What will Mets do with Perez?

Today’s game at Philly has been rained out, which gives us a moment to reflect on the train wreck that is Oliver Perez.

“I’m not doing anything to help the team,” said an admittedly embarrassed Perez yesterday.

Because of Perez’s length of service (it doesn’t have to be good service) he can refuse the minor league assignment that is in his and the Mets’ best interest. Perez gave no indication he would do so, which is a good sign.

It’s better he go to the minors than hang around as a long man because he won’t get regular work in that capacity. The Mets gave Perez Saturday’s start because of his success against the Phillies, but it didn’t pan out.

It’s time to start over with Perez.

14 thoughts on “What will Mets do with Perez?

  1. Isn’t this exactly where he was when the Mets picked him up in 2006 — low velocity and lack of command leading to a demotion to the minors?

    Bring back the Jacket to work with him.

  2. A rainout… now we’ll never know if they could have taken 2 of 3 in Philly. Or lost 2 of 3. Probably just as well.

    Let’s hope Ollie’s “I’m not doing anything to help the team” was an abject confession and not a statement of intent. They have to send him down to work this out, and he has to go. If he doesn’t, it should be sayonara. Of course, that’s easy for me to say; I don’t owe him all that salary.

    Maybe the Yanks would like to trade C.C. Sabathia for him? Change of scenery could do them both good. 😉

  3. No Jeff, we dont need a fat pitcher with an even fatter contract right now. Perez goes to the minors to get his head straghtened out. There is no other choice. Omar needs to be sent packing for this.

  4. Ollie does sound contrite over his performance this season. I take this as a good sign and hope he will accept a minor league assignment where he can work out his issues.

    He was good with Jacket, then reverted back to being inconsistent. He seemed to get his act together after Jacket was dumped and Warthen came on board, but now he’s not even Good Ollie/Bad Ollie — he is 100% Bad Ollie. Does he need a new pitching coach every 6 months???

  5. Hopefully Ollie man’s up and accepts the assignment. Brett Myers endured the same thing last year and came back to pitch lights out. I guess we can just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

  6. (3) I have to defend Minaya on this. You see its my fault. You know I was a proponent of reupping OP and one night Minaya was browsing the site and saw my hopes for keeping OP and he said well, they named the damn park after this Chiti guy. He must know something about the game, so thats what happened. Poor Minaya he didn’t know I was a reject from the worst team in history.
    And for all you who who are so seriously postiviely convinced this will not change I give you Tommie Agee, and his 1968 season in Ny where he hit under .220 and had maybe 15-20 RBIs and was hated for being traded for Tommie Davis. All was forgiven and forgotten forever in Oct 69.
    (1) Why would the jacket come back after being made the fall guy? And wasn’t Warthen the guy who “fixed” OP in /norfolk in Aug 06?

  7. Chiti, nobody has blamed you. The blame goes on the stupid Gm of whom you also hate. As for Agee, He was also a Roy in 1966. Please find me another Gil Hodges to make this guy perform like Agee did under Gil.

  8. Why aren’t we also talking about the necessary demotion of another train wreck, Sean Green?
    He is the resurrection of Doug Sisk.
    I have absolutely ZERO confidence in his ability to succeed. Yesterday, I knew we would lose shortly after seeing him enter the game.
    Send both Green and Oliver Perez to Buffalo, insert Ken Takahashi into the starting rotation to replace Perez and recall Nelson Figueroa to take Green’s place in the bullpen.
    Another thing?
    What does Brian Stokes have to do to get a chance in tough situations?
    He still hasn’t allowed an earned run in 11 innings so far.

  9. Just checked — Amtrak has a train leaving Atlanta tomorrow night at 8:21 p.m. that arrives in Buffalo at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday night.
    It’ll cost $492 one-way for two adults in unreeserved coach seats, so whaddaya you all say? Let’s take up a collection to pay for Green’s and Perez’s tickets.

  10. (7) I know. Was just trying some humor. Another failure on my part!!!! I’d love to find another Gil Hodges. Unfortunately, Minaya doesn’t want a guy who he can’t dictate to.
    (8) Amazing, a 40 year who couldn’t make with the Toronto Blue Jays and then couldn’t make it with the Ny Mets pitches two innings and people are in love with him. I agree with you @ Stokes and Green but get real Gil, this Takahashi isn’t any better than Figueroa, Brandin Knight and all the other one day wonders Met fans fall in love with.

  11. While OP has been horrible so far, and I really hope they are able to send him to the minors to get things figured out, I am not going to hang Omar for this just yet. I was for the Ollie signing as well as I thought Lowe was too much damn money (and length of contract) for his age. I still think Ollie can salvage his season if he can get his head strait in the minors.

    Figgy should be on this team as Long Relief, he would be perfect for that role. Is Redding ready yet?

  12. 10. Hey, Harry. I’m hardly in love with Takahashi. I just think he’s better than anyone else in the Mets organization who could step into Perez’s spot in the rotation.
    But I do love the fact that he didn’t have the deer-in-the-headlights look Casey Fossum had and Sean Green continues to have. Takahashi pitched as if he didn’t give a damn that he was pitching into the teeth of the Phillies’ order.
    11. James, I agree with you on both Omar and Ollie except for one thing (and I’ve shouted this from the mountaintop ever since his signing): TIM REDDING SUCKS!!! I DON’T WANT HIM ANYWHERE NEAR A METS UNIFORM, LET ALONE ACTUALLY PUTTING ONE ON. Don’t believe me? Look at his career stats. Look at his stats for the second half of last season. Look at his stats for when he’s pitched against the Mets. Redding is a serial loser whose presence will only hurt, not help.

  13. (12) OK Gil, I’ll buy that. As for Redding, I am unlucky enough to get their games and their play is so abominable on defense that I don’ think you can judge any Nat pitcher by what happens there. If a ball isn’t hit to third the pitcher needs a miracle to get an out. And they only get one or two ot three official errors a night.

  14. They need to make an example of him. “His” style of pitching doesnt work.

    They tried to force a new way. then they trained him and when he followed he did well, but when he threw his own stuff it went bad.

    He has a lot of fixing that needs to be done. He is not catfish hunter, not tome seaver, notr cy young. not doc. You cant just throw your own stuff and get out of a jam. He has yet to prove any of that to us.

    He needs to listen to the pitching coaches and pitch.

    As for the bull pen. they are burnt. We need to go 3 games withput using any one of them . make your starters go all 9. what the hell. we have nothing to lose at this point. we lose more games by taking out the starter!

    poor santana.. poor pelf. They EARN the spot light and the pitch count makes them lose.