sadecki. Maybe a day if a slump is affecting the defense as well, but you need ABs to get out of a funk. Even I’m supporting Church on this one.

  40. well when harry is supporting church you know jerry is wrong
    questionable early season moves by jerry

  41. (69/71) Sorry Delcos Jim baltimore got this one right. Why does Reed need ABs. If he had to play 2 in a row he should have been in right one night and left one night. But if he’s a key guy this team needs to find out about the team’s in trouble.

  42. i know lowe is good and jurrjens is good and josh johnson is good…but come on. how does the team get consistently dominated. pick it up

  43. offense non-existent dave…jsut cause a pitcher is good doesnt mean you cant score runs mets..this is ridiculous

  44. 70. Annie, I am coming to that feeling as well. Last year, I think he helped spark the team. This year He started in spring training by moving Reyes to 3rd and Church to a platoon in the papers without consulting the players. He didnt have much of a bullpen last year so he got a pass. This year his problems with handling a staff are becoming more clear. Last night being a perfect example.

  45. Dave(77) yes, Pelfrey’s getting the same run support this team gives Santana…..

  46. Nats version of david wright harry..seen a good amount of him down here. more accurate arm than wright, just as good with the glove…bat not quite up to wright even though he is on fire right now..streak will end shortly.

  47. Ray (80) I don’t know much about Jerry Manuel except what I hear on the radio interviews he gives. Not the smartest baseball guy I’ve ever heard and doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes, either – he just keeps making them. I also don’t like his treatment of Santana….

  48. 83. Church ain’t a star but he’s losing ABs to Reed and Sheffield. And to righty starters.. That’s a crock. He’s better than both. This started way before his slump. 7 game winning streak or no, this manager is going to lose this team big time.

  49. Harry (86): Not disagreeing with you, just explaining Manuel’s reasoning. And, Church isn’t one of his favorites and I don’t know why-JD

  50. 79/81


    Seems like this is the team we have now. Except hopefully if you have a weak lineup you have a stellar D. Which does not seem the case.

  51. John, You said in an earlier post that You dont think manuel dosnt like Church, you were right the first time.

  52. (82) I hope Zimmerman’s streak goes to at least 50. Something like that would be good for a franchise that is a disaster area. You don’t want another Pittsburgh where the highlight of the schedule is fireworks nights and bobblehead days.

  53. Hope Steve C is listening to Darling and Cohen. They are pounding the decision to pull Pelfrey.

  54. (93) HaHa! I was on phone with one of my kids and we both started cursing up a storm and then we continued earlier this evening. I’ve come to the conclusion that this team has no leaders because Jerry suppresses all leadership attempts. Santana didn’t want out. You could see it in his eyes.

  55. (92) Played perfectly. The guy got behind the ball and was coming to the plate. Well done. And someone’s gonna get hurt reall bad from this sliding into the plate head/hand first.

  56. Harry (95) I’ve never understood why players risk injury by sliding that way.

  57. 96/98 Yeah: letting Feliciano pitch to Diaz was dumb move of the year.

  58. Good quote of the day Hes the kind of pitcher who gets a GM fired. An old quote from Jim Frey which applies to guess what current Met pitcher?

  59. I’m trying really hard not to be disappointed after a seven game winning streak – but the way their playing the last two nights it’s hard not too- its like they wqant the braves to win

  60. (103) Old enough to remember how Mantle would get himself out of slumps. Drag bunts, to help get his timing if bat and pitched ball back.

  61. thank you jose reyes for using your head and not running us out of the game- you used your head last night and really helped the team do well

  62. I just realized if Putz, who hasnt been impressive at all didnt get beat up and I mean beat up because he was lucky not to give up more, we would be tied, thank god he wasn’t our closer

  63. 106. Don’t blame Reyes for hustling. One out. You don’t make the last out at third. And their kid centerfielder played the ball perfectly and made the perfect throw. You can blame this one on Jerry again. Absolutely no reason to remove Pelfrey on 96 pitches and his turn to bat wasn’t up.

  64. Harry – the play was in front of him – he watched it developed, 8th inning you score two down by three you have to be absolutely certain – you see it develop right in front of you for crying out loud – that was a stupid mistake

  65. I blamed jerry yesterday for mis managing the seventh – tonight this team once again came out flat which after losing the first couldnt happen then they compound it by making poor judgements

  66. 109. not buying it ed. He would have made it with anything less than perfection. On the other hand, agree about Putz. He’s been pretty mediocre.

  67. he could see that iit was a perfect play it wasnt like his back was too it – you have to be more careful in that situation – 8th inning now down by one

  68. i never pound Reyes but this year Im starting to think he’s not a very smart player – talented yes – baseball smart no

  69. 114. challenging with your speed is the correct way to play. Are you criticizing the play where they sent Wright on the pop up and he was out at the platr as well. Caution says to hold him up.

  70. harry do we always have to give credit to the pitcher – it feels like were always giving the other pitcher credit when there anything but a scrub

  71. not in the 8th down by one with one out – you run yourself out of the inning

  72. So ed.. y ain’t u bitchin about Beltran? He was as out as Reyes was…

    You got it wrong and you and Delcos ain;t changin my mind cause Delcos always sides against Jose!!!! And why didn’t Loooey start tonite?

  73. thats the kind of inning im talking about! grind it out!…thata boy luis! and carlos!

  74. these are the games i love to see the mets win..come on boys do it!

    these are also the games chipper goes deep vs. the mets dont do it larryyyyy

  75. ed i can’t keep up with all your posts…. so how’s your wife doing?

  76. no matter what…this is the kind of team i want to root for..fighting til the last out.

  77. Harry – I’ve never until the start of this season… he just isnt playing smart ball this year

    Keith is always tipping his hat to their hitters and pitchers …

  78. should have won last nifght when chipper was out if jerry didnt turn the 7th into a fiasco

  79. Annie – wife improving thanks for asking … long recovery process … 6-8 weeks until close to normal

  80. I don’t get it ed… These guys are showing hustle and fight and your knockin them for it. Was Chipper dumb for stealing? Force the action is the way to play.

  81. he can do this – i have faith – i believe – said it before it happened

  82. thank you it was tough first few weeks- surgery didn’t go well and then complications – now she at least out of bed for a little while each day … your threw the kids out of whack and I’m not the cuddliest mr. mom

  83. i would give this team a red light on first pitch for the rest of their lives

  84. 143- On the radio, Howie said Manuel personally threw BP with Church today. The opposite field drill. Church came up and pinch hit to the opposite field.

  85. Why are the Mets waiting till friday to put Delgado on the DL. The bench is short as it is.

  86. Howie has finally put this game “in the Book” – he had to revise the ending :)

    Day Game Tomorrow

  87. What the heck just happened? I’m sitting here looking at GameDay… did Bennett really just load the bases intentionally and then walk in the winning run???

  88. close pitch.

    Nice to see the win.

    They earned it as much as it was given to them.

  89. nah i was at the game last night – but i am wearing my murphy – irish green shirt tonight

  90. and as the game ended I just got a call from work to be in a 5am on my day off ouch

  91. I hate not being able to see the flipping games!
    so wait Delgado is injured? go figure?!
    at least they nipped it in the bud this time. I knew somthing was up when he started being the old delgado and let balls roll buy and counted on castillo to pick up teh slack.

    I think its time we had a new 1st baseman , maybe this is teh wakeup call to Manuel.