METS CHAT ROOM: Game #25; keeping it going.



Truth be told, I had the Mets at 2-3 on this trip. That they could go 3-1 with a win tonight behind Livan Hernandez is a step forward. The Mets worked Daniel Murphy out at first base this afternoon, indication they are preparing for life without Carlos Delgado.

Delgado will start tonight at first with Murphy in left.

A good sign last night was David Wright continuing to show breakout signs.

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  1. Tonight’s line-up:

    Jose Reyes, SS
    Daniel Murphy, LF
    Carlos Beltran, CF
    Carlos Delgado, 1B
    David Wright, 3B
    Ryan Church, RF
    Ramon Castro, C
    Luis Castillo, 2B
    Livan Hernandez, P

  2. Thats going to be a big loss of a power bat if Delgados injury continues to hamper him. If Murphy plays first, who plays left? not too many good options on the farm right now.

  3. Hey Ray, JD.
    What do you guys make of the Mets Big Brother move, banning NY tabloids in the clubhouse on the road?
    Last time I checked, we lived in America, home of freedom of choice — and of the press.

  4. ‘Zactly.
    Like the tabloid reports are making them walk opposing hitters, drop fly balls, balk in runs, etc.

  5. Gil, sadly those days seem to be a fading memory these days. The yankees are even worse, If you havent read about thier treatment of Oneil and his wife, you may have seen the story about yankee employees telling fans to go home last night and the game was rained out. When the fans came back to the stadium with their stubs they were told to forget it. And thats just the sports pages.

  6. Is that why the great Jeff Wilpon went to Atlanta. To take away thenespapers?

  7. evening all -glad to see them gives us an early two out tease makes me feel like im watching the mets

  8. (2) I’d give the job to Tatis and see if he replicates the end of last season.

  9. Harry (7) just another cost cutting move from the owners to remove the Daily news and the Post from the clubhouse:) hard to believe this story is real.

  10. Ray: Yeah, I wanna know too, about the Yankees and O’Neill.

  11. Annie (11): It had nothing to do with costs. It had everything to do with removing what is perceived as a negative presence.-JD

  12. this guys been getting beat up – how come it always seems like journeyman have their cy young against us…

  13. J. Reed is probably the best first baseman on the team if he ever gets in the line-up

  14. Hey all: With all the yelling about David and Delgado and Reyes, why no talk about church? He’s been like a total empty spot in the lineup. No power, no balls in the gap, no RBIs. Whats up with him? He looks like Brian Schneider to me.

  15. As the Wall Street Journal story that was linked to in that report the other day about the Baltimore Sun cutbacks said, there are fewer and fewer print reporters following baseball. So banning the tabloids from the clubhouse on the road seems pointless; they’ll probably be the victim of budget cuts soon anyway. Can the News and Post really afford to keep sending reporters on road trips?

  16. JD- i read up on Reed he was one of those 1B who moved so well he bumped into the 2B so they moved him to center

  17. 23 I can’t really knock Church. He’s a great defender and valiantly tried to play last year despite getting his brains scrambled not once, but twice.

  18. Jeff M (27): My industry is a mess. But people still want to read about their team, whether it is print or on the web. I can’t envision the News and Post not traveling with the Mets. Then again, I can’t envision The Boston Globe on its death bed, either.-JD

  19. church gets a pass- if he hits 280 im happy never expected .300.. glove is worth it

  20. When I saw Church in close-up last night, I thought he looked like HoJo! (Not his swing, just his face…)

  21. Bases full. Murphy up. Here’s where the Mets show us if they’ve really turned things around.

  22. JD – paper will eventually go – my family worked for a paper for years mid- mgt. their dinosaurs

  23. About the Paul O’Neils – I believe while at the Stadium during the rain delay last night they strayed into places where they were not supposed to be.

  24. ah yes – a nice little tease – two innings, two times man on third no runs

  25. (38) “Places where they were not supposed to be”?? Is there, like, a secret society deep in the bowels of the new stadium?

  26. 27 36 I was a newspaper reporter in Albuquerque from ’94 to ’97. That paper closed last year. I worked as a reporter in San Diego from ’97 to ’04. That paper was sold earlier this year, following two straight years of layoffs.
    The magazine I worked for last year was sold.
    I wonder how much longer magazines will be around.
    I also used to teach journalism to undergrad and grad school students and I have no idea what kind of career I’d advise them to pursue.

  27. Flash back seven years ago: Garret Anderson roped a double off Livan in Game 7 of the World Series to help the Angels to their first title.

  28. My parents both worked for a paper all their articles are basically associated press except local stuff

  29. Jeff M (43) I believe that Paul was near the batting cage and his wife had gone to the ‘wives lounge’. Don’t know any details – this is another weird story.

  30. Gil (44): Papers just don’t understand the wants and needs of their readers. My paper for example. It just covers the Yankees and high schools. Huh? No Mets, limited covered of the Jets and Giants, no Knicks. … My old paper used to travel with all the NY pro teams. Then somebody read a survey and it’s all about local high schools. If you don’t have a kid at that school, who reads it?-JD

  31. Hey Gil, just goes to show you. If he’d have listened to you he wouldn’t have gotten his head screwed up and the Mets would’ve won the pennant. What’s wrong with the guy. Showing some hustle is absolutely stupid in baseball. I learned that last night.
    church gers a pass. I forgive Church because he cracked his head open. Churuch is allowed to suck. Well if you have no problem wioth a corner outfielder driving in 8 runs a month then you should have screamed to keep Endy because he’s a hell of a lot better fielder than Church.

  32. (52) I second that request…..
    Come on Sadecki… Nobody’s really biting on me attacking that ounch and judy right fielder.

  33. JD- what happened to Marlon – when nobody picked him up I was hoping he’d stay with the org. – he might not have anything left on the field but would be great to have around young players

  34. ed (54): Don’t know what’s going on with Marlon Anderson. I thought he’s sign with somebody. If he’s keeping himself in shape, and he probably is, then somebody might bite later in the year.-JD

  35. John (50) I’ve subscribed to the JN in its various incarnations for about 30 years. They have reconfigured that thing more times than I can remember: local news comes first; no, national news; no, local news; local sports; no, NY teams; no, high school teams… having “forums” at local diners to find out what people want. And no matter what it is, they always come around full circle. But with the economy now, they’re circling the drain…

  36. Harry: Know what’s funny?
    While we were all having that “running into a wall” debate, Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel actually went out and ran into one!
    But Church had bad luck — Marlon Anderson ran into him instead of letting him catch a fly ball, then Yunel Escobar accidentally kicked him in the head.
    Of course Church is allowed to suck.
    I’m just pulling for him to succeed.

  37. Wright definitely seems to have found his stroke. He’s been on after taking that third strike in the ninth inning last week against the Marlins.-JD

  38. 57 Jeff, having worked for dailies, I can tell you daily newspapers are notorious for doing exactly what you said — having community forums and really pretending to listen to readers…
    then ignoring them and going with what market research focus groups tell them to do and sucking up to advertisers…

  39. I can’t tell you how many schools there are in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties. But, it you live in Pelham you don’t care about the high school team in Rye. However, people in every school district care about the Mets.-JD

  40. Wow!
    What an at-bat by Ramon.
    A fire has been lit under his ass and that fire’s name is Omir Santos.

  41. Ramon has a following right here in Delcos land!!! Good news for the Mets. Cohen said Schneider won’t be back for a while….

  42. 52. JD, I cant find the story now, Like Annie said, he was walking around the park during the delay and a guard chased him. His wife wanted to use the ” Wives room” and she was told its for current wives only. At newsday, Barbra Baxter has an article saying all stadium employees have to sign a paper saying they will not speak to the press and If you want to come early and bring your kid to the park for an autograph, they cant let you go to the field level anymore.
    Thats how the evil empire treats its fans and employees. Even Heroes like Oneil.

  43. your kidding right – i step away for a min. and theres a starter begging to give the lead back

  44. so Annie, A Phillie fan told me todat that McCarthy took the job with the Phils because he was going to be phased in as the successor to Harry Kalas. So even though Kalas’ death was not anticipated of course, it was a good move for him. He’d never be # 1 on TV or radio in NY with Cohen and Howie around.

  45. Ray (71) I think it was part of a Raissman column, but not sure. Paul was downstairs at the indoor batting cages while waiting to go on YES and he was told that ‘broadcasters’ could not be there.

  46. Chiti (53) At least hes doing better than good old Lastings. On the broadcast yesterday they were talking about him. Word is DC wanted him to be a leadoff hitter and to take more pitches. Milledge said he has to hit the way he feels comfortable. Now he is playing with the scrubs where he belongs.

  47. Harry (74) Luck comes in mysterious ways, doesn’t it. I’m not a big fan of Cohen, but I do like Howie and Wayne is much better this season than last. I didn’t know much about Kalas, but read some very nice columns about him. Old School?

  48. Newspapers: Even in a good economy, how could they last? People can get current info on anything on their computer, on the TV on their cell phones. Even coupons, a big selling point for many small town Sunday papers can be gotten on the net. People at home, if something happens go to the 24/7 stations and get 24 hours on whatever. They son’t need to see it the next morning. And people at work are on the net every chance they get. So they don’t need to take the paper to the bathroom with them anymore. I don’t see what they can offer anymore.

  49. Ray (79) Lastings Milledge is going to be one of those kids who suddenly wake up and realize that their dreams have passed them by. If only he had accepted some discipline…..

  50. Ray: I was one of the few people who actually liked the Lastings Milledge deal when it was made.

  51. nah – milledge will always be a knucklehead who wastes his talent, blames others and never gets it

  52. John (84) Remember when he was back and forth between PSL and Shea? If only he had listened to all those guys who tried to help him – even Frank Robinson.

  53. (82) I agree with you about Howie and Cohen. Howie is great, homer enough but professional enough at the same time. Cohen gets holier than thou sometimes. I was with Hoie at dream week many years ago. He is really a great guy. Another guy there who was special was Clint Hurdle.
    Kalas: Great voice, a homer of course, but the guy knew everthing and everyone. Before Richie Ashburn died, Kalas and Richie were one fantastic team even if theyt were Phillie guys. The guy today who reminds me of Ashburn is Keith.

  54. 86 Annie: In a purely financial sense, Discipline, schmisipline. Milledge is fast approaching making as much in his brief career as I’ve made in my entire professional life and has made more in a year than I’d venture to guess many of us have ever made in a calendar year.
    For his sake, even if he doesn’t make it, I hope he invests his earnings wisely.

  55. Delgado should have been DL – I wish this team wouldnt cave to players

  56. (89) You are right… And right now I give the trade to the Nationals, because they were smart enough finally to send Milledge to wherever their minoirs are and we have a monor league catcher and a punch and judy hitter in the corner spot who we can’t criticize because he got his head broken twice in one year. Well, let me tell I’m not too far from Pittsburgh, and no matter how many concussions Big Ben has if they would have lost the Super Bowl to the Cardinals nobody would have said he’s allowed to suck becuase he had his ghead cracked open. Unlike baseball, they care about football in PA.

  57. leave too many runners it always catches up to you – if it does iot will get blamed on the pitchers – but they’ve already left nine on base

  58. 97. Speaking of caving to players. I notice Dice-K is rehabbing in the minors. Ollie is too good for that, i guess.

  59. Harry (83) I will probably be the last person on the planet reading my newspapers early every morning. I currently get three and truly believe that “No day is complete without the New York Times” :) The list of those I read on line is too long to post here…

  60. 96 I don’t know if Lastings has a “posse,” but it would be very interesting to have renowned African-American sports sociologist, author and professor Dr. Harry Edwards speak about the “entourage” mentality some young, black professional athletes display in different sports.
    While I’ve seen young pro athletes of all ethnicities have their struggles, I haven’t ones of other ethnicities struggle with “posse” problems.

  61. i heard a rumor, not sure how true it was – one of these guys who swears he has a friend- they wanted Ollie to ask for assignment to endear himself to the fans and when he didnt they went with the alternative

  62. (101) They forgot to ask Ollie about the minors Sadecki because they were too busy picking up the newspapers.

  63. John (96) I think the earnings will be safe – remember his Dad is a Florida State Trooper and Mom is a teacher. They just couldn’t or wouldn’t control his behavior – I think he was the youngest of several, too.

  64. 102: Annie: But why ever pay for the Times, when I can read free online everyday and be kinder to the environment by not accumulating newspaper to have to recycle?
    I don’t even buy it on Sunday when my favorite thing — the NY Times Magazine crossword puzzle — comes out. I just go to the library a couple of days later and make a copy of the puzzle for 10 cents.

  65. 99. Chiti, looks like you are a minority of one then. We will see What Church’s numbers look like at the end of the year.

  66. Well Milledge must have done something to the Met fan base, gone for over a year, living in minor league busses and he’s still being talked about. If he had a posse Gil they probably didn’t follow him to Syracuse.

  67. (109) Its about time I returned to my cherished position here!!!!!

  68. (110) yeah- he was part of every trade rumor involving the mets – in which they declined the deal – making him seem like he’s the next Joe D.

  69. Ed (108) Thanks for remembering that – I knew there was a story about his name!

  70. Since the Met FO don’t like Castro they should send him to the Braves because this Ross fella is really really horrible.

  71. Great line, Chiti! Not to dis anyone from Syracuse, but from where I’m sitting, I wouldn’t follow anyone there, either!

  72. (102/107) I have to agree with Gil on this one Annie. Plus by reading it on the internet guys like me and Gil don’t have to worry about crashing into a wall picking it up in the morning and ruining the Mets’ season!

  73. I can tell this is going to end in fustration – one of thsoe games they could have been up 10 -0 and never put the other team away – let them hang around until they got lucky

  74. 119- Too bad mrmet isnt here anymore. I can see you are really itching.

  75. Harry (119) I ‘work’ in a small office with a desktop computer and all my newpaper reading – and the NY Times crosswords (some constructed by my sister-in-law) are done elsewhere in the condo and often outdoors. Simply a lifelong habit.

  76. (119) I give up.. Just like the Mets. A bunch of nice guys!!
    (123) Annie. I hope the NYT appreciates having a paying subscriber.

  77. You see?
    I hate when the Mets have innings like that.
    We saw what, FIVE pitches?
    Come on.
    Have some real at-bats.

  78. I can’t believe Reyes was out. Has he lost a step? He looked like he was hustling.

  79. (129) Don’t agree Gil. I appreciate them not outting us thru the agony of leaving more guys in scoring position!

  80. Now I REALLY hope there’s no flashback to 2002 WS Game 7…

  81. ed: what got into Livan is a mostly young, free-swinging lineup that he’s toying with.

  82. Ed(139) who knows? Maybe he’s been hanging out with Santana…

  83. you cant keep making your pitchers throw under this kinda pressure eventually there going to break and then get blamed for the team losing

  84. 2-16 pinch hitter we should win this one – see where our luck is at

  85. You know, the difference in makeup between two Mets relievers — Bobby Parnell and Sean Green — is palpable.
    Parnell is fearless and Green is a deer in the headlights.

  86. Good Idea to bring in Parnell after Livan. Thier bats are slowed down.

  87. a two out RBI – what is that and I knew this was coming – while it feels like we never score these runs – its feels like they always will

    kid tried to get pretty first instead of just throwing heat looking for the corners got behind

  88. Whew. One more inning to avoid a lot of embarrassing questions by those nasty tabloid writers.

  89. Ray (157) OT -If the Yankees keep playing during the drizzle I hope to watch Bernie Williams concert on YES after their game is over. No embarassing questions, just the music.
    Mets really need to score here…..

  90. it only takes the alarm clock going off so many times before you remember the song….

  91. what is with this guys control, didn’t know much about him before but man he’s wild

  92. JD – Im calling a walk and a bomb – and hoping Ive never been more wrong but thats what i feel

  93. 166 I really don’t understand why Reed isn’t out there. If Putz were inserted now into the No. 2 spot, it doesn’t matter, because that spot is due up next inning and Putz would be being hit for, anyway.
    Or, if Reed were inserted now, he’d be due up second in the inning.

  94. if K- rod blows this its about the only way I can accept becasue he’s been perfect and I can beat up the offense

  95. (168) Yes O’Day got the win for Texas. How did he get there? Didn’t the Mets have to offer him back to the Angels?
    (172) Chipper in HoF. Yes, I agree Delcos. He msut be thrilled being the entire offense now!

  96. if they cant get a fly ball in two tries anybody who doesnt should sit tomorrow

  97. I think I jinxed Chipper. Good for you Chipper. You beat us enough for ten careers, You deserved this one!!!!!

  98. Harry (199) Didn’t Chipper name a child after Shea Stadium? I know that Ray Knight and Nancy Lopez did.

  99. we needed this – Erstad had a gold glove in the infield and outfield did chipper

  100. (200) Ray Knight! Poor guy does the Nationals post game show. It must be painful to him….

  101. Reys, Wright , Beltran who has the best chance of the hall or none – at this point without a huge inprovement

  102. Harry (203) I think it was more painful to Ray when Nancy fired him as her caddy.

  103. SNY has been told to show them getting mad- you can bet there was a memo on that – show them showing emotion- twice tonight weve seen something that probably goes on every night

  104. 190 Annie: Had my Thursday from 1972 to 1988, now have a beautiful tortoise shell calico who’s a 14-year-old cancer survivor.

  105. You guys realize we’re one Jayson Werth offline throw home from going 4-0 on this road trip, right?

  106. a back up catcher with five at bats – no way a met would get this hit lets see how our luck is if we get him i believe were turning

  107. Frankie, do you REALLY have to bring the tying run to the plate?

  108. our luck hasnt turned just yet that was silly – he could have blown three straight fast balls past him – he tried to nibble

  109. I said I’d be back after the Mets won. Perhaps I came back too soon?


  111. Howie has put this game “in the books”. It was quiet during the middle innings, but got interesting at the end – in our favor.

    Home game tomorrow with Santana.

  112. i dont know what this means – has our luck turned or not – oh were still the mets thats all

  113. I was THIS close to pulling an Elvis and shooting out my TV.
    Tomorrow, I hope Jerry makes Delgado take two hours of popup drills at first base.

  114. wishy2- should be benched problem is he’ll undermine jerry if he does it — he tanked willie when he got on him

  115. Ray (244): They really were tonight. The double play liner with Chipper in the third was a key play. … They overcame their defense.-JD

  116. We are now 6-4 in this 12 game stretch against NL East teams. We need to sweep Philly to get us headed in the right direction.

  117. (253) When you find out the answer to that, maybe you’ll also find out why they insist on head-first slides. (Of course, even head-first slides are better than no slides at all…!)

  118. theyre styling – alot of these players want to look effortless and good when there doing things

  119. agreed he should be benched tom. and announced that thats why he’s sitting

  120. you know a watershed momment for the 2007 Phillies was when Rollinms was benched for being late

  121. I agree but it should happen – i should also get a raise at work while im telling people what should happen

  122. OK, so I wouldn’t have really pulled an Elvis…I would’ve run into a wall.
    Good night!