METS CHAT ROOM: Game #22; Trying to get on track.



The sluggish Mets will try to get things going tonight at Philly, with Mike Pelfrey going against Chan Ho Park. Pelfrey (2-0, 6.32 ERA) is 1-2 in four career starts against the Phillies. He is coming off a good start – two runs in 5 2/3 innings against the Nationals.

PELFREY: Mets need good start to get rolling.

PELFREY: Mets need good start to get rolling.

However, the Phillies aren’t the Nationals.

Even though they aren’t playing well, the Mets are talking about the match-up with the Phillies as a good thing, saying the NL East confrontation could give them a spark. That’s disconcerting to me because if they need a rivarly to get them going there’s something lacking.

Carlos Delgado (hip) and Luis Castillo (back) are out of the line-up, an indication their injuries are more serious than originally speculated. Manager Jerry Manuel even suggested the DL a possibility for Delgado.

Here’s the line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Daniel Murphy, LF
Carlos Beltran, CF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Mike Pelfrey, P

142 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #22; Trying to get on track.

  1. Not surprising: Santos starts over Castro. Manuel said he doesn’t think he’s lost Castro and the player won’t admit he’s checked out. Still, it’s hard to believe Castro is all there for Manuel.-JD

  2. OT – On the track today at Churchill Downs in the 135th running of the Grade I Kentucky Oaks a 3 year old filly named Rachel Alexandra won by 20+ lengths going away down the stretch with Calvin Borel in the irons.
    The boys run tomorrow.

  3. Lets see a guy who has never been able to stay healthy ( Castro ) may lose his job for a younger healthier and better defensive catcher.

    Instead of sulking he needs to show he is a true team player and not just their for himself.

  4. Switching sports now –

    Good for Murphy to announce his presence in such a way.

    It’s 2-0 now, but Mets have got to remember that leads can go away if you don’t keep feeding them.

  5. Time for the hitters to wake up. Phils have the worst ERA in the league.

  6. Howie reporting that in an interview today Omar said that David Wright and Jose Reyes lack ‘an edge’. Anybody hear this and/or to whom Omar was speaking?

  7. (13) Omar picked Utley in rosenthals column as a player with an edge.

  8. 15. Annie, It on Ken Rosenthals column. He mentions Beltran and Delgado as well.

  9. Ray (17) thanks – I find it a bit unusual to knock your own guys in public like that, don’t you?

    Beltran has always been non-confrontational particularly since the injury in the outfield, and Delgado has major mood swings – you never know with him.

  10. Annie- I think Omar is feeling the heat. He is trying to transfer it to his players.

  11. I read the column. Minaya defined “edge,” as having a streak of meanness. He said neither Wright nor Reyes had that streak.-JD

  12. John (22) that certainly changes things – I wouldn’t equate ‘edge’ with ‘meanness’ though, would you?

  13. JD, I thought Big Pelf got it off the bat. That would have been some kind of amazing.

  14. You need a certain mindset to play in NY. Other teams love to beat NY teams. Then they love to stick the Mets face in the dirt after. Remember the Cards of the 80s, the Braves of the 90s. Now its the Phillies. Nice guys finish last as The lip used to say.

  15. The Piazza Mets were too nice too. If Piazza would have gone after Roidger in the 00 series, it may have had a different ending. the difference? 1986 Mets got into 4 major brawls. They had Knight, Straw, Backman, Nails and Mitchell. They had Orosco and the scumbunch. Read the bad guys won. Great book.

  16. Ray (30) you need a certain competitive mindset to play any sport any where, not just NY. However you also need good sportsmanship. That doesn’t mean you can’t play hard or roll up the scores..

  17. JD, He did pitch once at Shea and freaking Shawn Estes throw a ball behind him… then later atoned by hitting a homerun.

  18. John (38) I think some would and I also think that was a big factor in Mussina’s retirement after his first 20 win season.

  19. John (35) I won’t feel comfortable until the lead is in double digits with this bunch.

  20. Wow, that was dumb. That was an easy out if Cora didn’t break so early.

  21. (44). you should be because the Mets will now fade away in the horizon as park will now look like cy young and the phillies bats come alive.

  22. I’m going to maintain faith that the Mets will hold onto this one.

  23. Tomg(47)JeffM (48) Tomg – I’ve followed the Mets for a long time and they never fade away completely, they always come back. Jeff, you know I have great faith in the Mets, but we really need some more runs very soon.
    This score has ME on edge.

  24. The Mets starting pitching isn’t much better than the phillies. The difference is the phillies just keep hitting until the game is over. The Mets feel a little pressure and the run and hide.

  25. (50) sorry annie, not the team I’ve been watching the last 2+ years. This team is not the amazing mets we grew up with.

  26. tomg (51): The late-inning numbers of the two are astonishing. The Mets score early and fade while the Phillies turn it on at the end of games.-JD

  27. RBI single for Wright. So maybe the Mets DID get up for the Phils. We can always hope that they stay that way…

  28. I’m sorry if I bring my fellow met fans down but I had it with this team last year. This year it’s the same garbage. I’m just waiting for this off season when Omar gets the boot. I just hope the wilpons are smart enough to finally get the right management in here to build this team the right way, through the draft and trades, not free agency. I hope they look at the redsoxs blueprint and follow it to tee.

  29. tomg (62) for those of us who have spent years with the Mets, we are undeterred. Only two Series wins in all those years – mistreatment of the best pitchers and some years when the team played like little leaguers. Yet, we still watch because this is the National League and they play the real game.

  30. What happened to those big bad Championship Phils? They’re playing like the Mets.

  31. So far they seem to be having good ab’s for the most part. They need to keep this up.

  32. Pulling the pitcher when he is facing the pitcher with two outs, is that a show of disgust?

  33. Annie (63) Thank you for saying that! I was beginning to think I was the only person left who still cared about that abomination, the DH.

  34. kevin
    I bet he just was not ready to face Santos and needed a little more time.

  35. Jeff M (68) I grew up with real baseball, no DH, no pitch counts, closers, you play till you drop. The AL lost it’s validity for me when they started all that stuff.

  36. OT – raining like crazy at the Stadium, Pettitt still on the mound ahead 4-2 in the 6th. Lots of empty seats.

  37. Annie, I am surprised to see this from you. I thought you were a big Yankees fan.

  38. Ray (74) I am a baseball fan – first game as a toddler at Yankee Stadium with Dad, then I discovered the Mets. I have favorite players, announcers, coaches, writers. Just love the game.

  39. Beltran runs again! Good to see his uniform dirty. Did somebody talk to these guys, or is this all just a coincidence? I supposed we’ll never know.

  40. This inning is key. Keep the Phils from coming from behind yet again.

  41. (79)
    Whatever works with these guys is fine with me.

  42. Annie (79): I doubt they are even aware of what Minaya said. … The position players (hitters) held a meeting before the game. For one night at least it is working.-JD

  43. You can tell Pelfrey wants to stay in the game. Evidently, Manuel senses this one could slip away if they don’t turn away the Phillies this inning.-JD

  44. I dont like to get off baseball subject here, but it may help somebody. My daughter came down with the flu yesterday. She is almost over it already with no vaccines or tamiflu. It is a weak virus but the media continues to hype it.

  45. What the hell? Once again, the Phils play dumber than the Mets. Nice job by Santos.

  46. Ray (85) Glad to hear she’s doing well. But how do you know it’s the flu — and if it is, how do you know what type?

  47. (85)Ray
    I thought the vaccines and tamiflu were not any good for this strain of flu. At least that was what I read.
    Glad she is doing OK.

  48. Ray (85) Sounds like she is doing well without those vaccines etc. Sometimes the media exaggerates these things. I have to ask – does she like baseball too?

  49. Thanks for the well wishes. We all had the flu last year and are well acquainted with the symptoms. Fever, weakness, muscle aches, etc. I was worried sick yesterday. Now even some stories in the Media are starting to ramp down the hysteria.

  50. That error by Utley was only the Phillies’ 4th error of the year? Hard to believe.

  51. Annie, Ive taken her to a couple of games here. I put her in a softball league in the fall. At least she understands the game now. She is going on 10.

  52. He walked Feliciano. Have the Phils simply decided to take the night off?

  53. John (100) This is a good strategy. Play like crap for a couple of weeks, lull the opposition into a false sense of security, make them let down their guard…

    Unfortunately, this will not work very successfully over the course of the season.

  54. The only bad thing about that last half inning — if the Mets had walked the opposing pitcher, he certainly would have come around to score.

    And Utley immediately makes up for his error.

  55. Ray (96) That’s great – I can almost assure you that it will stay with her all her life. I have a niece that I took to Shea when she was nine (in the 80’s)and we sat in the upper deck behind home. She even learned to keep a score card …

  56. That Utley Homerun in Citi is about 45 feet in front of the Model’s sign.

  57. Annie, Very cool. I have a boy 5 as well, and he is a lefthander!!!

  58. JD
    A rainout could be the Mets best hope.

    Actually you already know the answer flip a coin.

  59. John (104) I’m not sure that anyone in the tri-state area knows what to do about the Flipper.

  60. We’ll see about Ollie, he is usually lights out against the Phils and Bravos… maybe this can fix what ails him. More likely we lose by 11.

  61. 105 = Ollie got his contract because of his performance against the Phils last year. If he flops again, it will be bullpen for him. 107-Annie, I will be happy with a jesse or franco career. Much longer than Sandys

  62. The good news for Ollie is that the Phils can’t stack the righties against Ollie as most teams do. Their entire middle of the order is left handed and Ollie is death to them. That may help him out.

  63. JD
    Hope you are doing ok.
    Just found out what happened at the Baltimore Sun.
    Did you know any of them.

  64. Scott (114): I knew a lot of people at the Sun. It’s bad all over in the newspaper industry. I’m still out of work. Living on freelance and my savings. This has been a rough time.-JD

  65. (114, 116) What happened at the Sun? The same thing that happened at Clear Channel?

  66. JD
    I will keep thinking positive thoughts for you.
    Also keeping my fingers crossed for the Boston Globe.

  67. Video killed the radio star. Internet is killing papers. At least, John, you have a good blog still going.

  68. Thanks Ray. I enjoy the blog. It keeps me connected in a way. Of course, I regret spending as much time with the club as I used to.-JD

  69. I just read about The Sun — ouch! Not only did they decimate the newsroom, they apparently fired several sports reporters and photographers WHILE THEY WERE AT THE ORIOLES GAME!
    But that blogger asks the indelicate question, how many reporters did they actually need to cover the ballgame? (Considering that the Journal News, having canned John, now apparently doesn’t even HAVE a Mets beat writer and uses AP stories…I do wonder about that.)

  70. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ and this one is a keeper.

  71. Finally, a Happy Recap!

    I do worry about tomorrow; it’s a day game on Fox. I feel like they never perform well on those.

  72. Jeff (125): No, I really wish I was there more often. … It is pathetic what my old paper is doing with the Mets. And, their blog is a joke. What they’ve done is insult their readers.-JD

  73. Jeff M
    Read the link to the wsj story in that article. It is a story worth reading.

  74. Very nice win. lets sweep them out in thier own place. Maybe that will shut them up for awile. Tatis Rules !!!!

  75. For today it looks as if the offseason maneuverings worked. Last year we probably would not have been able to win this game. I was much more comfortable watching KRod than Wags in the 9th.

    Anyone wonder what this season would be like if we had been able to sign Lowe for this year and have Pelf as the #3 rather than #2? I don’t think he is worth the money he got, but then again, neither is OP.

  76. JD
    Apparently your old paper thinks only Yankee fans are readers.

  77. Good Win
    The bench is not as thin as everyone want to make it out to be.

  78. Scott (132): Just a joke. The Mets sold 3.5 tickets and a sizable percentage of them come from Westchester. This is the first time since 1962 that they haven’t covered the Mets. Just pathetic. BTW: Gannett made a profit and their CEO got a bonus just south of a million.-JD

  79. Scott (129) Thanks — interesting WSJ story. I see they said the Wash. Post was going to rely on the Sun to cover Orioles games; how is that going to work now?

    (132, 134) They must think they only have to cover the Yankees because they’re the team on the mainland… apparently never heard of bridges.

    I wish all of them good luck selling ads on Twitter. Ugh.

  80. Jeff M.
    I guess they will use the AP.

    Have a good night everyone.

    Hope the Mets can make it 2 in a row tomorrow.

  81. Thank you Chan Ho Park. Doubt it will happen but I really hope you stay in their rotation all year.

  82. I am watching mets fastforward now. and its bottom of the 6th.
    Why did they take pelfrey out! This is nonsense!!!!!!

    when i saw him hit that single. i knew in my minds eye they would take him out.
    why he wasnt allowed to win this game on his own is fricken beyond me!!!!!!

    I dont care if we won or lost.. I am livid on how a picther who is pitching and hitting is taken out in the 6th!

    screw this new league picthing BS>

  83. whew. we won. but. it was almost blown!
    why the bullpen is tired! Pelfrey should have pitched all 9. screw it.

    I hate this i hate this i hate this …