Why can’t they be that way all the time … or most of it anyway?

David Wright made an interesting comment the other day when he said: “We have to try to match the intensity we have when we play the Phillies when we play the rest of the National League.”

Wright wasn’t throwing his teammates under the bus as much as he was making a statement of fact – the Mets don’t get up for everybody. And, I don’t want to hear about it being a long season and you can’t be motivated all the time.

There is something lacking with the Mets and their best player recognizes it. They might come out and play inspired ball this weekend, but that’s not enough. Far too often they seem to be going through the motions. They did against the Marlins. They did against the Cardinals. They do against a lot of teams.

And, that’s something they need to snap out of or it’s going to be a long summer.

31 thoughts on “Why can’t they be that way all the time … or most of it anyway?

  1. John, that would be a more appropriate thing for Wright to say if he waited until AFTER they played the Phillies to say it. Do we even have any confidence at this point that they ARE going to manage any intensity when they play the Phillies? The Mets’ problem this year seems to be more that they aren’t “getting up” for ANYBODY. After the last couple of weeks, I for one would be thrilled if they showed some selective intensity!

  2. JD, It must be because of how many championships this team has won lately. Frankly, I wouldnt mind seeing major changes to this team, If it continues like this. Delgados gone after this year. Beltran is a great player, but shows no hustle. Reyes will never play to his potential. Wright is struggling because he is trying too hard. He is the only untouchable on offense IMO.

  3. Jerry throwing bases around the field is not the problem. Jerry shows plenty of moxie. The problem is that we have All-Star caliber players who can’t get their acts together and figure out how to play together as a team. I don’t even think that it’s a case of not caring – I think they care. I just think that there is something preventing this team from jelling together. Maybe that is the manager’s fault, but you can’t force people to work together and like each other – and I don’t even know that THAT’S the problem, either.

    I can’t even say “they need a veteran to provide leadership” – frankly I think they have too much leadership. Everyone looks at Wright to be the spokesperson. Reyes has started taking Delgado’s role of going over to the pitcher to calm them down. Delgado is, well, Delgado. Beltran is more confident and assuming more leadership. And then there’s Santana.

    Is it too many cooks? TOo many different cooks? These aren’t bad guys. These aren’t self-centered guys. They just can’t get together communally.

    Right now I think it’s all a self-fulfilling prophecy. Too much emphasis on the BIG CLUTCH HIT, too little emphasis on just playing good solid baseball. We don’t need heroes, but yet everyone is looking for heroes.

    We just need baseball players playing baseball.

  4. As for Beltran, he shows PLENTY of hustle! This statement continues to ASTOUND me. He is so good and so skilled that he makes plays that normal players would have to exert themselves to catch. At this point, I can tell from Beltran’s body language whether or not he has a ball or not, and it’s when his body is calm and relaxed that I know he has it. To the rest of the world, apparently, that’s not enough hustle.

    One of the Cardinals’ beat writers, who’s a friend of mine, continually asks me why NY fans get so down on Beltran. And that is how I explain it to him.

    “no hustle” – give me a break.

    Everyone emphasizes theatrics over actual performance. Everyone wants JErry throwing bases. That’s not going to help.

  5. I think the issue is. They treat other players like pals. laughing and joking.

    I can’t tell you how many old time players dont understand the new mets.

    You dont joke with the opposing team on the field. They are the enemy even if its against your brother.

    the fun and games is for outside the field. not on it.

  6. Um… SteveC? It’s a baseball game, not a war. They’re supposed to enjoy what they’re doing. They’re supposed to be professionals who can appreciate and respect their fellow professionals. I don’t think you have to “hate” the opposition to play hard and concentrate on the fundamentals. I don’t think you have to brainwash yourself into a completely different mindset in order to want to do your best and want to win. Those things should come naturally. Maybe that wasn’t the way old time players thought, but it’s also not exclusive to the Mets. It may have been easier to think that way back when players stayed with the same team for their careers, but the way they come and go today, you’re likely to be playing alongside somebody one day and be the opposition the next.

  7. Um Jeff. These guys get paid more than any person working to play a game.

    Yes they need to be professional. but they chat each other up way too much.

    I am not saying they need to spike em or spit on them. They need to earn the money. and want to beat the team. I dont see them going at every game with heart. and with the bucks they make. they need o be at every game ready to play.

  8. (5) metsgrll
    Right on about Beltran
    He is an amazing player and I also find it amazing how many Mets do not realize this.
    Of course these will be the same fans who will miss him the most after he is gone.

  9. SteveC, you’re arguing two different things. I agree 100% that the players need to go at every game with heart and be ready to play. I just don’t think laughing and joking with the other players has anything to do with it.

  10. Department of ingrained patterns: Watching the Marlins vs Cubs game, I have to keep reminding myself to root root root for the Cubbies to beat the Marlins. 25 years of two divisions play do that for you, plus the fact our first great rivalry was with Leo the Lip Durocher’s Cubs. A rat but assuming I ever get to heaven and (bigger assumption) he’s there, Durocher’s in the top five of people I’d like to talk baseball with

    2) graph up while the Marlins are going up 5-1. The Fish are hitting .350 with the bases loaded. I’d be pleasantly surprised if the Mets are half of that.

  11. (5,9) Yes, Beltran is a great centerfileder. However, when he comes into score in a close game late and tiptoes in instead of knocking the catcher on his duff, and when you steal second and you jog in and don’t even slide, it has nothing to do wit catching a ball. You look lazy.
    Manuel gives a baloney reason every day for a loss. He’s lost the team. He says he’s rwarding guys who do good and then he doesn’t do it, he says’ Murphy’s the everyday guy and he isn’t, he says Church isn’t an everyday guy and he is, he threatens his starters in the press when there are no alternatives. Do you think anyone in that clubhouse takes him seriously? I don’t.
    Do these guys want to win. Who doesn’t? The real question is why they can’t play funadamentally sound ball. Why can’t they build a run? Why can’t they hit a fly ball with a guy on third or a ground ball when a run is being gifted to them? All we heard about all spring was Jwery’s great hitting drill. Obviously the drill gets a big F because they just don’t do it. Good bye Jerry.

  12. Right, Chiti. There is a difference between being a great talent and being a hard nosed player. Those 2 non-slides just highlight Beltrans soft play. Compare that to Rowen, who has nowhere the ability, but goes face first into a wall to catch a ball. That kind of play fires up your teammates. Its not just Beltran, He is just the poster boy. Just like Reyes is the poster boy for laughing it up with opposing players.

  13. Also, How could this team not get up for the Marlins, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs the last 2 years? Chiti, I think Manuels trying to use psychology to keep certain players on the edge. I dont mind him hurting some feelings if it wakes some people up. Thats why he is talking up this new catcher, to light a fire under Castro who is is another lazy player IMO. Jerry has a lot more experience and tricks than willie did, but its not enough with this collection of underachievers.

  14. 3rd post in a row- a record. Now I hate to admit this, but I admire the Phillies. They remind me of the 1986 Mets. They are not afraid to talk trash. They know they are never out of a game. The complete opposite of your nice guy New York Mets.

  15. (14) Ray: Right on. I don’t know how this team couldn’t get up for the Marlins after what they did to the Mets the past two years.

  16. Aaron Rowand is not half the player the Beltran is. Rowand would not have even tried to score on that play at home.
    Beltran makes everything look so easy that you just do not realize how much better he is than any other CF in the NL.
    When you start picking on Beltran and Reyes
    I have to wonder if you have other issues.

  17. Ray
    I admire the Phillies also.
    The Mets will not be a better team until they realize every team they play not only wants to be them but beat them silly.
    To other NL teams the Mets are no different than the Yankees.
    They are the big spending show off team from New York.
    Yankees or Mets they want to beat the team from NYC.

  18. (17) Rowan would have busted his butt and knocked the g-d catcher over. He should have been benched for it. Last year when Rollins decided he didn’t have to playe hard, the Manuel with a WS ring benched him. I remember in the 50’s when Mickey Mantle who was 100 times the player Beltran is, also decided he didn’t have to hustle, Casey gave him a seat right next to Casey for a while. With Jerry its pick on a bum like Castro Lasty year he didn’t take crap from Reyes and the team responded. This year he got the message. Don’t mess with the key guys.

  19. (18) You got the Phiuls all wrong. They don’t have it in for the <Mets. They have it in for everyone. The just make fun of the Mets because they know the Mets just giggle about it.

  20. scott (17) I hate it when people like to call other people racists- Who the hell are you? you dont even know somebody and you want to imply that. I got news for you scotty- Read Rosenthals latest column on foxsports- Omar says the Mets star players lack an edge. I guess he is a racist too, right scotty?

  21. damn’t 3 out of 4… now 4 out of 5 maybe… Gonna be a good night Magic Hat summer brew in the fridge. Whacko…. My favorite!

  22. Totally off topic: Stats for the Buffalo Bisons:

    Nick Evans: Avg .102 3 homers 7 RBI
    The next Met over hyped bust:
    Fernando Martinez: Avg: .233 1 homer 8 RBI
    Jonathan Malo otherwise known as the guy that impressed Jerry Manuel so much in ST:
    Avg .203 0 homers 2 RBI

    Omar also said that Mike Antonini might be a candidate to join the team. His stellar record at Bingo is:

    3 & 0 4.35 ERA 1.60 WHIP

    Jonathan Niese:

    0 & 2 8.44 ERA 2.06 WHIP

    Glad to see that our prospects at the top two levels are really succeeding!

  23. HEY KEVIN;;; If your listenin in Congrats on your magik beating those Philly whatever they are’s. Maybe the Philly sports dynasty is over!!!! Eagles out, Flyers, out, 76’ers out. Phillies out we hope!!!!

  24. 24. Maybe nick and johnny are pouting over not playing in the new harrychiti field!

  25. Steve- Agree the Minors are a joke.
    Chiti and all other old timers here- On a site called flushing9.com they have excerpts from a new book called from first to worst- Its about the Mets in the 1970s. It will bring back some memories, Im sure.

  26. (27) If the memories are about anything after game 5 of the ’73 WS they are all bad memories! Will check it out Thanks…..

  27. This team will not make the playoffs. That means Omar and his morons hopefully will get fired. Than there will be major changes. i caqn’t wait because I’ve seen enough of this crap for 2+ years. I’m still waiting for the Mets minor league affiliates to show good talent. When Omar was hired he said he was going to build a farm system, yea right, Omar. I think Omar should be a politician. He fits the profile.

  28. (21) Ray
    David Wright is just as friendly as Beltran or Reyes with opposing players but you don’t call him out on this.

    Rosenthal noted Mets ranked 14 in NL rotation ERA
    you can bash Beltran or Reyes all you want but if Pelfrey, Maine and Perez do not step up this team will not win 80 games.

    Rowand never could have made the play to begin with because he never would have tried to steal third.
    If Rowand were so great why are the Giants looking to trade him.

    I would have had no problem if Manuel benched Beltran for a game but he should do the same to Wright.