METS CHAT ROOM: Game #30; Happy Mother’s Day.

Hi guys. A Happy Mother’s Day to you. Take care of your mom today. I remember mine as the ultimate Little League mom. She took care of me and my brother, getting us ready for our games. Dad was the coach. It was a good time.

It’s amazing how time slips away. The memories remain. I hope all your memories are grand.

Have a great day.

15 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #30; Happy Mother’s Day.

  1. The Pirates truly exemplify everything wronf with baseball. 16-17 years without even a winning record much less going to post season. Even the hideous Detroit Lions don’t go that long wothout going 9-7 or so….. Even the Knicks haven’t gone that long!

  2. If ya see jimmy baltimore, tell him I was real proud of the old shef and was very sad to see him rewarded for his big two hits with a benching! HaHa…..

  3. Too nice to stay in, but I’ve caught parts of the game. I had confidence the Mets would come back when it was 2-0, then more confidence when it was 2-1. I was about to come on and say that when one of the cats went by with a mouse. While I was trying to take care of that, the Mets somehow went ahead 3-2, and I have no idea how. Plus, we lost the mouse!

  4. I was outside planting, came in and the Mets were ahead 8-2….next thing I know, it’s the 9th inning, there’s a home run and the lead is cut to 8-4. Who’s pitching? Sure enough, Sean Green, Mr. Weak Link himself. He’s going to be joining Ollie in no-man’s-land pretty soon.

  5. Annie, wherever you are, I’m sure by now Howie has put this one “in the books.” Another nice game for the Mets, their 7th win in a row. It’s a good thing they built up that lead so Green couldn’t fritter it all away. Yep, good hitting makes up for bad pitching…;-)

  6. And John, wherever YOU are, thanks for stopping by today! It’s been a pleasure.

  7. Jeff (11) Took the afternoon off.
    I’ve been watching both the Mets and the Yankees this afternoon. I too did some planting – sons brought hostas as a Mother’s Day present.
    Thanks for adding the Howie final statement –
    See you tomorrow when Santana pitches.

  8. good win for the metsies…make it 8 tomorrow boys..get johan some runs

  9. It’s been a nice little streak so far, but like Green Day sang…”Wake me up , when September ends!!!” lol