Glad they didn’t sign Manny now?

The news is Manny Ramirez will get a 50-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs.

No, I’m not surprised. I can’t be surprised by anything anymore when it comes to that. I was opposed to the Mets signing Ramirez not because I expected this, but because I always thought he was a bad, selfish guy.

This proves it.

15 thoughts on “Glad they didn’t sign Manny now?

  1. Yeah, Im glad. I would still be open for a trade of Ollie for him, though.

  2. claims it was a medication…states how he has passed so many tests before and this new meds screwed him up

  3. the new meds made it impossible for someone to pee for him. they expect to see the meds in his system theerfore he had to pee!@

  4. Yeah i’m surrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee it was the new medication. lol

  5. Steroid use didn’t stop Minaya from picking up Gary Sheffield or (two years ago) Guillermo Mota. I was not one of those people calling into WFAN saying “Sign Manny” because of his known baggage. It’s a fact of life now, like expecting politicians and judges to admitting to some past marijuana use.

  6. The drug policy is posted in every clubhouse. Part of the policy includes a notation if a player isn’t sure of a medication subscribed by a doctor he can contact MLB for a ruling. So, if what Ramirez is saying is true, that this was a subscription drug, he could have found out before taking it.-JD

  7. On the fan they are saying it was a female fertility drug that roiders use regularly.

  8. ESPN said the same thing Sadecki. 7 plus million dollar deduction but he still gets about 18 mil for the year. Meanwhile all the fans who bought tickets to LA gaems because of him…. Think the Dodgers will offer refunds? HaHaHa…..

  9. Ray (11)Harry (12) Not only are these druggies paying a penalty in time and money, but their future is affected as well. The Baseball Writers of America are not voting for these players to get into the Hall of Fame.

  10. Annie (13) That would have more of an impact if there were more than 3 baseball writers left in America…