Tonight’s line-up at St. Louis

We talked about juggling the line-up a few nights ago and we have Carlos Beltran third and David Wright fifth. Still want Luis Castillo second and Daniel Murphy sixth or seventh.

Ryan Church is also back in the line-up.

Tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
Carlos Beltran, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
David Wright, 3B
Ryan Church, RF
Ramon Castro, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Oliver Perez, P

35 thoughts on “Tonight’s line-up at St. Louis

  1. Good evening all!

    This is a big series. We’ve played mediocre teams so far and have played down to their level. Its time for this team to wake up.

    Hopefully Ollie can give us 6 strong.

  2. (1) We played the team with best record coming out of the gate and we played another team with a surprisingly hot start, but with more young talent than given credit for because most talking heads think that the biggest salary is the only way to improve.

  3. Ollie should get 30-34 starts this year. If we can get 20-25 good starts out of him I will be happy.

    He seems to surprise us and perform well when people are down on him. Nobody gave him a chance in game 7 and he pitched great. I have a feeling Ollie is ready for another outstanding effort tonight.

    Now its up to the offense to wake up and play to their ability.

  4. (3) I give Florida very little credit. They played the Mets and the Nationals. When they play real teams and still play well I’ll give them some credit.

    We are better than all the teams we have played so far. Its time for our guys to play to their ability.

  5. good to see jerry change it up…but i would have loved to see the castillo in the 2 hole switch JD…the team seems to need a jolt…heres a wacky lineup that i wouldnt mind seeing for a night or two


  6. I see Wright is hitting 5th. Thats good, Less pressure there and he is pressing.

  7. i do usually like beltran in the 5 spot bc of his speed on the bases when the bottom of the order comes up..but he rarely runs so that is negated i guess

  8. (7) Pressing in the first two weeks? More likely a slump…. Remember a couple years ago he had a truly horrible April. But if you be pressing the first weeks I hope he lives thru the end of the season.

  9. (5) LOL… You give the Marlins very little credit for beating the team you says is so much better!!! Thanks, I needed that.

  10. (11) in the long run the Mets are a much better team. A short stretch to start a season means nothing.

    If the Marlins compete for the division I’ll eat plenty of crow.

  11. (14) fish won 84 last year and they have johnson back. i think you just see things with metsie colored glasses.

  12. naw.. I just dont think Fla. is very good.

    And unless our SP starts playing well we’ll have plenty of trouble competing for the division too.

  13. Howie and Wayne reminiscing about Yadier Molina and the Mets in 2007 – I didn’t need to be reminded.

  14. Wishy2 (19) My cable company won’t carry SNY, but I really like Howie and Wayne is getting there………who are the Cardinals announcers these days?

  15. Mike Shannon… and someone else… dont remember what he said.

    but its been a painful first 3 innings…

  16. (20) I like Howie and Wayne I think is a perfect partner for Howie… It was uncomfortable last year in the first half but I think they worked hard to make it work.

  17. I think they are beginning to work well together – takes some time.

    Wasn’t there a rather famous voice who used to do the Cardinals games? I’m thinking Buck, but maybe not – I know he was midwest but….

  18. wishy2 (24) Joe was never as good as his Dad anyway.

    Every once in a while Ed Coleman joins Howie and/or Wayne. Ed’s pretty good, too.

    I actually like hearing the game on the radio because: they really do paint pictures with their voices, and there are no noisy annoying TV spots.

  19. Hope Ollie can hold on for a few more innings…we do have a pretty good bullpen this year.