METS CHAT ROOM: Game #27; going for the sweep.



The Mets are going for their fourth straight victory tonight against Philadelphia, and if they get it they’ll pull within a half-game of first place. For the most part they have put together this modest winning streak without Jose Reyes, who is on an 8-for-53 slide.

Reyes is falling back into bad habits at the plate such as not being patient and he’s expanded the strike zone for pitchers by swinging at garbage.

Mike Pelfrey (3-0) on the mound for the Mets against Jamie Moyer. With the lefthander, the Mets will sit Ryan Church and Daniel Murphy.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Carlos Delgado, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Gary Sheffield, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Ramon Castro, C
Mike Pelfrey, P

188 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #27; going for the sweep.

  1. wright (tatis) and reyes (cora) need to be given a day off this weekend..david maybe not so much as he seems to be coming around but reyes needs a day. i miss seeing him smiling, laughing, and having fun

  2. jim (1): You’re right. Reyes does need a day off. This weekend would be perfect because you know they won’t rest him against the Phillies or Braves.-JD

  3. Jonathan Niese to start tomorrow night against Pittsburgh. Oliver Perez was placed on the DL with tendinitis in his right knee.-JD

  4. JD- you had a misprint forgot the quotation marks…

    ..placed on the DL with “tendinitis” in his right knee

  5. John (3)
    Johan Santana – in an interview on WFAN – said he has been talking with Ollie and seemed to indicate that the knee had only recently become a problem.

    I remember when Santana pitched a gem for the Mets with a knee much worse than Ollie’s.

  6. i agree JD- that ball was in the air for a while..

    i always feel the 1st inning is extra big vs. the phils

  7. got the DP ball but rollins was running. come on pelf, get ryan howard here

  8. good hitting by howard there…mets need to strike on jamie moyer early

  9. bad feeling with ibanez up…it could be 4-0 b4 the game even begins

  10. wow..surpised JD?…i am. good break for the mets with him swinging 3-0

  11. nice break for pelf…teams either pound moyer early or dont touch him..come on jose

  12. I’m hoping the Mets are in a mood to ‘keep the streak’ going…

  13. what a joke of an AB… he has how many career ABs vs. moyer yet he looked that bad.awful hitting…sit him down

  14. annie- listening along with howie? i know im biased but wow we are spoiled with gary, keith and ron…and howie on the FAN (dont love wayne hagin, not sure if anyone does)

  15. JD 24- garbage is exactly what it was..gotta be patient vs. old man river

  16. i think the mets have the ability to produce JD. i really do.

    but as they say about insanity..doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results haha

    i just always keep the faith with them.

  17. gary- “only took him a ton of ABs vs the old bastard but he finally got one”

  18. Jim (23) Yes I am listening with Howie (Wayne is OK, he’s just not Howie) and he is wonderful to listen to – never too loud, no screaming and lots of word pictures and news around the ballpark.

    Here we go!!!! Thanks Carlos.

  19. gotta get to jamie early. good hitting carlosessss…come on dwright

  20. John (26) You don’t know how often I wish Keith were still patrolling the infield. I once asked Ron about missing the game and he said he missed the game he once had. Don’t know if Howie ever played, – do you???

  21. i know people say Sheff hasnt been hitting, but i feel he brings a swagger up there. he has 10 walks and has hit the ball very hard on alot of outs

  22. good to see wright take it to straight away..good first inning boys

    now come on pelf, dont let them answer!

  23. Every Pelfrey pitch has been 90 or above. Too bad they’re not in the strike zone.

  24. Hard to tell if Reyes hitting a homer is a good sign or not. He’s been having enough problems lately without being homer happy.-JD

  25. John (44) I know it seems great to have all these early inning homers, but the Mets have had a bad habit of relaxing during the middle innings and having to play catch up at the end of the game. They need to keep on hitting for the whole game…………

  26. jose just needs to be worried about hitting the ball hard. line drives are his key. come on pelf, throw another 0 up there

    and yes JD, the phillies come back a lot

  27. The reason the Mets are having a good streak is because they HAVE been scoring late in games — and the Phillies have cooled off late in games lately. The key is whether this trend continues.

  28. Just found some interesting notes about the Mets Radio Broadcasters Howie and Wayne have both been broadcasters for over 20 years, and Howie never played the game, but Wayne did in college.

  29. howie is tremendous, i really love hearing him call a game…like you said about wayne, annie, he is ok (but he isnt howie)

  30. Yeah, I didn’t think Howie ever played; I know he’s been following the Mets forever and went to high school in Bayside.

  31. Everything is going to Tatis. What a relief Murphy isn’t out there.

  32. Jim (50) don’t know if you are familiar with match play golf where each hole counts. In those matches my partner and I would rack up the holes – as many as we could – and win early. In baseball it’s a bit different, but the same theory would work. There should be no relaxing until the game is won.

  33. annie- huge fan of golf (love phil mickelson) and understand your metaphor perfectly..gotta keep adding on in baseball..the phils got a great O so we cant rest

  34. Jeff M (55) Yes, Mets since 1987 and the Rangers and the Stanley Cup before that.

  35. Having XM radio and listening to radio broadcasters around baseball, Hagin does a fine job. He has come a long way since he started last year. Howie and Wayne make a good team.

  36. wishy2 (59) I agree, they do make a good team since they are very similar in their way of broadcasting. When one of them isn’t there, Ed Coleman usually sits in and he does the same kind of work that they do.

  37. Dang, too bad… but Sheffield did a good job wearing Moyer out in that at bat, fouling off four straight… Moyer is up to 63 pitches already.

  38. Just heard Howie say that the Mets have scored in each inning – hope the team continues that.

  39. Told you things were different now.
    Will the Phillies soon be Happ-less?

  40. despite Chitis objections, it is good to pick on a scrub sometimes. In this day, everybody knows you cant pick on a star. The only choice a Mgr has is to make an example of an expenable player and hope the team gets the message. The player too of course.

  41. Just to interject about Howie: he went to Cardozo H.S. in Bayside, and to Queens College. He was actually born in Brooklyn. Gary Cohen was born in Queens. They’re both the perfect Mets broadcasters: local boys. (Just found out that Cohen now lives in Ridgefield, CT, which is right near me on the other side of the border from Westchester.)

  42. willie wouldnt have come out of the dugout..i rmember that about him very well

  43. 86 jim yes I remember that too, now to quote the famous quote its time to “go on a nice little run” with the falling back to earth pirates coming in.

  44. im still worried about this one ray. the mets need this one and need to keep adding on

  45. sheff hits the ball hard but if the pitcher gets it inside on him they can beat him

  46. come on pelf..keep firing strikes. dont let the phils get back in this

  47. I hope shef is taking balls at first base. I dont want him to be playing full time in the OF in case of injury.

  48. More on the radio guys: Wayne Hagin (with an “i”) did play ball, for San Diego State. I think what bothers me about him is just his way of announcing; sounds very forced. Could just be that he doesn’t sound like he’s from around here — because he’s not. Been working his way steadily Eastward: started doing games in Oakland and S.F., then Colorado, then St. Louis. I guess the only place he can go now is Boston.

  49. Hey, for those compaining about Hagin, dont forget the worst all time announcer Fran Healy. mr can o corn.

  50. Only 71 pitches through 5 — looking good! Moyer had that many in 3.

  51. God, I couldn’t stand Fran Healy. Fortunately, back then he was mostly on Sportschannel, which I didn’t get.

  52. Jeff (98): He doesnt sound natural when he’s announcing.. it almost seems like he catches himself being radio voice guy and then tries to sound more “normal” like Howie.

    But he really doesnt bother me or make me cringe like some teams announcers. He’s perfect as the #2 man.

  53. JeffM (102) For years I tried to forget the droning of Fran Healy and now you bring up his name..wonder what happened to him – is he still in broadcasting?

  54. Annie (106) Don’t blame me! Ray (100) brought him up!
    I have no idea where he is now.

  55. Annie (106) According to Wikipedia:
    Healy is the current host of “The Game 365” on MSG Network, in New York. The show profiles many athletes and coaches in sports.

    No wonder I don’t watch MSG!

  56. I’ll be back here in an hour. Hopefully Pelfrey works out of this rough patch.

  57. buy your tickets and watch Jose Reyes run. I am sorry I am a sadist.

  58. Ray (100) Jeff (111) – Ray, Jeff has found Fran Healy on MSG. (Which is just another channel I don’t get)

  59. Glad Im not an Indians fan… they just gave up 12 runs to the Red Sox in 1 inning… without recording a single out.

    Their bullpen is in shambles.

  60. News from Fenway – Howie and Wayne Reporting that the Sox scored 12 runs in the sixth inning before they made an out. Apparently they are still batting.

  61. wishy2 (119) sorry I stepped on your post -forgot we are both listening to Howie and Wayne.

  62. Annie (122)

    Im watching the Sox game… (I live outside Boston) and was typing it just as they started talking about it..

  63. Wishy2 (129) I’m in Central CT and I get it too, but don’t get SNY. I also get YES and had the Yankees on, but turned it off. This game here tonight is exciting enough.

  64. Annie (130)

    That stinks. Hate cable systems that do that. Im sure there are plenty of Mets fans that would make it worthwhile.

  65. Great play by Victorino to initiate the contact. That’s exactly the type of play why he’s a pain in the ass. But, that’s a player with an edge.-JD

  66. In late… Why when it comes up on the big scene and they see there mistake they dont fix it

  67. weve been robbed – why didnt anopthwer ump step in and tell him he blew the call – little huddle

  68. Feliciano – a bad call for this inning he’s been giving up too many homers

  69. angel hernandez hates the mets. His hatred goes back to The Bobby V. mets. Killed them against the braves in the last series of 98. I think his crew is the worst in baseball.

  70. no tack on runs is the biggest problem in this game besides the umps

  71. Victoriano was out twice – he never hit strike three on the 0-2 count and then the base path blunder

  72. No it wasnt it was Angel calling the mets out on balls a foot out of the strikezone in the critical game. I will never forget it.

  73. When I get nervous during these games, I play FreeCell or Solitaire. I’m doing it now…….

  74. Hojo should get fired for their pathetic bunting ability – its unreal how bad they are

  75. they havent had a run since the third – thats not a good sign against this team – this lefty was a waiver wire guy from the Giants

  76. you use Putz or K-Rod here – K-rod has had four days straight – Putz had a night off but has been wild

  77. Ed, Hojo wasnt a bunter. That would fall on Alomar, I would think. Why is everybody calling for Hojos head, even in night when they have scored seven runs.

  78. situational hitting has sucked for way too long – they cant bunt, they cant get a fly ball and they rarely make contact when thats all they need to do

  79. their offensive fundamentals are poor – they are playing stationary – all or nothing ball

  80. by the way went ot the game last night – next section over was an all phillies bus trip it was a fun night – love a good rivalry

  81. They really need to solve this situation with lefties in the pen. You can’t really rely on Feliciano at all. Once upon a time he was reliable but since mid last year he becomes an HR waiting to happen when he’s in the game.

  82. ed, mets have the least strikeouts in the league. second in BA, not to mention HOJO is a beloved ex met. Mets are on a nice streak, but you wannna bitch on hojo.

  83. the phils talk junk about how bad we are that was bush league by Vic.

  84. I’m in Philly watching on Comcast sports net and all they keep doing is showing the Phillies fans that are in the stands. It’s so aggravating.

  85. Edfever: I agree. That was a total bushleague play. Oh and BTW…in the first inning when Rollins scored that run, I saw him and some of the other dopes in that dugout doing some fancy handshakes. Why is it ok for them to do it but it’s “histrionics” when Reyes does it?

  86. Ray – it is a very nice run – but you cant ignore flaws when this are going good otherwise they come back to haunt you … our numbers significantly drop off in critical situation because of poor execution and bad fundies…. Hojo has been given a pass becuase he’s a beloved met

  87. JD (157): Shouldn’t some of that lack of fundamentals fall back on the manager? It’s ridiculous how clueless these guys are when it comes to doing some of these things

  88. jd- i started getting nervous about the fifth when they had three runs and we had no tack ons

  89. JD(166): I knew they were going to make it closer when Feliciano came into the game. He’s a longball waiting to happen. I have ZERO confidence in that guy.

  90. ED(168): Yeah…lack of tack on runs was a major problem too. Just as they were doing before, they go into sleep mode after scoring in the early going. No killer instinct.

  91. Huge win.

    Great job by the Mets. 8-4 in last 12 against NL East teams.

    Still some things they need to improve on, but Im much happier with this team.

  92. Howie has put this game “in the Book”. Mets 7 – Phlly 5. As usual, too close for comfort at the end……
    More Tomorrow.

  93. Ray- im not being neg. I love the winning streak – but im not impressed with Hojo as a hitting instructor – these guys are screwing up the very basics – and i loved Hojo as a player

  94. KRod the biggest signing in the offseason. Angels, thank you so much.

  95. I saw that last half inning. Even with the runs on base I still had confidence KRod would come through. Couldn’t have said that last year.

  96. We need to play well against the Pirates or all the good recent performances will go to waste.

    Lets not forget we’re still around .500 We need to go on a nice run.