METS CHAT ROOM: Game #10; Willie returns.



What kind of ovation should Willie Randolph get from Mets fans tonight? If fairness is in the equation, he should be cheered. How the Mets stumbled down the stretch last year and out of the gate this season, it’s clear the players must assume the lion’s share of the responsibility.

It’s an old saying, but neither Willie nor Jerry Manuel can hit in the clutch, and neither pitches.

The Mets aren’t hitting with RISP. Their starters are erratic. Their defense has been poor. It’s hard to blame all that on the manager, regardless of who he is. This is a flawed team.

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  1. I hope Willie can hear me applauding him all the way from central CT. tonight. I thought he was a fine manager and hope to see him in that position again soon.

    I’m not sure this is a flawed team, but they are not all doing their best, yet.

  2. So they just said that Scneid… my man (right Sadecki?) … is on the DL. The offense will improve!

  3. Simple question: Why doesn’t Reyes do that all the time? Hit the ball on the ground. … Slow delivery to the plate. Let’s see him take off.-JD

  4. OK, Livan pitched well, and now Reyes is on, Murphy is on, maybe tonight is the night it all comes together.

  5. Howie is reporting about extra batting practice today – maybe that explains things.

  6. 2. Yes Chiti, I know you are crestfallen. Nice start but we had a nice start yesterday too. So Does Livan become the 2 starter now? pretty good for inventory.

  7. (10) Don’t tell him he’s number 2. He’ll get a new agent and demand a contract worthy of a # 2 in NYC.

    I don’t want anybody to get hurt really. What’s wrong with the guy anyway.

    Bush ain’t Peavy. If they stop at 3, that’s really a bad indicator.

  8. (13/14)

    Sounds BAD!
    What’s the story on the guy they brought up. When did the Omar man go sour on Mr Cancel?

  9. John (16) What’s the story on the Sunday pitcher – Pelfrey? Figueroa? Niese? or is it TBNL?

  10. I don’t know why they are waiting to make a call on Pelfrey. He hasn’t thrown. Can’t imagine him starting without throwing. Why chance it. Give him the rest.-JD

  11. Nelson – the hometown guy – is one of my favorites, but we don’t see enough of him.

  12. Howie was just talking Batting Averages –

    Reyes is under 300 and two, Castillo and Church are over 400. Everyone else in tonights lineup is in the 300s according to the site I use.


  13. John (19)Howie is full of information tonight – says no Pelfrey for Sunday, probably Figueroa, but not sure. Also Santana’s wife just had a baby boy.

  14. (24) I think we all woke up. You could smell it coming in the 5th. Jerry blew it. He just had to wait for the lefty to come up. Couldn’t have someone ready after the first two hits were smoked.

  15. Awright Manuel….meaningless move now with nobody on base. That a boy bring in the righty now. Woops… One righty too late. If this were a year ago Delcos’ board would be aflame with the anti Willie stuff right now.

  16. (28) He stayed too long Anie. The Brewers startd hitting the ball had in the 5th and even Darling mentioned that his pitchers were all up in the zone starting then.

  17. welcome to New York Mets baseball 2009, where they score in the first inning and than forget how to hit but than realize there starting pitching isn’t that good but by than it’s to late. I’m sorry folks but us met fans have been suckered again by the infamous Omar Minya. Vintage Omar, let’s bring in Gary Shetfield who is wash up to take church’s spot who does nothing but hit the ball and play good defense. Than we have (in Omar’s mind) a kid name murphy who is the next great young player who can’t field his position and slaps the ball around the field.

  18. It really doesn’t make sense. You could Hernandez was losing it the inning before, Green was already up. At that point, he gets up 0-2 on someone gives up a hit… maybe give him a little rope. Hart gets the single, first and third nobody out, one of the best hitters in baseball up. He’s gotta be out there. There is no question.

  19. Harry (30) so you are saying it wasn’t all Willie’s fault during his years as Manager?

  20. (33) Welcome bro! The only thing I’ll disagree with in your post is that it ain’t Murphy’s position. They even sent him to Arizona Fall League and had him player 2nd vice the outfield. The bad fielding is on Omar not Murphy.

  21. Thanks Harry – I always like to know what Ron’s saying, but my cable doesn’t carry SNY, so mostly I listen to Howie – who really is quite good.

  22. Oh no, here comes the 9 games in decry of all things Mets. If you looked at the preseason power rankings, the only team that is playing well right now is the Cubs. Boston, Tampa, Yankees, Phils, and the Mets have all played mediocre out of the gate. That happens in most seasons. The Phils and Mets both sucked beginning of last year.

  23. John (34) I’m surprised – it’s been a rare thing to hear Jerry critized for a bad, or a late decision. Even his clever, colorful language won’t make up for poor managerial decisions.

  24. I know, he got a eight inning guy and a closer. There is one thing he forgot and that is you need starting pitching to get you there. It doesn’t matter because it is the same team. They hit early when it doesn’t mean much but when the game gets to the point when you need clutch hitting the mets run and hide.

  25. Let’s see if Macha can return the favor and let Bush Dangle out here in some trouble.

  26. (35) Annie: I saw two Willie’s. I saw a guy who made his team play aggressive ball when he was first manager. They were fun to watch in 05 and 06. I don’t know if it was shock of losing to the Cards or something else, but when 07 started they weren’t fiery anymore, they didn’t play fundamentals anymore. In my mind he lost them over the Winter of 06-07 and he should have been let go after 07. But watching them come out of the gate this year they are the same as last two years. So now I think its the players. Two managers with two toally different styles and the team still doesn’t git in the clutch and doesn’t pitch in the clutch.
    If this were politics I’d be accused of flip-flopping. But I see it as nmentally evolving!

  27. As an aside, is everyone taking into consideration the fact that the Mets no longer have a ‘home field advantage’. It will be mid summer before they learn how to play this field both behind the plate and at their positions.

  28. Harry (45): The fire left their belly after 2006. I didn’t think so at the time, but agree now he should have been let go after 07.-JD

  29. It may have been good we did not get to the pitcher’s spot in this inning. Green going another inning seems like a good idea at this point.

  30. Harry (45) in fact I have a PoliSci degree, but I never mix business with pleasure.:) However, I do admit that what you’ve said about Willie makes sense. It may be also that he thought he would have more power of his own, but, as we all know It’s Omar who calls the shots, coached by the Wilpons. We could get into the whole economic situation but we won’t, will we?

  31. (46) I think you have more of a home field advantage in a new park because the other guys have a scouting report but haven’t seen the way the balls bounce of the walls or anything and you have after the first game.

  32. John (49) Yeah, so you’re saying it really doesn’t matter what field these Mets are playing on – they simply can’t or won’t sustain good play for a whole game? You are probably right about this – somewhere some stat guy has just the numbers for you.

  33. (50) Annie i was trying poorly to be cute because this team is depressing. No economic talk tonite! We’ve made Bush look like an ace. This guy is a very mediocre pitcher.
    Then I see Aaron Heilman suddenly relishing his bullpen role and pitching great for Lou Piniella. He’s gonna pull a Heath Bell when the Cubs come marching in.

  34. (53) Negativity is just spilling out of you… is everyone really this fargone after the 9th game of the season? I mean really? Have some stamina. I know that last years have been horrible, but at least wait til the last month to come to the horrifying realization that your team is doomed. I think Green has looked really good, he has great movement going in with the fastball and change and away with the slider. Seems like a nightmare for righties.

  35. Harry (51) I would think it takes more than just one game – and that you would have to consider all the weather issues, wind, rain, snow, etc. Maybe not – I have never actually played organized baseball so I have no first hand knowledge. My sport was USGA golf and believe me the weather always affects your game differently even on a course you have played for years.

  36. Sidenote… Anyone disgusted by this Pepsi song with someone rapping Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”? Come on…

  37. Hey Kevin…. You do your thing and I’ll do mine… You enjot a tema laying with no fire, no fundamentals no nothiong, br my guest, but don’t ask me to be alfred E newman with you. It ain’t the time of year it ain’t the record after nine games, its the smae old crap from the same hearltess gutless bunch of players.

  38. chiti 32 arent you the one who always complains that managers pull pitchers too soon? Hello.

  39. Kevin (59) absolutely – and I can’t stand anyone who tries to change ONE NOTE of the National Anthem.

  40. (5( How negative…..

    Sadecki! did you pay this guy to set me off on someone?!?

  41. (64) From reading Dylan’s “Chronicles” I could honestly say he doesn’t give a damn. He takes the check probably never once hearing or seeing the commercial. Dylan does what he wants and you can interpret it as you please.

  42. (62) Yeah, when they have their stuff. He had obviously lost it.

    Yippee, We applaud the has been doing good.

    (58) I concede all your points about the field…

  43. Okay, Sheff has his milestone and he’s all smiles. Now cut him loose before things turn ugly. He can join Glavine in Atlanta.

  44. Oh Ray, (72) do I ever agree with you – I get about one Mets game on TV a month from FOX. But I do get Howie Rose on WFAN and he’s great.

  45. Ironic that Shefs 500th came off his original team. And Chiti, How many times have the pitchers not lost it before the 100th pitch this year?

  46. (71) Which way you want it kevin. 9 gsmes don’t mean crap you say so why does one hit mean something? Come on Kevin.. Its a marathon! Its a long haul. But Gary Sheffield gets a hit and you brag about Omar. Give me a break.

  47. (78) It was a snide comment about you bashing bringing in Sheff… I mean honestly would you rather have Marlon Anderson?

  48. Why do they keep asking Murphy to bunt when he obviously has no idea how to do it?

  49. After all the times Murphy bunted the ball into himself, I’m surprised he didn’t charge himself in the batter’s box to get even.

  50. Chiti your main complaint is pulling pitchers because of pitch count. Mets pitchers except Santana are getting shelled before they they get to 100. So your complaint is unfounded.

  51. Kevin (79) yes they black out everything and Cox Cable doesn’t carry MLB or SNY or lots of other vanity networks.

    PS – I live about 5 miles from ESPN headquarters and they black us out, too.

    Ray, I see a lot of stuff the next morning on line in the NY papers. I can also access SNY video on line if I want.

    Also, the rest of the sad story – I live in a condo community which has rigid rules.

  52. (89) Do you get Mlb Network? They at least peak in for a few at bats every game and show highlights almost instantly every night. I’ve been impressed with it so far.

  53. (88) I don’t agree Sadecki but I’ll save it for a blow out. I’m so distaguught about kevin’s mind being messed up I have to devote all my cencentration to hias inconsistent, intolerant and unfounded comments agaisnt me. Love it!!!!!
    And out of beer as well….

  54. John – I got lost after the Sheffield 500th – is he staying in the game?

  55. 99 Chiti, I dont know how you can disagree. Maine, Ollie and Pelf have all been terrible for the most part. Now Livan cant make it out of the sixth. About the beer, Dont worry Ill have one for you here. Cheers.

  56. (91) I think kevin is mrmet….

    Where’s Gil…. I went to his web site. He does a nice recap of each game.

  57. (104) My favorite son just showed up to watch with a bunch of Circus Boy’s. He’s back in my will now.

  58. Chiti, as JD could attest, I was posting back on Delcos LOHUD blog 1… had the same classic tag… kevin

  59. Okay, Parnell did his job.
    Anybody want to speculate on how this ends?
    a) Bullpen finally blows one in the 9th. Disheartened fans declare season over.
    b) Mets pull it out in bottom of 9th. Joyous fans declare the season a success.
    c) Game goes into extra innings, drags on for 3 more hours.

  60. Yeah, circus boy is made by a Vermont brewer called magic hat. I think PA is as far west as they go.

  61. JOhn (64) There’s a lot of Bob Dylan on my IPod – and it’s the good stuff :) I believe he also wrote for others, and probably doesn’t need the $$$$ nowadays, but it’s a matter of being paid for your work.

  62. kevin is a very nice tag. One of my friends is a kevin. his major failing is he’s from Wisconsin and roots for all those Wisconsin teams but he plays a really fine guitar.
    a couple swigs of circus boy and all is right with the mets now sadecki. kevin isn’t mrmet. he’s a good guy….

  63. (112) I think I have 13 Dylan albums on my IPOD… he’s got a new one coming out in a couple weeks

  64. Delcos: With the team in the 80’s with Davey at the helm didn’t need to drink until late September. These guys drive you nuts from the first pitch. Remember when Looper blew Pedro’s debut in Cincy. that’s when it started!!

  65. This blog seems to be turning into the old Mike & The Mad Dog show. Hey, how about that Springsteen? And the Oscars?

    Oh, is there a game going on?

  66. I don’t think it gets any better than “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”

  67. (116) Actually, I remember them leaving the bases loaded without scoring after multiple pop-ups — in the first week of the ’87 season. That was when I knew it wasn’t going to be their year.

  68. Harry (116) Now that you’ve mentioned Pedro – did he ever find work? Let’s tell Omar to call him. Pitchers are dropping like flies around here and it’s only been a couple of weeks.

  69. Okay, here we go again. HOW MANY TIMES can you load the bases and fail to get a big hit??

  70. (118) Actually Jeff I think we’re more like a Phil Rizzuto broadcat team. Baseball is just an aftethought.

  71. John (121) do you consider Jimmy Buffet to be country or what? He does some really interesting stuff.

  72. If you’ll refer back to my (110) multiple choice, (a) has been eliminated. Will it be (b), or (c)?

  73. John (126) If Omar can hire Gary Sheffield, he can call Pedro and invite him over, too.

  74. I’m telling you back up catcher… they are going to walk Beltran… who knows with Church… back up catcher

  75. Howie is introducing Omir Santos saying that he’s sure the kid never envisioned a night like this.

  76. OK Howie says this game is now “in the Books” and it will make great reading.

    Thanks for an interesting night at the old ball game.


  77. And a grateful Citi goes wild.

    Goodnight…but don’t stop drinking on my account.

  78. 150 thats right Chiti, and I give you credit as being the only one who kept the faith in Looie besides me.

  79. Castillo took an awful lot of heat from a lot of people last year. He came into camp lighter and in shape. He came into camp to save his career and he’s doing it.-JD

  80. PS Chiti, when you mentioned the circus boys i thought you were talking about the metropolitans.

  81. John,

    I really think you should start writing articles and posting them here.

    From reading your posts it seems you have a lot to say. Don’t limit your voice to a blog/comment format.

    You can write an article and then let others comment on what you write.