METS CHAT ROOM: Game #11; Santana goes.



We begin with the news Mike Pelfrey will miss his start tomorrow and Luis Castillo will bat second. That’s because Daniel Murphy will sit in favor of Gary Sheffield in left. Murphy was going to get a rest anyway, so this isn’t about rewarding Castillo for last night.

Johan Santana on the mound for the boys. It’s nice to have your ace going. I was thinking about that last night after Ryan Braun homered to give Milwaukee a brief lead. They lose this, and with Figueroa likely going Sunday, then Santana would be their only chance to win.

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  1. I’m really curious about Castillo in the two-hole. If he does well, I’d leave him there for a few games to see how that impacts the line-up. I think Castillo second will open things on the bases for Jose Reyes and give Daniel Murphy more RBI opportunities.-JD

  2. Does Santana look comfortable on the mound? Howie mentioned that it was the first time he’s pitched off of it.

    There’s an added comment to last nights blog this morning – check it out.

  3. Just wondered – he’s got a newborn at home. But I get the impression that he can deal with anything on or off the field.

  4. John – now that Gary Sheffield has become a local celebrity, what will the Mets do with him? Of course he’s playing today…..

  5. John, Now that you’ve seen Citi Field a few times, what’s your opinion of it?

  6. Harry (10) – I don’t know – do they have some ‘history’ with each other?

  7. It makes more sense for Sheffield to be in left. Maybe 2 games a week there and one a week in RF would make sense.

  8. (17) Do you think Sheffield is better than Tatis. I guess we can’t judge this season since Tatis has vanished.

  9. Chiti, it looks like the plan is to put tatis back in the infield. Shef is going to get a chance before they give up on him.

  10. Sadecki: Yesterday’s game proved my pioint about starters. Bush was (I don’t knowhow) was pitching brilliantly and Macha the Milwaukee manager took him out for no reason, other then if he went one more inning he’d have gone over 100 pitches. Lousy pen, starter hot, no pressure after the first and out he goes. Meanwhile, Livan is losing it badly yet he hasn’t reached the magical pitch count so Manuel leaves him in there to get to his pitch count? Pitch count has ruined the game.

  11. (20) Do you have extra inning kevin. I have the internet package and games are only blacked out at 4 PM.

  12. Harry (21): I don’t think it will ever go back to the way it should be. Pitch counts have taken over and there’s not signs of that changing. Too bad.-JD

  13. (23) They need to get rid of the 5 inning rule for starters getting a win then because some of these guys reach their limit after 4. It doesn’t seem to save on injuries… And increase the roster because the bench’s are too small. Gil hiodges couldn’t work with a 5 man bench. The O’s have a 3 man bench…..

  14. Just looked up the Selig term – he says he will retire in 2012, (making 14.2 million/year)

  15. I have it on Cable, I had it last year on the computer and it worked, but on cable they block it out.

  16. Chiti, I saw Sabathia went 122 pitches the other day. Its not written in stone.

  17. Howie just remarking about how involved Santana is in every part of the game, not just his. Good pitchers do that.

  18. (41) The pitch count is the manager. Excpet for CC. The man didn’t even build a sweat and he’s outta here.

  19. Talk about the worst day to watch on a gamecast. It just said Reyes lined into a force out but someone scored…

  20. Yeah JD, its like opening day all over again. I’d feel better with a couple more runs on the board.

  21. Chiti, If Santana gets hurt the season is over. Why take a chance? We have Putz and Frankie now. I have no problem with it.

  22. (51) Well, when Putz and Frankie are burned out in august, third collapse in a row……….

  23. Howie is putting this nice game “in the books” and we all owe a big Thanks to Johan Santana.

    See you tomorrow.

  24. nice to come back to a win.

    santana did this last year. for the first month or so he just went 6. after that he always went 7 or more.

    he is good.