Play Church tonight vs. lefty

The Mets face a lefthander tonight in Scott Olsen, which shouldn’t automatically draw the assumption Gary Sheffield will start in place of Ryan Church in right.

Don’t do it. After a homer the other day in St. Louis, Church is showing signs of getting back on track. He’s your starting right fielder and deserves the opportunity to hit against a lefty.

If Sheffield has to play, and because he’s hit the ball hard the odds are he will, it should be in left tonight.

8 thoughts on “Play Church tonight vs. lefty

  1. Sheff is getting an award from Dave Dombroski tonight before the game. Which will probably mean that he will have to start, won’t he? God I hate this. I was so against this signing.

  2. Yeah, 40 year old has been Gary Sheffield is the future of the NY Metsies. It is so critical to get him, and his .111 batting average in the lineup. Gotta make Omar be proud of his garbage heap find.

  3. Boomer and Carton already said this morning that both Sheffield and Tatis were in the corner OF positions tonight. So unless they were wrong, no sense speculating.

  4. Scary thought number 10,000:

    The Mets are only two games out of last place and are closer to last than first

  5. I heard Omar on the wfan today. After Omar’s interview which was Omar’s basic crap met fans called up and every one of them stated exactly how I felt. How they can’t watch this crap anymore.

  6. (7) Hi kevin… How about that offense. Like Jose’s hustle on that triple into the gap, turning into a double? I think the opposition is gonna walk the bases loaded to start every inning.