METS CHAT ROOM: Game #24: Mets and Braves.



There’s always news of some kind when the Mets are in Atlanta. Last year, for example, marked the beginning of the end for Willie Randolph and was also the site of Ryan Church’s concussion.

Word is Oliver Perez will be demoted to the bullpen, with the team eschewing the minor league and DL options.

Oh yes, Carlos Delgado returns tonight.

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  1. From what I hear, the Mets didn’t even ask Perez to accept a minor league assignment. Odd. If it was just the bullpen, then why did COO Jeff Wilpon go south?-JD

  2. was just about to post the same thing JD..for wilpon to be there..something was up and i dunno if i believe they didnt ask him. what good is a LH reliever who cant find the strike zone?

  3. Of course they wont send him to the minors, It would only highlight the tremendous blunder they made by giving this idiot a 3 yr 36 mil contract. Omar and Wilpons please go now. I wish Doulbleday could have got this club. Omar and Jeff, You suck !!!

  4. I’m amazed that Oliver Perez is going to the bullpen. Sounds like a typical Wilpon decision just for the PR factor. Frankly I don’t believe the Wilpons could run a little league team – all they want to do is protect their own $$$$$ and reputations.

  5. So now that the decision has been made, has Ollie been allowed to take the ice off his “injured” knee.

  6. Talk about a gutless organization. The manager was incapable of telling a guy he was going to the pen; the GM and the manager were incapable of telling a guy he was going to the pen. They needed the COO, the Gm and the manager to build up enough courage to tell the guy this? And people wonder why the entire team plays with no fire!!
    Gil Hodges threw up in heaven today.

  7. They’ll probably pitch Perez in relief in low-pressure or losing situations. There might be a lot of the latter considering the schedule.-JD

  8. harry- they all went down there to ask him to go the minors is my guess…and ollie said hahaha, hold on i gotta count some of the money you gave me.

    i dont find the organization gutless…clueless, yes.

  9. dont say that JD!… you know, they just gotta get in a nice little groove as willie would say hah

    upward and onward boys..lets get hot.

  10. (9) My guess jim is they did indeed go down there with the intention of asking him to go to Buffalo, but I believe they all chickened out…

  11. Harry (7) Under the Wilpons, this team has been treading water for the last couple of years – what did you expect from them?

  12. Reyes is another reason why the Mets have been sluggish. He’s still hitting too many pitches in the air and not working the count enough. … Let’s not even get into not being able to get the bunt down.-JD

  13. Let me get this off my grumpy chest. Friday and Saturday the offense looked a little better. Murphy showed he can hit for power and get some RBI’s. So what does Jerry the soon to be X-manager do, he puts him back in two hole so Castillo can be back in the 8 hole where they are both pretty useless.

  14. He’s calling that pitch on the outside corner for strikes. They’d better start thinking going to left because they aren’t going to get the call.-JD

  15. John – Is there a countdown on how much longer Jerry Manuel will be employed by the Mets? My main problem with the man is that he’s too much like ARod – neither has a solid connection with the truth.

  16. Annie (17): That’s a little harsh, don’t you think. I think Jerry is relatively harmless. You can see through him. I wouldn’t call him a liar.-JD

  17. G’night, all.
    You know there may just be something to an Oliver Perez injury — though the Jay Horwitz shenanigans are incredibly suspicious.
    ESPN’s Eduardo Perez said on “Baseball Tonight” that he felt Perez was hurt and that he wasn’t getting the elevation and drive this year off his front leg (his right) as he was in years’ past — video comparisons backed up Eduardo Perez’s claim.

  18. Gil (19): The thing I have trouble “buying” about this knee injury, is that if he’s not healthy enough to start, then how can be be healthy enough to work in relief?-JD

  19. John (18) Perhaps I just don’t understand his way of managing……

  20. 17 Annie: As far as we know, Jerry hasn’t failed perormance enhancing drug tests, purposely tried to dupe opposition fielders to muff popups; tried to swat a ball loose from a first baseman’s glove when he attempted to tag him; constantly compare his sex appeal to Derek Jeter’s; cheat on his pregnant wife by banging strippers, or been Madonna’s latest boy toy.
    So where’s the comparison?

  21. 20 As I proposed on the blog yesterday, Ollie is healthy enough to get his ass on a train to Buffalo and carry Sean Greeen on his back with him.

  22. Annie (21): Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean he’s a liar. I think he gets in trouble because he tries to be smarter than he is.-JD

  23. (24) I think his cute routine worked with the press last year and now he doesn’t know what to do for an encore. Bottom line he knows inside, winning will fix all his problems as manager.

  24. Harry (26) are you saying it’s all an act with Manuel? If so, no wonder I misunderstood.

  25. Annie (27): This is what you wrote: “My main problem with the man is that he’s too much like ARod – neither has a solid connection with the truth.” What does that mean?-JD

  26. JD – this is a team of individuals thats the problem – there more worried about thenmselves then their record

  27. of course- elias should start keeping a mets stat…. walks scored pct. becuase its almost a given the minute a hitter walks there going to let him score somehow , some way

  28. Castillo trying to do too much becuase he knows the Mets could lose 1-0

  29. When a team’s going bad, JD, they play as if they’re in desperation — hence Castillo’s hasty attempt to turn two.
    Meanwhile, Maine is back to pitching like garbage, issuing walks.

  30. JD, rag on Ollie all you want, but truthfully, Maine hasn’t pitched all that much better this year.

  31. according to his ERA he has – its not great but its much better then Ollies and he’s at least made it through five

  32. 46 Expect more from this club, you get less. That’s what we’ve experienced since after Game 6 of the 2006 NLCS.

  33. (48) this team will find a way to stay close all year and find a new excuse for why we fell just short again.

  34. Beltran will come through for us. I can feel it.

    Here comes the big bomb.

  35. here comes the tease – easy 1-2 outs… rally to get on and then the third out no runs

  36. wishy your forgetting how this game is played its more fun to tease then it is to get … its like being a faithful married man that goes to bar

  37. I want to be positive… believe… Im tired of being negative with these losers

  38. they dont have it – JD i would bring in a new 1B and LF fielder and surround wright, reyes, betran and church with some very strong personalities

  39. wishy – this is an honest to god stat so far this year they have not come back from three down to win … they’ve tied and taken leads but have ended up losing

  40. JD – they need some very strong personalities here – guys that will call each other on thier sh*t … only spots for that would be where Murphy plays

  41. i wish we woulda made a move for aaron rowand this offseason. i think they need a guy like that. i dont wanna hear heart or grit is a myth. so far these mets once again prove it

  42. they call three runs a save because its an achievable amount for an offense to score without a significant occurance but this team averages four innings to comeback from three and hasnt done it once

  43. MAine would be a nice Set-up man when JJ leaves – his first innings are dominant

  44. i love them but right now it is hard to enjoy games when the team continues to underachieve

  45. 69 Jim: Aaron Rowand is hitting .239 so far with 2 homers and 9 RBI. Not sure how that helps us.

  46. i think its doing the little things right but also JD..the mets dont have a guy who would run threw a catcher or throw at someone to retaliate.
    id like to see someone screaming or yelling once in a while when the team is struggling

    that pitch to delgado was right down the middle

  47. JD- heres my question to Omar – its obvious Wilpons cut you off after Madoff but instead of holding pat becasue you couldnt sign anyone – shouldnt you have made a tradeto change the dynamic weve seen for years

  48. ed (73): Who knows, maybe Perez will be a good seventh inning guy. Just give him an inning. When the other team gets a second look at him they get to him.-JD

  49. gil- the mets have 6 or 7 guys batting over .300… its not all about stats

  50. Perez is a slow starter where Maine struggles when he mixes in his secondary pitches in the middle innings – high gheat MAine would kill them

  51. 79 ed: Only way I see Maine being dominant right now is his growing a beard, dressing up in leather and arming himself with a whip, like the guy in the Village People.

  52. it is to these guys … just like Boras said woooo Ollie youll be 30 next time your a FA your not going to the minors … this is your knee and were going to be a team player who fights through it in the pen

  53. sure it does…when no one on your team has been able to produce a big hit

    if this team just rolls over tonight and doesnt get any runs against javy vasquez or the braves pen..i wouldnt be suprised
    so sad

  54. 82. Jim: Aaron Rowand’s claims to fame are:
    1) He played on the ’05 World Series champions.
    2) He ran full tilt into a fence, face-first.
    Other than that, big woop.
    Anyone can run into a wall.
    How does that help a team?

  55. how many times thesde guys cant even get a fly ball with one out man on third… heck reyes had an 0 fer so he was bunting for a hit in philly

  56. gil- running into a wall is my exact point..are you watching the same team as me..they have no fire, thats whats missing..rolling over and accepting losses is not ok… anyone can run into a wall? how about taking out a catcher or maybe anyone can slide (not these mets)? or not throw the ball away to give the team another run? the mets dont have the grit, fire, whatever…its obvious. i dont think it can be argued. 150 mil payroll, 5-7 guys batting over .300 and you dont think they could use a guy with some fire?

  57. (96) He won the game by running into the wall. Saved three runs and they won 2-0.

    Tatis is the only guy on this team oblivious to sucking. He needs to be in the lineup everyday until they teach him how to be an automatic out with guys on 2nd and 3rd like the rest of them.

  58. gil- you wouldnt take aaron rowand on this team? and a world championship would be mighty nice on any of these mets resume

  59. What’s the difference between Phillie fans and Met fans? When the score is 0-3 the Philly fan thinks the game’s just starting. When the score’s 0-3 Met fans go watch a movie…… They know game’s over.

  60. jim: Name ONE time in baseball history when someone running into a wall inspired his teammates to the point that they went out and won a world series.
    Hell, former Met farmhand Rodney McCray once ran THROUGH a wall in the Minors and what’d get him and his team?
    Not a damn thing except classic footage on a blooper reel.

  61. Harry (104) that does seem to be the story of this past month, doesn’t it – does anyone have an explanation?

  62. Gil – then if there is no such things as intangibles – then your either saying that we just arent that talented or its all the pitching staff

  63. gil- i guess we agree to disagree because i dont understand how you can not think that this team is missing fire…running into a wall is one example. this team doesnt have the fire and if you can see that then this conversation isnt going anywhere

    and here is your one play buddy

    Elston Howard, a great catcher, made an outstanding catch playing left field for the Yankees in the 1958 World Series. It led to the World Championship.

    Braves’ manager Fred Haney: “That was it, I thought. If he hadn’t caught the ball and then doubled Aaron (sic) at first base it might have been different.”

    Yankees’ center fielder Mickey Mantle: “That was the turning point. It was the greatest catch I’ve ever seen. Why, I never dreamed Ellie had half a chance to get that ball Red Schoendienst hit.”

    Yankees’ right fielder Hank Bauer: “Howard turned in the key play. He woke us up, brought us to life. Turley pitched great and Gil hit and both were great, but I don’t know what would have happened if Ellie hadn’t done what he did for us.”
    Haney, Mantle, and Bauer Were Referring to Howard’s Great Play

    Milwaukee Braves’ manager Fred Haney, Yankees’ center fielder Mickey Mantle, and Yankees’ right fielder Hank Bauer were referring to one of the greatest defensive plays in World Series history, a play few fans even know about. As a matter of fact, many fans have never even heard of Elston Howard, the Yankees’ catcher who made the play that turned the 1958 World Series around.

  64. 106. Annie: The explanation is that the Phillies are the defending World Series champions and we’re not. End of story.

  65. just look at our team they think the games over – if I just turned this game on I would thinjk the score was 10-0

  66. “brought us to life”….and you dont think the mets could use that gil??

  67. gil- no thats not the story…its that they have players who fight to last out..doesnt always feel that way for the mets

    they expect to comeback…we sure as hell dont

  68. there the defending champion because they win the games – were not because we dont . on paper i’d take our team because of their pitching staff the positional players are almost dead even … but the game isnt played on paper and our team isnt close to them

  69. look castillo threw that ball away becasue he felt he absolutely had to get the double play and he was right

  70. walk a hitter to get to chipper – i feel another earned walk as they should be called when the mets play because they ensure all walks score

  71. haha im sure everyone else has the same feeling when a ball is hit to left…come on murph..just squueeeeeze it

  72. Jim: While I’m very impressed by your anecdote, complete with quotes, nowhere in that passage does it say that Howrad ran into a wall to make that play.
    But to test your theory, tomorrow when I show up at work, I’ll summon all my co-workers, then proceed to run full steam into a wall in front of all my co-workers, the force of which will bloody my face.
    I’ll explain verbally, through my chipped teeth and bloody lips, as the blood comes gushing out of my broken nose, that I did what I did to show my dedication to the cause and to inspire all of them to be more productive.

  73. Friday night I was watching the game on the Phillie feed and their new guy who used to be a met radio guy was asked what the difference was between the two clubhouses and he said nobody in the phil clubhouse ever quits. It shows. Their starters are much worse than us and they’ve managed to stay over .500 with comebacks…… Shane Victorino… Their version of our 86 Nails. We don’t have a pain in the butt like that.

  74. haha oh gil. as i said before running into a wall is one example…like i said too, if you dont think this team is missing someone who will get in others faces, show some fire, or run into a wall (which was just one example) then i dont think you are watching the games.. maybe just reading the boxscore

  75. (120) Gil you sound tonite like me when I just feel like fighting with everybody. Gimme back my job.

  76. Gil – are you trying to be a nudge or do you really take things that literal … yes aron rowand ran into a wall but it’s a saying for crying out loud and I think you know exactly what is meant

  77. wishy2- sigh indeeed, i just dont get how anyone can say the mets dont need a guy with some balls…and harry, we have no need for a guy like victorino..ya know tries hard..never quits, “would run into a wall”…mets dont need those guys..its all about talent. ya know

  78. hojo – is talking about DW situational hitting or making adjustments

  79. The answer isnt someone who puts on a good show. We need players who play the game like its the last time they may ever see the field.

    Our guys are complacent knowing there’s always another AB or game. They dont play or act like what they are doing is important.

  80. jim – howie rose ended last year saying they need a guy like the Phillies got in late seventies with Pete Rose .. they didnt get that type of player and still need him

  81. hahaha touche JD, well played… maybe he could hit a fly ball with a runner on 3rd and 1 out??

  82. (129) Yes Annie, the name slipped my mind…. That was the guy. Did the Mets fire him? Because he sounded honestly hostile about them. He was also asked if Manuel was the guy to manage the Mets and he said he didn’t think anybody was the guy to manage the Mets.

  83. Jim and Harry: Glad you guys have a sense of humor tonight — please tell ed to lighten up and get one! :)
    While Rowand earned the praise of his teammates back in ’06 and was a nice story, did that help spark the Phillies to overtake the Mets? Not anymore than Rusty Staub’s wall-banging in 1973 help the Mets to overcome Yogi Berra’s brain cramp and take the A’s in seven games.

  84. haha come on david wright..keep looking to take it to wrightttt or righttt

  85. Daniel Murphy on top step- “Get out! Get out! BOOOOOM! atta boy david!”

    its very nice to see them celebrate..go get em boys

  86. Harry (138) I don’t know what happened, but the Phillies offered him the job and he took it. Perhaps he had the same questions about the manager as others have had.

  87. when Im confident in them they stink. When I start bashing them they come through…

  88. JD- david wright taking a 1-1 curve ball just low was just as encouraging to me as the HR

  89. (154) i was starting to have fun being negitive – it gave me something to think of instead of being miserable

  90. 147 It’s all good, ed!
    But everyone, to paraphrase The Wolf telling Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction” after they cleaned the car and stroed the dead body, “let’s not start (celebrating) just yet.”

  91. haha i hate being negative ed but sometimes its too frustrating…come on metsies

    gil- do you feel the mets need a guy with some fire in his belly (or maybe would RUN INTO A WALL!!!?)

  92. one inning doesnt give a reprieve from a year of awful situational hitting

  93. HUGE INNING here- we always give the lead right back up…not today please..come on john maine

  94. edfever…. you are the toughest Met fan. I can’t even attempt to compete with you!!!!

  95. Take away the second and Maine has pitched a gem. Let’s see him hold on. Would be great if he could give them seven.-JD

  96. had to give up a leadoff hit..ugh. come on john, keep throwing strikes

  97. castillo- one handed, non caring type catch…great role model for mr. reyes

  98. Maine not pitching mad you can see a complete diffeence between the last three innings

  99. how can you walk brandon jones? twice?.. you gotta be kidding.
    also, im dead tired of seeing feliciano in a met uniform

  100. nope JD – they gave him too small a lead no outs 1-2-3 after the four runs now hes trying to pitch too perfect – afraid to give the lead back – aiming

  101. man on third two outs – how many of these opportunities have we blown – i absolutely feel this run is coming in – sorry if thats neg.

  102. tremendous play by wright…ok gentlemen and annie…is this the game? … this is big for tonight and for maine’s psyche

  103. 162 jim: The bottom line is wins, not fiery personalities. The ’06 team was full of fire — on fire, even. But did the fire stop Guillermo Mota from shaking off Paul LoDuca, or turn soft Steve Trachsel into Stone Cold Steve Austin, or keep Billy Wagner from melting down, or make Tom Glavine have one more good outing, or stop Aaron Heilman from giving up a game-winning homer, or make Willie Randolph come to his senses and sacrifice with two on and none out, or make Carlos Beltran rope a game-winning double in the gap?
    We’ve all been spoiled by the ’86 Mets who had so much passion embodied by Ray Knight, Keith, the Kid, Lenny, Mookie, etc.
    But THAT team was one-of-a-kind special.
    And in the end, they harnessed their passion and won.
    But there’ve been plenty of Casper Milquetoast managers, coaches and players from different sports who’ve pulled together and won it all.

  104. no it wasnt 2000 team had no business in the world series they wouldnt beat you up but they had passion

  105. one of a kind special gil? it seems to me the teams that wins rings have those typeso f guys regularly…paul o’neill types
    good player…refusing to lose
    so far in his career
    jose reyes..good player..refuses to lose?? dont see it..i hope it comes though

  106. St. Luis 2006 had them they were an 80 win team, Philly has several…

  107. well done john maine..battled tonight..thats what im talking about
    just battle, and give it everything..thats all we can ask

  108. mets lost in philly on SAT but i was somehow encouraged…because the battled thru ABs late in the game and put guys on…now i understand they gotta drive him in..but at least there was a silver lining, finally some fight in the late innings

    jose reyes is an awful bunter (at least sacrificing)

  109. i guess, i dont really know why we are discussing this. everyone is in agreement except gil..who is wrong. hahaaha

    reyes, are u kidding?..why is he bunting anyway?

  110. Jd – his heart wasnt in it he was trying to get a base hit out of it not a sac

  111. 194 ed: I’m gonna go against popular opinion here and say that YES, the 2000 Mets deserved to be in the World Series that year. People forget the Mets had the best home record in MLB that year, five starting pitchers who won at least 10 games, strong infield defense, a strong bullpen and bench and a future Hall of Fame catcher.

  112. a lead off man should be a to bunt in his sleep its part of their basic job description

  113. Gil – thats funny that team over achieved as much as the 2006 cardinals – thats funny they had one player

  114. JD- couldnt agree with you more…jsut like if you arent committed to working counts etc…you give away easy outs

    gil- 2000 mets were not the most talented team in the NL that yr and by your accounts that seems to be all that matters

    benny agbuyani for example- couldnt make a major leage roster except for 2 yrs when he clawed every AB


  115. beltron i lead with my bat not with my mouth – listen to gil and shut up you measly bloggers

  116. I will no longer tolerate any more “Beltran sucks” posts.

  117. now if reyes could teach beltran to slide and livan teach reyes to bunt we’d have some offense

  118. JD- lets hope that streak is now…thats how he got that BIG contract in the first going off in what was it, 2004 playoffs

  119. Gil (213) Ever since I said that Beltran sucks he’s hit 2 hr’s….

    bastard just trying to prove me wrong…

  120. Jim – he was definately worth that deal – he is the best center fielder in the league defensively and offensively

  121. Things are looking good tonight.
    Just wanted to share a few things.
    The story with McCarthy was they Phillies made him the # 1 radio guy in NY he was always going to be #2 behind Howie.

    Rowand is available the Giants would love to trade his 12 million a year contract that still has 3 more years after this.

  122. he’s in year five we’ve had all-star, silver slugger and gold glove caliber from him in all five – even if he drops off in his last two which he shouldnt he was worth it

  123. beltran is a stud…one hole in his game anybody know what it is??

  124. tell them to get the Phillies off the plate – somebody needs to brush them back – they are hanging over it

  125. scott- yea thats why i thought we could get him this offseason..doesnt have to be him..but someone of his style i think..victorino ( i hate saying that) or someone who battles. ALL the time

  126. Scott (221) Thanks for that information about McCarthy – he would have always been #2 behind Howie. He was a good radio guy, but not yet as good as Howie. I hope he does well in Philly.

  127. 211 jim: The Mets were very talented in 2000. Maybe not the best statitically on offense, but they got lots of timely hitting and timely performances.
    The best thing that year was Derek Bell getting hurt and then catching lightning in a bottle in Timo Perez.
    But as I said before, we had five starters get at least 10 wins and Armando Benitez playing dominatrix against every other team until the post-season.
    The Mets rode hot streaks and peaked in the NLCS. They had heart, but in the end, the Yankees had Derek Jeter and the Steroid Abuser.

  128. i miss reyes playing well. i miss seeing him having fun, laughing , producing

  129. Gil – other then Piazza none of them will even sniff the hall – this team has three maybe more depending on how things go

  130. green is a ROOGY not a cross over thats all – lefties fluster him and he satrts giving up hits and walks

  131. YOU MADE MY POINT GIL!- TIMO PEREZ!.. we need him! hahah

    gil- bottom line everyone here thinks the mets are missing denying that (although somehow you are) i dont agree with your points at all. this team is missing something the 2000 team had, 86 had, phils had and have now, the 90s yankees had, etc.
    they dont seem to have the passion, fire, refuse to lose mentality against all opponents.

  132. ed (226): This would have been an interesting game to write. Maine was important. Beltran had a big game. They finally came back from three runs to win (assuming they hold on). A lot of things to think about.-JD

  133. 230 Jim
    Rowand has a limited no trade clause have no idea what teams are on the list.

  134. ed: True, but still, having a team of HOFers doesn’t necessarily mean rings.
    Look at the ’88 Dodgers.
    (And no, they didn’t do it on heart. They did it on Orel Hershiser’s right arm.)

  135. (233) Well, McCarthy sure fell into the right spot. He’s the numero uno TV guy now that Kalas has left us. Being in the booth with Wheeler, anybody looks great.

  136. jim: Timo never ran into any walls!
    ed: Does the acronym “ROOGY” in Sean Green’s case stand for “spineless deer in the headlights who throws wild sliders and can’t get out of jams”?

  137. (2460 exactly gil weve been saying that all night this is a team of all-stars and HOF but still there under 500 – something is missing

  138. Gil- i hope you enjoy laughing at your own are however making me laugh by simply ignoring what we all know to be true

  139. 248 JD, I was at that game. I asked my dad: “Why doesn’t Davey bring in Randy Myers to pitch to Scioscia?”

  140. ed/wishy- i know its nitpicky but i would have loved to see the counts worked, maybe a runner or 2 on..give ur team a chance to add on runs..instead quick inning..its like the team puts it on cruise control

  141. jim – dont ask for too much – hope JJ and K do there job and pray for rain tom. becasue even talk of a sweep sends these guys into the fetal position

  142. jim (257)

    thats what good teams do. Good teams play smart baseball. Mets do not play smart baseball.

    Im a fundamentals guy. I want guys to play the game the right way. Our guys seem to play as if they have no idea what the situation is.

  143. 263 Dad told me: “Son, we’ll look back at this moment 21 years later and you’ll be proven right.”

  144. 249
    I believe I once heard McCarthy say he grew up a Mets fan but I don’t know if it is true.
    If it is talk about mixed emotions.

  145. 268 No doubt, JD. Remember that great SI piece about hos Scioscia’s HR sent the Mets into a years-long downward spiral?

  146. haha keith hernandez- we know the phillies can hit…and play in september

  147. good baseball staying at first by the runner..down 2, not 1….come on jj…with these hits even if jj gets thru the 8th..krod faces at least part of top of lineup

  148. JJ has not impressed me at all – we won one last week against florida he ended up with two on

  149. there you go jj…now come on…look to tack on fellas…see a lot of em

  150. Scott (249) obviously there is more to the whole thing with McCarthy than we know.

  151. 278 ed: If ’88 was a disappointment, where does it rank among all-time Mets season-ending disappointments?
    For me, ’06 tops the list, followed by ’00, ’99, ’85, ’88 and ’73.

  152. i like sheff on this team so far…has been hitting the ball hard. and i think other teams still fear him

  153. Gil (284): Surprised by the order. I would have though 88 would be higher. … They could have won in 73. No way they were going to beat the Yankees.-JD

  154. wasn’t watching in 73….. 88, 98, 06, 07 .. never thought they had a chance in in 00 of winning it, 88 still building and by 08 use to the disappointment

  155. jerry promised giving reyes/wright/beltran a day or two off..havent seen it

  156. Sheesh, guys, I watched House, had to do some things, then tuned in and the Mets were ahead 6-3… then started to read the blog. Took me all this time to catch up, but the Mets are STILL ahead 6-4.

  157. jim (289): He needs a day, but he won’t sit him vs. Braves or Phillies. … There you go, he gets a hit. He’ll be in there for sure.-JD

  158. sheff. is in charge of motivation… old military game… if the old man will do it you should

  159. What I learned here tonight: Tom McCarthy is happier being the Big Cheese in Philly than he was being Second Banana here.
    Too bad — I liked him a lot more than that Wayne Hagan character.

  160. Jeff (291)

    At least we were entertaining tonight with our mood swings..

  161. Gil- Murphy is a guy who never lets an AB get wasted it seems…i love that

  162. If you go back over most of the posts, the negativity was thick enough to cut with a knife.

  163. Jeff (295) We all did, and now there is some mystery about his leaving.

  164. 284- Gil, Speaking of 1973, do you remember Rusty crashing into a Wall. Mets go on the beat the machine and take the superior Oakland team to 7 games. Rusty couldnt lift his arm after that. Other example of players lifting thier teams are Jeter going face first into the stands a few years back, and Willis Reed coming out on one leg in 1970.

  165. frustration jeff…frustration. but john maine grinded tonight and now we need a good frankie performance (hard not to say krod)

  166. So as I understand what y’all were saying, the Mets brass all went down to Atlanta and told Ollie he was going to the bullpen?

  167. Hagan is hard to listen too after weve been spoiled by some of the best

  168. i think they asked him to go AAA jeff and he declined. but who knows

  169. i rem. a guy named endy going up a wall then blowing it with bases loaded the very next inning

  170. speaking of the 80’s team – i’ll never forget Lenny getting bored and thinking it was a commercial break and he was doing the Pee-wee dance which was big then got caught

  171. only a couple guys can be known by saying just that

    reed, jeter, messier who else am i missing

  172. And then there was the Kentucky Derby winner’s trainer, who drove him to the race himself and was hobbling around there on a broken leg (but he got that in a motorcycle accident).

  173. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. We all needed a happy recap tonight.

  174. 306 ray: yeah, I remember as a result of Rusty’s crashing into a wall that he couldn’t thrwo from right field and it cost the Mets dearly in WS Game 6 and 7.
    He had heart, yes — and so did Seaver, being forced by Yogi Einstein to pitch Game 6 with a cold and on three days’ rest — but in the end it wasn’t enough.
    Good win tonight.
    But can we do it again tomorrow?

  175. kershin is struggling so far .. Livan tricks young teams the first time

  176. Surviving Game One in the “House of Horrors” — of course, it’s been a while since the Braves were scary. The House of Horrors is now in Philadelphia.

  177. straw, doc??? as being known as the captain? big reach i think…and gil- give it up hahah

  178. no i thought you meant immediately known by a nickname not just the captain

  179. I am very happy maine did well.
    also that wright and beltran broke out and showed them a what fer!

    What pisses me off is that after maine did so well. he was taken out of the game and teh bull pen almost blwe it!

    Jesus. just once cant a pitcher go beyond 100. and no i dont mean 101 or 102. this is getting pathetic. if i were the other team i would be counting on that piching change every time now. its a formula thats set in stone and every team knows how to handle whats coming next. It used to be a chess match. will he punch hit will he stay in and hit. now its oh 100 pitches. he’s out..

    THIS NEEDS to stop. honesly i am almost on teh edge of not watching baseball anymore.
    its just not fun..knowing that a pitcher doing well doesnt get to finish.

  180. oh yeah and once again delgado comes out of teh gate strong. gets injured and now will probably be no good for the rest of teh season. but he will get teh bulk of the starts. because he’s Omar’s boy.

  181. (3) Ray, I’ve been saying it for years. The scary thing is Jeff is more clueless than his father and you know how I feel about Minya.

  182. Descent win last night. Let’s see if the Mets can show some consistency or are they going to play .500 ball.