METS CHAT ROOM: Game #23; a Coin Flip game.

Late to the gate today. It’s an Oliver Perez game, which means I don’t know what to expect. Perez gets the ball because of his success against the Phillies, and if he spits the bit today, then I can see him out of the rotation.

Carlos Delgado is not playing today, but he’s also not going on the DL, either.

Here’s the line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, RF
David Wright, 3B
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Daniel Murphy, LF
Ramon Castro, C
Oliver Perez, LHP

154 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #23; a Coin Flip game.

  1. I’m actually getting the FOX game from Philly, and of course the rainy track of Churchill Downs – big race doesn’t go until after 6. Mets should win by then :)Actually looking forward to seeing Flipper.

  2. Perez stinks, if anybody in there right mind thinks he will pitch well today, than they should see a shrink.

  3. The 86 mets pitchers would throw close to victorino’s head the next time up.

  4. I hate perez, didn’t want him resigned but Omar does what he does best, not much IMO.

  5. I might be the minority here but Beltran is soft. I admit there isn’t any good center fielders in the league so we are stuck with Beltran. Unless the Mets have somebody in there farm system, yea right. What a joke.

  6. This will be a blow out by the 5th inning, Omar you suck, need to be fired.

  7. I think Perz is like Park, the pitcher who pitch yesterday for Philly. Actually, I think Park is a little better than Perez.

  8. Let me see if i understand this, Omar and tha wilpons wouldn’t sign manny but was ok signing this guy Perez to 13 million a year, what a bunch of losers.

  9. yea, thanks philly for giving us met fans a false reality that perez is good.

  10. First time I’ve seen Perez this season. Looks as though he has never been on a mound before. Two choices – one would be to leave him in for the whole game, two would be to take him out right now.

  11. Met fans, don’t be fooled, the only way the Mets win this game if they stay back and take pitches (balls) and make this a softball score 12-10.

  12. ok, not bad, unfortunately, perez will give up more runs the next innings.

  13. Ok, I bet you a 1 million dollars that Reyes does not come through here, he is such a punk.

  14. if the Mets are ever going to trade there core players, he is the first to go. Reyes is a bum.

  15. Tomg, I will keep you company here. Yes I am ready to see Omar go. He can take Ollie with him.

  16. I am a passionate fan, I tell it like it is which usually pisses off other fans.

  17. If you read my post earlier, i said throw at his head, what does perez do but give him another meatball pitch.

  18. Who are we kidding, Omnar, you don’t fool me with your politician views. I can’t wait until the wilpons wake up and fire his butt. Until than we as met fans will see the same stuff.

  19. tomg (37) Let’s hope the Wilpons are watching – I sometimes wonder if they do. Omar is probably there in Philly.

  20. 36 JD, be careful, if you criticize Belran you may be accused of being a racist.

  21. Ray, are you saying that Omar likes to bring in spanish players. What a concept.

  22. Beltran, you suck, I don’t care that your leading the league in May in hitting.

  23. My god, this team just can’t get it, that is not satisfactory by my standard.

  24. well, now we have to wonder if Perez can hold it to one run, not my way to go.

  25. What I don’t understand how management could resign this bum for 13 mil but feel manny isn’t worth it. This is why the mets will never go anywhere as long as jeff and omar are calling the shots.

  26. I don’t know about how other Met fans feel but I’ve had enough of Perez. How can you sign this guy to a 13 mil contract. Omar has to go, Omar has to go, Omar has to go.

  27. Ok, I’ve said to much, got to go. Enjoy your 2009 New York Mets!!!!!!

  28. Walks the pitcher, where are all you fools who said to resign this asshole?

  29. It’s hard to believe a Big League pitcher, not a kid, is doing this…

  30. To be fair, I think everyone preferred Lowe, but there was no reason for anyone to believe Ollie would be this bad. Why would you, he is been good to decent the last 3 years. But this has been disgusting.

  31. Kevin, you were one who thought the mets would be a playoff team. what I’m saying is I wouldn’t listen to anything you have to say, nothing against you but please.

  32. ok, so it’s only two runs behind, not terrible. Unfortunately the bull pen takes a major hit. All I ask for is for somebody to pitch to the 6th inning, anybody?

  33. What does that even mean, I agreed with the statement. Did you think that Ollie would have 10 ERA at this point? Give me a break

  34. Kevin, yes, i did, I’ve seen enough of him, what did you see? What do you see in this team?. That’s the question. Oh yea, where would you like the break, arm, leg etc…

  35. Tom, I have complained against your negativiey in the past. Unfortunately, I Have to admit you were right. The only good thing that can come out of this is the Wilpons finally accept that Omar is a dud. Time to get a proven GM, Like they did with Cashen so many years ago.

  36. Ray, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, just get it right. I’ve been a met fan since 1967. I am 50 year of age. i’ve seen plenty in my lifetime.

  37. I saw the previous two seasons where Ollie had a below 4 ERA and 15 wins and a year where he had a decent 4 plus era with 10 wins. Those are usually indicators that a pitcher is good to decent.

  38. kevin (70): There’s always been signs he would be good. Unfortunately, there’s always been signs he would be terrible.-JD

  39. Kevin, that’s fine but the pirates let him go for nothing. What I saw in Perez was up and down. I as a gm would not reign him for 3 years 13 mill, that’s me, what can i say.

  40. 70 Kevin , anybody who was paying attention say that Ollie had a nice 6 week run last year. other than that he was terrible just like he is now.

  41. He was coin flip, yes, but he is not coin flip now. He is just awful. Those are two different things. To alternate between being good and bad and to be abysmal are two entirely different things.

  42. Ray, when i was 16, I made the mickey mantle league which was the age of 18-20. That doesn’t mean a whole lot but what does is I worked with professional coaches and learned the game of baseball, enough said.

  43. I can agree that it was too much money, but I had no problem bringing back Ollie. I mean, in retrospect Garland, Wolf, etc all seem like far more viable options, but at the time, very few people thought that.

  44. I hope they send him to the minors to work out his problems. My fear is that he refuses and, instead, they take the medical approach, which will feature a physical that shows normal wear-and-tear damage but, under the circumstances, is the face-saving cause of all problems, thereby leading to an unnecessary, season-ending operation that provides all parties an “out” from this otherwise ugly situation.

  45. come on sheff, hit a two run hr and tie the game. show the met team what it is about.

  46. 15 Million in this economy when he is going to be 40 at the end of the contract is ridiculous. It was a panic move by the Braves, it has worked through the first month of 24 baseball months of his contract.

  47. Kevin, it doesn’t matter because Omar is a terrible GM and if don’t believe me just wait and see where the Mets end up this year. Oh yea, I could be wrong about this but didn’t you tell me last year that Omar has done a good job in the minors, wait and see. it’s possible it wasn’t you but I’m waiting.

  48. I don’t believe I said anything of the sort. He did trade absolutely nothing for the best pitcher in baseball, which is something to hang your hat on.

  49. Hopefully Takahashi will take Coin Flip’s spot in the starting rotation.

  50. Because of his service time (five-plus years) Perez has the right to refuse a demotion. I agree with Tiffany in that might be the best option to get consistent work. I just hope he’s smart enough to take it.-JD

  51. You can bet the ranch that, if he turns down the demotion, they’ll find something (I’m envisioning “loose fragments that need to be cleaned up”) that will require surgery.

    Either he goes to the minors or he goes under the knife. But they won’t be wasting a roster space on him right now.

  52. Kevin, seriously. Lets go over that trade. The yankees anf the Red sox were not willing to trade any of there young pitching for santana, ok. The Twins organization wanted something for santana and the Mets were the only team willing to trade what ever and sign him to big money. Please don’t give me this crap that Omar did this great signing please, it only shows me you know nothing about baseball business.

  53. Baseball doesn’t need a salary cap to keep the New York teams from dominating. Just keep Minaya in charge of the Mets and Cashman in charge of the Yankees. Neither can efficiently spend $150-200 million. They will pick a few players to help them win some games but it won’t be a 100+ win team year in and year out.

  54. ok, if the bull pen keeps philly off the board the mets are winning this game.

  55. Bang, where winning this game boys and girls, as long as the met bull pen pitches perfect innings.

  56. That’s what a big swing will get you!! We might survive Coin Flip!!

  57. Omar was magnificent during the Santana trade talks. Waited the Twins out and got the best pitcher in baseball in exchange for four trivia questions.

    Similarly, the Putz deal was outstanding. It was a WFAN caller’s dream: A stockpile of seven extra parts in exchange for a closer.

    We’re five starts — and one baseball month — into Ollie’s contract. In other words, it’s way too early to render a decision on it.

  58. (99) tiffany, Omar didn’t wait anything out. The yankees and red sox were just bluffing to make sure the other team didn’t get santana. The yankees and the sox were never seriously in getting santana.

  59. Look I’m not even saying that I agree with what Omar has done, but everyone just piles on to someone every time there is the slightest adversity. Baseball is a game of patience and it seems completely absent a month into the season. Now I know the horrors of the past two seasons, but these fundamental flaws you see, the horrific decisions, blah blah blah, could all pay dividends by the end of the season. Ollie is terrible right now, awful, he might never be good for the rest of the season, but that is not a noose, there is still plenty of season, options, and months to go.

  60. Ok Kevin, we have discuss this before this year. If you want to say lets wait and see, ok,I have no problem waiting and seeing. I’ve seen it before but let’s wait and see.

  61. Actually, Tom, by not jumping in while the Yanks and BoSox were “bluffing,” Omar _did_ wait the Twins out. If he were the terrible GM posters on this blog are describing, he would have taken that bait and offered Pelfrey, Murphy and F-Mart. He didn’t. He waited the Twins out.

  62. I have to admit, i like Beltran talking smack on the on deck circle to castillo.

  63. Omar always said he knew “Santana would come back to us,” in describing how the trade came about. He knew this because the Red Sox and Yankees were playing chicken with each other. As of now, it doesn’t look like the Mets really gave up a lot to complete the trade.-JD

  64. (105) ok, he did but in actual reality there were really no teams interested in trading there young prospects and signing Sanatana to big money, big hit by castillo, Let’s go Mets. I haven’t been this excited following the Mets in a long time. If Beltran hits one out now look out, I might faint.

  65. wow, that stinks that the ball hit beltran. I wish the mets could catch a break.

  66. In honor of the Derby. … You know how horses have funky names. If the Mets were a horse, what would their name be.-JD

  67. I know that hurt but I wish Beltran could have pulled out some Golden Globe level acting and pretended like that skirted by him.

  68. Does anybody realize the Mets seem to have some fight in them without Delgado in the lineup or club house? I never like delgado, i think he is cancer to the mets.

  69. The good thing about Delgado and Castillo being out those games, its really got Tatis and Cora consistent at bats and they are swinging pretty well right now.

  70. OT – I’m going to take a break and cheer for some old friends in the racing business – hope the Mets are running away with this game when I come back :)

  71. ok, now it’s the battle of the bull pens. lets see who has the better bull pen.

  72. wow, is this funny that, feliciano was the only met bull pen pitcher left from last year, oh well.

  73. I hope the mets batters don’t fall asleep here. This is something they have done way to much.

  74. I’m just glad that Aaron Heilman isn’t coming into the game here in the 7th.

  75. Ok, champions win these types of games. What will it be Mets, win the game or be losers, that’s the question.

  76. I’ve killed the mets this year, last year and the year before. What will it be Mets? Are you winners or losers? iF YOU ARE LOSERS TYHAN YOU WILL GO NO WHERE.

  77. Ok, boys and girls, it is time to score some runs. Let’s go Met’s….

  78. wow, I feel like I am the only met fan in New York. What’s that all about!!!!

  79. It figures, new york met baseball, can’t finish, like the ny rangers, it was fun, I’m out of here.

  80. Tomg is just a little too much. We have a tie game here, Go Mets.

  81. This has been a great game aside from the Ollie fiasco. Putz looked absolutely filthy out there.

  82. dave (138): Didn’t make it out of the third. … The offense came back to take a brief lead, but Ibanez homered off Feliciano to tie the game.-JD

  83. jd


    i wonder what they do with him now. he has been worse than useless.

  84. got to be kidding me.

    you walk the win.

    better to have a grand slam here. you lose anyway

  85. Howie has put this game ‘in the book’, but I’ll only remember part of it.

    See you tomorrow.


  86. dave (141): It’s the minors or bullpen for Perez. They can’t run him out there again with the way he’s been pitching.-JD

  87. (131) Was watchig away from computer. Sean Green, Shawn Green, Schawn Green, Shawon Green, I don’t ever want to see another Sean/Shawn etc Green on this tem again.

  88. (146) Maybe he can become an outfielder. Babe Ruth, Rick Ankiel, Ollie Perez….. Never mind…

  89. OT – The reason I only saw part of it was because I did take time to watch the running of the 135th Kentucky Derby won by a horse named Mine That Bird – a sturdy not quite three year old, Canadian bred gelding trained by Bernie Woolley and ridden by Calvin Borel in a display of horsemanship and skillful riding not often seen at the Twin Towers of Churchill Downs. Racing history was made there today.

  90. The problem is you need to send someone down. We dont have someone to plug in the lineup. The guys in the minors are getting killed.

    Do we dare bring up Lowe again? Or even Wolfe.

    I hope we don’t get 3 years of this. I hope it is not my worst fears about this guy. We pay him and he just shows up.

  91. Have been watching through to the bitter end. IMHO, gotta put this on Reyes for not getting COra over. He does his job, CHurch drives Cora in, KRod shuts em down and its a W. Reyes was VERY selfish there. John D, is the Mets staff the type to sit the guy down and make him understand what he did wrong? HIs mistake was as bad as Greens.

  92. I heard the awful start on the radio, then was at a Kentucky Derby party where they only had the TV on the game for a little while… saw Beltran misplay a ball to center that went over his head… then only heard about the final in 10 much later.

    From the little I heard, Coin Flip was his usual awful self, but the Phillies continued their Mets-like play from last night — a pop up with the bases loaded?! Not what you expect from them. The fact the Mets didn’t play dead after that horrible start is encouraging. They probably could have won this game if Coin Flip didn’t give up 4 runs. Despite coming back, the Phils don’t look so invincible this season.

    Tomorrow will be a pivotal game. Can the Mets continue their improved offense? Is Wright coming out of it? Taking 2 of 3 in Philly would really help get this team on track; losing 2 of 3 would continue their downward spiral.

    But having read the comments above: tomg, get a grip. I’m glad you’re 50. I’m older than you. Grow up.

  93. Same old mets, bull pen implodes, can’t get a run home in big spots!!!

  94. (152) Jeff, Grow up? What does that have to do with comments i posted on here. I’m sorry you don’t like my view points on the Mets but I don’t see what that has to do with growing up. I did that already. That’s old news, maybe it’s you who needs to get a grip.