METS CHAT ROOM: Game #29; on a roll.

Five. Do I hear six? The Mets will try to extend their winning streak today behind John Maine, who has run hot and cold this year. When he’s cold, he usually has one bad inning – very Perez-like – that derails him.

Today, the Mets will be without manager Jerry Manuel, who was suspended for one game for bumping umpire Bill Welke Thursday night arguing the Shane Victorino play. Sandy Alomar Sr. will manage the team.

Here’s the line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Carlos Delgado, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Ramon Castro, C
John Maine, P

87 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #29; on a roll.

  1. I’m continuing the bring up FMART rant. He has more doubles than Church/Sheffield have RBIs combined.

  2. It would be nice to see Church benched for somebody whose career wasn’t finished three years ago.
    Question to all the Met fans who make fun of AROD and Manny etc. How come Sheffield is welcomed with open arms? do you really believe he didn’t know what was being rubbed on him? Did he think it was hot n icy?

  3. Its a good thing Gehrig and Ripkin didn’t play for you. They would have had played in 25-30 games in a row.

  4. Harry (4) I dont respect Sheffield. I didnt like the Mets signing him. But he is a Met and I will cheer him on while he is helping my team win.

    I dont know who welcomed him with open arms… certainly not my friends who are Mets fans.

  5. (9) Don’t you find it pathetic that sdheffield gets cheer by the Chiti faithful while Wright was getting boed by the Citi unfaithful.
    (8) Since only one player’s test result was released from 03 nobody knows for sure if the the creamer was caught or not.

  6. I would welcome Manny with open arms… If the Dodgers would take perez for him.

  7. Harry (9) Mets fans as a whole are pathetic. Thats why I dont worry what others do. I root for my team and support my team. I cant change how others act, so I just accept them for what they are.

  8. wishy, I dont remember anybody on this board liking the move. Maybe one or two.

  9. mets fans a whole are not pathetic. youre wrong wishy. maybe some are…but i know plenty of well educated and good baseball met fans…and harry dont you think sheff has been getting a bit unlucky with balls being hit well but have been outs? id give him a little more time..and we can both agree, id rather have him working counts (.380ish OBP, ton of walks) than church strugggggaaaling

  10. Yeah, I think I’d take him to but for Church!!

    FMART: .300 12 doubles 2 triples 3 HRs 16 RBIs. Church 8 whole RBIs.

  11. good afternoon annie- i sure hope so, maine looks like he has his live fastball today, but pitch count is up as usual…maholm is good for the pirates, i like him

  12. (14) No way jimmy baltimore…. The guy has done ziulch since ’07. As Much as i don’t think Church is more than average, Sheffield is a 40 year old cream smearing has been…. I’d much rather have Church playing right field today and every day than having Sheffield even on the bench. What are you waiting for? For him to get his average up to lat years .219 or whatever? The best thing for the Mets would havefor him to sign with Philly and ruin their chemistry.

  13. i disagree mr chiti… i think teams still fear him (as evidenced by so many walks)..having him on the bench as late inning PH is a bonus

  14. Hi Jim – I’m encouraged by the team’s resiliency – do they have a full house at Citi Field today?

  15. it looks pretty full as i follow it on (which by the way is so much better this yr..being able to choose which feed to watch is great, love hearing gary, keith, and ron (no keith today)

  16. Maybe the brrothers LRoche should have followed in their Daddy’s footsteps and become pitchers.

  17. chiti and others- any chance you see tatis becoming everdya RF if churhc keeps struggling…i love his D but man when church is cold, he is awful

  18. fine jimmy… delude yourself… If we’re gonna continue to bring in washed up guys to help Omar with his boyhood fantasies, bring back Aaron to PH. I’d take him at 70-75 over Sheffield.

  19. jim (29): I think they’ll keep running Church out there for awhile. If they ditch Church, then I’d like to see what F-Mart can do. But, if anybody moves into a fulltime role to replace Church, I see it being Sheffield.-JD

  20. but harry, you avoid some facts but look at others…sheff’s OBP has been good and he hasnt even hit yet..and i know i wouldnt want him on the phils (who i think would pick him up in a second…their best RH PH is cairo or bruntlett, yikes)

  21. howie’s son will be talking about johan santana- and someone will say- now there was a pitcher

  22. jim (31)

    Yes I do. There are good fans. No denying that. But most bother me.

  23. wishy2, annie, ray, JD- me and mr chiti disagree on sheff..i think he is useful on the bench as a PH and his OBP i think proves it.. harry disagree and points at his awful .175 average..what do you guys think

  24. I overlook nothing jim. I see a guy who is such a me first me only player that he refuses to make even the slightest adjustment in his swing, swings for the fenches only and refuses to recognize the fact that he ain’t 32 and he probalby ain’t on stuff that helps him anymore. He wwalks because he only swings foir the fences and his outfield play is bad and lazy. I can’t beleive a knowledgeable fan is defending that pick up.
    Gimme CHURCH any day of Sheffield. At least Church hustles.
    And hasn’t hit yet??? He’ hit his one shot which is all he cares about. And if Delcos is right this team will go down the tubes.

  25. Jim (35) you know you are right, my son said that his barber was talking about Santana this morning.

    As for Gibson, Tim McCarver caught him for a while and has great stories to tell.

  26. 37. If your man shef would be only a pinch hitter I’d have no problem. But he isn’t. He’s taking ABs away from far better players.

  27. jim (37)

    Im still not sold on Sheff. I’d like to see more out of him as a PH.

  28. I certainly dont want to see Sheff starting any game until he shows me something.

  29. Jim (37) I am a long time opponent of steroids – and I tend to reject anyone who has used them.

  30. church is a great defensive OF and before this yr i would have argued that he could produce everyday (you disagreed, and you sure look right as of now). church is just so streaky with the bat.. he bats .450 for 10 days then cant hit for 2 is very odd.

    sheff i think is good PH option late in games. now if he continues to not hit, giving him these starts a couple days a week shoud stop but i am ok with him as of now. i guess we disagree. but i do agree on your points on his swing. he sure isnt looking to go to RF. but in late games, his, shall we say “perceived” power i think helps the mets

  31. harry (40)- ok, we can agree on that. as a PH- good…as of now starting himdoesnt look so hot

  32. note: I should clarify as to usage – I’m talking illegally, certainly there are real medical reasons for the use of some steroids.

  33. Here we are in the midst of those treacherous middle innings where the Mets are stymied. Can’t Alomar get these guys to hit?

  34. Oh I know he is strong – saw him in that home run derby – a couple of years ago. Almost wish he had never entered that contest. It’s taking him a while to get back to normal.

  35. he still seems to open up and become pull happy..he is much better staying back and going to RF..we all know it..get thru to him hojo

  36. Jim (37) I Have been pleasantly surprised by Shef so far. He isnt embarrasing himself in the field, He hasnt caused a problem in the clubhouse. He still has a great eye at the plate. Howie said today they need to give him 5-6 starts in a week to see what theyve got.

  37. Of course, I might be jinxing them now, but I don’t see the Mets blowing this one. Maine needs to extend himself to give the BP the day off. He can do this by not walking anybody.-JD

  38. Its a different team the last week. Omars comments have anything to do with it?

  39. knock on wood JD!…and yes john needs to pound the zone

    and u begin the jinx

  40. Jim, despite me getting on him for his 2 non-slides last week, there is nobody better.

  41. im heading out…i hope annie (and howie) can put it in the books as a mets win.

    lets go mets!

  42. The only thing I can think of why they pull Maine after six is they want to ease him back after the shoulder surgery.-JD

  43. John (77) Probably a good idea is there another pitcher in the BP who needs to work?

  44. What’s the biggest streak of wins by the Randolph/Manuel Mets?

  45. For those who always ask – Howie – and I – have happily put this game ‘in the books’.

    Day game tomorrow.