METS CHAT ROOM: Game #28; trap series against Bucs.



We’ve seen it all too often, the Mets rise up in a big series and then stumble against teams they should beat. Hey, that is the essence of the collapses of the last two years.

The Mets have won four straight, beating the sweeping a pair of two-game series against the Braves and Phillies. The Pirates are in for three this weekend before Atlanta comes to town next week.

The Pirates are team the Mets should beat, but they can be a pesky team especially since their pitching has been decent this spring.

Even with their modest four-game winning streak, there are still holes in the Mets’ game, beginning with the offense. Last night they scored a bunch early, but their bats went to sleep and they had to hold on to win.

K-Rod has been lights out, and Bobby Parnell has risen above Sean Green in the pecking order. Green has not pitched well, and Pedro Feliciano has also taken his lumps.

The room is open, but I have to take care of some things and I’ll join you later.

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  1. Just thought I’d mention the Mets are ahead 2-1 in the 3rd. I’ll try dropping by later. I feel like that guy in the Lottery commercial:

  2. Beltran and Church just let a ball drop between them and the tying run scored. Another ball lost in the lights at Chiti Field. Now I’m really going away.

  3. Castillo’s been on twice, and didn’t hit the ball well either time.

  4. Oh, man — Beltran smoked that ball and LaRoche speared it. Tough double play.

  5. Until then, I guess it’s our job to yell about how bad Ollie is, how bad Omar is, how bad Church is, how bad…

  6. Jeff/Harry – I simply couldn’t bear to watch the Yankees and “ARod”.

  7. Actually, I feel kind of bad for the Yankees right now. They’re really in a bad way.

  8. Jeff – It’s whatever nasty name you want to call him – I simply can’t stand him.

    I do like Omar, though, don’t be mean to him.

  9. Gary Cohen & Ronnie are talking about the radio coverage, and Gary is telling an interesting story about trying to pick up the Mets broadcasts as a kid, when they were on 1050 (WHN — I remember those days) and the signal wasn’t as strong as it is on 66 — he had to sit out in the car fiddling with the radio dial.

  10. Jeff M. – I also feel sorry for the rest of the team, they have to put up with all the ARoid ego and nonsense.

  11. I like Omar too. I think he went to Newtown H.S., which is where I went (though years before him). Who would people prefer — Steve Phillips?

  12. (18) A Theo Epstein clone. And, until Omar does more than talk the talk and get a National League pennant he is not the quality GM Phillips was.

  13. Oh please – not Steve Phillips. To go back to the Yankees – they’ve got troubles that have nothing to do with the team.

    I once read in a SI article that Omar valued the opinions of the women on his staff and his wife as well. Said that women are just as knowledgeable about sports, but often have different ideas about how to approach things. That’s what makes me like Omar –

  14. I wish they’d switch Cohen and Howie for half the year.

    The Pirates have a couple nice kids in left and center.

  15. (20) I don;t care where someone gets advice from. Get the team in the WS. 69,73,86,00 ain’t much for alnost 50 years in NYC. I know its a far worse % then the Yankees and I’m sure its worse than the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants has also.

  16. Harry (23) I agree that the past few years have been very disappointing, but some blame must go to the players and the manager as well.

    This year, I also believe that the financial situation the Wilpons are in may be a factor.

  17. 24. No doubt Annie all are to blame. I just get worked up a bad when Phillips is just totally blamed for being a failure taking this franchise to one of only 4 trips to the WS. He made baqd moves as do all, but people forget Piazza, Ventura, Olerud, Hampton…. Reyes, Wright. They only choose to remember Vaughn, Alomar, etc. Call home when Omar is in the WS.

  18. DELCOS is on Twiutter….. Just like Larry King! I signed up for it but I don’t have a clue how to use it. Maybe Delcos can explain when he returns.

  19. Niese — nice! A couple of defensive miscues by the Mets that inning, but a good comeback; Reyes deked catching the ball to keep the runner at 2nd, and Niese got the 3rd out.

  20. Harry (25) I’m not very familiar with Jon Niese – how do you think he’s doing tonight?

  21. Niese is doing fine. Letting the defense do its job, although theyu haven’t excelled. He got a break in the first, when /morgan overslid first but the outfield cost him a run when they lost a fly. I’m very happy with his performance.

  22. So Annie and all, Manny said he passed 15 drug tests. If he did, the baseball program is a disaster because this drug he got caught using is soemthing guys (and gals) presumably take after stopping the roids. If this is all true why isn’t he and theoretically tons of he’s being caught?

  23. Now that’s progress! Murphy got spun around but still made the leftfield catch. Ronnie said “You know what I liked about that? He showed less panic this time around!” That’s classic.

  24. Uh oh. They’re starting to get to Niese – and worse, Green is up in the bullpen. I don’t trust him.

  25. Harry (31) I think Selig and the union et al are terrified of ruining their ‘image’ and don’t realize that they already have done so. They should have much stricter rules – I don’t think they realize that kids think it must be OK to use if the players use and are not penalized.

  26. Brandon Moss used to be in the Red Sox system — I saw him play a few times at AA Portland. But he’s 1 for 14 with Pittsburgh; explains why the Sox got rid of him.

  27. That’s 5 K’s for Niese. Hope he can get out of this without the 2 on base scoring.

  28. Delcos has to “take care of some things” during the game? I am starting to suspect he has a new girlfriend he’s not telling us about.

  29. 37. Yup…. You can say Manny got 50 games, and lost 7 mil, but on the other hand he got 25 mil based on what? Was he using last year when he got moved. Why isn’t his contract voided? Why isn’t he out for 2 years like bicycle cheater guy was?
    38. 14 ABs ain’t a sample size to have relevance.

  30. Another good play in left by Murphy, and we’re still tied.

    Whatever DID happen to Figueroa?

  31. Tiffany, I can’t believe you suspect Delcos of dumping us for a girlfriend!

  32. (41) Good for him! He can’t make a living wage on baseball anymore.

  33. Jeff (43) I thought Figgy would be in the bullpen or the dugout by now.

  34. Ronnie says the 6 solid innings by Niese are what he likes to see: no walks.

  35. Harry (45) Are you saying he’s making a living wage with a girlfriend?

  36. (49) OOOOH nope…. although if he could, whatever… Just saying it used to be his job, now its something between an ex job and a new hobby, and the future for beat writers ain’t great right now.

  37. Trying to folow the Penguins game to see the mood of my western PA friends and neighbors. You know after the STeelers and the Steelers and the Steelers and the Steelers they care about the Penguins, Pitt hoops and when the Pirates have fireworks nights and bobblehead give aways.

  38. Hi Ray (54) we’ve had some interesting conversations, so far and agree with you about Niese.

  39. Sadecki is stepping in for me — I’ll be back later. But Niese is done for the night, and it’s Sean Green. I’d rather not watch.

  40. Yes, Niese was nice!!!
    Uh oh, the Caps are within 1 of themighty pens. May have to pay more attention.

  41. Hi Annie, I see Mo Riveras arm is not right. If he goes, It dont matter how many HRs you know who hits.

  42. Ray – I still care about the ‘old Yankees’ Derek, Jorge, Andy, and Mo – and wish that Bernie was still there. If Mo goes, it’s truly the end of an era.

  43. Annie-They should have let more of the old guys go. They are all breaking down now.

  44. Pens up by 2. Green didn’t get out of the inning all by himself did he?

  45. 64 Thanks!! See your boy Church relegated to the 8 hole. Next stop losing his job to FMART?? He’s doing well in Buffalo after a slow start.

  46. Ray – It’s hard to think of them as the old guys – I remember Derek at 19.

  47. Hi folks. Sorry for arriving so late at my own party. Couldn’t be avoided. I see I’ve missed a good game so far. Care to fill me in?-JD

  48. 65. Hey Church is having a rough stretch. The Mets have a mighty lineup. They should put in the 2 hole. thats where he had his best sucess last year.

  49. (68) HaHa… I’ll say this for Church. His fans have more faith in him thean he does. When he gets swapped for FMART and goes to /buffalo, hopefully they’ll send Schneider there and the two of them and Milledge can meet in Rochester and all shine about what could have been,

  50. Pens won. I can have breakfast tomorrow with happy Steeler I mean Penguin fans.

  51. Harry (70): Thanks. I wonder if they’ll give him another start or bring up Redding. If he pitched well, then give him the ball again.-JD

  52. Niese looked good, throwing mostly fastballs, which was both unusual and encouraging.

    Ken Takahashi is my new hero. He can no wrong.

  53. John (72) Ron Darling was saying nice things about Niese, too.

    I just wish the Mets could score during the middle innings…….

  54. Well Annie, CC pitched a complete game shut out for your yankees.

  55. 69. This game is boring, so Ill bite. Church was the best all around player on the team last year until he got hurt. Speaking of faith, Do you really expect Fmart to stay healthy for a full year?

  56. Harry (76) I think he was under the gun and he delivered. Not my Yankees, they were my Dad’s team.

  57. (78) Bless you Ray for biting!!!! I give FMART twice the chance of staying healhy for a year than I give Church a chance to have a full solid year. His MO of 2 good months started in DC not in NY. You know what they call him around the league. 2 good month Church!

  58. I’m glad they scored, but it sure took long enough between runs……

  59. 77. Oh yes Delcos he should demand a pay raise for sure. As a matter of fact they should demand raises every time they pass a drug test!

  60. So Sadecki how come you didn’t go to the big Nat/DBack game tonite?

  61. 85. They werent giving out free tickets. Even if they were I would have to think about it.

  62. Oh, John? Listen…if you scroll back and see any comments about your whereabouts… don’t be too upset…

  63. So now can we say the Mets didn’t “let up” against a weaker team, or are we just going to say “big deal — it’s just the Pirates.”

  64. (96) Church did have a hit earlier. And Murphy made a couple of good plays in the outfield.
    It’s a brand new era.

  65. John, that’s what Tiffany implied you were doing. Although maybe she didn’t say “slack”…

  66. Howie has put this game ‘in the book’. It’s quite a story.
    Day game tomorrow.

  67. Finally! Parnell gets his first win… but Niese really deserved it.

  68. By the way, I know it’s only one-sixth of the season, but how good has Parnell been?

  69. Okay — night all. I’ll be seeing Star Trek tomorrow afternoon. Hope to hear some good news when I come out!

  70. well i have seen the highlights. it seems as if niese ran fastballs for 6.

    if delgado stays healthy i would certainly re up at 10 mil for one year, perhaps a 2 yr contract.

  71. good win for the metsies. john maine tomorrow i believe…keep it rollingggg boys