METS CHAT ROOM: The weekend edition.

Greetings all. I need to take this weekend to address some health issues so I’ll be away and won’t have computer access to monitor the Chat Room. I’ll leave the keys to the blog to you and hope you’ll visit and carry on as usual.

Use this post for all three games.

I’ll be back for the Marlins series. Have a great weekend all.-JD

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  1. I reiterate, Johan is a monster. Tough Choice coming up soon with the Magic playoff game starting. I’m going to have to DVR one… yikes

  2. Well I got to see Harry at this point in the season, the Magic, who won 59 games, going down 2 – 1 in the first round series against the sixers would blow my level of disappointment and frustration with the Mets out of the water, seeing as how it is April and the Magic games have just a little more weight on them.

  3. (5) Well, good luck to the Magic. The Met should be over but its only 1-0 thanks to Dukes doing his best Milledge impression.

  4. I see they’ve got a “K” corner going for Santana. Hope they’re not taping those up — they’ll be tossed out for defacing Citi Field!

  5. Hi Everyone – as usual I’m with Howie on the radio, but Santana seems to be in his groove can he be cloned?

  6. this is amazing they have had a man on third with one out three times and couldn’t even get a fly ball, what are the odds it almost seems mathematically impossible

  7. Ed(8) There has been Met talk all over the papers and the radio today – at least the Mets now have scored and have two runs, one on an error.

  8. (8) I said it was mathematically impossible the other day to get so few runs on double digit hits. They’re rewriting the laws of probability.

  9. Howie says he is beginning to feel at home at Citi Field – how soon will the Mets feel that way?

  10. this is really mind boggling it’s not one or two players it’s the entire roster – we should be up by six by now

  11. The offense is thanking Livan for getting blown out otherwise they would be in the cross hairs

  12. Ed(12) you are right and it’s been going on for days. Wonder when the powers that be will shake up this team. Omar was on the FAN this afternoon, but didn’t seem very concerned.

  13. wright strikes out twice with runners on and then hits a perfect double – i hate to say it but he’s really turning into a D-Rod

  14. Gary just said Mets were 1 for 10 tonight with RISP — but that was before the fly out, so I guess now they’re 1 for 11.

  15. ed(16) I remember David saying he was going to watch Derek Jeter carefully when they were together in the WBC – guess he didn’t.

  16. im sure if johan cant hold the lead they’ll blame him and forget about the offense… I’ve been screaming about this soft offense since mid season last year

  17. I’ve got to check in on the Yankees/RedSox game once in a while – it’s a very big deal here in Central Ct.

  18. (23) You mean David should have watched Pete Rose? Nah — he’d just learn how to gamble.

  19. Homer, walk, hit, tying run in scoring position. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Mets could score more than 2 runs for Santana against the worst team in the league, so he didn’t have to be perfect?

  20. I’ve truely never seen a team play this bad and I was a fan for the late 70s team

  21. As we all know, the players will have to motivate themselves – why aren’t they doing it?? I can’t figure it out.

  22. 9 strikeouts — that’s great. Unfortunately it’s only the first out, still two on.

  23. At least the Mets fans are really supporting Santana – he’s the only one doing his job these days.

  24. Held the lead. The huge lead. Now we lose him because he’s already over 100 pitches through 6. Still walking the frigging tightrope!

  25. Jeff (41) I seem to remember Santana ignoring that pitch count a couple of times – I wish I had never heard of such a thing….

  26. this is the Nationals they have three friggin wins – everybody is blowing them out

  27. HALLELUJAH! A runner NOT left on third! And I was watching that ball head toward the left fielder and was AMAZED that he didn’t come up with it…

  28. how does reyes get doubled up there- this team should be renamed “rally killer”

  29. Reyes doubled up? Come on! They had a huge inning — they scored 1 run! I swear, I think the Mets could manage to get a home run with the bases loaded and still only score 1 run…

  30. Annie! Annie, where are you? We scored a run! Stop listening to the Red Sox game!

  31. Jeff (53) I am right here in my little office with the computer and the radio – YES and NESN cover these events and I can see them in the Living Room from my office. I’m here and I’ll keep at it.

  32. is castro alive back there – Flores blocked at least ten balls harder then that

  33. Small world, Annie, I’m here in my little office with the computer, but no radio, and I can see the TV in the living room.

  34. this guy couldnt hit to save his life with us then killed us last year the Ayala deal

  35. Didn’t the Mets once have a Molina catcher?? That St. Louis one was amazing – he didn’t miss anything.

  36. i have the big 48 in on but need to vent to people who understand that raving about a game isnt lunacy

  37. Hm. Is this pitching change just because they heard you say you would take him out right now, edfever?

  38. Jeff (62) you need to get a radio – you never miss a thing with it – you can hear everything with a good announcer and Howie is one of those.

  39. Nice – to be honest I hate Hagen’s game calling – I listen to about half the games on the radio, work in a car and he drives me nuts

  40. I think Jerry should have pulled the first player who made a sloppy play and tonight it was castro – regardless

  41. I love Howie; I used to love him more when he originally hosted Mets Extra back in the 80s. But I’ve got to agree with (73) — I cannot stand this new guy (I still consider him new, even if it’s his second year) Hagen. He just sounds like such a generic blowhard.

  42. Ed (73) I agree that Wayne is still learning — be thankful we don’t have to listen to John Sterling :) He drives me nuts.

  43. i think Willie was strong armed with his roster and took it – reading todays comments seperately by jherry and Omar sounds like jerry is using the media to force the issue

  44. The Mets used to have an embarrassment of riches in the radio booth — Bob Murphy, Gary Thorne, Gary Cohen — I can’t believe they can’t find anybody better to work with Howie than these out-of-towners who have been parading through here the last few years.

  45. those were the glory days – in the summer i use to wish i was working during a game

  46. Ed (79) I think Jerry had better be careful – he’d be the first to go, not Omar.

  47. This field is too darn big. Did they even consult with any baseball people before they built it?

  48. Jeff and Ed – I had hoped that Eddie Coleman would get the job to work with Howie, but it didn’t happen.

  49. you know when a mgr is asked by a owner to put his job on the line ( in any job) I think Omar has done that with his roster

  50. (88) I don’t understand why not. Did he not want the job? He’s been covering the Mets forever, filling in. Would have been a great team.

  51. jerry is just playing with what he’s given and after two collapses he can say – i beg him to sign Lowe manny hudson ( which he did)

  52. Okay, bases loaded. Tatis already has a triple — the hardest part of the cycle to get!

  53. Jeff(91) Oh, I think Eddie really wanted the job, but somehow WFAN took Hagen instead. I think Hagen is from NJ or PA.

  54. Church comes in for defense? We need him for offense! Sheffield has been doing great! He’s a gold glove candidate!

  55. I don’t know about last year, but I really think the Wilpons got hit hard with the Maddox ponzi situation and are perhaps having a cash crisis – which affects the team in many ways.

  56. (106) I think you meant Madoff. Maddox would have been a good addition to the pitching staff.

  57. so then shame on them for not taking a partner on or taking out a loan – dont kill the fans because you need to catch up on your golden egg- I agree they acted the way they did because of the ponzi – but they shouldnt have

  58. I don’t buy the cash thing. The kinds of players we’ve been saying they need — scrappy, gritty hustlers — are not the ones you need to go out and spend a lot of money to get. They’re the ones you find through good scouting and drafting. And their cash problems have nothing to do with the way the guys on this roster are performing — or failing to. Look at the Yankees; even with all their spending, have they had any real success in recent years? And they spent a fortune on this new field; the problems with it aren’t from lack of spending, they’re from poor judgement. Who decided to make the distance to the fences so huge? Who decided not to include any Mets heritage displays? There’s just something wrong with the way the whole operation is being run.

  59. No more conflicts after tonight – I think both Mets games are at 1PM and that WPIX will carry the Sunday game – so I can see it.

    Who pitches tomorrow – is Pelfrey coming back?

  60. I have to wonder with Jerry be such a liberal belief guy and Church beiong far right if jerry isnt treating him unfair because of personal differences

  61. (114) According to the Mets website, it’s Pelfrey tomorrow, Perez Sunday, Maine Monday.

  62. (116) Church is far right? I never heard that. I also can’t believe Jerry would even consider that in his thinking. He’s trying to win ballgames.

  63. Church got himself in hot water in Washington on a radio station talking about his beliefs – its part of the reason he was traded

  64. looky looky were stressed – have a seat on the coach – tell me whats bothering you well doc….

  65. how many times can you have a man on third with one out and not get a run – really how mmany times before mathematically it has to happen – there must be a law of averages

  66. Gary says they’re walking Beltran because he’s hot right now and Delgado is not. Nonsense! They’re doing it to load the bases! They know the Mets are absolutely helpless with the bases loaded!

  67. they wal;k one in knowing wright will choke I’ll laugh hoping for a four run lead instead of big inning

  68. YAY! YAY! This is the only way the Mets can score — if it’s gift-wrapped and handed to them.

  69. Ed (122) wonder how Pelfrey and Perez would react if they were left in for the whole 9 innings???

  70. I think Wright should be sent up to bat blindfolded if there’s anybody on base. He couldn’t do much worse, and it would keep him from getting stressed.

  71. If the Mets hang on — and I stress “if” — just consider: this was a game with the best pitcher in baseball going against the pathetic last place Nationals, and we’ve been sitting here scratching and clawing to try to eke out a win. What do we have to look forward to for the rest of the series?

  72. Howie has put it “in the Book” and it was a thriller all they way through.

    Rest up for tomorrow –


  73. Thanks. John will be proud.
    I’ll try to check in tomorrow, but it’s a day game and will be a nice day out. If I don’t drop in, enjoy!

  74. Thanks to Johan Santana for the win yesterday and to all of you who stopped by here with your comments.

    Pelfrey will be pitching today and the game is at 1PM at Citi Field. Hope to see you then.

    PS – Yes, the clock on this blog is still on Standard Time, but I don’t know how to change it – I’m sure John will when he returns.

  75. Here’s today’s lineup for the Mets

    Jose Reyes SS
    Daniel Murphy LF
    Carlos Beltran CF
    Carlos Delgado 1B
    David Wright 3B
    Ryan Church RF
    Omir Santos C
    Luis Castillo 2B
    Mike Pelfrey P

  76. Rumor has it that Nelson Figueroa will re-sign with the Mets – let’s hope this is true. Let’s hope that Omar also calls on Pedro Martinez = a smart move in many ways.

    Also, Management needs to be much more interested and involved with the Mets Team and not hassle kids in the “K” Korner as they did last night.

    Just my opinion…

  77. game two the only Nat to second base scores so far in the 4th ….

    Despite having five runs the Mets have already left seven on base and are 3 for 9 with runners in scoring position and four have been left in scoring with two outs

    King David once again looks awful under pressure

  78. Ed (145) Just got back – heard that Mets were doing OK, but glad to have you break it down for me.

  79. (145) Just be glad the Mets didn’t hire Acta to manage. The Nats look like a team that has never practiced in its history.

  80. Crowd is applauding and Howie is calling this game the best defensive game of the season – so far.

    Now – Howie’s got it “in the books”.

  81. The ’62 Mets’ record is under challenge by the ’09 Washington Nationals.

  82. It’s quiet today.

    It was good to see Pelf on track against the doormat of the division. They helped with that big error in OF and Murphy’s nice catch and throw.

    Hope Ollie follows tomorrow with another good outing to sweep a team we should dominate.

  83. I was listening to the first few innings on the radio, then caught parts of the rest on TV. This is a classic example of a game that looks completely different in the stats, and on the quick sports report wrap-ups, than what actually happened.

    Yes, the Mets played some sparkling defense; early on, it seemed like they were a completely different team than the one we’ve been watching recently. And Pelfrey did a good job. But I wouldn’t be a Mets fan if I didn’t still see worrisome signs. They were playing a totally hapless Nationals team that couldn’t catch anything. And Wright is still pathetic with RISP. The team was 4-for-11 with RISP, and had 8 LOB. Only 3 of their 8 runs were earned.

    I hate to say it, but Sunday’s game is a must-win. That may sound ridiculous, but 2 out of 3 against a team this bad is not good enough. Friday’s win was a lot tougher than it should have been; today’s leaves more questions unanswered. Have the Mets really turned a corner? If they can’t sweep the Nationals, then the answer is no. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  84. (152) Let’s get serious here. The only reason why the Mets may have looked like a different team is because they played the worst team in baseball. The nats were giving out runs yesterday like it was christmas. The mets should have scored 15 runs yesterday and let’s not forget they squeak out a victory the day before against the nats, nothing has changed.

  85. If there’s nobody on here today, I don’t blame you. Beautiful day. I just tuned in and saw Delgado drive in a run with an extra base hit, and then promptly saw Same Old, Same Old: Murphy falls down in the outfield, Coin Flip gives up a 2-run homer.

    Going back outside to do whatever.

  86. The 2:30 Update for Nobody:
    Mets are losing to the Nationals 4-1 after 4. Wright is up to 22 strikeouts for the season. But it is still warm and sunny outside, so I’m going back (where you obviously all are).

  87. Ollies follies continue. His 7.82 ERA has gone up after this latest disaster.

  88. Yes it has. For those of you missing this latest disaster but checking in later, it’s now the bottom of the 6th, the Mets are losing 8-1 to Cy Young — I mean, Ryan Zimmerman — and the Washington Nationals, and Ch. 11 has resorted to showing kids hitting off a tee in the play area and the kitchen staff making tacos in the food court.

    If I didn’t need a drink I wouldn’t have come in at all.

  89. Great job Omar by re-signing Ollie, is he related to Laurel and hardy. This team has great character. There go down 8-1 to the worst team in baseball and just die, no fight back like the red sox. This team blows chunks and I’ve been saying this for 2 years now. This is the great team Omar built, enjoy it. I will route hard for my second team, the red sox. This team is pathetic and Kevin, I will remember you just like the past two years when it was to early to get down on these losers.

  90. As for Omars follies, We have exhibit 1. Pathetic Perez given a 3 yr 36 mil deal. Ex.2 Catcher Flores hits 2 HRs today for the Nats. A free gift from Minaya. EX.3 Sheffield. Why is he still here?

  91. Ah the OP love affair for years to come, and I can’t complain a bit. However, Flores looks like he is on the verge of becoming a big time player and just think we gave a 48 year old guy a guaranteed 2 year deal so we couldn’t protect one of the few good prospects we had.
    As for Perez, where is the speed. He can’t throw 90. Is he hurt?
    The utter humiliation was watching the DC crew this weekend and listining to Dibble state over and over that other than Santana the Mets have the worst starting 4 in the NL EAST.

  92. 161 Chiti, How much contract will the mess end up eating to get rid of the next koufax? As for Dibble, Hes obviously right unless these guys can turn it around. As a matter of fact, I would say never mind worst in the division. I say its worst in baseball right now.

  93. I can predict, without any doubt, that the Mets will not have an end-of-season meltdown this year — because they will already be out of the race. However, instead they will have an end-of-season rally, and start winning (and teasing us) when it’s already too late. Mark my words; come back to this April 26 post in September and see if this wasn’t true.

  94. Hi Everyone – Guess I didn’t miss much this afternoon (yes Jeff M, it was the Madrigals again). I’ve seen enough of those games where we just want them to be over.
    Thanks for being here and all your great comments – I”m in good company with you.


  95. This game was just nothing to worry about. You all probably don’t know this, but this is really the greatst day in Met history. This is the day that the late great
    Harry Chiti became a Met. So in honor of that great day 40 some years ago, the 2009 Mets, seeing that very ugly inaugural season patch on their jerseys, decided to re-enact a game from 1962. They were just honoring me. Will they hinor me again on June 15, the day I was humiliated by the worst team in baseball history by being returned? Even marv Throneberry was traded for somebody, another great Met catcher of the time, Hoby Landrith

  96. (166) Jim: They didn’t play well against the Nationals who gave the Mets pretty much both games they won. How are they going to play well against the Marlins?

  97. JD: I hope you are well.

    Steve(167) well Ollie hasnt changed. delgado is slumping again. Wright is having trouble.

    Wearing the traditional colors helped. They need to chuck the black uniforms.

    They need to also chuck this new fangled idea of pitching. if a pitcher does well keep his ass in the game. if your bullpen is tired and your decent pitcher is having issues early in the game and there’s plenty of season left, leave his ass in.
    if the hitters arent hitting make them practice and/or move them in the line up.

    We need an OLD SCHOOL manager. thats all there is to it.
    KEITH if you are reading this. HINT HINT HINT …

  98. SteveC (168) Even if Keith is reading this — which I doubt (but it would be great for JD) — what does your “hinting” accomplish? Is Keith supposed to decide he wants to be the manager, go to Omar and say “I want to be the manager” and have Omar fire Jerry and hire him? Yeah, I’m sure Keith has that kind of power…

    Hey, JD, when are you coming back? Hope everything’s okay.

  99. 167- this team has the talent, at least i believe they do, to win this division…starting pitching has been the downfall. hopefully somehow, someway..john maine finds himself. they absolutely need him

  100. (170) Jim: Biggest problem I see is that they have as many question marks as they do the talent to win the division. As of right now I can only assume they don’t have the heart either to win this division.

    (168) Stevie C: No, Ollie hasn’t changed. I don’t know why I would have expected it to be any other way with him.