Let’s not get carried away ….

The assumption is Johan Santana will pitch well and the Mets should beat the Washington Nationals tonight. That’s always the assumption when the best pitcher in the major leagues faces its worst team.

The Mets come limping back into town losers of four straight games, the last three in St. Louis. The common denominator in the four games was the inability to hit with runners in scoring position and bad starting pitching. The only decent start came last Sunday against Milwaukee by Nelson Figueroa and he’s no longer in the organization.

As a stopper, Santana is expected to pitch well, but let’s not assume all is well with your heroes even should he throw a shutout.

Even should they sweep the Nationals, it won’t mean all is well. They need to go through the rotation two, three times getting solid starts to allay those concerns.

What we have with the 6-9 Mets is a developing trend. It obviously can’t continue at this rate, but even so, that’s still too small a sample to assume they should write off the season.

2 thoughts on “Let’s not get carried away ….

  1. Unfortunately, the only thing we have to judge them on are streaks. We haven’t seen any long win streaks, just a four-game losing streak. Otherwise, it’s up-and-down, up-and-down — the definition of a .500 team, exactly what you said they were. Mets fans, though accustomed to such performance (look at the team’s history!) have got to wonder how a New York team with a payroll this big, knowing it is moving into a brand new showcase, can put such a mediocre product on the field.