Hi folks …. give Coin Flip another game.

PEREZ: Patience is wearing thin.

PEREZ: Patience is wearing thin.

I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to post while I was away and your well wishes. It meant a lot to me to see your responses. It told me you like the blog and that made me feel good.

Of course, I heard about the weekend. Two up, one down, with that one again being Oliver Perez. Should the Mets give Coin Flip start this weekend against Philadelphia?

Before shipping him off the bullpen or the minor leagues, I say they should for two reasons:

1) The strength of the Phillies’ line-up are left-handed hitters Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, and he’s had success against Philadelphia. If Perez is going to turn it around, one would think it would be against a team he’s had some good fortune facing.

2) He’s due for a good game.

OK, what if he spits the bit again? If that happens, then the Mets need to seriously think about taking him out of the rotation to fix him. He can reject a minor league assignment – which I see him doing – so they probably have no choice but to stick him in the pen.

I’d rather have him correct his problems on this level because I can envision him in the minor leagues overpowering Triple A hitters and returning to the same problems. Let’s face it, the Mets have this guy for three years and the best thing is to make him better. We know he has the ability because he’s done it before.

Actually, of all the Mets’ starters who are having problems the one I’m most concerned with is John Maine because he’s coming off surgery and everybody’s body reacts differently and at different paces. It’s just an oversimplification to say, “Oh, he’ll be fine,” because we really don’t know.

Livan Hernandez? C’mon, he’s at the end of his career. For him to get hit around is expected. He was good in his first start but has been getting hit since. It should all even out to mediocrity in the end.

Perez? Well, he’s living up to his history so this can’t be too surprising. Just aggravating.

11 thoughts on “Hi folks …. give Coin Flip another game.

  1. JD: At least when Ollie has struggled in the past he still had his velocity. The guy only touched 88 MPH yesterday I read!!!! That is awful for him. I think he is injured and not letting on. Right now the Mets have no alternatives though but to let him pitch and to hope that the reason why he is struggling so much is because he is still in Spring Training mode with his arm.

  2. Welcome back Delcos….

    Several things from me…
    1. Perez is more than your slogan. He has nothing stuff now. He was throwing 88. He looks like a guy with a problem lower than his head.
    2. I think he should start vs the Phils unless he’s hurt. What’s the alternative?
    3. If he refuses a minor league stint does he become a free agent? If so the Mets owe him all his money?
    4. Murphy looks like his fielding is impacting his at bats or He isn’t ready to bat two and Manel’s sutbborness is hurting this team. Yesterday the Mets had two on and one out and two balls to Murphy. He swung 2-0 and popped out. Castillo never would have swung at that point. On the field he can go tho his side but now he’ seems clueless going back or forward.
    5. I hope you got to see Duke missing fly ball in the bright sun on Saturday. It was classic Nat ball. So what do you think he did next. He took his sunglasses off his hat and put them on !!!!

  3. JD: I’m worried more about Maine because he doesn’t have a darn outpitch. Hasn’t had one ever and that is going to keep him from being elite.

  4. Coin Flip has pitched well in the past against the good teams. Start him against the Phillies.

  5. JD- hope all is well. I agree about maine.. i am very concerned..he lacks an out pitch unless he is locating his fastball and he has not been doing that

    ollie- give him one more start..i think he will perform against the phils

    pelf- i still remain confident in him.. i expect a 13-10 type season

    livan- up and down…with a 5+ ERA..we gotta hit when he pitches

    johan- the best..bar none

    if maine performs i like what this team can do..if not uh oh…

    if maine and ollie tank again…paul byrd or pedro sign with us??

  6. my 3 cents. Ollis is broken and doesnt think he needs to be fixed. His “style” of pitching doesnt work for him. If his ERA was lower if hewas consistant then i would say leave him.
    But he has neither. Fix or ditch.

  7. Welcome back JD, we missed you. As for Ollie, As you all know, I never wanted him back. Wolf isnt a world beater, but his ERA is half of ollies, and he makes a lot less money.

  8. I dont know if the WBC is the reason his velocity is down, but I am sure glad Santana didnt go this year.

  9. Gotta wonder if the Mets braintrust are noticing Derek Lowe’s numbers in Atlanta

    2 and 1 a 3 era.

  10. I hope Ollie goes to form and has a good game against the Phils. I don’t know why he is what he is. He got no work in spring. It was a horrible decision to let him go off the farm with no structure.

    Maybe he will win a few games for us, maybe he will pitch like Jorge Sosa.