Notice how we haven’t heard the word “edge” lately.

No, not for a minute do I believe the Mets’ winning streak is tied to GM Omar Minaya’s comments about some of his players lacking a certain “edge” to them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last game the Mets lost was one started by Oliver Perez that Saturday afternoon in Philly. The Mets came back to make a game of it before losing on a bases loaded walk from Sean Green.

From then on, they’ve played the way they said all along they were capable of.


The Mets are 12-3 when they get a quality start, which by definition – three runs in six innings – is kind of mediocre when you stop to think about it. Mets starters are 6-0 with a 2.44 ERA in their last seven starts.

When a team pitches well, and that should continue tonight with Johan Santana, then everything else falls into place. There’s less pressure on the offense and less strain on the bullpen. Games are crisper, smoother and played with a certain – what’s the word I’m searching for? – edge if you will.

The Mets are playing aggressive, alert baseball, and there are no worries about heart or calls for leadership.

Once the pitching goes in the tank again, and there will be a stretch when things don’t click again, we’ll hear about “edge” and grit and leadership.

7 thoughts on “Notice how we haven’t heard the word “edge” lately.

  1. JD: I have to agree. But pitching isnt everything. The defense should be there to catch the fly ball.. not decide who’s gonna catch it. I saw several plays where there was no communication. I think Beltran was sending a message or something. after his issues with Church and Castillo. He was on the ball again.

    Unless A pitcher gives up a home run, a bad day shouldnt ersult in a slaughter if everyone plays the field.

    Just my 3 cents.

  2. JD, Ollie has taken time off from cursing the Mets to curse the Magic. If you look directly behind the Celtics bench in game 4 last night in O-town, you will notice our favorite whipping boy. He leaves the Mets, we win 7 in a row… he shows up for one Magic game and Big Baby ruins my night… Can’t win with OP.

  3. JD, I partly agree with you, and partly with SteveC. Yes, there’s less pressure on the bullpen when your starter doesn’t have to come out in the 3rd; but isn’t there still an awful lot of wear and tear on the pen when even your quality starts go no more than 6? And it’s been the hitting that takes the stress off the pen; a reliever who comes in with a multiple-run lead or the chance of scoring more isn’t under the same pressure as one who comes in with a one-run lead, or behind, and virtually no chance the team will come back.

  4. jeff(3)

    its the new age of baseball. starter doesnt go further than 6 innings. even when he is mopping the flor with the other team.

    you can set you watch by it and you as the oppsing manager can count on it and make moves accordingly.

    Untile someone smacks the managers in the back of the head and let the starters finish. this iwll be baseball. and honestly i dont enjoy watching it when i know teh starter in a great game. wont get to finish.

  5. good pitching solves a lot of problems…but the biggest change behind that has been the batting and battling late in games. late inning tack ons, good ABs at all times. the team is doing what we yelling for..showing some fight and not just going up there and hacking…working the pitcher and grinding it out…great to see

    the team looks motivated…confidence breeds more confidence and with it the mets look like such a good team

  6. I’m glad the Mets are playing better but this was the pirates they played the last three games. I’ll be more impressed if they sweep the braves.

  7. We did sweep the Braves. Last week. Just two games, but hey it was at Turner Field. Three at Shea/Citi will be nice.

    What comes first or is most important: pitching, hitting, defense? This is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg. Trite to say it, but if everyone does his part then things will turn out. Not every time, but more times than not. Good pitching can make up for poor D (e.g., batter reaches on an error, but the pitcher induces the next batter to GIDP), good D can gobble up grounders and snag flyballs, good hitting can make up for runs that are given up. Every night is different. The guys just have to be ready to pick each other up if/when someone falters.