Let’s not get carried away ….

Two victories over the struggling Braves (and it could have been two the other way) does not a season make.

Said David Wright: “When you win, you have energy and passion. When things aren’t going so well, it’s easy to pick apart things like that. We’ve got a good team. We’ve got good guys on this team. We’re well-prepared. We’re intense. When you win, that’s a plus – and when you lose, you start looking for reasons why.”

There have been some encouraging things the past two days, but enough of the other stuff to believe the Mets aren’t out of the woods. For one thing, they were dreadful hitting with runners in scoring position. They could have routed the Braves had they been more consistent.

And, if you’re going to squander opportunities, you can’t afford to give the opposition extra outs, which was was last night’s ninth inning was all about.

All they’ve done was win two straight games. They are home now with series against the Phillies and Braves, and don’t underestimate the Pirates, who have been getting good pitching.

Let’s see where they are after this homestand. I’m cautiously optimistic.

5 thoughts on “Let’s not get carried away ….

  1. I was able to watch part of the game yesterday and came away with a few impressions.

    Livan has pitched well overall – at least for a #5 and had a pretty good game against the Braves.

    Parnell has been pretty good this year and it looks like he may be our eventual 8th inning guy when Putz finds new employment.

    Jerry manages diffent from Willie in that he is constantly challenging his players. From calling out the whole rotation not named Johan to sitting guys our moving them around the order. Willie never did that and it seems that his players had no respect for him because he treated them like men and expected them to have the fire to want to win and want to be better than they were.

    Murphy continues to show that he wants to be good although he still cannot bunt. Castillo should bat 2 and Murphy should bat behind Ryan.

    Tatis needs and deserves playing time.

    Maine seems to need to have someone spit in his face before he takes the mound to make him mad so he can be effective.

    It’s nice to have a few wins lately instead of the constant implosions we have been having.

  2. agreed on your points dave….

    church has looked bad recently, that concerns me but it appears he is very streaky. i just dont have confidence with him up to bat

    tatis more pT- yes please

    big start for johan tonight. mets need this one with him on the hill and beating philly and moving close to them is always huge

  3. Ryan Church, 3-for-21, .143 with runners in scoring position..thats ugly

    jeremy reed is starting in RF tonight

  4. Wright’s comments are a bit disturbing: “We’re well-prepared. We’re intense. When you win, that’s a plus – and when you lose, you start looking for reasons why.” I think most of the posters here have been pretty consistent in saying this team is NOT well-prepared OR intense — especially not intense. We’ve seen them bungle fundamentals and show no fire. Does Wright really believe this, or is he just trying to sound positive? Either way, saying that being well-prepared and intense is a “plus” when you win is bizarre; it’s usually the reason WHY you win! And if you DON’T win, and you’re convinced you have those qualities, you’re darned right we’re all looking for reasons why!

  5. I agree. It is corporate speak.

    This is why he is the poster boy. I hope he is not learning from A-Roid.