METS CHAT ROOM: Game #8: Coin Flip goes.



It’s that time again. Coin Flip goes for the Mets. I picked a good game last time out but he spit the bit. I have no clue tonight as to what to expect for Oliver Perez. Sooner or later he’s going to have to come up with a big game.

Something to think about, is Perez is a fly ball pitcher and Gary Sheffield will be making his first start of the season in right field.

Here’s the lineup:
Jose Reyes, SS
Daniel Murphy, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Delgado, 1B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Gary Sheffield, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Luis Castillo, 2B
Oliver Perez, P

119 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #8: Coin Flip goes.

  1. the fans need some good things to happen early (in this game and the yr). The booing, groans, and overall quietness last game was bad but it is the airing of the frustration of the last two years.
    a nice winning streak..maybe a walk off win and some good vibes in the new park would be pretty damn nice

  2. Pelfrey has tendinitis in his right forearm. His status is TBA for Sunday’s start. If not, the Mets will go into their minor league system and not juggle the bullpen. The guess is Jon Niese.-JD

  3. same start he had in his first can all fall apart in a second for him…but good start at least..need some runs early..come on carlos boys

  4. 18. Wait till he gets one hit his way. btw why is starting against a righty?

  5. Ray: That is my fear…

    This game is one I dont want to watch since it has the potential to be a train wreck thanks to CoinFlip and Sheffie, but I just cant look away…

    To answer your second question: Because Manuel is smarter than all of us.

  6. reyes swings at first pitch right after ollie has long AB…not smart…little things that they still arent doing

  7. 24. Reyes and ollie have that in common. Great tools, but not great baseball minds.

  8. ollie squeezed a little i think there vs. gonzalez…we’ll see if he can keep his cool

  9. JD- is perez throwing a change up? it doesnt have the same tilt his slider usually does..more of a straight down action

  10. JD- seeing less of his slider? i dont recall seeing him throw this many change ups..maybe johan in his ear a bit?

  11. (54) he stinks. That’s what I’d like to say about him… but I’d rather avoid too much negativity this early in a season.

  12. Exactly.. he needs to shut them down this inning. Dont let them get a run back. Big inning in this game and for Ollie.

  13. just caught a replay..thanks JD..odd.

    reyes needs to take his time in this next AB..another good AB by ollie

  14. I think its time to give Murphy a day off to relax… He threw off balance.. dont think ive ever seen an outfielder do that.

    Kid seems to be stressing out there.

  15. 90 pitches thru 6 innings. Not bad. Got us to the 7th. Hopefully Jerry has the bullpen stretching out and getting ready

  16. Gonzalez is a good hitter, good fielder, and signed to a very good deal thru 2010 (team option 2011). He is very underrated.

  17. Hi. Was only able to tune it at 9. I see the Good Ollie showed up tonight.

    Did anybody read the article on Sheffield in the April 20 New York Magazine? I saw it in a doctor’s office that afternoon. Ouch!

  18. Bases loaded, nobody out? I see they loaded them earlier. Can they finally “break the schneid”?

  19. Another run is great, but I’m STILL waiting for somebody to break things open with the bases full!

  20. Reyes scoring from first on a wild pitch? I dont think Ive seen that before.

  21. well i understand putz coming in ’cause he was already warmed up but if they are up more than 3 id save krod..i mean frankie

  22. Can I be a curmudgeon and say “I STILL want to see a big hit with the bases loaded”?

    But seriously, I’ll take a 6-1 lead.

  23. John (91) late rehearsal tonight – I heard the score on the way home. Can you give me the gist of the game – has Sheffield done anything?

  24. Coin Flip rewarded my confidence in him. Well, it was a 3 hit shutout with 13ks. Maybe it’s time for a quick drive to Atlantic City and bet my paycheck on the roulette wheel.

    But it’s only the Padres. They are expected to lose.

  25. Howie has put this game “In the Books” their first win in Citi Field – lets hope it is the beginning of many.

  26. never only the padres or anyone when they play the mets and the pads are hot right now…good win boys

  27. Sad note on the passing of Merle Harmon who broadcast many teams such as the Jets in the 1960s and the Brewers in the 1970s. For some reason I remember him most broadcast the WFL with Alex “Captain Who?” Hawkins. A true pro.

    Who do I root for in a Marlins vs Braves games? I don’t believe this stuff about Atlanta being back but the Marlins have broken our hearts the last two seasons.

  28. It wasn’t “only the Padres” on Monday. Anyway, now they’re back to .500. A new start!

  29. JD- Always enjoyed your writing and decided to join up and participate.

    Keep up the good work here.

  30. I’m sure Sadecki missed me last night, but just finished watching the game…
    I’m sure all these comments were already made but what the heck…. The late great Chiti recap…
    1. OP exceptional….
    2. Offense is horrible with Sheffield, Schneider, Castillo, pitcher…. Ain’t goona get so many gift runs every night.
    3. Sheffield looks like a guy who deserved to be released with 14 mil left on a contract.
    4. Castillo needs to be in 2 hole and Murphy 7. Schneider anywhere but 8 is horrible.
    5. Never remember seeing a left fielder exposed like that since maybe the Todd Hundley experiment.
    6. Loved listening to Rachel Robinson on ESPN. Hope you all got to listen toher on SNY.
    7. Reyes swinging like he’s trying to be the clean up hitter. He needs to bunt. Be ordered to bunt to get this Ruthian swing outta here.

  31. 116
    1. he certainly he was..that changeup was used more than i have ever seen.
    2. agreed.
    3. he sure did but ill give him a little time to as willie would say..”get in a nice little groove.”
    4. this is a major point i agree with. castillo has looked solid and his obp on top of the 3 4 5 hitters would have rbi chances for 6 7 8… schneider looks awful
    5. i (for some reason, and i dunno why) think murphy will improve and be serviceable out there..not great but ok
    6. she is a woman of honor and dignity..and looks great too
    7. reyes needs to be trying to hit it gap to gap for doubles/ you said not HR

  32. Chiti, I did miss you last night, buddy. On your comparing Murphy to Hundley in left…thats a little harsh,bro, even for you.