266 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #21; Pitcher’s duel, Part II

  1. Delcos: Manuel is becoming a joke. He won’t bat Castillo second because he saysMurphy is so good there, but he’ll bat a career mediocrity there with Muyrphy in the game. His bullpen management is atrocious. So why did bith throw BP and why on the same day?

  2. Hi John – Nice day for a day game – what’s it like there today – are there many people?

  3. I didn’t even have a chance to put the game on yet, and they’re already behind 2-0? With Johan on the mound? Can I go home now? Oh wait I am home.

  4. (9) The “little chill in the air” — are you referring to the weather, or the mood?

  5. (5) I think he needs to find his fastball. He has no chance at 88.
    You think Cora bunted on his own?

  6. To be honest – I got a little chill when Santana was behind before he even started.

  7. Reyes spent a lot of time with Manuel before the game taking batting practice in the cages under the stands. He was working at slapping the ball.-JD

  8. (24) Interesting….. Sounds like Manuel doesn’t have faith in his hitting coach. Not a good sign HOJO!

  9. CANTU…. If a three game series could put you in the HoF, he’s done it. No wonder he can’t stop smiling.

  10. I really feel like we’ll never comeback again or hit a two out RBI – i know it will happen but should it be this hard this often so early in a season

  11. i think Hojo is in trouble – seems like even in spring training shines was taking over alot

  12. oh im not writing them off – im just saying to feel this bad about them this early isnt right – its a result of expectation – but I dont think those expectations are unrealistic, looking at this roster you should expect them to do better then this

  13. Ed (35) I agree with you. That is why I’m having doubts about Jerry Manuel. He should know his team by now and be expecting them to produce, just as you are.

  14. I having a hard time rooting for them…. i mean last night they just gave up , thats not my type of team , i dont mind a loss but i do mind not leaving it all on the field….ie i perfered knight and Dykstra over Carter and hernandez not because they were better but they were fiesty

  15. are you kidding me …. all he has to do is lift the friggin ball – this is exactkly what I mean – law of averages says it should happen once in a while … my expectation wasnt a HR, Double just a fly ball out… im tired of tipping my hat to the pitcher

  16. bench david wright for a game or 2…he legitimately is awful right now. hurting the team. sit him friday and start tatis

  17. they should be this team is his personality … mr nice guy … you think in david’s mind he was saying im hitting a fly ball no matter what or oh shit I hope i dont mess this up

  18. JD- i usually dont agree with booing… its deserved right now for wright. he has been terrible

  19. this will be pathetic if he loses again 2-1 whats more pathetic is in the fourth inning this team has me thinking like this

  20. ed (35) It isn’t simply expectations — it’s expectations amplified by the disastrous ends of the last two seasons. We not only want to see them do well, we want to see them prove that they won’t give up and go into the tank. We want to see them pull way ahead early in the season to make a collapse less likely. So far we haven’t seen anything.

  21. (39,40) I totally agree and have posted basically the same sentiment. Can Manuel please sit wright down so he can figure out how to get his head out of his butt, please, he is killing the Mets right now.

  22. i dont think it helps the players but sometimes the org. needs to know how fustrated the fans – there financial base is – I wish omar got chants “it wasn’t just the pen stupid” every time he was in public

  23. John (42) No they don’t, these players are talented, but not hungry. Maybe that’s the difference.

  24. its a joke that your 3 or 5 hitter, wherever wright is, cant hit a fly ball to tie the game

  25. The phillies and red sox remind me like the 86 mets, especially the red sox who are my second favorite team, plus I hate the yankees and love to see the Red sox kick there butts. This met team doesn’t have the right personality that you need to be a playoff team and a world series championship.

  26. here we go – nice big inning thank you david – i help coach little leaguers and the first class on grounders is get down

  27. obvioulsy he has to make that play… a line drive at your “gold glove” 3B. right to his glove…what a joke he is right now

  28. even valentin’s clubs over achieved – was there a hall of famer or all-star other then piazza on those teams 1999-2000

  29. i want to hear that santana called a players only meeting and that he lit up his teammates..went off. he seems to be the only one with the fire i have been calling for

  30. gold is for the bat and personality – along with the depth in the NL not the glove

  31. Pujols gets on his guys for not sliding hard into second you think anybody gets on anybody on this team

  32. i know its the pitcher but this is a hugeee at bat..since the mets cant come back

  33. ed- no..this team lacks true leadership. santana is the only true leader but its hard for a pitcher. i wwant him to wax his own guys

  34. Jim (64) Santana really is the only player on this team with any leverage – his record. I think he should act before the upcoming weekend.

  35. JD/jeff- id make a statement and sit his butt friday.. he is hurting the ballclub

  36. Annie (73): Pitchers don’t call meetings like that. It gives the impression of being selfish and it comes across as pointing fingers.-JD

  37. i know church’s average is high but i feel he wastes a ton of at bats..i dont like seeing him at the plate

  38. JD- this team is different…none of the position players seems to have any balls..so i think johan needs to do it..and good for him if he points some fingers, some guys need to take accountability for playing like garbage

  39. santana once again does his job perfectly…what a novel idea..doing your job…

  40. John (76) Perhaps I’m remembering some other pitchers, like Pedro who was never shy about talking to other players.

  41. Johan has moved two runners into scoring position. He executes. I know they never do this with pitchers, but maybe if they put a “C” on his chest, he could call a team meeting.

  42. Omar should put two out RBI incentives in the contracts I bet a few guys would amazing start hitting better in thiose situations

  43. (88) They had no problem making Franco Captain, That was John Franco, not Matt or Julio.

  44. JD- I think thats the problem Wright should be but he’s not his type of captain

  45. harry- i am slowly turning to your side on church…great D.. but his O i think is suspect

  46. John (96) Yes, and it should have been done when Willie was here. I don’t have any sense of Jerry’s thinking on anything.

  47. look they’ve tied it back up their comfortable… we’ll see some easy 1-2-3 innings from our offense… we’ve done our job mentally … giving the offense a pass and blaming everything on the pen was a mistake

  48. Annie you want wright as captain… I’m not sure he has what I want in one… how many WS derek Jeter have without Paul Oniel

  49. agreed Ed..needed another big bat…next yr i bet they sign a Big LF and let delgado walk and put murphy at first

    minaya is great at fixing the problems of last yr and ignroing ones that may arise

  50. mets games have a feeling of doom over them now…come on johan, keep it going

  51. JD- do you like matt holliday, i dont think i want the mets after him..long swing..some holes in that swing (a la david wright when he is off)

  52. first half of last year does the pen implode in august if there not constantly pitching in one-run games in May, June, and July … some may say they had their playoff run when Jerry took over and you can blame the offense as much as the pen on 2008…

    which came first the chicken or egg

  53. good luck to our mets..im outta here..lets hope howie (and annie) puts a win in the books for us

  54. Ed (108) My sense of a team captain is that he is the liaison between the team and the manager, GM, ownership, media etc. not that he is the best player on the field.

    Derek Jeter has proven himself to be a fine Captain – I don’t believe there is any doubt about it. Also much of the Captain’s work is done behind the scenes and not publicized.

    David Wright, son of a Police Chief and a teacher, and eldest of four sons, has a similar personality to Jeter’s and would do just fine as the captain of the Mets.

  55. wright will be our captain. just needs to stop pressing in big spots..i love him, we all do…just wanna see him succeed

  56. My sense of a team captain is what you siad but my sense of a team leader isn’t always the same… David Wright will be the captain i’m absolutely sure – Im not sure if he’ll be the leader – captain’s are annoited – leaders are natural and that doesn’t always me a positive leader either – vince coeman was a leader

  57. I do not understand that whole replay procedure. They have this huge video screen, yet they have to pull the umps off the field into some little room and delay the game. Why can’t they just look at the replay on the big screen, along with everybody else?

  58. Jeff M (146): They don’t show replays like that on the big screen. They don’t want the crowd to react and go nuts on a play that goes against the home team.-JD

  59. (147) I don’t get the logic. If the call goes against the home team, the crowd goes nuts anyway. At least if they can see the replay so they know what the umps are basing the decision on, they might not go quite so crazy. Isn’t this common sense?

  60. Tatis continues to show that he is the clutchest hitter on the team, so I’m sure the great has been will continue to get more at bats than he gets.

  61. John (151) Sorry, you’re right. I forgot, MLB hasn’t had a commissioner since they hired that guy from Milwaukee.

  62. You could make a list of things that don’t make any sense.

    1. Pitch counts

  63. I miss the days when a starter was only taken out when you were losing 2-0 and it was 8th or 9th inning. but if you were winning or within a run. you stayed in to the bitter end.

  64. Good for Wright getting a stolen base. But I still don’t get why they gave him the free pass with a man on third — do they know something we don’t?

    Anyway, doesn’t matter — Church almost came through — that darn Cantu again!

  65. santann\a earned this game. and u take him out. pen is fricken tired. santana should have been left in and been made an example to the other pitchers!

  66. team choke – do you blame putz in the end when he gives up the go ahead or the offense who can never get a two out RBI hit

  67. I’m so tired of hear that some guy on another team made an incredible play to save a run against us …. only to have that same team have a guy get a seeing eye hit for runs

  68. JD- i was always so against booing – but im having a harder and harder to not understanding this is so fustrating

  69. its a fricken crying shame. but this is where baseball is now. its little league. everyone has to play. I dont want to see the bull pen for the rest of the year. thats how i feel.

  70. hey santana could have gottern an rbi today – how many pitchers have gotten hits this year against us

  71. Steve C: Putz threw one inning on the 21st, one inning on the 24th, and one inning on the 27th. Please don’t tell me he’s exhausted. K-Rod threw one inning on the 18th, one inning on the 24th and one inning on the 27th. So don’t tell me he’s tired either. Santana was up to 110 pitches. Give me a break.

  72. Jj should have been able3 to not be perfect and give up two runs as fustrating as it is to see them get a hit its more fustrating how many we leave behind

  73. look at the fight in this offense – first pitch swinging – might as well call it a day

  74. I’m getting the sense that when my son came home and changed the channel, it was a good thing.

  75. Mets are 1-7 with RISP, 9 LOB four different Mets left six on in scoruing position with two outs JJ let two runs score who did nt do there job – im tired of this offense getting a pass

  76. (187) Why would I do that? He saved me from all this misery. And he asked me first.

  77. where theres a will theres a way – the Mets found a way to lose – i said it if reed didnt get an in the parker he wasnt scoring

  78. i know, i know it should have been up the middle and cantu shouldnt have been able to score thiose runs …. im so tired of it – someone go up there with some confidence and make it happen dont wish it happens

  79. I take it Castillo was completely unavailable to PH/play second in the 9th so Manuel kept Alex Cora to make the third out. The drawback of large pitching staffs with Castillo and Delgado unavailable.

  80. cora should have had a hit it was reyes stealing tthat moved 2B over – it was just another case of porr execution

  81. there was no way the mets were getting reed home he should have tried for home and saved us the misery

  82. I will tell you. this team really knows how to give up. even the 90 mets fought hard into the 9th.
    This is just pitiful.

  83. I see the slogan on the Mets website is now ALWAYS BELIEVE. Maybe they should change it to BELIEVE IN SPITE OF WHAT YOU SEE.

  84. it should be this close relievers are going to have bad outing – if we have a cushion it would have been ok – these guys have to pitch perfect or we lose because the offesnse cant score or come back

  85. Since it was obvious the problems of the’08 Mets were entirely the fault of the manager, one Willie Randolph, it is therefore equally obvious that the problems of the ’09 Mets are entirely the fault of the manager, one, Jerry Manuel, I have decided it is time to start the Jerry watch.

  86. to tag on from a post with tomg.
    The SIESTA Mets.

    after 6 runs we are done.


    I still think they should chuck the bullpen and just rotate all of them… its how they are playing anyway.

  87. harry – were are you so black and white – i still think willie was an absolutely awful mgr. and the Mets in 2006 won in spite of him and he was in over his head with the collapse of 2007 …. jerry is ok in my book but that doesnt change the fact that there are holes

  88. JD – no emergency it’s early in the season were still evaluating things … why create a sense of urgency

  89. Sheffield should take the younger players aside and show them how to wait the pitch out.

  90. At least Sheffield got on base. Now it’s up to the Mets’ Big Bats to drive him in.

  91. Work out a walk, Carlos! If the winning run gets on, we have Wright coming up next to drive them in. Piece of cake!

  92. Okay, the Marlins executed the strategy perfectly. They have us where they want us.

  93. There’s a Japanese HOF pitcher named Kaneda who used to say “If you feel like you gonna hit into a double play, then strike out instead”.

  94. So has Wright broken Dunn’s strikeout record yet?? Two more empty .300 hitters up next.

  95. I thought Delgado was available in an emergency? Perhaps his condition changed during the course of the game.

  96. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’, but I sure didn’t like the ending.

    Next game Friday night in Philly.

  97. Good news is tomorrow is an off day. But Friday we start the lusty month of May in Philadelphia.

  98. I can’t wait to hear how with Castillo and Delgado unavailable, injuries are killing this team. Yada yada yada.

  99. ed: Manuel demonstrated just how bad a manger he is. He benched Castro for playing bad, fine, then he puts him in the game, the gets two hits, and he takes him out for a pinch hitter. Way to totally lose the guy Manuel. I agree with you that Willie was bad, but Jerry is bad also.

    Jerry’s cute has worn out already. He’s lost the team.

  100. Phils will kick our A++ they have more fight in their pinky then we have in this entire team

  101. What do we make of JJ Putz blowing this game? Is it just one of those things? Does he need to be used more to maintain effectiveness? Is it a mistake to bring in a closer and use him as a set-up guy, even if he says all the right things? How much blame should we give to the non-clutch offense which leaves guys little margin of error? Why is it when the Mets make a coaching visit to the mound, a damaging hit immediately follows?

  102. he had an off day …. you cant always expect them to be perfect which is what every win seems to be

  103. we dont have a bullpen. we have a 12 man pitching rotation.
    i am disgusted. they should have left santana in end of story.

  104. I haven’t really blogged this season and am a little rusted but here goes: this NY Mets team has been “heartless” since Yadier Molina’s homer in game 7 of the NLCS 2006. Be it Willie, Wright, Beltran, or Manuel, the team has NO FREAKIN’ HEART! IMHO, the entire coaching staff and Minaya should go. I am so sick of the product they put on the field day in and day out and now year in and year out….

    Minaya, if your listening, fire the coaching staff and then fire yourself!

  105. (265) ChiliGTC – Agree 100%. This is Omar’s team. He built this team. The Mets are a very soft team. nothing has changed with this team. it’s the same M.O. for the past 2+ years. I bet you that this soft teams loses all 6 games coming up.