Minaya, Wilpon head in Atlanta

Reports have Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon in Atlanta to meet with Jerry Manuel and Oliver Perez to best figure out how to handle the disintegrating lefty.

The options:

1) Convince him to accept a minor league assignment. As a veteran of at least five years he has the right of veto. The pros of going to the minor leagues is it could demoralize the already shaky Perez emotionally beyond repair. Nobody has a way of knowing for sure. Theoretically, he’ll get consistent work in, albeit away from pitching coach Dan Warthen.

2) Keep him around where he could work with Warthen and pitch out of the bullpen in a to-be-determined role. The disadvantage is not getting consistent work against live hitters.

3) Put him on the DL with a knee (injury). All of a sudden Perez was wrapped in ice after Saturday’s start and said it had been hurting him all year. This is the path of least resistance because the Mets can bring somebody up and Perez can still be around the team to work out.

We’ll know tonight.

10 thoughts on “Minaya, Wilpon head in Atlanta

  1. JD- it will be option 3…it will allow them to make a roster move while keeping ollie around warthen.

    i think the knee injury is a cop out but a convenient one…i think ollie will find his form again but lets hope its sooner rather than later. a stint on the “DL” working with warthen is the best fit i think

  2. Jim I totally disagree. This guy needs to be pitching to live batters every 5th day. He could be and Im sure he has been working with the Warthog already.

  3. what has pitching to live batters every fifth day done for him lately? he has been awful

    if he is on the DL, it doesnt mean he cant pitch to live batters every 5 days, it just wont be major league talent (just as it wont be in buffalo if he goes there)

    ollie has a very sensitive psyche (as we have all seen) and im not sure he could handle a minor league assignment..i agree he needs to be fixed and minor league might be the best option or DL might be..but i dont get how moving him to the ‘pen helps at all

  4. 3 seems to be the best of the worst.

    Send him to Port St Lucie to work with Guy Conti.
    Also does anyone know if Rick Waits still works for team he was the guy who helped Trachsel.

    ESPN had some great video of Ollie on Sat showing how his delivery has changed recently.
    Ollie used to have a more rock n roll to his delivery and has not shown that recently.

  5. Jim, you only make my point. Coming out of the bullpen is the worst thing they could do. He is a firebug. Any situation he comes into he will only make worse. There is no good answer now unless somebody can find a time machine and send Omar back to before he Signed this loser to a moronic contract that will wiegh down the team for 3 years.Is there a fire Omar website up yet?

  6. very true harry, out of the three options there is no good choice but as scott said #3 is the best of the worst..keeping him in the rotation is not an option..i dont like the bullpen move at all..that leaves DL or buffalo

  7. Its ok Jim, We look like identical twins (JK) I tried to find a firemoron, I mean fireomar site, amazingly nobody has put one up yet. Good chance for an enterprising webdesigner to make some money.

  8. haha very true…look over at the game thread. just posted about ollie and jerry/omar/wilpon decision has been made for now

  9. I was pretty surprised at this knee thing too. They don’t usually do this in baseball do they?