METS CHAT ROOM: Game #14; Maine needs to turn it on.



John Maine throws tonight for the Mets. I say throw, because he hasn’t done a whole lot of pitching lately. He’ll start strong, then unravel in Oliver Perez fashion.
MAINE: Needs consistency.

MAINE: Needs consistency.

Tonight its the Cardinals, who came from four runs down, and as the recipients of Daniel Murphy’s fielding blunders and Carlos Beltran’s decision not to slide at the plate, beat the Mets. It was arguably their worst game of the year.

With Maine on the mound, the Mets can’t afford another flawed performance. They have to do something they haven’t for most of the season, which is produce with RISP because there’s no promise Maine will be able to shut them down.

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  1. Greetings everybody. We had a great night last night even though the Mets didn’t. You guys set a blog record with 454 comments. Thanks.-JD

  2. Big game tonight. Need to start building some momentum with Washington coming to town this weekend… could use a nice 5 game winning streak…

  3. JD – you agree with the line-up remaining the same – I would have completely flipped it around moved everybody

  4. Evening, everybody. Anybody hear if Jerry spoke to the team since last night’s loss?

  5. ok – the mets give up a miracle Dp and Maine starts with a walk – i’m trying to stay positive but i get the feeling i know where this is going

  6. Why do they get to 0-2 and start nibbling is that a warthen thing because all our pitchers are doing it

  7. Could have been worse.. runners on 2nd & 3rd and only allow 1 run?

    Good way to battle back Johnny M!

  8. If Jerry was really mad….

    Castillo, Church, Reyes, Delgado, Beltran, Wright, Murphy, Castro

  9. (19) It a mlb fad . Its not a Warthen thing. Nibble nibble nibble because you have 7 relievers behind you.
    (10) I’d have moved Castillo to 2, Church to 5, Murphy to 6 reed in CF batting 8 and Beltran in the back learning how to slide.

  10. Jd – is there a rift with church and if so why….. Church was hitting .380 and they sat himn since then his momentum is gone

  11. church has more speed, my biggest problem with Murphy in the two is his lack of speed and what appears to be a lack of confidence by Reyes ( ie 2 steals) neither would be the case with Church who is the same style hitter

  12. He was their hottest player at the time. Sitting him then was a mistake. If I was that hell bent on getting Sheffield into the line-up, I would’ve started him over Murphy instead.-JD

  13. ed (30): OK, I’ll buy that. But, if I had my choice it would be Castillo batting second. There’s something with Murphy in the two hole that has put the brakes on Reyes.-JD

  14. Murphy was such a poster child all spring they have a hard time admitting he might not be Paul O’Niel already

  15. ed (32): Just a dumb play by his part. He said he didn’t know he was that close to the plate. That means he didn’t know where he was on the field. Inexcusable.-JD

  16. one of the first games reyes tried to steal like five times murph kept fouling pitches off – then he was caught steal on a wide ball

  17. (32) Give me back Gil Hodges. When he was mad at a guy,(except for Cleon of course whom he humiliated in front of everybody) he wouldn’t go to the press and whine, he’d bench the guy and tell the press the guy had a sore thumb or something like that and everyone knew what was going on. And they’d sit a few days until Hodges thought they got the message.

  18. but it epitomizes whats wrong so much- set an example – rem. Charlie benching Rollins

  19. Im glad to see he stayed – my pride would not have allowed me – I’d be in KC AAA just to spite myself lol

  20. he has several right now – he’s pulling a willie – refusing to change the line-up despite it sputtering… meanwhile his counterpart heading for the HOF with a much better record changes his nightly

  21. 0-2 on the pitcher and he walks him , come on , someone dominant something on this team

  22. So guys, other than the fact that Jerry is cute and entertaining and Willie was boring, what is the difference in how the players play for them?

  23. (70) nothing. when you have basically the same players who dont have the killer instinct it doesnt matter who manages them.

    BTW– good baserunning by Rasmus to move to 3rd on the throw home that was over the cutoff man. Got them the 3rd run. nice to see good fundamentals.

  24. Last year the team responded to Jerry they didnt to Willie – still doesnt mean it isnt a flawed team…. Church is now in a funk thanks to being sat

  25. Its pretty funny to see people comlaining about Castillo not getting enough abs who wanted the Mets to eat his contract not long ago.

  26. they say you make your own breaks and that luck is nothing but taking advantage of opportunities… how come i still feel like this is the most unlucky team in baseball … any other team gets a hit out of that or a million other hits in the last two weeks 3rd in BA 9th in runs

  27. Some people just like to bitch. Church is in a funk because he sat a couple of games in a week. If Church didnt sit it would be because he was tired. The season is over after 2 weeks. Give me a freakin break.

  28. JD (81) We have plenty to bitch about.. be nice to have nothing to bitch about… but then it would be boring in here on gamedays

  29. Looks like Maine is finally finding his groove. Too bad they’re in an insurmountable 2-run hole.

  30. >>Jeff M. April 22, 2009 8:23 pm

    Looks like Maine is finally finding his groove. Too bad they’re in an insurmountable 2-run hole.<<

    Did I say he was in a groove? Did I say it was a 2-run hole? Guess the only part I got right was “insurmountable”…

  31. Beltran’s non-slide was bad, but where was the on-deck hitter waving him down? Little things like that add up. (not defending Beltran)

  32. Hey, where’s the OP love for John Maine? He’s seemed to have learned a lot about the ball zone from Ollie.

  33. I know Ray there’s absolutely no reason for anything it just happens to happen… church had seven days of multiple hit games for some reason of every one Jerry decides to sit him , the same guy last year who rewarded guys for preforming, after two days off he’s had one hit … i know just a coincidence just like the offense is fine

  34. Great rotation, gald all we had to do was address the pen.. the only problem last year was the pen….

  35. Dont worry.. Manuel excused away the ondeck hitter on that play…

    something we’re used to.. excuses

  36. I think Maine is playing tight because he feels like he’s under such pressure to perform, and it’s messing up his mechanics… Wait, that’s David Wright, not Maine.

  37. Chiti, I Just dont like people who give up after 2 weeks. That being said, This season depends on ollie and Maine. I am hoping they can figure it out soon. At least Maine isnt costing a fortune.

  38. dave isnt playing tight its normal for your three hitter to have a .300BA but only 5 RBIs

  39. Letting Maine hit to save the bullpen-take one for the team? Why not? This one seems impossible to come back.

  40. Annie, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll go back to rehearsal. Take my word for it.

  41. this is the night – the mets have not come back from more then three down this season – i feel the comeback

  42. thats the game plan – lull him into thinking he owns the offense then steam roll him in the 6th

  43. My son’s got the TV, so I’m on Gameday now. Did Murphy catch that without falling down?

  44. I don’t think anyone’s given up Sadecki, just sick of the start being identical to the last one…. If everyone gave up they’d be watching the nba or nhl playoffs. There’s just a lot of bad signs,

  45. thats what the heart of our order does – oh come on for crying at loud – i’m truly tired of this do something

  46. Annie (121) Like I said, you really don’t want to know. See if they’ll start rehearsal over again. Maybe the rest of us can join you.

  47. oh yeah – i just had a flash back thanks JD that was stored in some deep recess till you said that

  48. Annie: nothing is going on. The only thing I noticed is that Ollie helped Maine learn to throw a lot of balls. Other than that, this Panera bread dude is shutting the offense down.

  49. John (119) Is it the pitching again tonight or is the whole team slacking off?

  50. Another 6 pitches for Pineiro. He’s got to be exhausted. We get 6 runs in the 7th for sure.

  51. Annie (129): I don’t think anybody is slacking off. Maine hasn’t pitched well and the offense is snoozing. But, they haven’t made the glaringly bad plays like last night.-JD

  52. Chiti contd, I am getting ready to join your hate Omar club. The minor leagues are still in shambles. Last time I looked The AAA club was 1-10. Thier top pick last year, Ike whatever was a major bust. If the Mets dont Make a deep run in the playoffs this year Omar has to go.

  53. Annie, like John said (133) — it’s true. Murphy caught a ball in left, using both hands. Things are looking up.

  54. What are Wally B and Dykstra doing these days? We need that kind of fire in the belly. What about Wally B as a roving hitting instructor? Did he ever recover from his legal issues? God knows there are ppl in the game who’ve done worse

  55. (128) Ray I watch 162 games and only football barely holds a second place – but I dont understand the belief that if you say anything neg. your not a true fan- when there good I compliment – when there bad i complain – Fan doesnt equal cheerleader to me

  56. John (141)At least Maine didn’t walk the opposing pitcher again.-JD

    John – tell me that’s not true..

    I’m really beginning to wonder about Jerry Manuel now – he’s already lost the team before the end of April???

  57. Annie (153) He hasn’t lost the team. Maybe that’s the problem — they keep finding their way to the park.

  58. Good evening, everyone. Just caught up on DVR, in time to see our team playing like a reeking pile of horse dung, once again…

  59. Jeff (155) that was good – I really got a laugh – maybe that’s what we all need.

  60. Butch Metzger wasa right handed relief pitcher of the late 1970s. Very ineffective. Started his career 10-0 for the Padres and went downhill after.

    Wally Backman is manager of the Joliet Jackhammers of the independent Northern League. I sometimes wonder if he deserves a major league job. Arizona hired him in 2004 but got rid of him after reports of bankruptcy and spousal abuse came out.

  61. nice rally 10 in a row … hey they got a lead and their starter turned it up a notch what a novice idea

  62. At least we cut down on the mental errors today. Tomorrow pitching improves. Friday hitters wake up

    By the weekend everything will be in working order and we’ll go on a nice run…

  63. this is really how they respond to the worst game of the season, really this is the best they have….

  64. Dan: Metzger was also NL co-Rookie of the Year in 1976, with then-Red Pat Zachry. Very starange how the Mets ended up with both shortly afterward and how neither — save Zachry’s 10-3 start in ’78 — could duplicate their earlier successes.

  65. That’s 77 pitches through 7 for Pineiro. At this rate, they’ll have to take him out in the 10th.

  66. Ed, I said If the Knicks were in it there would be less people here. I dont know about you, but a lot of people like the NBA. I used to love the Knicks. If the Ewing Oakley Knicks were on playing the Jordan Bulls right now, I sure wouldnt be looking at this. I sure wish I wasnt watching this. It sucks. I am still not ready to throw in the towel in the season yet, And i know last night I saw some posts saying that.

  67. oh JEEZ. i said i was only going to listen… and i got sucked into it.

    not sure why.

  68. John – Isn’t it early in the season for the Mets to be playing like this??

  69. (177) It’s true. They usually don’t play like this until the end of the season.

  70. ed: How can you forget other Mets rotation stalwarts like the immortal Pete Falcone? Nino Espinosa? Ray Burris? Mark Bomback? Doc Ellis? Mike Bruhert? Kevin Kobel?

  71. (177) Or it could be — apologies to Yogi — the end of the season came early this year.

  72. i was a kid during that team – I rem. about ten of my fav. swann, Zach, Mazz., youngblood, traveras, sterns, rusty etc..

  73. ed: We DO have players like that — only they cut THEIR OWN hearts out. The Mets have been mailing it in tonight since the the fifth inning.

  74. Thought I read that ESPN was carrying the game tonight. Not on my cable system though – maybe that’s for the best.

  75. Im not sure JD – with the temperment of this team and their history of buckling under pressure and folding we could be looking at a downward spiral like the tigers last year – one year WS next basement

  76. (186) Yep.. on Espn.. got to love blackouts for people who cant get the games.

    Glad MLB addressed that this year.

  77. Fifth Gill your being generous 3-1 they started rolling their eyes – its like there looking for devine intervention instead of creating it themselves

  78. watching this commercial Miller lite compares itself to Pilsner brewing. What a joke.

  79. ed: I was a kid then, too. Remember Jerry Morales? Alex Trevino? Steve Henderson? Joel Youngblood? Doug Flynn? Claudell Washington?

  80. can this guy teach our starters how to put the ball in play and trust their defense with a lead

  81. Reed in center, Sheffield in left, tatis at 3rd, Cora at short, santos behind the plate and johan on first… tomorrows line-up screw it it couldnt be any worse then this

  82. John, Miller lite. Not Its like I said at the beginning of the year. My main concerns are Perez and Maine. Omar has put too much stock on thier 15 wins two years ago. Those were his supposed coups and he wants it to continue to be his claim to fame. Its not working out anymore. I also hate the four guys commercial.

  83. Well, we said the worst thing that happens to the Mets is when they load the bases. At least they’ve avoided putting themselves in that hole tonight.

  84. By the way, I plan to write Charlie Samuels, the Mets equipment manager and lodge a protest that the team has officially scrapped the black “New York” jerseys.

  85. Gil: Im with you. Outside of the home pinstripes those are my favorite. I dont like the black w/ mets across the front.

  86. (204) Why write Samuels? He doesn’t really decide, does he? Write Wilpon. And be sure to tell him you’re a long-time Dodgers fan.

  87. wishy: The black with “Mets” is OK for home, but not for the road. Black “New York” was a great mix of a new school color and old school lettering.

  88. Im a traditionalist orange, blue, grey and white – i’d take a orange jersey before the black

  89. Pineiro lined out on a 95 mph fastball! That should wear him out. He’ll never get through the 9th.

  90. What’s the over/under on how many pitches the Mets will actually see in the top of the 9th? You best believe they’ll be hacking early so they can head for their post-game showers and trip back to the hotel.

  91. ed: But that’s the beauty of the Mets having so many unis. There’s something for everyone — pinstripes for traditionalists, black for modernists.

  92. Gil: I like it for the road, but home I prefer white all the time… unless there is a doubleheader..

  93. 221 wishy: A doubleheader? As in an actual scheduled doubleheader? You’re really into nostalgia, aren’t you? Last scheduled DH I remember was Banner Day, July 30, 1984 at Shea, when the Cubs swept us, to win three out of four in a series that started the Mets tumble from first to second place that year.

  94. plus black doesnt stain as easily as white or grey.

    And thats my biggest concern for me at a ballpark…

  95. Gil: Nah… rainout double header.. like the sox had today… wore their St Patty’s day uni’s tonight for the 2nd game…

  96. Tony LaRussa is singularly responsible for extending the average length of a Major League game. Does he REALLY need to bring in a righty to face Ramon Castro (who came into tonight batting .150) here, with two outs, one on and the Cardinals leading by three?

  97. Luckily I got the TV back. LaRussa isn’t taking any chances with the Mets offense, is he?

  98. one year in the 80s they used an orange jersey with white pants – I rem. straw hitting a HR in it and it was regular season not Pattys day

  99. OK Howie’s got this one “in the books” it’s the sequel to yesterday.

    See you tomorrow – day game.


  100. from red sox blog:

    In response to those wondering, the Sox are wearing their St. Patrick’s Day uniforms as a tribute to Earth Day. The uniforms have a recycling patch on the right sleeve, with a clover on the left sleeve. So these are recycled uniforms…

  101. Last comment of the night: For all the negative feedback Oliver Perez has taken, at least he’s won a game this year. Maine was garbage tonight and was garbage last week. In fact, the rotation so far behind Johan is — you guessed it — garbage!!

  102. John: Im concerned, but not worried about Maine. We’ll have to deal with it since we dont have many options in AAA.

  103. (259) Okay, Gil, enough trash talk. I mean garbage talk.

    Now I’m really going.

  104. JD: LaRussa should’ve gone to prison on his way to the Hall of Fame for his two DUI convictions.