METS CHAT ROOM: Game #13; The autograph edition.



The Mets finally did the right thing and announced they will preserve Dwight Gooden’s autograph and try to procure others from players in their history. How this got to be an issue was embarrassing to the Mets. When one of your great players autographs a wall in your new stadium, you go with the flow.

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the lack of Mets memorabilia and appreciation for their history at Citi Field. There’s so much more they could have done to honor their tradition.

At Comerica Park there are exhibits by decade. Very well done. Honestly, I thought they’d have a Hall of Fame when they build the place. Right now the place honors Jackie Robinson more than the Mets and that’s not right.

The Rotunda is well done, but there should have been something similar for the Mets history.

Most teams honor their past. The Cardinals have statues outside Busch; there are photos of past players at Wrigley Field and in Cleveland; at Fenway, you just know that’s the home of the Red Sox.

Yes, I like Citi Field, but there’s more from a historical perspective that should be recognized.

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  1. good to see jerry change it up…but i would have loved to see the castillo in the 2 hole switch JD…the team seems to need a jolt…heres a wacky lineup that i wouldnt mind seeing for a night or two


    i usually like beltran in the 5 spot of the regular lineup for his speed with the bottom of the order coming up but with no1 hitting with RISP and beltran not running all that much moving him up is worth a look

  2. Hey, JD, everyone.
    I begin tonight with a uniform question:
    Why are the Mets no longer wearing the black jerseys with the “NEW YORK” across the front and instead wearing the ones with “Mets” in front?
    I love the black jerseys with the old-school “New York” lettering…

  3. I agree, JD. Would be a very interesting question to pose to Jay Horwitz, wouldn’t it? Unless Gary explains it on tonight’s broadcast.

  4. Wright, Delgado and Beltran all got on base. They’ve been doing it a lot so far. These are the RBI opportunities I see for Murphy/Church.-JD

  5. Too bad Herb Washington’s no longer available for pinch-running duty…

  6. OK, Rick Ankiel gets this year’s Jason Giambi Award for MLB’s worst mustache.

  7. A home plate ump with a hitter’s strike zone like this guy has isn’t gonna help Ollie.

  8. I got the St. Louis broadcast they have an advertisement for a Casino with the “loosest slots” in the country… nice

  9. Kevin, do you have Comcast or Time-Warner? DirecTV and both allow both teams’ broadcasts.

  10. Yikes.
    Do you also live in Florida?
    Only time I’ve ever heard of Brighthouse is when I moved to Orlando.

  11. Kevin, get outta here, dude! We’re neighbors? What part of town do you live in?

  12. JD I agree with flipping Castillo and Murphy. Castillo has certainly earned being put back where he used to be.I would hate to move Church down for Murphy, just because he is doing well.

  13. No freaking way! I live in Baldwin Park, near Semoran, near Colonial and Old Cheney.

  14. I agree with your comments about the history of the Mets. A highlight by decade would be nice.

    Unfortunately the owner holds NY teams that are on the other coast in higher esteem than his own.

  15. JD, would you do me a favor and pass on my email address to Kevin, off the forum. Kevin, I invite you to do the same.
    Kevin, if we meet, you’ll be the third diehard Mets fans I’ve met since moving here in February.

  16. Feel free to do the same with mine JD. There is a lot of them, I’ve grown up here, but my family is from New York, my brother still lives up there.

  17. Dave, I saw today that due to fan demand they are keeping docs graffiti block, but are moving it to a part of the park where more fans can see it. I think they are getting the message.

  18. Ray, they also said they are going to invite formers Mets on their first visit to sign the wall as well… supposedly, per metsblog

  19. Cool, Kevin. Looking forward to meeting you. Ever go down to Dolphin Stadium? My wife and I drove down to see the Santana/Murphy dropped fly ball game. Too bad the Rays aren’t hosting the Mets this season.

  20. I was at the Saturday and Sunday games. My arms are still peeling from the Saturday day game.

  21. 40 Ha! Ha! Yeah, my wife got a headache from the sun at the Johan game, but me, the hotter it is, the better I like it.

  22. Ray,

    Yes. I saw JD’s post and looked it up. Nice that they are doing so only after they got an earful from the fans.

    But do they really need a PR nightmare to think that you spend a ton of taxpayer money on a new park and do nothing to honor the last 40 years, almost half a century of your team and players?

    We won 2 WS. We have a ton of players that people loved. From the original crew to the brashness of the 80’s, some players from the 90’s and todays players.

    Perhaps the owners did not feel they could compete with the bronx crew in history and so did not try. all they did was copy the primo eating establishments and pricing.

  23. kevin (39): Supposedly, they are. I think they should have built the Mets HOF at the same time they were designing the park. Really lame that they didn’t.-JD

  24. I agree JD, though we are talking about a team that has retired one number… so I suppose they are bit of sticklers when it comes to revering their past.

  25. Jerry seems to have a touch of the Willie despite the offense struggling he keeps sending out the same line-up….. Move Castillo into the two hole and drop wright down

  26. dave (43): Mets will never have the history of the Yankees, Cardinals, Giants, Dodgers, Cubs, Tigers, Indians, etc. They haven’t been around as long. But, honor what you have. Be proud of what you have. That place should be plastered with Mets history.-JD

  27. Should have been the William Shea Rotunda featuring the Jackie Robinson Memorial

  28. Shea single handedly brought NL Baseball back to NY and didn’t get a piece of the pie

  29. (46) I really don’t think it is time to switch up the lineup yet, that’s a sign of panic, we are not playing that bad

  30. ed (48): I don’t mind them honoring Jackie Robinson, but not at the expense of your own history. … You know, I can’t tell you if there is anything for Bill Shea there. I should know that, but I don’t-JD

  31. I agree JD, I am saying the Franchise does not see it the same, I would love to see 17 up there on the wall, and 31 soon after.

  32. They should have broken this game open. Don’t let the Cardinals hand around. They’ve got three guys who can tie it with one swing.-JD

  33. Can you do that?!?! Yadier just stuck out his other arm and prodded Murphy, I mean he was out either way, but that seems very illegal.

  34. DW has been a rally killer in the third hole – two men on looked at strike three… weak grounder that an error scored one and the catcher speed murphy on second instead of castillo couldnt take advantage of the error

  35. By the way, everyone, those of us old enough to remember and enjoy the pitching of the late Mark “the Bird” Fidrych, get your DVRs ready for Thurs. Apr. 30 from 3 to 5 p.m. Eastern to record MLB Network’s airing of his defining performance — his June 28, 1976 complete game win over the Yankees on ABC’s “Monday Night Baseball.”

  36. I mean, sure I’d like more, but we have what, 3 or 4 two out rbis? That’s not bad.

  37. nothing more demoralizing then everytime your team gives you a lead you give it back

  38. ed: Ollie may get out of this without giving any runs back. Keep the faith.

  39. .229 hitter two outs – this is a situation the Mets are an auto out lets see how Ollie handles it

  40. That 2-0 pitch Ollie threw looked like a strike. Now he’s got a big challenge. Gary and Ron report that Thurston is 4-for-5 lifetime against Ollie.

  41. John,

    Yes we do not have the 100 year history of the Yankees nor the parade of hall of famers that they do. I realize that we are a young team all things considered. But as you say, we do have our own history and you should honor what we have.

    Seaver is one of the best ever. Doc was going to be one of the best and as he wrote on the wall – Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, WS Champs. There was Koos, Harrelson, Grote, Agee, Cleon, Mook, HoJo, Jesse, McDowell, Darling, Gary, El Sid, Nails, Cone, Piazza, Jose, David, Santan, Beltran.

    I am sure others can add more.

  42. Too close to take that last pitch. Good to see Perez work out of trouble. Bad to see him get into trouble. I still have a feeling four runs won’t be enough.-JD

  43. Its even better when the runner gets half way down before he realizes it… Thurston looked like Castillo circa 2008… looked like the last thing he wanted to do was swing

  44. JD- Ive been very vocal that I think the Mets botched these most recent roster moves any thoughts either way

  45. atta boy ollie…high wire act..doesnt have shut down stuff tonight but it is actually battling..good to see

  46. ed (87): Yes. It’s like they traded O’Day for Fossum. Figueroa will likely come back to them. If they DL’d Pelfrey they could have kept O’Day. Not good all the way around.-JD

  47. I would have DL Pefrey brought up Figgy… If I really felt I needed Fossum how about Parnell for the three game series he has options and its only three games against a lefty dominant team… Not only did you lose O’Day but O’Day cost Sanchez his spot two weeks ago

  48. These Cardinals announcers won’t stop talking about the Wainwright curveball to freeze Beltran. This is like the third time this game. I don’t need to hear this.

  49. Kevin – its all they have they’ve been awful since – it was like us with the Pratt homerun until about ’03’

  50. ed (91): Agreed on all counts. The path of least resistance would have been the DL for Pelfrey. He threw BP today, but there’s no guarantee he’ll start this weekend.-JD

  51. kevin (92): That was a nasty, nasty pitch. But, need I say it. They had their chances earlier in the game to take control. They lost that game before that pitch … and before Heilman’s. After Endy’s catch they should have won it in their next AB.-JD

  52. of the current Mets if they stay consistent, without a significant drop or spike which have the best chance of the HOF

  53. Murphy makes that throw to second and not third and only one run scores on Pujols’s double…

  54. because he already had two on and he’s too wild to work confidently with bases loaded he needs that base for a walk

  55. Murphy’s going to have to put up some incredible numbers to make up for how bad he is and the lack of speed on the bases

  56. Call me crazy, but I think he pitched around him again to get to a lefty. Yadier has sick numbers against Ollie.

  57. hes pitching like he doesnt know where the ball is going…which he probly doesnt

  58. this is all mental here and this is why I wanted Lowe over Ollie – Ollie has better stuff then this guys bat but he doesnt brain to use it

  59. Are we really bringing Fossum in right now? First MLB inning this year with the bases loaded?

  60. im fed up with him…3 mill more a yr woulda get you know a guy who can throw a strike 3-2

  61. I rather a hit and challenging him then a walk – how pathetic he was afraid twice of a .229 hitter

  62. (144) i was one of the few that would have over paid for Lowe just to solidfy the rotation and all I heard was Ollie’s potential and the rotation is fine its the pen

  63. this guy doesnt wanna life the bat off his shoulder and cant throw him a strike

  64. btw..larussa starting another lefty vs. ollie wasnt smart..cost him last inning…fossum not throwing a hittable pitch saved him there

  65. they have the book on these guys not one St. louis hitter swung at the first two pitches

  66. Four straight pitches out of the zone. You’ve been sitting all night. It’s chilly. And you swing at the first pitch. Say thank you Casey.-JD

  67. after 2 september swoons..i have tried to stay positive..but its getting to be ridiculous
    150 mill payroll…and the team flat out doesnt perform..pick it the f up

  68. ray – when will you get sick of the ollie show and the choke artist line-up formerly knwon as the Mets before you vent…lol

  69. Well the good news is at least we are in their pen now… I think they were the only team to blow more saves that we did last year. They also did virtually nothing about it.

  70. and once again were in ours – how long before it burns out pitching every game except Johans from the 5th on

  71. now while st. louis forced our pitchers to throw strikes Castro comes up first pitch swinging

  72. ray there 3rd in the league in BA 11th in the league with runners on – there is a problem

  73. and perez is a bum and the Mets are stuck with him for three years, congradulations Omar.

  74. I want to see a three way showdown between Harry, Tomg, and Edfever… we’ll have Ollie start, walk in three runs, have Murphy miss a flyball, and have D Wright ground into a triple play down 2 in the 8th. And then it will be a battle royale!

  75. (168) The Bucco pitchin staff may be maturing. With a lot of luck and no mid season fire sale they might break their losing season streak… wait, no mid season fire sale by the Buccos… forget ending the streak.

  76. FYI, Rusty Staub’s new book with Phil Pepe, “Few and Chosen — Defining Mets Greatness Across the Eras” is a really fun read.

  77. i hate to tell you this kevin but ed is the man…. I conceded the other day to him….

  78. (182) that’s funny, almost as funny as the Mets not making the playoffs again because nothing has changed.

  79. 2 million for a guy who wont play at all if sheff is the new OF replacement and tatis in the IF

  80. 189. they coulda got wolf and ollie. kevin says i complain too much.. do yous ee one op complaint from me tonite kevee..?

  81. Gil (186) Haven’t read that, but I have just ordered Ron Darlings’ book:
    The Complete Game : Reflections on Baseball, Pitching, and Life on the Mound
    Have you read that one?

  82. 199. every pop up apparently is a homer in yankee stadium
    201. i can’t birtch about op because i asked for his return!
    i can’t bitch about fossum because what expectatrion can i have of him?
    I do want to know why the Mets don’t stel bases anymore?

  83. Nah it’s time to tighten up now – you can see it in the bats – they had their lead Ollie choked and now the offense is waiting for the other shoe to fall

  84. 207- because their hitting with runners on is so good..u dont wanna mess with that

  85. come on guys weve been watching this for two years – i hope they surprise me im wishing they do with every bit of my fandum but deep dwon when Ollie fell apart I had that sinking feeling

  86. yup you cant move castillo to second – what happened to stealing by the way has that been outlawed – but the cards come right back to add on

  87. jim (203) Jim – I’m very fond of Ron Darling – followed him when he was at Yale etc. Actually my local library has ordered the book at my suggestion.

  88. the mets dont answer other teams scoring..they dont shut down innings after they have scored…i know that needing ‘fire’ is overused but the mets have none…look at hte players..going thru the mmmootttiiooonnsss

  89. What the hell? That’s TWICE that Delgado has come off the bag early on plays this year.

  90. does this team care about winning? laziness..its impossible to know if they want many lazy mistakes can u make

  91. Where are our fundamentals?
    The first-baseman comes off the bag too early, an outfielder throws to the wrong base, another outfielder isn’t aggressive enough on a line drive to catch it, a bases-loaded walk, catcher’s interference…

  92. Howie just said it has been ‘an interesting night in St. Louis’ — what an understatement…

  93. What am i gonna do ? their all me now, except kevin…. so how many runs came in? great inning lol!

  94. another great inning going by the mets in the middle innings…must be a special at club in st louie…gotta get off the field quickly

  95. Here’s a disturbing trend I’ve noticed about the Mets when they’re hitting…the small number of pitches they’re seeing in their at-bats from the 5th inning on.
    Tonight is no exception…Seven pitches in the top of the fifth, 18 in the top of he 6th and just 10 in the just-ended top of the 7th.

  96. this team shows a lot of emotion and hustle on the baseball field…you can really see they want it out there

  97. Yes the score is tied and the offense is fine … you know they tied for the second most runs scored last year

  98. 234… I be the optimist when i sense something great happening…. i haven’t sensed antythign special with this group…. even in ’06 with no competition you could see this team struggling to cinch in spetember. There’s been something missing from this club all along.

  99. Holy Cow! (No thanks to Rizzuto.) I watch Fringe, tune in and find the game 4-4 in the 6th… then it takes me a half an hour just to scroll through all 223 posts! You guys are killing me!

  100. Did anybody ever get an answer to why the Mets have suddenly switched back to the “home” away uniforms? Did they maybe donate some of their NEW YORK letters to the Nationals?

  101. If only Pedro did what he just did to Chris Duncan in NLCS Game 5, instead of allowing that solo homer…

  102. The offense is built around an aging veteran- Delgado an unassuming quiet player- beltran and a guy who hasbn’t proven he can handle the pressure wright thats the heart of your order…. where is the player in his prime who is a vocal leader and carry the team

  103. i just hate feeling like that effort isnt there right now…quick ABs…mental errors, barely a fight on an awful car. i cant stand feeling they dont want it

  104. 247 Jeff, I was wondering the same thing. Could it be they mistakenly packed their home black jerseys? Let’s hope so. I love the black roadies with “New York” across the chest.

  105. jerry manuel still persists on having feliciano pitch to RH batters..another walk.

  106. (245) you forgot the 2008 mets. That’s because nothing has changed. The hitters choike when it counts. The starters (except santana) struggle to get to 5 innings and the bull pen will be done by august. I wonder how many more years of this same crap met fans are going to watch before Omar is fired?

  107. 251 – Let’s hope they don’t bring back the racing stripes next. The only thing I hate about watching clips of ’86 is seeing those uniforms.

  108. tomg (256) I’m not sure it’s all Omar’s fault – doesn’t Jerry get some of the blame?

  109. the players are to blame.
    they are being paid to perform and are not.
    150 mil and i think its valid to question whether the effort/will is there

  110. Omar makes plenty of mistakes, but I can’t crucify him after he got Johan for a speedy outfielder and a bag of chips.

  111. (259) I don’t see it. This team looks the same as when Willie was the manager of the Mets.

  112. Gil (267): I don’t like his batting order for one. … Plus, managers always have to share some of the blame. This is a .500 team.-JD

  113. 266- omar has done well with the big acquistion but awful with basic roster moves/small signings
    267- Jerry hasnt been perfect, but has been better than willie so like to see him take more chances on the bases..steals..hit and runs..something

    once again, i question how bad the players want to win (vs. the phillies or yankees you can see it..vs everyone else, i dunno..kinda sounds like the mets have taken on the persona of Ollie “Coin Flip/Dont Count on Me” Perez

  114. We’ve played 12 games, about 1/14 of the season… I mean, come on. The Marlins and the Padres are winning their respective divisions.

  115. (266) yea, I will give he that one but please don’t tell me Beltran when Beltran wanted to go to the Yankees and was willing to take less money but the yankees weren’t interested in Beltran. Omar has made allot of bad deals and I am still waiting for this farm system he was going to develop.

  116. (216) Annie — I am lucky enough to have a copy of “If At First” autographed by Keith Hernandez himself. Of course, I didn’t have it personally signed by him; I was working in a bookstore when it came out, and the guy who wrote it with him used to shop there. He got it signed for me. I probably should pick up the Darling book — saw him on with Jon Stewart the other night.

  117. It’s been missing since 06 the two hot streaks they have since then were a fast start in 07 no pressure and after Jerry took over when they were written off, the minute in either year they became the focus they found ways to wilt now this team seems like its will is broken

  118. keep the faith…ya gotta believe…thats what i am telling myself…Let’s Go Mets!

    come on carlos.. get it started

  119. JD- id much rather have murphy batting later in the order… the depth would be much better..little more pop from the bottom of the order

    castillo hitting well would be great in the 2

  120. (271) all I can say is you said the same thing the past two years on this blog. Burn me once same on you, burn me twice, shame on me.

  121. I agree Tom, If its June, fair game… but 12 games are not an indictment of anything.

  122. John (265) as I see it, Omar gets the players and Jerry has to get them to play the game. Sounds so simple, but it’s not working, is it?

  123. Church gets the sac bunt down. Not exactly an “explosion” but it would be nice to see them BUILD a run…

  124. Annie (285): No. It’s not. It begins with pitching and they aren’t getting it from their starters outside of Santana. Coin Flip did his thing tonight. Blew a 4-0 lead. Didn’t go five.-JD

  125. how about letting beltran use his speed…maybe steal a base..then have church bunt him over?..ive heard over and over what a good % beltran has stealing..yet he rarely runs for us

  126. im fed up…carlos beltran..i dont wanna hear that he plays hurt…have a pair and run the catcher over…or at least slide

  127. JD, gotta disagree on Jerry.
    He took over a moribund, underachieving team and somehow, with no bullpen, took the team to the final game of the season before being eliminated.
    He’s got the team actually taking infield and outfield practice, has hitters actually hitting the ball the other way and with a weakened starting rotation, has worked hard to not burn out the bullpen.

  128. what a f***ing joke.

    awful AB by castro followed by beltran not having the stones to run someone over or slide

  129. Headline, anybody?




  130. Castro swings at the first pitch and Beltran is lazy… no theis team is fine … you know they scored the second most runs in the league last year

  131. sorry gil, looks like he has built a tema that is once again moribund and underachieving… and once again they do not play fundamentals in any sense of the game. the guy doesn’t even freakin slide into the plate. if the manager has two, beltran doesn’t take the field…..

  132. Gil (297): I don’t like his batting order. I don’t like how he sat Church. … Now, I don’t blame him for that play just now by Murphy.-JD

  133. games tied..and reed isnt a good hitter..but wait they still contrinue to use him to pinch hit in big spots so who the hell knows

  134. tomg- september doesnt matter if youre already out of it…someone forgot to tell willie randolph that when he had comments like we’ll come around…my guys will come thru…yea yea yea…doesnt matter if u arent in it in september

  135. holy coww… the cardinal guy slid into 3rd. isn’t sliding a no no in basebal?

  136. “If Putz can keep this a 1-run game, the Mets will still have a chance in the top of the 9th” — Gary Cohen.

    Is therer any part of that we can believe?

  137. and with the lack of fundamentals, BASIC EFFORT, etc… great team ball by the mets

  138. NIce job by advancing the runner. It’s called situational hitting. … This is the type of game that the columnists wrote calling for Willie’s head last year.-JD

  139. gil, remember last year when rollins played lazy and manuel pulled his lazy butt right out of the game… why didn’t manuel pull beltran’s lazy butt out of the game? oh, we got the wrong manuel… maybe that’s why charlie manuel’s boys have a ring and and jerry’s boys don;t

  140. If Murphy is that important to this offense in a tied game then the offense really has issues because he’s starting to cost runs daily in the field

  141. harry-because as of right now the mets dont have any balls and dont want it. that beltran play is the embodiment of this whole team

    a lot of talent…dont show the desire, effort, work ethic to get it done

  142. OK, I get it.
    The Mets are fundamentally flawed — emphasis on fundamental.
    Here’s what’s transpired tonight…
    *Two costly slip and falls and a throw to the wrong base by the left-fielder.
    *The first-baseman comes off the bag early, costing a double play
    *Catcher’s interference to prolong an inning
    *Seven walks, including a bases loaded one
    *A non-slide into home costs us a run
    *Seeing an average of only 11 pitches per inning over the last four innings.

  143. Ron says it’s a “strange game” — the little things that happen: if Beltran had slid, the Mets would have taken the lead, Murphy wouldn’t have been in left, all the little things that depend on something else…

    Why is that strange? It’s fundamental. They’ve forgotten all the fundamentals.

  144. John, my first appearance since last season!

    This is painful. First, the NYMs have to knock the catcher on his arse if he blocks the plate. No excuse to tiptoe around him. Second, pitchers should be able to run ten miles to get a starting assignment. They have no stamina at all. I love Jerry, but he’s got to rip these guys and give them the word: smash and destroy, or you’ll sit.

  145. 324 Beltran made an error in judgment at the last possible second, Harry. You can’t say he wasn’t hustling. He was busting his butt trying to score.

  146. Jeff (216) I have a couple of books from the ‘Keith era’ – his, Tim McCarver’s “Baby I Love it” and Davey Johnson’s “Bats” . No autographs in the books, but I do have a scorecard signed by Timmy.

  147. (317) Jim if you been following my post on here I know. This is the same team I’ve been watching for 2+ years now and nothing has changed. I don’t care how many mangers the mets bring in it’s the same cast of characters. This team has no character, no leaders. This is a very soft team. I was done we this met team after last year. I won’t weaste my time watching this suck ass team. Omar needs to go, it’s as simple as that, fire Omar, this is his team.

  148. Gil he wouldn’t have slipped on either if he broke properly to begin with….. and your forgetting when the game was early which feels like yesterday when they had chances to increase their lead

  149. JD, absolutely. They DFA Figueroa, who pitches with all his heart, but they let Mr. 4+ go out there w/o the appropriate mindset or level of fitness. They should skim half his salary for going 4 1/2 innings, no? Grrr.

  150. (336) tomg: What good does it do to fire Omar now? Is somebody else going to come in and miraculously bring in a new, better bunch of players?

  151. 334. i certainly can….. he should have decided to slide the instant he broke. but then agian you might have a point, knowing how fundamentally bad this team is, the on deck guy was probably sleeping, did he give beltran a signal to slide? we’ll never know that. either way you be the go ahead run you don’t know where the ball went you slide. there’s no defense.

  152. jerry should go wild after this game…but he probably wont… id like to see a manager lay into this the clubhouse and in the papers

    jim leyland comes to mind

  153. (336) ok, well enjoy this crap for years to come because that is what your going to get as long as Omar is the gm.

  154. Ending on a little dribbler. How appropriate. This team is one big prostate problem.

  155. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’ and none too soon.

    Let’s hope the Mets re-group by tomorrow.

  156. Nine friggin’ pitches Mets hitters saw that inning. Nine. What a friggin’ joke.

  157. (343)ok, well enjoy this crap for years to come because that is what your going to get as long as Omar is the gm.

  158. I agree Gil, its not like if you fire Omar, suddenly Beltran slides into home and Murphy stays on his feet.

  159. JD- I’ll say this Murph is not worth it and they should have signed a left fielder… he should be in AAA learning 1B for next year

  160. Kevin: Murphy is doing his best Lonnie Smith impression in left field. Maybe he should take over Lonnie’s old nickname, “Skates.”

  161. Its not Omar fault how this team plays but he did construct it and many of us arm chair GM did call whats happening

  162. how would you like to judge the GM if not by wins and losses?? how can omar not be somewhat to blame…i think the players not giving enough is the main problem but they are omars players

  163. team plays with no “fire”…no emotion…not 100% effort..beltran has to run over molina there..unreal

  164. don’t blame murph…. you guys say don’t blame omar but it was omar who sent murph to arizona fall league to play SECOND BASE…. omar had no intention of cutting castillo and nobody was gonna bite on that contract…., yet he didn’t do anything to get murph ready for the outfield.

  165. ed: I was the one in this group that was advocating trading Murphy when his value was sky-high, for pitching and then using a real left-fielder.
    But if Omar traded Murphy, he would’ve gotten crucified for it. So putting Murphy in left was part of the construction.
    So was dumping Heilman, Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis trading for Putz and signing K-Rod. Do you disagree with those moves?
    He dumped Lastings Milledge for two starting players, one of whom, Ryan Church, most of us are fond of. Was that a bad move?
    The Mets are playing very bad baseball right now, which is more a function of fundamentals than construction.

  166. Harry (373): He had to know there was no way he was going to unload Castillo, who right now is one of the better players on the team. Go figure.-JD

  167. gil- you are handpicking omar’s good moves…what about basic roster moves he messes up regularly…how about OP for 36 mill? how about the bullpen the last two yrs? how about lack of SP depth…as i said earlier he has done well with big moves but small ones not so much at all

  168. Jerry’s gonna have to start yanking Murphy after one inning for defensive purposes.

  169. im not a huge fan of omar at this point but i dont hate him either…this team has me so frustrated right now..lack of heart is all i can say

  170. too frustrating…lack of heart and desire
    dont know if thats something you can find…i sure hope we can..come on mets
    good night

  171. Of course, if they suddenly went on a 9-game tear, this would all be forgotten. But this team doesn’t give the slightest hint of being capable of a winning streak.

  172. maybe they need a wally backman or jim leyland embarassing them publically..maybe get some emotion..ugh who knows

  173. jim: Of course Omar’s made some bad moves, one of which will certainly blow up in our faces, if Tim Redding ever is activtated.
    Would I have signed Castillo to the number of years and amount of dollars Omar did?
    But what has Castillo done wrong this year?
    Would I have signed Ollie for the next three years?
    Not when Derek Lowe was out there — and when he was, Omar made him a competitive offer.
    But I’m still not ready to give up on Ollie.
    Livan Hernandez has pitched fairly well. The newly constructed bullpen leads MLB in ERA.
    It’s not the construction. It’s the execution.

  174. I don’t understand the argument at all. What is heart but a measure of passion for the game… okay, the player that faces the most criticism about his production with RISP is David Wright. This is because he “presses” so much… Does he have too much heart? Does Daniel Murphy not have “heart”? Does he not try his utmost? Is he not a scrappy hitter? Heart, concentration, and human error are completely different things.

  175. (388) “It’s the execution.”
    Gil, sounds like lots of folks here are ready for one!

  176. kevin- a guy not having the balls to run over a catcher to get the lead…thats not having heart.

  177. jim: As much as I loved Bobby V when he was in charge, his emotional hissyfits didn’t do the Mets much good.
    I don’t want a manager managing with the fans’ emotions. I want someone on an even keel who won’t do what we hardcore fans do — panic when things go wrong and live and die with every game.

  178. kevin (390): I don’t think heart is an issue. Definitely not for Wright anyway. At times they aren’t good enough. Too many times. They have flaws that are mostly pitching related.-JD

  179. john ( 379/374)

    OP pitched to form. I do not blame him because like livan they are giving us what we expect.

    castillo- i would never have thought anyone would use that sentence. wow.

  180. Gil (392): Joe Torre never threw any fits. At least not publicly. If Manuel is half the manager I think he can be, he’ll read them the riot act.-JD

  181. 388/389- i think this team has the talent to compete..but i do think it is not wanting it bad enough..i dont see any emotion or will to win…i dont see them going the extra mile to win a game like many stupid concentration…no extra effort…lacking heart rightn ow..lets hope they find it

  182. JD/Kevin- how is heart not an issue? did you see beltran tonight? how are more people not shocked not even about a lack of slide….RUN HIM OVER!..want it! running him over there is the correct baseball play and the play that was needed to WIN the game…show you want it..the mets dont

  183. Gil, I agree with you. What is so frustrating about this team is that I LIKE most of these players, and I LIKE the manager. The fact that a good group can’t seem to put it together is unfathomable. But after a game like this, a good butt-kicking by the manager is practically required. It’s like they didn’t have a long enough spring training. Where have they all been?

  184. 392- the team got to the world series under valentine with NO WHERE NEAR the talent of the last few years,…maybe that emotion did help

  185. JD: The true master was Davey Johnson.
    Two disasters in a row at home in the ’86 Series and how does he respond? Gives the team the day off.
    Wonder if it’d work with this crew?

  186. JD/Kevin- how is heart not an issue? did you see beltran tonight? how are more people not shocked not even about a lack of slide….RUN HIM OVER!..want it! running him over there is the correct baseball play and the play that was needed to WIN the game…show you want it..the mets dont

  187. jim (399): Some guys don’t have the heart or stones. Perez is one of them. … I don’t think heart was the issue on the Beltran play. It was a bad decision on his part. He assumed the run.-JD

  188. JD I would agree with that, but to answer some of the criticism of not signing Lowe, he is no savior. He is a slightly above average pitcher who is getting paid more than Ollie and is damn near 40. He pitched in a pitcher’s ball back for the last four years and faced the anemic Padres and Giants multiple starts a year. I would not have ever paid what the Yankees did for Burnett. Garland, Wolf, etc are all fodder.

  189. i dont want beltran running him over.

    i want him to hook slide and score. i dont want beltran out for half the season.

  190. Kevin (408): There wasn’t a whole lot out there pitching wise. You had to figure they were going to re-sign Perez. He’s just not that good. He gets worse as the game goes on.-JD

  191. i disagree…the plate was blocked..if you wanna score you run him over…dont see the heart or stones from the metsies

  192. 400 Jeff, I think we have to qualify that statement. The team can’t seem to put it all together after 13 games. Remember ’99? The Mets never got it in gear until the second half, then played some great baseball.
    This team will get it together eventually. But it must show the dedication and discipline to play the game the right way.

  193. well goodnight all…sorry my salty attitude tonight…team has me very frustrated
    i think this team needs to show they want it…get pissed and lets go on a matter what ill always be rooting and wanting and i want them to show the same perseverance and want to win
    goodnight all
    as always..lets go mets
    beautiful thing about baseball..they play again tomorrow.

  194. i think chase utley is running him over…he sure has hell would have scored there..i just want to see the fire from our mets

  195. It is way too early to say the team has found its personality. Way too early. But, there are disturbing trends. They don’t put teams away and their starting pitching is spotty at best after Santana. … They should have run away with this game.-JD

  196. i know its one game..but these its only one game nights add up..i want to see the desire and need to win
    saying its april was fine for me the last 2 yrs..not JD has said they players assume runs or think theyre better than they are

    please show some DESIRE mets

  197. JD, wait a minute. Oliver doesn’t have the stones? Come on. Who manned up in the 2006 NLCS when Steve Trachsel turned into a jelly doughnut? Ollie. He started the most pressure-packed game of that season and allowed only one run in six innings and gave the Mets every chance to win the pennant. He’s been struggling badly. I believe he can turn it around.

  198. 412 – Gil: Sure, I have confidence that **eventually** they will put it together. But of course, in ’99 it was too late. And the experience of the last two years has us all feeling very uneasy to start the season… we know that just a few more wins now could make the difference at the end, AND we want to see them come out with some fire and just put everybody else away early, so that kind of finish won’t be an issue. Instead, it’s just… more of the same.

  199. Gil (420): Coin Flip is a .500 pitcher. Sure, he’s won some big games. But, he’s lost a lot of others he should have won. How do you not get through five with a four-run lead.-JD

  200. well goodnight all…sorry my salty attitude tonight…team has me very frustrated
    i think this team needs to show they want it…get pissed and lets go on a matter what ill always be rooting and wanting and i want them to show the same perseverance and want to win
    goodnight all
    as always..lets go mets
    beautiful thing about baseball..they play again tomorrow.

  201. well, I’ve had it. Thunderstorm’s passing through, the satellite just went out, and the power’s probably next. ‘Night!

  202. Jeff M (421): A loss in April counts just as much as one in September. I can think of three or four they should have won but didn’t.-JD

  203. …and maybe by tomorrow, we can figure out why all of jim bmore’s posts get through twice!

  204. I can definitely say these guys work hard. I’ve seen it in spring training and seen them take extra hitting. It just doesn’t always translate into winning.-JD

  205. Jeff, of course. Dude, all of us on this blog took last year and the year before and the year before that REALLY hard.
    Hell, I was screaming at the TV Sunday because Jerry didn’t hit Castillo for Tatis and have him sacrifice. My dad and I argued about it, with my dad saying it was only April and I countered, “tell me that in October, when we’re bitching about missing out on the post-season by one measly game!”
    I screamed at my TV in ’07 watching Tom Glavine piss away the last game and screamed at the TV last year watching Scott Schoeneweis and Luis Ayala piss away the last game.
    Somewhere, somehow, maybe there’s truth in the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope that’ll rub off on this team.

  206. JD, don’t forget to email me with Kevin’s email address and him with mine, dude. We’re your Central Florida brigade!

  207. I mean honestly, I don’t know how the majority of the people in this forum make it through the year without losing it. I am as diehard as they come about the Mets and I get frustrated daily. But this is a marathon, you have to let the losses and the horrible plays go. If we can’t make it through April without calling for Omar’s head and damning Ollie, Murphy, etc, I don’t know how anyone will get to September.

  208. 432 Kevin: My addiction to “Lost” keeps me sane in the midst of Mets madness.

  209. I don’t know if I can take another playoff loss and a mets loss again on the same day. Sunday was terrible.

  210. 432 JD: I agree. Alex Cora’s on the roster for his defense. Speaking of defense, seems like an ideal time to give Jeremy Reed a start in left tomorrow.

  211. Yeah I know, and as horrible as we feel tonight, its all multiplied by a 1000 at that point. Baseball is a cruel mistress.

  212. Kevin: Hafta admit, I’m not a Magic fan. Originally, I’m a Knicks fan, but when I lived in San Diego from ’97 to ’07, I started cheering for the Lakers…

  213. Gil (437): I disagree. It would come off as a panic move and lack of confidence in Murphy. Could be a setback. But, I’d have him out of the game for defense after the seventh in a close game.-JD

  214. JD, I’M panicked with Murphy in left field.
    He makes Dave Kingman look like a gold glover.

  215. Kevin: Well, remember, I’m brand new to Orlando, so never really had any allegiance to the Magic. JD: yeah, we’ve been over my basketball affinity.

  216. All right, everyone.
    I’m turning in.
    As my dad likes to say about the Mets after a tough loss — as he so often did in my youth — “we’ll get ’em tomorrow.”

  217. You should see people panic here in O-Town with the Magic losing the first game. Its like the season is lost.