METS CHAT ROOM: Game #12; Going for the sweep.

Greetings all. I had an opportunity before the game to walk around and check out Citi Field. It really is a nice place. I can see myself spending some time here.

Mets going for the sweep today behind Nelson Figueroa. Looking forward to chatting with you during the game.

145 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #12; Going for the sweep.

  1. It funny a journeyman needs everything to go right and in the first inning a gold glover boots the ball and the ump misses a clear strike three

  2. how about it not being the mets who dont score a run with a man on 3rd with less than 2 outs

  3. Wright pressing drop him in the line-up take the pressure off…. move church up while he’s the hot hand

  4. ugh – heres an idea when the regulars are in ….

    Reyes, Castillo, Church, Delgado, Beltran, Wright, Murphy ( Sheffield), Castro…

  5. figeroa tries to get outs with smoke and mirrors…he throws a lot of slop up there

  6. John (30) Thanks, I also see that Tatis is in the game – and that Church and Delgado are still warm if not hot.

  7. John I’m also curious about Santos – only heard about him two days ago when he became the back-up catcher, and it seems that each day he does more – he runs, he hits, he throws etc. What do you know about him?

  8. no he’s lucky to get through a line-up twice by the tird they beat him up – and the way this team gives up its offensive opportunities it makes it hard for a guy like that to get a win… second time through their making adjustments

  9. John (30) yes I can see people wearing coats, etc. (very warm here).

    Just saw Ralph Kiner in the booth – for that I have to say Thanks to WPIX. Good old Ralph, one of the many men in the life of Liz Taylor.

  10. 35/38) Annie: Santos was in the Yankee system and he never made it to the bigs with them. He had a cup of coffee with the O’s last year but they released him.

    Your friend Ronny is announcing the Yankees today on the Turner game of the week..

  11. lets see single to lead off, advance the runner on a steal, advance him on a ground out and a sac fly for a run…hmm never mind

  12. Harry (41) Thanks – I’ll check it out and see how Ronnie is doing – wonder if the Yankee game today will be more or less ‘exciting’ than yesterday…….

  13. Harry (41) Why am I not surprised that the TBS station on my cable provider, COX, is NOT broadcasting the game – they are showing some awards show re-run.

    I do get YES, though and it’s Cleveland 3, Yankees 1

    The mysteries of the cable business are many.

  14. bad move they should have DLed pelf – he would have only lost one more start and then they keep O’Day

  15. we are only getting to scrub middle reliever… all multiple runs have come off the first reliever – starters and quality relievers are killing us

  16. (49) so the Angels took O’Day back? I thought he was not major league ready from the few times I saw him. Figgy can be a long man if they keep him up.

  17. They dont have to keep him on the major league roster all they have to do is pay back 25,000 of the 50,000 fee the mets paid… O’day still has options as a now rule five guy to his orginal team

  18. wow twice now the brewers got a man to third and twice they have scored him on a situational hit

  19. definition of instanity= doing the same thing over again expecting different results…

    this teams situational hitting has been the same since August 2007 except a brief spurt in 2008 when jerry took over

  20. does jueff suppan really look that much better or do the mets hitters look that bad

  21. How does figgy feel i give up two runs on four hits over five innings with Tatis as my 2B and Sheffield/Murphy as my corner outfielders and Im losing

  22. they had him on the ropes in the first and took there foot off, he rebounded …same old story

  23. I don’t understand that fan interference rule. Granted, I’m glad it was an out, as Cameron’s HR would have been for 2 runs otherwise — but if a fan interferes when the visiting team is up, why is that an out? Shouldn’t the visiting team have been given a hit? It makes no sense to me.

  24. I’ve seen pictures of the right field area – isn’t that where the Modell’s sign is?

  25. (75) Well, the fact he was wearing a Mets jersey might be a clue…:)

    But I think as a general rule, the decision should penalize the home team.

  26. Its amazing how many RISP with two outs they are leaving the law of averages should fall in there favor at some point- Suppan looked more comforatble then tatis

  27. I spoke with Reyes before the game and he said it didn’t matter to him who was the No. 2 hitter. He said Murphy wouldn’t impact how often he ran.-JD

  28. lol – im justing kidding – im very fustrated by the offense but love the team

  29. still like the old Louie behind reyes vs. the slugging slow inexperienced Murph. who would hit fine 7th ish

  30. execute – fly ball gets a run thats all you need no strike outs and no dp execute

  31. seriously the law of acverages you get one run in that situation – your hoerun hitter is so tight he hits it back to the mound, these guys are killing them selves

  32. im actaully in shock at how bad they truely are with RISP… this is already beyond strugling this is ridiculous

  33. (98), it’s no surprise to me. This team has done this for the past three years. Beltran is the worst of the big three when it comes to getting a hit when it really counts or needed. This is why this team will never win a championship IMO.

  34. John – Apparently the broadcast booth is named for Ralph Kiner – I didn’t know that, did you?

  35. Did you see that the Washington Nationals fined Dukes for showing up five minutes late? He was doing charity work for the team at the time.-JD

  36. thats the milledge rule – Milledge was driving them nuts with his me persionality before they demoted him, now there so strict its silly

  37. (114) That was all over the news last night, both local and national. They seemed to be saying the clubhouse guy had misspelled the name, which doesn’t make sense to me. They don’t stick the team name on each uniform, one letter at a time, do they?

  38. I don’t think they are, but who knows what could happen. Maybe a Met could hit into that right field danger area………

  39. (115) Amazing how the opposition always seems to figure out how to bring an insurance run in…

  40. The guy they had in center for Dukes (Bernadina)broke his ankle per Cohen. Cohen omitted the fact about Dukes doing charity work.

  41. I dont think Ive ever seen a team as a whole look this bad in pressure situations.. how many guys today had horrible at bats with RISP

  42. Howie’s putting the game “in the book”, but it was a poor effort on the Mets hitter’s part, again.

    Next game is Tuesday.

  43. thats was worse then a poor effort that was pathetic it really was, they couldn’t hit anything hard the minute there was a runner on

  44. While its too bad the Mets lost, how about a pitcher coming out of the bullpen in the 7th inning and finishing the game!!!!!!
    Credit to Macha for managing out of the new book for relievers.

  45. (127) Well to be fair, I think Tatis’ flyout to left with two runners on may have been gone in Shea. But other than that it was sad. Bad luck on the line out double play with Santos.

  46. (128) That’s not the new book; that’s the old book. “Everything old is new again” as I think Cole Porter said.

  47. If the Mets could cash in all the runners LOB, they’d be rich. They’d also be well above .500. As it is, they’re lucky to be there. Something has to happen soon to get the offense going with RISP, or its going to be a very long summer.

  48. they had 12 hits, two triples and three doubles and scored two runs are you kidding me

  49. (133) How many games do the Mets have to play to get what the Indians got in the 2nd inning yesterday?

  50. Jeff I meant I was applauding him for not using the new book on releivers, not for creating one.

  51. 1 road trip 1 homestand one piece of analysis for you to shred:

    1. Offense: For all the posturing of the coaching staff in the Spring to emphasize situational hitting, the message has not sunk in. This team in general does not know how to move a runner along. Swinging for the fences will not work in the new park. Pitchers are going to throw outside all the time because the demensions are so big in the alleys. The only easy HR is down the lines. These guys are going to have to learn its ok to drive in a run with a shot up the middle. Castillo needs to ove to the 2 hole for this very reason. Daniel Murphy, for all his inexperience, know how to go with the pitch. He needs to be in an RBI producing spoit.
    2. Starters: This is so obvious even Sadecki will probably agree. Excpet for Johan its like having Ollie out there every night. You don’t know what you’ll get inning by inning.
    3. Bullpen: Eveyone says much improved but we need to keep two things in mind. Will they burn out as it looks like all the main guys will pitch over 80 games. Is it wise for Manuel to be bringing in Franki in games Mets are down. If we are a contender there will be over half the games when he will be needed to finish things. We must all be wary of the middle guys. They are doing good but can Parnell pitch a year out of the pen after being groomed to start. Green apparently pitched like Heilman the 2nd half of last year. Does he have stamina?

  52. Blame me for the loss. first game i got to watch from start to end. :-(
    I think they should have left figueroa in.
    It was good to see delgado actually hitting properly. if he keeps it up, i could almost ignore his fielding 😉

    Now that sheffield has played a few games. can we please keep curch in? yeah he has great range for a 40 year old guy, and if we didnt have church, I would be glad to have him on the team. But really, Church didnt need the rest. unlike week need castillo.

    Jeff (134) I rather win 1-0 then win one game with a football score. all egos come out the next games afterwards and the play gets all the more difficult.

    All in all, the RISP is the bane of mets play and an overused bullpen, the season just started!

    Otherwise, it wasnt horrible to watch, its the mets you are supposed to be on teh edge of your seat screaming.. otherwise we would be yankee fans. d’oh!

  53. I haven’t watch every game. I watched a few innings maybe for most of the 12 games played so far. My analysis is nothing has changed with this team. It’s basically the same crap I’ve been watching the past three years. When the game is on the line the Mets hitters choke. Except for Santana there starters struggle to get to 5 innings which burns the bull pen out by August (Omar, are you hearing me?). I’m done buying what Omar is trying to sell until the Mets show me otherwise.

  54. I didnt see a reason to take Fig out. The biggest change i want to see is leaving the pitchers in and resting the bullpen and using them when really needed. this way when they are used they go out there to prove they are worth the money. Not proving it everyday. Not sure about anyone else, but it feels like anyone can be a starter now. if the Bullpen is going to be used. I say jusst round robin all the pitchers. no one is pitching more than 5.
    sounds silly huh. but thats what has been happening lately.

  55. (136) Harry: Excellent analysis. I haven’t seen much that I like from Jerry Manuel so far either. This team looks the same under Jerry like it did with Willie.

  56. Guys just remember 1 thing. Jedi master Minaya is probably calling all the shots. That’s why it feels like the same old regime.

  57. (141) Steve C: Here is the problem with Minaya in a nutshell. He determines his biggest need….(last year Santana, this year Putz/K-Rod,)…fills it…and is done with it. Even though there are many other things wrong with the club (injury prone outfielders, inexperienced outfielder, lack of righty hitting, poor catching, not the greatest middle relievers, etc..) It’s like he doesn’t go the extra mile to address ALL of their needs, just the glaring needs. And that is my Omar analysis. FWIW. lol

  58. Just like corp america. fix the short term who cares about long term. Thats par for the course.
    The sad thing. he’s still far better than steve phillips