METS CHAT ROOM: Game #26; Santana vs. the Phillies.



The best pitcher in the sport will try to extend the Mets’ winning streak to three games tonight against the Phillies. Johan Santana could easily be 5-0 with a little more support.

Interesting changes in the line-up, beginning with Daniel Murphy batting sixth behind David Wright because Alex Cora gets the start at second. Ryan Church, who is in a dreadful slump and hitting .143 with RISP in on the bench.

Here’s the line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Carlos Delgado, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, LF
Jeremy Reed, RF
Omir Santos, C
Johan Santana, P

81 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #26; Santana vs. the Phillies.

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot Santos playing after Castro muffed some plays behind the plate.

    Good to see Reed getting time. His bat seems to be good and he plays good D. Looks like an upgrade in right until Ryan fixes his bat.

    I guess Ryan will get in the game after the 6th when we put a hurtin on our former pitcher and Johan gives up his customary one run in 7.

  2. dave (2): Church really hasn’t been right since he sat for Sheffield that night. Coincidence? Perhaps. But interesting nonetheless.-JD

  3. john

    why? pujols i understand. utley cant field and strikes out a lot. he has power tho.

  4. When is the manager going to sit Jose? His fielding is excellent, his approach at the plate needs improving.

    Can’t Cora or someone else play for a few days?

    Also when is Tatis going to play 3rd to give David a break?

  5. Why is Santana the best pitcher in the game?

    He just is.

    It reminds me of Gooden. You can’t wait till his turn comes around.

  6. dave (12): Reyes does need a rest. Maybe this weekend against the Pirates. You know he’ll play vs. Phillies and Braves.-JD

  7. John,

    That is fine. Every year David and Jose seem to wear out by September. It would be nice if the manager could spare them from the lineup every now and then to let them relax.

    Everyone wears down.

  8. dave (16): Willie didn’t rest his players well, either. Part of the collapses have to be attributed to players being tired.-JD

  9. wishy2 (20): The Phillies are making him work. That’s how you get an ace out of the game; by running up his pitch count.-JD

  10. (22) Maybe one of our coaches should point that fact out to our hitters…

  11. If Ollie walked the pitcher twice I’d lose my mind (so would he)

    Santana? No worries. He doesnt let it bother him.

  12. They should send Santana out to the mound to talk when Ollie gets in trouble…

  13. Santana- run support- 9 runs in 5 starts going into tonight.


  14. Just want to say those giveaway hats tonight are awful.

    They should have made the Mets wear them on the field.

  15. Holy cow! I just walked in and saw Delgado score on that play. Delgado! I was sure they’d have him dead to rights. Incredible!

  16. Jeff (50) If Werth throws right away he’s dead by a mile.

    Nice to see the Phillies playing like us.

  17. hate to say it but the phillies are down and they are playing wtih energy

  18. Get a break..

    and then the baseball gods get back at us with a little bloop…

  19. good job by Pedro looking the runner back…

    one more to get… the big dog…

  20. Howie has put this game ‘in the book’. I came in at the last inning – missed Santana, but Howie says he was great, again.

  21. Continuing the theme, Keith says “it’s a big, big, big, big win for the Mets.”

  22. Great performance by Santana. Wish it would rub off on the other starters.

    Offense needs to do a better job. Huge break to get us that one run. Now we need to go out tomorrow night and win that one.

  23. is this going to give me confidence the mets can win a close game?


    I want to see more games like this, but there is hope.

  24. Omar said Niese will start in Ollie’s place.

    Not sure how that will work. Niese isn’t pitching well in AAA.

  25. johan was tremendous. we should all enjoy having an ace like that. its unbelievable to watch…great win for the team even though the bats didnt show up. it was nice to see us grab a break and get the W

    a win tomorrow would be huge. come on big pelf and hopefully the bats awaken..take that change up to left field tomorrow

  26. for lefties and to right for righties…krod unavailable tomorrow night?, lets hope we will notice it and putz gets his first save

  27. MANNY RAMIREZ….BANNED SUBSTANCE!!! SUSPENDED 50 GAMES!!! Holy crap! Expected to be announced later today. WOW

  28. WOW! LA times reports manram caught using PEDs. will be suspended 50 games. Did Omar know something?

  29. (79) Ray: Doubtful. If they go .500 over the 50 games which i’m sure they could do, they’ll still be in good shape. They do have a 6.5 game lead.

    Anyway, seems like the BB writers are going to have trouble finding players to vote on for the Hall of Fame. LOL.

  30. claims it was a medication…states how he has passed so many tests before and this new meds screwed him up