A lot to like, but ….

In what so far has been a disappointing, underachieving season, there was a lot to like in last night’s victory at Atlanta.

Of course, since everything begins with pitching and John Maine was superb after a rocky second. There’s always one inning with Maine where he gets in trouble, but if he pulls out of it he goes on a hot stretch fueled by his fastball. He’s a power guy and gets in trouble when he tries to be too cute with his off-speed stuff.

Another positive the offense came from behind from three runs down for the first time this season. Carlos Beltran, who has been stroking line drives all year, went deep twice. Beltran is a hitter who when he gets hot can carry a team for a couple of weeks. What better time with all these games with the Braves and Phillies?

David Wright also showed signs of coming out of it with a homer.

But, it’s only one game and we’ve seen that before. Let’s get a string of these before proclaiming the Mets are all right.

Livan Hernandez, who has been shaky, goes tonight for the Mets.

9 thoughts on “A lot to like, but ….

  1. I remember Ron I think said the same thing. Johnnie got mad and started pumping his fastball and getting people out.

  2. Mat i ask why they needed to take him out of the 6th? he was on cruise control.
    I think he had another 2 innings..

  3. The good thing is this division is there for the taking. The phillies have issues with their starters, Marlins have problems with thier relievers. Braves not so scary anymore, nats are the nats. If they figure how to get perez head straight, they have a good chance to take it. Of course thats a pretty big IF.

  4. Beltran has a 15-game hit streak, is hitting .400 and leading the NL, and is in 10th place on the Mets all-time RBI list — Wright is in 6th. And Santana was named Pitcher of the Month. This team should be a heck of a lot better than .500!

  5. Jeff M (5): Yeah but, Perez can’t get out of his own way … the starting pitching for the most part has been poor … Jose Reyes isn’t playing well … the defense has cost them at least three games.-JD

  6. Hopefully last night’s game relaxed them and boosted their confidence. If they can win tonight and play nice crisp baseball while doing it, maybe the Mets can go on a run.

  7. John (6) Yeah, and that’s why they’re UNDER .500, even though they SHOULD be over!

    But now that Perez is out of the rotation and Murphy is learning how to play defense, maybe Reyes will finally wake up and things will turn around. I need to feel optimistic on another cold rainy day.

  8. (5) That’s why its called a team game. The stats are a heck of lot more meaningful in fantasy ball.