Your thoughts on the new place?

I’ve seen Citi Field from both sides now, from its formative stages during the tours to the finished model under the bright sun.

I walked around the place yesterday, and yes there are places where you can lose sight of the ball. But, when you have a park designed with numerous angles and quirks, that’s going to happen.

It’s not a big deal. It’s not like you have to look around a pole for nine innings. I didn’t try all the things to eat – I’m on a strict budget now, you know. But, I can appreciate the variety.

What I do like is the wide concourses, and the mall-like atmosphere in the outfield. It’s that way in Cleveland and Philly, and I think it would be nice to spend one afternoon milling around and soaking in the atmosphere.

How about you? Have you been to Citi Field and what’s your impression? What do you like? What don’t you like?

5 thoughts on “Your thoughts on the new place?

  1. Haven’t been able to get there yet. Hopefully maybe finances will allow me to go once this season. Wife and 3 kids a game can get very expensive. 😉

    But yeah i have to go once just to say i have been there, and also be honest of my impression.

    Was the design of teh actual field done to accomodate the interior and exterior of the fan loations? To me it doesnt look like a players field.

  2. I have been lucky enough to get there 2 times already. The ability to hang with friends and talk mets shop with other fans by the bridge terrace and watch the game is just awesome. Site lines in the rightfield promenade seats are bad plus the flag poles get in way of scoreboard. They dont need 7 retail shops they do need more homage to the Mets.

  3. I haven’t been there yet. I have tickets for the middle of May. I have heard of some negative feed back on WFAN from met fans. 1-areas are restricted, 2-doesn’t seem like the Mets home park because of the colors and there are no signs of met history around the park. There are a few more but I forgot.

  4. I see no reason why black had to be added to the mets colors. Because evry other team did it?
    yeah black and oragnd were NY Giant colors. BUT! the mets only ever adopted the orange.
    Why after 40 years do they feel the need to change?

  5. I haven’t been there yet either, but I would like to see the place sometime soon. Actually, I’d make the trip just to see City Field although I’d rather see a game played there – like one of the Mets/Yankee games. :)

    Keep sharing your experiences about the team, and the site – it’s great to have some first hand notes.

    SteveC – I agree with you about the black unis – Why?? I think more than just home and road unis just confuses people. Isn’t that enough for a team? I also agree with you about the field design.

    limetfan – “They dont need 7 retail shops they do need more homage to the Mets.” I certainly agree with this – do they want Citi Field to be a shopping center or a ball field?