METS CHAT ROOM: Game #9; Maine time.



John Maine gave up a couple of long balls in his last start in Miami against the Marlins. But, he pitched well enough to win if the offense had gotten him another hit or two.

Hitting with RISP has been a recurring theme for the Mets over the past couple of seasons, and this year has started out the same way. They made the most of a bunt single, couple of walks and an error last night, but a bases-loaded double would have saved some angst.

Although Maine pitched well enough to win, he’s still not out of the woods as far as his shoulder is concerned. It will be a little cooler tonight than it was in Florida.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Ryan Church, RF
Ramon Castro, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
John Maine, P

247 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #9; Maine time.

  1. Church has played well. Same as last year.

    When is our esteemed Commissioner going to ban pitchers from the plate so we can see Sheff in his natural fielding position?

  2. (4) He’s only my favorite Catcher…. Where’s Cancel? I think Shef is my fave (not)….

    By the way did you hear the new Yankee Stadium almost fell down from all the booing today?

  3. Hey, Harry. I can personally attest that Shef is a jerk, but now that he’s a Met, I have no choice to pull for him…

  4. Anyone wanna tell me why Jose Reyes is impersonating a statue first at first base, now at second?

  5. Harry (10) – No, I only watched the Opening Ceremony where Bernie Williams’ melancholy guitar solo of “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” while standing alone in Center Field brought tears to my eyes. One of the most moving musical moments I’ve ever seen or heard.

  6. WHOA!

  7. Nit-pick…Castillo should always bat second in the order, not Murphy, against aces like Peavy. Against aces, when runs may be in short supply and need to be manufactured, Castillo’s ability to bunt runners over is wasted in the eighth spot. Plus, Castillo takes more pitches than Murphy and can better allow Reyes to steal bases.

  8. (20) Bingo… Its not a nit pick. The line up would be much better with Castillo 2.

  9. Gil (20): I’ve always like Castillo in the No. 2 hole. Murphy fouls off a lot of pitches and that will keep Reyes’ steals down.-JD

  10. Can we now continue last night’s musings about Delgado reaching 500 before Sheffield?

  11. Here’s a stat on Maine we should keep track of — I do in my scorebook — two-strike fouls against. That killed him last year, the number of extra pitches Maine had to throw, which shortened ran up his pitch counts, shortened his innings pitched and taxed the bullpen. So far, no two-strike fouls against him. Last week, there were five in five innings…

  12. Headley…Don’t worry about it. A hundred years from now, you can sue her (SLAP!).

  13. Sadecki, You missed that perfect throw by Castro. He’s the man behind the plate, although he seems to have taken hitting lessons from Schneider!

  14. Don’t know that’s the case, Harry. Delgado doesn’t crush a 3-0 meatball and the at-bat and the game might be different. Gotta keep piling on…

  15. No we we’re getting Peavy — unless you want to part with Daniel Murphy and Mike Pelfrey.

  16. Again, poor defense there.
    Keith would’ve made that into a routine 3-6-3 DP.

  17. Me too.

    I like both players and feel Pelf can grow into a nice pitcher. But Johan/peavy would maybe put us into the series this year.

  18. (36) Oh yeah, I’d take him any day. He just doesn’t have zip on his pitches. No out pitch so far……
    (39) I’d do it….. He’s owned for several years. Peavy for 2 guys is a deal.

  19. OK, so which starting pitcher in tonight’s game is the one who’s got nothing?

  20. They had Peavy with a high pitch count and a three run lead – while masine had faced the Min. – he’s pitching the back end of a weak line up and falls apart

  21. (48) Castro took hitting lessons form the Scneid and it looks like Maine took implosion lessons from OP.
    Now lets see if Peavy pitches like an ace or not. He should be smelling blood now.

    Uh oh… The Yankee fans have move to Queens!!!
    (5) One for you Gil!!!

  22. OK, playing devil’s advocate here…if the Padres demanded F-Mart, would you still make a proposed deal for Peavy?

  23. (54) Actually they would becuase they already have a young third baseman at 3rd and a young third baseman in left (just like the Mets) and Murphy ain’t replacing Gonzalez at first. They need a RFer to replace the very worn out Giles.
    I do make that deal.

  24. the mets retarded his development by ridiculously rushing him…. not many guys have the talent and metally to come back for the start to his career most turn into Heilman’s

  25. Speaking of the yankees, It looks they have lost Nady to season ending elbow surgery.

  26. Ollie’s bugabo is the walk with Maine it’s a long at bat …..once a guy fouls multiple pitches he struggles

  27. What?! Season-ending? Too bad for X. I liked him as a Met. Would’ve been very interesting to have seen what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been dealt in ’06.

  28. Ray (62) yes, he’s just waiting for the final word. Did you watch the opening ceremony?

  29. Speaking of season-ending injuries — and I hate to bring up his name — but I wonder if Tom Glavine will retire.

  30. I wouldn’t call this a lousy start for Peavy. It’s not up to his usual high standard, but he’s really only made one bad pitch all night.

  31. Glav. was a classy guy, he only drove me nuts the last two years when he played that stupid decision making game which was basically begging atlanta to sign him

  32. JD, put me in the “Don’t Like Glavine” category.
    His only really good year as a Met was ’06 when he won 15. And even then, he couldn’t win what was then the biggest game of that year, NLCS Game 5. In ’07, he won 13, but did it with mirrors and had an ERA close to 5. Last game of ’07 season? Fuhgeddaboutit.

  33. 66. Annie, No, I can only get nationally televised games this year. I would have liked to see the Bernie Williams piece, though.
    68. Gil, Its too bad Glavine left here on such a bad note. He had his moments as a Met, and he never missed a start.

  34. Gil (77): In ’05 he had a lot of games they couldn’t score for him. … And, Ray is right, there’s a lot to be said for not missing a start.-JD

  35. Ray: I wish Glavine missed that last start. And I’ll never forget his Mets debut in ’03, sitting in the loge, my wife, my dad and me freezing our asses off an watching him walk his first hitter and the Cubs going on to a 15-3 win. I even remember the fans chanting and doing the tomahawk chop when he walked off the mound…

  36. 77. To be fair, Glav had a fine first half in 2007. I think he was pitching hurt the second half and finally broke down with the Braves last year after a few starts. I think the reason most mets fans dont like him is because he always was a brave at heart and never tried to hide it.

  37. (70) They keep saying Castro lost 20 pounds and is great shape. I think I liked him out of shape.

  38. Glavine actually did miss a start or two in ’06. I remember he was taking baby aspirin for an ailment having to do with blood clotting.

  39. I wish our starters could do this – not have there best stuff but able to limit the damage and then turn it up a notch when the team gets him back in

  40. John (75)It’s interesting how so many athletes have a problem leaving the arena. How many set a realistic date to retire, and then do so?

  41. That fan is a *&^%^%$%$#$@$ MORON for interfering with the ball!!! What a &*&^%^’ dip$#*!

  42. (88) That won’t last and Andruw Jones is hitting 545!!!!! And anybody could’ve had him just like Shef….

  43. our guys hit tight in critical situations everybody except Delgado is swinging at balls

  44. 94 JD, give up your fascination with the Big Donkey! :) He wouldn’t have helped us! And big deal, he’s batting .360. How many games has his team won with him so far?

  45. DW= D-Rod …. I bet this team takes a hole differnet look you put the “C” on Delgado’s chest

  46. OK Gil Peavy showed his stuff.
    You can complain about the fan but Peavy saved the run with that great play on the bunt. 99% of pitchers go to first.

  47. younger guys would stop pressing take there roles…. Delgado’s words and status would have chomps – its the 800 lbs gorilla everybody looks to him but mmgt pushes there poster children – it quietly tares at the direction of the offense

  48. edfever (100) I don’t believe that Delgado will ever have the “C” do you really think that will happen?

  49. no but it would be the best thing for the team – but the marketing dept. would have a tizzy

  50. Harry (104): I don’t think he has anything left. But, I do remember throwing his name out there as a “What do you guys think?” over the winter.-JD

  51. JD, that was lasst year, dude! And he’s about a shade better than Murphy defensively.

  52. Harry, great point about Peavy’s defensive play. Two-out walks are a &^$%$%#$@%^$, aren’t they?

  53. Why is it you never see a well-executed throw from outfielder to infielder to catcher? 98% of them always seem to be offline

  54. Maine really took his ollie medicine today both scoring innings started with a walk and most damage done with two outs…. the term close the door comes to mind

  55. Gil (117): None. But, don’t forget, I was talking Dunn in the context of not knowing what the Mets would get from Delgado (assuming the worse, actually).-JD

  56. ed: If Maine took his Ollie medicine, he’d have pitched six innings of three hit ball, as Ollie did last night. I’d take that.
    By the way, someone please tell Mr. Delgado you can’t hit a game-tying, three-run homer with no one on base.

  57. Mets are using this economic situation as an excuse to treat this team more like a business then ever… we have the same team aside from the pen for the third year in a row… ANyone who has watched this team could see that was only part of the problem … when they openly admit to trying to move castro but wont eat his 3mm, cut duaner to avoid his 1.5 and are that reluctant to cut anderson’s 1.5 you know theres a problem

  58. (119) i think you know exactly what I was saying and Ollie last night was more surprising then the norm….

  59. Not sure about you when i see a pitcher have an excellent first two innings and then fall apart for not just a few runs but five and then fight himself the rest of the night – the first pitcher I think of is ollie

  60. Put Peavy away?
    No. Peavy lulled the Mets into a false sense of security.

  61. Well, at least Darren O’Day can’t allow any more inherited runners to score tonight, since he started this inning.

  62. Peavy sticks it thru to go five. Are we going to see Sanchez and Bell come through to stick it to us again?

    Am I right in thinking Florida is the team to beat in the NL EAst? Their defense is porous and they have problems keeping their young pitchers healthy. But an All-Florida world series seems quite likely. Bud would love that-not! Although he could claim he was responsible for it.

  63. JD, as you no doubt know about our Mets, putting runners on base hardly connotes a threat.

  64. Dan, slow your roll on the Marlins, brother. Only nine games into the season.

  65. JD

    weve been saying for two years it’s about the offense but it somehow gets masked by the pitching…. If theres a way for a team to score the second most runs in the lead and still be a team that struggles offensively its this team… there are too many games that you can say they left too many on base

  66. yeah.

    too many mets get tight. delgado is one of the few that do not get pressured.

  67. ed (135): They are a confusing bunch. A lot of guys are hitting, but not enough scoring. And, once again it’s the sixth inning and the bullpen is in the game.-JD

  68. Gil. You have a point. Right now the standings look like they are upside down. Toronto, KC, Seattle, Marlins, Cards and Padres/Dodgers. But the Marlins did win 84 games last year and it’s not unreasonable for young talent to improve by 8 to 10 games. Especially if some of those young pitchers that Girardi shredded the arms off a few years ago can comeback.

  69. (138) You can’t go on last year. Kouzmanoff is a year older, they have their top prospect playing in left, gonzalez is a true star, and that little twirp Eckstein ois perfect for them showing them how to hit in the cavernous ballpark. Plus Young missed about half the season and I think Peavy missed some, and Bell will be better closing than Hoffman was last year.

  70. Dan, I submit as Exhibit A, the 2005 Washington Nationals. On July 3 of that year, they were 50-31 and 5.5 games up in first place.
    At the end of the season?
    They finished .500, nine games back.

  71. (143) Much worse example Our 1972 NY METS 30-11 on the night of June 1. Finsihed 13.5 games out.

    In 05 Frank Robinson destroyed a bunch of pretty good relievers to have that great first half.

    In 72 they slumped the first half of June and then when Staub went down they just couldn’t replace him./

  72. (140) as jerry said before ST they are a group of individuals without a team identity and have been since August 2007.. each year there numbers look great individually but the bottom line is they dont get it done….

  73. Three bad at-bats in a row by Delgado, swinging at the first pitch and hitting balls in the air…

  74. Why does three runs seem like a mountain to a team that constantly has two runners on base

  75. Im kinda glad I missed most of this game and only got updates through text messages.

    I would have been losing my mind.. and Im really trying hard to stay positive and believe in this team…


  76. Another note on the Mets’ poor hitting approach. They saw 43 pitches from Jake Peavy. The last three innings combined, they’ve seen 41 pitches.

  77. the fustrating part is they had him – they had a three run lead and his pitch count in the 50s and maine imploded in the third

  78. JD- with the awful taste left over from the past 2 seasons failures… its tough to stay positive…

    but Im trying…

  79. (149) the only problem is it isn’t the nine games it the same thing weve seen for two years- the pads series last year in MAy is what eventually got willie fired when they lost three game 2-1 against an inferior team

  80. i think the problem was the collapse and the impression that everything is normal and we will play through it.

    the fans and ownership expected some reaction to the historic collapse and nothing happened. the slow start sealed it.

  81. Funny in a sad way….. It was all Willie’s fault and Jerry was strightening them out last year and in the Spring. The season starts and bingo, it looks like Willie’s team. The common denominator is the players. If a guy is gonna press in th clutch he’s gonna do it no matter who is managing and no matter what drills they did in the Spring.

  82. (146) How come you don’t complain about him hitting the ball in the air in the first AB. He creamed the ball the 2nd AB, he just hit it dead center.

  83. 144- Chiti, That team had to be the most snake bit team in history. Besides Staub, Agees knees gave out, Fregosi broke his thumb, there were others. I remember Grote and Dyer playing in the Outfield that year.

  84. 164 Harry, the situation dictates the at-bat. No score, yes, go for it by swinging. Later in the game when we’re behing, no one is on and we need baserunners, try and hit a line drive somewhere to get on base, run deep into the count. Going for the downs with no one on and down by three is foolhardy.
    Look at that great at-bat Sheffield just had. He, more than anyone else should be tempted to swing for the fences, being on 499 homers and down by a single run. But what’d he do? Stayed patient and worked a walk, as we need baserunners.

  85. the pads have one player hitting better then .265 we only have two players below that in the entire line-up ( Reyes .246 and Castro .091)

  86. ed: But we lead the NL in errors. I’d hate to see where we rank in runners left in scoring position.

  87. (17) I think Sheffields AB was a matter of a washed up player praying for the walk. Flash back 2007…. Met fans screaming,why did Willie use Franco to PH…. flash forward to 2009…. Met fans will be screaming why did Jerry use Sheffield to PH.. Fernando Tatis, the forgotten man….
    th clutchest hitter on the team last year, not used with the tying run at the plate. Jerry must be under orders to make Sheffield bat……
    (165) Yes Ray 72 really was something but that first 40 games they were incincible like the 84 /Tigers. Excpet the Tigers didn’t collapse.

  88. rem. early in the season willie would let wags sit for weeks because it wasn’t a save opportunity – i wonder if that effected the elbow to then be uused daily

  89. Harry, again, I don’t like Sheffield as a person, but what is he so far as a pinch-hitter this year, 0-for-2? Give him a chance.

  90. (178) Wagner probably refuesd to pitch in a situation beneath his “dignity”.

  91. Heath Bell conveniently forgets that he totally sucked as a Met — that’s why he got garbage time relief assignments in New York.

  92. (179) Why give him a chance. He’s been a total bum for at least a year and a half. Let the Tigers give him a chance. They don’t want to give him a chance for 14 million bucks. That doesn’t tell you everything???

  93. ed: You’re seriously blaming Willie Randolph for Billy Wagner’s elbow problems? Pass me some of what you’re smoking.

  94. Gil- i said this for two years its hard to explain how a team can score the second most runs in the league and still leave some of us fans feeling like they arent clutch is impossible to explain but ive always felt that way since St louis series in 2006… its as if the core was snake bitten and never got over it ….. last year they need one game and the offense couldnt give them two runs

  95. ed: Only problem with missing out by one game is that there are many games in which if were on point with one element of our game, we would’ve reached the playoffs. It’s not just the offense. Don’t forget how many games the bullpen blew last year when the Mets scored plenty of runs to win.

  96. ed: Give the Pads some credit. They could’ve packed it in, being down 3-0 early with heir best pitcher on the mound. The other night on the Opener, they didn’t let all the hoopla intimidate them.

  97. If the starters keep going five, there are going to be a few sore armed relivers soon.

  98. Gil – look at the pads line-up and bullpen i give them no credit this ones on the Mets bats IMO which im entitled too

  99. The 2005 Gnats are not a real good example. The previous year they lost 95 games and it wasn’t a young team..the youngest was DL Nick Johnson at 26. Going .500 was a big step for them.

    Delgado’s fouling them off

  100. 4-5 record against pads, Reds, marlins no way you should start a season this way

  101. Howie has put this game “in the Books” and so will I.

    See you tomorrow.

  102. ed: By not crediting the Pads, you’re overestimating the Mets. The Pads, despite not having an All-Star lineup and being a small payroll team, came into our house and out-hit, out-pitched and out-fielded us.
    They may not end up being the superior team this season, but for the last three games they were and that’s all that matters right now.

  103. I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. See you Saturday afternoon. I could just scream as Captain Binghamton used to say.

  104. Gil they have one hitting with a BA over .300 and the next best is .265 meanwhile our worst reg. is hitting .246 and thats reyes

  105. 204 If the starting pitching keeps on like this it will be a loooooooong year.

  106. I know this is the thrid season in a row the team saidf they “had” to get off to a fast start and seemed to fall over themselves oplaying 500 ball the last two years we saw how that ended … to sit and say its early falls into the old saying of doing the same thing over again and expecting different results

  107. maine limits that damage we win, or if the offense bails him out we win …. neither happened and we lost to an inferior team

    The pen did their job

  108. ed: The game isn’t all about hitting, man. If that were the case, the Texas Rangers would have about 20 World Series rings by now. Unfortunately for the Mets, they also have to field and pitch. They have to hit cutoff men on relay throws from the outfield. They have to not overslide bases. They have to not balk. They have to have smart at-bats. they have to not walk guys with two outs and nobody on and allow rallies to start. They have to not walk the No. 7 hitter on four pitches to start an inning and later intentionally walk a hitter to put another man on the basepaths…

  109. Gil (214): All that you say is right. They are playing like a 4-5 team. They deserve to be where they are. Fact is, they could have a worse record.-JD

  110. edfever…. The Pads are off to a great start ]…. The fish are off to an awesome start…… to complain about losing to these teams is saying that they make less $$ so they should roll over for the Mets. Ain’t gonna happen… Young, poor (well poor compared to the Mets) and hungry. Teams like that don’t quit especially early in the year.

  111. Right Chiti, teams come to New York knowing this is the big stage. they will have more adrenaline here than any other city they visit.

  112. 212

    yeah. it wasnt the only thing, but it certainly made a difference. stupid kids.

  113. Maybe the Mets should’ve chosen paper as the playing surface for Citi Field, ’cause so far, that’s about the only thing they’re good on.
    Good night everyone. Have a wonderful rest of the night and day tomorrow.

  114. harry – not at all I’m saying they had plenty of opportunities to win most of these games and they didn’t excute which is them beating themselves not the other team beating you – when you leave 38 runners in scoring position over the first six games and only one of those losses is by more then four runs you have beat yourself in my book

  115. Gil- i dont believe its all about hitting but i do believe that the offesne plays a bigger role in this team failing to make the playoffs two years in a row then there given credit for

  116. ed (229): They could have swept the Marlins and Padres if they played better. The only time they got clobbered was the Ollie game in Cincy.-JD

  117. (226) nice gil its funny on paper you would take this team hands down over almost any team in the NL but it certainly hasnt translated that way

  118. ed (231): Agreed. They just don’t hit in the clutch. Their situational hitting isn’t good. They score a lot, but squander way too many opportunities.-JD

  119. agreed JD – IMO they beat themselves offesnively in all four losses they could have easly been up by five runs with all the runners left on base – one or tow games are flukes but when in this high a ratio and you take into consideration last year its a trend

  120. Ok dave… Wanna feel worse
    Heilman has a 1.59 ERA and a save… Want him back?
    me neither… See ya…

  121. not many close wins last year – most of the close games they lost – they pad the run totls on blow outs – way more 10-5 wins then 6-4 amd most 6-4 games went the other way like tonight and Monday and the two in florida

  122. castillo at the bottom makes no sense and reyes doesnt look comfortable playing his game with Murph behind

  123. Shucks, where’d everybody go? I wandered off and the Mets lost and all of you went home and turned off the lights…

    Glad I missed the rest of the game. It was clearly all downhill after Delgado’s homer.

  124. What few games I watched the Mets play my impression is that this is the same team I watched collapse the past few years. They don’t have starting pitching (except Santana) which leads to the bull pen coming in early which leads to the bull pen getting burned out by August. They are terrible in the clutch when it really counts. There is one new thing I noticed, there defense isn’t that good either. I’ve lost allot of respect for this current met team. I don’t have the passion I had for them. It’s possible that some of it is because the NY rangers are in the playoffs and my focus and passion is with the rangers. My impression of the Mets this year is they will probably battle for the wild card and again getting met fans excited and miss out by a few games of making the playoffs.

  125. JD(237) : agreed i said that yesterday after your comment on his golf swing.
    as keth would say he has to level off and go for the single and teh double. if he truly is that powerful it will carry into triple or better.

    I think the issue with the team is, it still isnt a team. they need a captain to step up and make everyone play their base.

    small ball. we have so many rabbits on the team. use them !!!