There’s a lot to like with the new park, but not so much with how the boys are playing. They aren’t hitting with runners in scoring position; the bullpen has been erratic; and the Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez have been a disappointment.

You can say with a hit here or there, or a fly ball caught, or a well-pitched game, they could be 6-1. You could also say they could be 1-6. They are 3-4, which is about right, and totally wrong considering the talent there is on this club.

What’s been your biggest disappointment in the Mets’ start?

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  1. The only thing that disappoints me this morning is that I fell asleep before the game ended. Hope Howie closed the book on it properly :)

    I was able to watch it here on ESPN – surprise! – and particularly liked Seaver and Pizza together again. Like them or not, they are ‘old pros’ and it shows. Both could have said “no” in view of their histories with the Mets ownership/management, but I believe they really loved the teams they were on and also the Mets fans. Thanks, Tom and Mike.

    I’m sure it will take a while for this team to learn all about their new home – like a shakedown cruise on a ship. Now, for the first time, Mets fans have a first rate team and facility.

    It will be a great joy to watch this season unfold.

    Let’s Go Mets.

  2. Biggest Disappointments so far:

    1. Sporadic clutch hitting

    2. Mike Pelfrey regressing

    3. Jose Reyes penchant for popping out with the bases loaded. (Last night and against the Marlins too)

  3. Pelf and Ollie’s performances have been the most disappointing to me so far….and o’day has not looked good either

  4. (4) Today looks like its gonna be agree with jim day. Agree about all 3 pitchers. I’ll add the manager to the list of downers. We heard all Spring about how this team was prepared to play the game the right way and it looks to make more basic mistakes than it did for Randolph. And his managing makes no sense either. O’Day in the 9th of a tie game while KROD pitches the 9th behind on a different day. Reed the PH in Florida in the 8th with the tying run at the plate while Tatis is unused. And now a pronouncement that the over the hill Sheffield will start in 2 days while Tatis who was the most clutch guy on the team last year, rots away; as the old guy gets into playing shape in April. Why isn’t Sheffield in extended spring training where he belongs?

  5. word is sheff wont play wednesday now..manuel will keep church in the lineup and sheff will start friday at the earliest..good decision i think

  6. Pelfrey. But it’s only two starts. With Coin Flip I’ve adjusted to his erratic behavior and know it will happen as sure as thunder follows lightning.

  7. (6) Dan: I’m hoping we’ll be able to say with Pelfrey years down the road that he is just a “slow starter.” Like CC and like Johan has been for most of his career.

  8. (7) I hope so too. He did pitch well in his first game after the damage was done. It can’t be easy for a pitcher going from the warmth of Florida (or Arizona) to playing night games in the Northeast.

    In other news Lastings Milledge has been optioned to AAA. So much for fools like me who denounced the trade 18 months ago. As a GM I would remind people of Bob Scheffing.

  9. Disappointed with the overall sloppy play. Stuff like the errors, not advancing runners and Feliciano’s balk. Basically the difference last night was that San Diego played well and executed the fundamentals,the Mets didn’t. I also see the Mets not hitting late in the game just like last year. They have a tendency to put up runs early and then go into hibernation offensively in the late innings.

  10. Much as I hate to say it, my biggest disappointment so far has been David Wright. Until last night, he had the weakest-looking .300+ that I’ve ever seen, getting hits with bases empty and striking out or hitting grounders with men on.

    Hopefully, he’s snapped out of it and becoming the David we’ve all loved for the past few years.

  11. My biggest disappointment, bar none, is the glaring absence of one Guiseppe Franco.

  12. i am disappointed they are below 500. i am disappointed they are not playing well.

    it is early and i am not panicking, but it would be nice for them to do better.

  13. Pelfry is the biggest disappointment so far. Being closed out by two ex met relievers was bad. If Duaner comes back Omar will look pretty stupid.

  14. (14) Some interesting things going on in DC. Milledge is a late show for a team meeting. The new GM wants him benched for theopener and Acta refuses and starts him. So the GM options Milledge today. Since Acta was a Bowden hire, and this is going on one wonders which will happen fiorst; the Nats winning a game or Acta getting fired. The only manager I remnember getting fired without a win was Cal Ripkin senior. Were there any others? Hockey doesn’t count Dan Gurney because I understand the average tenure of a NHL coach is 2 periods.

  15. The fact that Mr Wright refuses to hit to right field.

    That Ollie Perez has not grown up yet.

    That Luis Castillo forgot how he used to hit when he played with the Marlins. Why does a 32 yr old player need to be reminded to be agressive.

  16. Ollie cannot be a disappointment.

    We knew what we were getting when we signed him for 3/36.

    We have seen him for 3 years. To think he would change because we have signed him to a new 3 year contract is silly.

  17. (18) We gave up a kid who needs to be disiplined and now it has hapened. We’ll see what Milledge does now. We got a very low level catcher and a very injury prone outfielder who plays good for two months but has never put together a whole season. Minaya is winning this one. Its not over.
    PS: Do we only mewntion trades where Minaya won?
    PPS: What you think of Acta fighting with the GM?
    PPPS: Watch the Yankee game. Burnett has no-no thru 6.

  18. 1. Chiti, I dont like all of Minayas moves, either. Most recently, the Sheffield signing and re-signing Perez. On this thread, I have put as one of my dissapointments being the 2 ex met pitchers who pitched the last two innings last night. I brought up Milledge because hes in the news and I remember harped on that trade for a long time.
    As for Acta, Well, GMs always like to bring in thier own managers. Acta will have plenty of time to talk to Bernazard now. Unless the yankee game is on national tv, I cant get it. Watching another ex met pitching a no hitter isnt something that will make me too happy anyway.

  19. 17) Eddie Sawyer of the Phillies quit after losing the first game in the 1960 season. “I’m 49 years old and I want to live to be 50” was his explanation.

    George Allen was fired after two exhibition games of the 1978 season, his second or third stint as Rams coach, depending how you feel about the player’s revolt which saved his job in 1969.

    There were a couple guys who quit after managing one game and winning it: Eddie Stanky of the Texas Rangers in 1975 and Maurice “Rocket” Richard Of the Quebec Nordiques in 1972 (a hockey one, I know).

    One of my favorites was the Phillies firing Pat Corrales in 1983 with his team tied for first! I don’t think even Steinbrenner did that. In truth the Phillies were only 43-42 and played better under Paul Owens, reaching the World Series where Mike Schmidt proceeded to out-stink Eddie Murray.

  20. (24) Thanks Dan…. You are really good at sports history. Ah, the 83 WS… I always liked Jim Palmer, still like him as an analyst for the birds, and trivia time, he was on his last legs in 83, pitched one game in relief in the 83 WS and was the winning pitcher. Came back in 84 got bombed a few times and walked away from the game. So his last win was in the 83 WS.

  21. bummed yes disappointed maybe a little . disheartened. NO! its still real early. A lot can happen.
    We need Keith and Ronnie in uniform as coaches. 😉

    maybe even seaver, he talks a good game on TV but if he really truly cared, he’d be down there fixing our broken pitchers.

    just my 3 cents.

    Lets Go Mets!