Sheffield gets start tonight

Gary Sheffield will get his first start tonight for the Mets in right field, which next to Fenway, might be the hardest right field in the majors to play because of all the angles.

He’s got to play sooner or later, but I don’t like the timing after Ryan Church’s first bad game of the season. Then again, Church isn’t a Jerry favorite and they aren’t going to sit Daniel Murphy.

The question is where does Sheffield stand with the Mets? If he gets three hits tonight, he has to play tomorrow. Is he a starter or role player, and if the latter, can he handle that? He’s said all the right things, but it’s April.

11 thoughts on “Sheffield gets start tonight

  1. I think its unfair to church. I am very unhappy. the loyalty shown to delgado et al, and the fact that Church has always given his best and he’s had only 1 bad game?! come on. i saw a few missed balls by our 1st baseman.
    yeah yeah he’s hittin. but i am sorry i cant stand watching him as he eyes a ball as it rolls by.

    I see no reason why sheffield has to play just yet. he even made a statement saying just hitting the balls was good enough. or did i mis hear?

    oh well.

  2. (1) You feel bad for church…. I feel bad for Tatis. The guy came out of nowhere last year to be the most clutch hitter on the team the second half of the season. His reward is being behind the formerly great Gary Sheffield, a guy who hit all of .225 last year, and didn;t think for 14 million dollars salary he had a need to get in shape since the Tigers planned for him to be a DH.

  3. I’m a little mixed, but only a little. I’d like to see Sheffield get a chance to get some AB’s, even at the expense of Church. Chiti, if Tatis hadn’t gotten injured, the Mets probably would have gotten into the playoffs last year despite their bullpen, so I can understand how you feel about him. But I think if Sheff has anything left in the tank he can be a much more productive player than Fernando. Only time will tell.

  4. The timing couldnt be worse. Ollie is pitching tonight. We have all seen him fall apart after someone makes an error behind him and even when he commits the error. I can see Shef kicking the ball around and ollie walking people until he grooves one for somebody to hit out.

  5. i agree with all of you steve, harry, ray, steve…not great timing whatsoever. ollie gives up a lot of fly balls and this is the night sheff gets the start?

  6. Sheffield is on the roster so he has to play sometime. Whether he should be on the roster is an entirely different matter. As far as Church goes, my understanding is that he is very religious. Tell him this is another of God’s tests..a la Job.

  7. (7) You know the history; he old Rusty Staub never had to start for the Mets!