Perez in limbo

OLIVER PEREZ: The minors could help.

OLIVER PEREZ: The minors could help.

After all but agreeing to take a minor league assignment following Saturday’s loss, Oliver Perez’s right knee was conveniently wrapped in ice yesterday afternoon. He said it has been bothering him all year, which begs the question: Why didn’t the Mets say something earlier?

Perez might take a face-saving trip to the DL or might be used in relief sometime this week. As of now, he won’t make Friday’s start against Pittsburgh at Citi Field.

Perez can veto any demotion to the minor leagues because of his service time, which would make him incredibly selfish. If he does it would be interesting to see how many “leaders” in the Mets’ clubhouse would tell him that’s the thing for him to do.

I’d say none. Not even Johan Santana would suggest to him the minors is the way to go to fix his mechanics and attitude. The players will say it is beyond their responsibilities to tell a teammate to go to the minor leagues even if staying is the best interest of the team.

There’s something incredibly wrong with Perez that has nothing to do with his knee. And, the Mets can’t waste any more major league innings trying to figure it out.

6 thoughts on “Perez in limbo

  1. I was listening to Peter Gammons today talking about how Francona survives so well in Boston. Gammons says that Francona won;’t get into the maybe games with the press. It keeps the press at bay and the players furious and alert. When the time comes something happens. So here we have Jerry saying Murphy’s the everyday guy before he become the sometimes guy, threatening all the pitchers not names Santana, saying Church wasn’t an everyday guy to the press before talking to Church, and you have Minaya talking about his teams attitude and then backing down a day later when he they were “upset” and on and on and on. The Bronx Zoo has crossed the Triborough Bridge for sure.
    What to do with Ollie… Just shut up and tell us when you decided.
    and if you’re sedning him down how about talking with him before the NYPOST.

  2. John, I gotta disagree with you on LOLlie.
    He is not going to get right by working out of the pen. he’s not someone who gives anyone the warm fuzzies coming into a close game. if you decide to carry him as “mop up”, he’s not going to get enough game work to get fixed.

    the thing to do is send him down and let him work outside the spotlight on his issues. blow up his motion and start over. rebuild him. take the time needed.

    this team cannot afford to throw him every 5 days right now. as off as he is, he’s not going to help.

  3. Harry (1): I couldn’t agree with you more. Too much waffling going on with the Mets and their players and the press. Just shut up and do it.-JD

  4. Omar should run for president. He is a slippery one. I hate it when they say they were taken out of context. What a copout. At least Steinbrenner never backed down like that.
    As for Ollie, The icepack lets us know that he is going nowhere.

  5. John

    I am afraid you are right about him.

    Sports are littered with people who have the talent but for some reason don’t know how to use it.