About Last Night ….

Coin Flip landed on heads. Oliver Perez was exceptional last night. The story of the game was his ability to throw his change-up for strikes to right-handed hitters. It could be the turnaround pitch he’s always needed. But, as with all things Perez, let’s see him do it again.

I’m not buying Jerry Manuel when he said Daniel Murphy’s relay throw to Jose Reyes was a planned play.

I don’t like what I’m seeing from Reyes offensively. He’s not working the count and he has too much of an uppercut to his swing.

I still like Luis Castillo hitting second and Murphy down in the order. With how the 3-4-5 hitters are getting on base there would be plenty of RBI opportunities for him batting sixth or seventh.

Still not producing with RISP. That was a gift inning that doesn’t come along a lot. Not too often will you get four runs on a bunt single.

8 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. op-that changeup was used more than i have ever seen.

    sheff- he sure did but ill give him a little time to as willie would say..”get in a nice little groove.”

    castillo has looked solid and his obp on top of the 3 4 5 hitters would have rbi chances for 6 7 8… schneider looks awful

    i (for some reason, and i dunno why) think murphy will improve and be serviceable out there..not great but ok

    reyes needs to be trying to hit it gap to gap for doubles/triples..like you said not HR

  2. If Ollie can keep it up, I will be happy to eat my words on him. On Reyes, This topic has come up before when the hitting 3rd experiment was going on in spring training. He does not and probably never will have a leadoff hitters mentality. They have been trying to get him to bunt for 6 years already. Hes not going to start now. He likes to drive in runs. Why not try Castillo, Murphy, Reyes for a few games?

  3. beig stuck in Pensyltucky i cant watch my mets.

    as for reyes. he always had that cut but it does seem to have gotten more pronounced. he’s going for the triple->homerun.

    instead of getting on base. This worries me. its good he can hit it hard but i rather see him on base and start a rally.

  4. This is off-topic, but thought it might be of interest. From the New York Radio Message Board:

    “Kalas, Keiter, and Harmon

    Posted by Ellis Bromberg on April 16, 2009

    Coming on the heels of Harry Kalas’ death, we now also mourn the passing of two other legendary sports announcers who spent time in New York.

    Les Keiter has died at age 89. As sports director of WINS from the mid ’50s-early ’60s, he announced games of the football Giants, Knicks, and Rangers, and did pre- and post-game shows for the Yankees. (He also continued to call football Giants games when the team moved to WCBS in 1958-59.) And he announced eight heavyweight championship fights (including several radiocasts on WHN). But he may be best known in New York for his recreating games of the baseball Giants on WINS from 1958-1960 after they had moved to San Francisco. Keiter also spent part of his career in Philadelphia, and for the last 30 years of his life was the best known sportscaster in Hawaii.

    Merle Harmon has also died, he at age 82. From 1964-72 he was the voice of the Jets, first on WABC, then WOR, and called the Jets-Colts Super Bowl in 1969 on WABC. He announced college football and basketball, the NFL on ABC-TV and NBC-TV, and Kansas City Chief games. He was also a baseball announcer for no fewer than four different teams: the Kansas City A’s, Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, and Texas Rangers. He retired in 1989.

    Harry, Les, and Merle will all be missed!”

  5. Les Keiter: My old man was a very big NY Giant fan and he listened to those recreations regularly. Oh how the world has changed!