METS CHAT ROOM: Game #20; Delgado sits again.



Carlos Delgado will sit out tonight’s game against Florida with a sore hip, and Jerry Manuel said he’ll sit tomorrow, also. It’s obvious he wants him fresh for this weekend in Philly.

Also sitting will be second baseman Luis Castillo with back spasms. No word on if he’ll play tomorrow.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Alex Cora, 2B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Livan Hernandez, P

127 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #20; Delgado sits again.

  1. So long, Freddie. If Livan bombs again, he will be gone next. I cant believe Shef is hitting cleanup. This is not good.

  2. OKAY! I’ll take a triple and 2 runs! Even if Sheffield is doing what Wright’s supposed to…

  3. Well, there you go. Sheffield was on 3rd; Wright couldn’t handle the pressure.

  4. And John, when you answer Annie, could you explain something else? Didn’t the Mets used to carry three catchers not that long ago? What has changed?

  5. Jeff M (19): I thought three catchers were too many. Still do, especially since Tatis is your emergency guy. I honestly don’t know what they are going to do when Schneider comes back.-JD

  6. Good thing that ended when it did. Livan has thrown 45 pitches through 3… will he last 6?

  7. At least Wright is making progress…now he strikes out with nobody on base, too.

  8. Livan has now thrown 75 pitches – wonder how much longer he will be in….

  9. JD- team gets up and all of a sudden the bats disappear..i know nolasco is good but they need more ABs like Cora’s here…long..make him work

  10. John (37) I’d like to see the Mets win this one, but I’m not sure they will. Incidentally Francesa interviewed Jerry Manuel this afternoon and they were so chummy it seemed as though they were related.
    Are you watching the game at the Boston Garden, too? Close, very close.

  11. A good outing by Hernandez. They needed something like this from him. And, with Santana going tomorrow, they could have three solid starts in a row.-JD

  12. game 20 already? wow

    It is good to see our #5 having a good game. I wonder is Jerry hitting the right buttons? He talks about changes and our pitchers start having good games. I hope Delgado gets hot again.

  13. Last year he lit a fire under Delgado by sitting him a bit. Willie never had the guts to make his players uncomfortable.

  14. I am really impressed by Bobby P. I didn’t think he would contribute like this so early.

  15. Yeah. He has good heat. That was a nice slider this at bat. In spring I was hoping he would make the team because of his fastball, but I did not think he would be this important to the team this year.

  16. Howie is talking about the wind tonight at Citi Field – says the winds are circling around and strong. Is it that noticeable?

  17. Thanks Dave = Howie doesn’t miss much. Now he’s talking about the flags on the roof blowing like crazy, and papers swirling on the field.

  18. John (50) yes, just like at Shea. Fog used to drift in from the outfield, too..

  19. Did you see where the Yankees slashed ticket prices because of all the empty seats? Mets tickets, although high, weren’t obscene.-JD

  20. John (55) Francesa read the whole transcript of the Yankee message concerning tickets.

  21. awful inning from green…this is the kind of game the mets need to comeback and win

    get some good vibes in citi field

  22. why do I feel like they have absolutely no chance of rallying .. three runs seems like so much… then I heard a stat the Mets havent come back from more then two down after six innings

  23. awful AB from beltran so far..big break in the wind taking it..but come on…fight mets…show some fight and get back into this game

  24. -the phillies always seem to come back and at least make it a game late…wish i could say the same for the mets..tired of this crap

  25. look at that two quicks out from the worst pen in the league our great pen gives up five runs in two innings … i know there aloud to have off nights but could we substain some winning, i cant remeber the least five game winning streak

  26. they just have no b*lls you can see it this game is over – im really starting to feel like this is all this group will ever have is 500 they’ll never turn the corner

  27. (55)

    I was looking at the prices a little while back. I thought they were high. A family of 4 would spend quite a bit for an afternoon at the stadium.

    I can see 2 people dropping 150-200 easy even with the cheap seats – or cheapish.

    By the way, Madoff’s seats several rows back from 3rd base went for 1/2 price.

  28. Jd- you have said you dont think lack of heart is a problem…but how can you not think that has something to do with it..this team flat out doesnt score late in games when down…like i said phillies fight back it seems all the time and the mets go down in order AGAIN

  29. no if those jokers could get a 1-2-3 inning against our heart how is it that Green and Parnell couldn’t

  30. ed

    Green is a seventh inning pitcher. I don’t expect him to be perfect. He seems wild on occasion. He has pitched well so far, I am ok with him.

  31. i paid 300 per seat for two seats upper deck for 15 games – love my seats dont fell ripped off at all- its like being in the mezz without the roof

  32. that was his second multiple run game in a row— my problem more is with how this team presses whether its a pitcher, fielder or batter they are too tight in tight games and never come back

  33. Spent my evening watching the Rangers get eliminated and I switch over to see us losing???

    Reminds me out of curiosity I used the mlb ticket site to see what a bleacher seat in Yankee stadium would run me for a game against the Halos. Ran $105 before the 15 surcharges. No thanks, Hankenstein. Is that price before or after their ticket price reduction?

  34. i was hoping the mets would trade for someone like aaron rowand to play LF in the offseason or someone known for always playing hard and not taking any bull…team lacks fire..and it is more than very frustrating as a fan

  35. phills fifth straight most from behind – thats all i’d ask you give me a five game winning streak with two big comebacks and i’d probably shut up for a month

  36. parnell and stokes now will be pitching the 7th
    green demoted to stokes role of keeping games close after his awful showing again

  37. dave- i agree johan is that guy…but the team needs a position player to fill that role as well.
    sick and tired of seeing the team roll over when down. absolutely sucks

  38. church will get a hit here…he specializes in htting with no one on it feels…he’ll slap a single somewhere

  39. look at team choke – they couldnt build on there lead and the min,. there down there flat – they might as well walked off the fiedl with Cantu’s homerun

  40. very frustrating ed but ill still support them no matter what..very sick of not seeing any perseverance or fire from this team

  41. you cant choke if youre not that good. and right now the mets arent that good…they need to get a chip on their shoulder and refuse to lose. show some fight

  42. ed,

    Glad you like your package. I noticed that the games get more expensive for the teams that they feel you want to see more.

    I wonder if it is a sucky game if they will give you some sort of rebate.

    I don’t like the pricing. If you play the Phils they charge more. What if Howard and Rollins are hurt. Do they roll the prices down?

    I want to see the team and the stadium. They cut the seats by a lot and jack up the prices. I wonder if I will be able to make a game this year based on schedule and money.

  43. yeah my ticket was considered 11 dollars last night for the marlins – same ticket is 35 bucks for Second night SD and philly games … it comes out to 25 a seast

  44. I’ll still support them but I’m so fustrated with this group more then I can rem in the past ….. other teams were either pathetically bad, over achievers or really good…. this is a team that should be really good but wont play up to it

  45. Dan (78) Sorry about the Rangers – 1994 seems so long ago.

    I think all four teams – with new stadiums – have really misunderstood just how much the economy has tanked and how everyone is much more cautious about what they spend and where. The average family simply cannot afford these prices.

  46. My problem is I cannot plan that far ahead. If I wake up, like the game, like the day I want to show up and see the game.

    Those days may be gone unless the team sucks big time. Then there will be seats and the prices may come down too. Of course there won’t be much energy.

  47. Maybe Reed will come up a the bottom of the inning and hit a 4 run single to win the game?

  48. close game the fiedlers and pen played tighted and blew it and this team simply cant come back

    Wright was gift wrapped at least one out and then backed up for five min. instead of grabbing the ball, Green looked way too tight

  49. This isnt manuel this is this group – i refused to believe in 2007, then hoped they mature through it 2008 and before the season hoped they had the pitching to coverit… simply this team deosnt have what “it” takes whatever “it” is … this is the same team for three friggin years

  50. nah there done now you can tell – there making plans for after the game already

  51. rem. what we heard all off-season it was the open , the pen , the pen if we get a lead to the seventh we now win – its the pen

  52. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’. The beginning was OK, but all was lost at the end.
    Santana tomorrow — day game.

  53. 1-2-3 no rally no fight 4th time this year they’ve lost a game they had a three run lead but havent come back on a team from three down after the sixth

  54. always the same – i bet theres a stat out there that the Mets score the least runs of any team in the middle innings

  55. I could just scream. Instead I’ll grab a Saranac Lake and set the computer to Vin Scully calling Dodgers vs Giants. See you guys tomorrow afternoon.

    Speaking of choke jobs, the Devils blew it in the last period and can join the other NY hockey teams on the links. I am hoping for a Carolina vs Vancouver Stanley Cup to teach NBC a lesson.

  56. Hi, everybody! I took some time away to watch NCIS and Fringe. Tuned in long enough during a break to see Wright get an RBI with RISP. So everything’s great, right? We won, didn’t we?



  57. I can for the life of me understand why with Green struggling he wasn’t lifted for Feliciano with Baker coming up. Instead Green walks Baker on four pitches and gives up a gopher ball to Cantu. That’s just terrible bullpen management.

  58. Three things from my very late night viewing.

    1. Jerry Manuel lost this game. Jerry Manuel thinks games are only won in the 8th and 9th innings, Jerry Manuel put in a guy to opitch the 7th who had nothing but wildness and Jerry Manuel ignored the fact that he is supposed to have two great releivers and Jerry Manuel didn’t even have his best set up man warm up because it was the 7th inning. This Bud’s for you Jerry Manuel.
    2. Reading how pleased peoiple were with Livan is really a solid commentary on the hrrendous state of starting pitching. Being happy with a guy who can’t go 6 says it all.
    3. Releasing Freddy Garcia! Omar makes a good move.

  59. They need to toss the black from the uniforms!
    They need to leave the pitchers in from now on. the pen needs to rest.

  60. We all know the Mets starting pitching is weak. Championships are won by having good starting pitching, setupman and closer. The problem is the most important thing the Mets are missing is starting pitching. Another big problem with this team is the character makeup of the club. They have no leaders and the players they have have no heart or fire or whatever you want to call it. I never seen a club like the Mets score early and than call it a night. Especially when this team loses a lead in the later innings they easily die and place there tails between there legs. This team will never win a championship, never and you can all remember I said this because until Omar brings in leaders and character players it will be the same old crap. I truly believe this team needs a major face lift of the starting lineup.

  61. The mets bull pen is being over used again, doesn’t that sound familiar? Except for Johan the starter can’t make it to the 6th inning. I don’t care how good the bull pen is when almost every game you got to go to the bull pen by the 6th inning, the pen is being over used and exposed.

  62. so tom. let me get this right. you are complaining that once they feel they scored. its siesta time?

  63. (124) Hmm……. Complaining? No, just an observation and my opinion. I’m not complaining. Frustrated, absolutely to the point that I really lost allot of respect for this present met team.