METS CHAT ROOM: Game #7; The doors open.

The new home of the Mets.

The new home of the Mets.

Finally, the doors to Citi Field are open for business. A new era in New York baseball history begins tonight with the Mets and Padres in Queens.

From first, second and third glances, this is a beautiful ballpark. We’re all trying to see how it plays, but we won’t know until the weather gets warmer. Plenty of quirks, nooks and crannies in the outfield for some weird bounces meaning you can expect a lot of triples and maybe and inside-the-parker or two for Jose Reyes.

This is supposed to be a pitcher’s park, but the overhang in right could be generous to Carloses Delgado and Beltran.

It should be a busy night. I’ll live blog, of course, but until game time if you want to note your favorite Opening Day memories, this is the place to do it.

Here’s the line-up:
J Reyes SS
D Murphy LF
D Wright 3B
C Delgado 1B
C Beltran CF
R Church RF
B Schneider C
L Castillo 2B
M Pelfrey P

292 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #7; The doors open.

  1. baseball has been hit with tragedy recently..sad.

    JD- im sure the place is filled by now. how is the crowd?

    loud and supportive (for all players at least for today) i hope

  2. (4) The Bird: What an entertaining, if short career. The man was ahead of his time. He was a natural showman on the field. Harry Kalas a great career. Announcing for the ssme team for over 35 years. The perfect job.

  3. doesnt appear the crowd is sitting at all…everyone enjoying being able to walk around the new park AND see the field

  4. mets fans need something positive to happen to feels as if its been so long

  5. i still feel pelf is one pitch away from being great..if he could find a consistent breaking ball, that could be used to finish off a hitter he would become filthy

  6. (26) And you thought Castillo and OP would get the boo bird treatment. Wecome Mike Pelfrey to a fan base that is quicky becoming the worst in baseball.

  7. We open our houise and let our guests walk all over us like a doormat…Unreal.

  8. JD: What were some of the Mets pre-game intoduction receptions like? Unfortunately, the DirecTV broadcasts start on the hour, so I missed SNY’s pre-game.
    Who got the loudest cheers?
    Anyone booed?

  9. (28) I understand they ain’t patient, but 2nd inning, first game, nice young kid. I think those people are an embarrasment.

  10. Good for Luis Castillo. I’m also hoping Daniel Murphy gets some redemption today.

  11. Listen to those sarcastic cheers, now turning into standing O for Murphy! At least the kid smiles about it…

  12. JD- glad to see murph smile after making the catch..he has the ‘makeup’ to play in NYC

    and i dunno about johan’s words there..he did the same last yr early on too

  13. thats the thing..its the truth..maybe putting some words of fire out there will do just that for the whole team..light a fire..johan is quickly becoming the leader of this team

    the mets will be lucky to get 6 out of pelfrey tonight

  14. (45) I guess he learned from Wagner. Nothing better for team chemistry than to give it to a kid!

  15. No, Santana didn’t throw Murph under the bus — but make no mistake, he put all his teammates on notice that he’s not putting up with any BS this year.
    I don’t blame him.
    The bullpen already blew a Cy Young Award for him and a division title for the team and too often, the Mets don’t give Santana enough offensive support.
    Maybe Santana’s getting pissed will turn out to be like a Kirk Gibson moment from 1988 when he showed teammate Jesse Orosco in no certain terms he was all business and no pranks between the white lines. His teammates responded and perhaps so will this year’s Mets.
    Santana’s intensity is positive, unlike that hothead Mike Hampton in 2000, who beat up many a piece of dugout equipment when things didn’t go right for him.

  16. (45) See anybody pounf Santana for throwing that fat pitch to Paulino right after the error. Nope. Why not, If he’s such a leader he should have kept his cool.

  17. reyes was in there…slid thru the bag. didnt need to push it there i dont think…down 3 runs

  18. Awwww…didja see the little kitty that ran out onto the field? Can’t help it, I’m a cat guy. My little one sits with me to watch many Mets games.

  19. I just walked in the door is this team kidding me, this is how they redeem themselves

  20. (47) I disagree completely. Just because he makes the most dough doesn’t give him the right to pound hi mates. He ain’t the manager. And he ain’t a leader for doing that to a kid. I’ve lost all respect for him. He’s poison II in my books. Maybe there was a real reason the RD Sox backed off him. They didn’t want any more a-holes on their team.
    His team didn’t cost him a Cy Young. That’s BS. He could have demanded to stay in the game more often.

  21. Scoring question: Why doesn’t Reyes get credit for a double if he was originally safe at second and then came off the bag?

  22. (51) Thank you!! Remember when Carlton struck out 18 or 19 Mets but gave up 2 homers to Swoboda. Think he pounded his mates after wards. Bad example he never talekd to anyone but McCarver!!

  23. Harry- if it was a hard catch I would agree with you but when its a can a corn I expect an ace pitching the game of his career to blast him especially when he admits he was lazy on the play

  24. Harry: The poor excuse the Mets had for a bullpen last year didn’t cost Santana the Cy Young? It lost seven games for him in which he had the lead after he left. Even if it blew only three out of those seven, Santana goes 20-7.
    And judging from the way his teammates responded to the pre-game handshakes before Opening Day in Cincy, they clearly don’t think Santana’s an a-hole.
    Santana had it right. After falling short at the end of the year for two straight seasons, EVERY game matters.

  25. I said this all off-season the pen wasn’t the only thing that needed addressing – this offense started a trend of leaving way too many runners on base and they cont. into this season

  26. i really think this team is jinxed… every team seems to have that majic two out hit and every fielder makes a tremendous catch

  27. ed: You’re right. And Manuel has addressed the situational hitting, starting in spring training with those opposite field hitting drills. Ryan Church already looks like he’s maturing as a hitter and Delgado is taking a different approach, but it’ll take time to see if the team improves.

  28. 69. Good comeback, Chiti. It looks like everybody else here agrees with me. Your negativity gets old real quick. You picked on the wrong guy. Santana is a leader. Your example of Carlton is riduculous. Carlton gave up the homeruns. whose he gonna blame?

  29. Ray: I was there also for the four-game sweep in San Diego…and watched Santana get zero run support in one game, then watched Scott Hairston win another game with a walkoff home run.

  30. (65) Your argu,ment is so so wrong. If wins were the reason voters made their picks then why didn’t Brandon Webb and his 22 wins earn the Cy Young and not Lincecum and his puny 18? Clearly, the voters are a lot smarter than you give them credit for,
    As for Santana and this every game counts, are you saying the other guys are too stupid to know every game counts? The guy dropped a ball. BFD. I’m sure even the godlike Santan made an error or threw a passed ball somewhere in his career.

  31. Uh, Harry, besides the wins, Santana also led the NL last year in ERA and innings pitched and would’ve been on a division leader. Think that othercriteria counts for anything?

  32. he is one of..if not the best pitcher in baseball..i didnt love his comments but “BFD” was one one sure the team is over it and i dont think its an issue at all

  33. I just think this offense looks the same as it did in 2007 which isnt good and needed some fresh blood, coaches and tech. arent going to change that

  34. I doubt we’ll be saying BFD if we’re eliminated on the last day of this season for the third year in a row.

  35. Another good comeback, Chiti, You used to be much sharper. Ah, its like old times again.

  36. Gil (84): Maybe so, but there will probably be a dozen more losses this summer that will have Mets fans screaming in the night. … And that doesn’t include the CoinFlip games.-JD

  37. sweeping cincy, winning two in Fl. and beating up on SD are what they need to do hasnt this team learned that its never too early to build a lead

  38. 93- true…very true

    murphy rbi to right…he looks great at the plate

    come on dwright

  39. True, JD. But you especially can’t make bonehead plays on the day your ace is pitching and waste performances like Santana’s yesterday.
    Gotta move on, but it’s an expensive lesson to learn.
    Good for Murph that he came through just now with a hit.

  40. a hit by wright would be a breath of fresh air here…huge for the fans i think if he could get a big one here

  41. david wright never gets 2 out big hits for this team…ever haha thattttta boy david


  43. today on francessas show callers kept proddding him to say wright is a choker. to his credit he didnt bite. Of course, he said he said it all during the offseason.

  44. Now we’re all happy. And isn’t the new apple lookin shiny.

    Agree with JD. The kid acted like a man. The so called leader acted like a baby. Do you think Gil no player has ever cost a team a game with an error beofre. How oh how did the Mets win the 86 WS after Tim Teufel cost Ronny that game 1???

  45. love seeing him succeed…its obvious how bad he wants it… high and deep shot to left

  46. i dont think the comments were or are an issue within the clubhouse and thats all that matters….come on stokes..throw strikes, sit em down

  47. Can anyone on this team not named Carlos Beltran actually catch a fly ball?

  48. Gotta wonder if that was caused by the wind or he thought he was closer to the wall than he thought. He might not have known where he was on the field.-JD

  49. frustration…excitement…frustration

    gotta make that catch..come on, you gotta be kidding

  50. This is a friggin joke this team cant catch a figgin ball – I’m sick of excuses

  51. Gil 111. come on Church should have had it, but anybody whos been watching knows this guy is a very good fielder.

  52. good point ed…anyone have any confidence in the mets (for once) forcing another team to strand a runner at 3rd

  53. I had a coach saidf if it touched your mitt its your fault no matter what – we had the best defensive team

  54. hersheiser- great point on espn…burn the lefty now to try and keep emotional edge and momentum

  55. Unreal.
    That’s three balks already committed by Mets pitchers this year.
    Yet another bonehead play costs us.

  56. team shoots itself in the foot – why was he in that situation he was afraid to pitch to luis castillo in an 0-2 count basically

  57. boos at citi..i agree feliciano messed up

    but i am so tired of the awful booing at mets games..i know in some cases its warranted but come on its week 1..give it a break.. makes our fan base seem like a-holes

  58. im not a booer but i am tired of this team choking under any pressure what-so-ever

  59. JD, rule should be changed but still he shouldnt be in that situation with Eckstien – Feliciano should never be scared of eck

  60. 140 Jim: I don’t like booing either, but think about how many times the last three seasons this beloved team of ours has broken our hearts. I don’t agree with the booing, but I understand it — especially if folks going to Citi are paying what they’re paying for tickets — dare I say more than what many of us can afford.

  61. I can’t believe Church would dare make an error and Felicano would dare bunt after the godlike Santana laid down the law! How Dare they be imperfect tonite?

    (138) A balk it clearly was….

  62. 147 gil- sad but true…but i just feel that the booing has to negatively affect the players…feeling negativity sure doesnt help lift your spirits. i know in theory it shouldnt matter but home field advantage is moot when after mistakes the crowd immediately voices dissent

  63. Harry – if were back to Murphy – I think youll be hard pressed to find that easy a fly ball an error again this season

  64. Harry: I take it you won’t be on hand for Johan Santana Drawstring Bag Day at Citi Field this weekend?

  65. harry- why do you have to keep beating a dead horse..its over, both in the clubhouse and on this site

  66. (153) I would’ve gone Gil but I didn’t win the Madoff seat auction on Ebay. I actually like Santana but I really don’t like a vet knocking a kid in the press. You gave an example earlier of Orosco being knocked. Well, Jesse was a veteran who had won before. I think its different.
    (152) A agree completely. That’s why there was no need to knock the guy.

  67. castillo looks sharp to me at the plate….good takes on close pitches…still not aggressive with the count in his favor but a good eye

  68. Harry: LOL on the Madoff seat!
    And when it comes to throwing teammates under the bus, Santana’s got a long way to go to catch Billy Wagner, who’s made an art form of it with two different clubs.

  69. not a good AB. i would have preferred him waiting on a called strike instead of fishing 1-0

  70. Not a good AB at all. A cautious swing after being fooled by two changeups.

  71. madoof is the differnec ebetween building a competitive team and a dominant team

  72. (161) Agree completely about Wagner. He’s the champ of throwing guys under the bus!

    Jose is proving all too often this young season that he does not have the make up to be a # 3 guy in the order.

  73. All these guys press under pressure – this team needed a sheff type but in his prime

  74. speaking of bernie madoff…his scheme is one of the reasons manny is not on this team

  75. i reached that conclusion when the team needed a RH power corner OF bat all winter (even if they didnt wanna admit it..then they did when they grabbed sheff) and the one of the best ever was sitting there waiting and they didnt pounce

    i dont believe they didnt want him..omar has been after him for yrs…i think the wilpons said we are already spending 150 mil…more $ after losing to madoff didnt make financial sense for them.
    thats my 2 cents.. i think omar said whaddya think and they said no thanks mainly for cash reasons

  76. If Omar didnt have financial constraints no way he doesn’t deal castillo for whatever a team will take of his contact… then sign Manny, O-Dog, Lowe and Wolf or the guy who plyed for the white sox… Omar did a great job with the budget he was given

  77. On another subject…how many of you out there watched that 1976 Monday Night Baseball game as I did as a child, when the late Mark Fidrych shut down the Yankees at Tiger Stadium?

  78. One of the coolest things about “The Bird” was his honestly asking a reporter after being named the 1976 All-Star starting pitcher, “who’s he?” after being asked how it would be to be throwing to Yankees’ catcher, Thurman Munson. Priceless innocence.

  79. 1-2-3 this team presses when they need to be clutch – if they dont have an early lead that the pitcher holds on most nights forget about it – this is the same offense from 2007-2008

  80. same offense? exactly…thats why i was calling since octber of last yr…add another bat.

    great start from putz..this team has ruined my night thus far

  81. haha to be honest..september.

    this team needs a good start to the yr and they are not getting it

  82. No the Mets will are right, lets turn off the tv right now you freakin tool.

  83. Don’t wanna be too negative here, but this game is crucial in the series, with Ollie pitching Wednesday and Peavy pitching against us Thursday. We could be swept.

  84. mets go down quietly 1-2-3 while the Pada already have a guy on 2nd with out 1A closer on the mound

  85. the offense pertains to tonight game…not focusing on one comment made by a great pitcher who you claim the red sox wouldnt want? please..shh harry

  86. (204) Bull….. The Red Sox walked away from Santana and you and your GWB version of revisionist history will not alter that fact.

  87. coinflip is done hes a mental midget – he’ll give up four before you know it

  88. walked away at the price of prospects, etc….do you really think they wouldnt want johan on their team?

    he is popular in the clubhouse…and you and your focus on one comment wont alter than fact

  89. walk him nice work ….. wow where are our guys building at bats like that – oh that only happens when we have a lead otherwise were hacking like our life depends upon it

  90. (211) Not only didn’t want Santana they happily dumped the guy you’ve been crying about the Mets not getting for the last 6 months. Notice Manny not in Boston?

  91. why do i feel like we got lucky when we had a dominant closer on the mound in the 8th

  92. (217) LOL… Thanks, I needed that. Jim’s just upset a wee bit cause i quoted back on him.

  93. two former mets to go through – you know these guys wiould have given up two runs a piece as mets and were losing 6-5

  94. i told you its coming 1-2-3 this team has choke all over them – from Pelf not being able to handle opening nite – til church dropping the ball, then the balk and finally not being able to score a run since they lost the tie

  95. (225) YUP! For a guy who blasted me for not dropping the subject you sure show that you are the Billy Wagner’s of not letting go.
    Santana is popular in the clubhouse you say. So they said about Manny until he was gone. You see Jim good team mates say those things, bad teammates throw guys under the bus.

  96. And this is why we kept Darren O’Day, who has allowed all three runners he has inherited this year to score, and cut Duaner Sanchez?

  97. (224) Ah; Gary Cohen blasts Sanchez for being afraid to throw his fastball as he retires his ex mates 1-2-3. Good call Gary.

  98. harry- ill agree with JD and the other rational people who would want santana on their team. i wish we had 5 johans to put out there everyday

  99. i’m sick of this offense seven games into the season – they needed a change and without it its 2007-2008 all over again

  100. (235) Hey man, O’Day was a 50 grand investment (note sarcasm please) and cutting Sanchez to save a couple mil gave the Wilpons the guts to cut Anderson and that big pay check of his.

  101. (239) Not Fair Delcos, to bring up the truth is a low blow to your loyal followers!

  102. please this is mmadoff’s team – omar built this team off the budget mmadoff made for him

  103. Manuel is pitching Frankie now but he brought in O’Day with the game on the line Friday nite. Somebody help with this please.

  104. I was disappointed when the Mets let Sanchez go. He was the unsung hero of 2006. He doesn’t get hurt, Heilman’s not on the mound to give up that HR to Yadier Molina. And we don’t trade Xavier Nady for Ollie.

  105. I’m aready sick of this non-clutch offense – whether its game three of the reds, the two loses to the marlins or this game – it reminds me of the collapses

  106. And we also wouldn’t have brought in Shawn Green or Roberto Hernandez or Guillermo Mota.

  107. does this team have a guy that say F U were not losing tonight and puts them on his back

  108. (248) So if the Mets lose today it will be because of Church, and Sunday they lost because of Murphy so Wednesday OP is going to be told to not let any fly balls go to Beltran??

  109. 252- joking about luis…but they need him on base to start this inning and yes i think they do in johan but he only pitches 1 out of every 5

  110. no harry tonight church blew a tough play but the pitcher choked a run home by balking and the offense failed against scrubs not a future ace….- murphy dropped a ball a little leaguer would catch

  111. (249) But he did get hurt. The late Chuck Thompson of the O’s booth used to talk about ifs and buts and candy and nuts whenever people brought up these kind of things.

  112. i knew at the balk they werent coming back – thats this teams offense they have no heart – i dare them to prove me wrong

  113. (257) Tougher than Murphy’s but not tough. Come on ; He should have caught the g-d ball.

  114. Tatis is the guy that got f’d by Sheffield. Sheffield is starting before Tatis. Bad stuff.

  115. this team is not coming back – we’ve learned this from 2007-2008 – i dare thenm to prove me wrong

  116. disappointing…goodnight all.. hopefully coin flip lands right side up on wednesday

  117. We popped up tonight more times than a toaster on the fritz.
    What a disappointment.
    Close out Shea with a loss, open up Citi with a loss.

  118. 1. Anyone who felt bad for Santana losing Sunday, should feel real bad for Stokes tonite.
    2. The good news is that ets do not lose any ground to the hapless Nats who may threaten the Mets beloved 4-120 season.
    3. OP pithes his best against good teams and those Pads are 6-2 so they must be good.

  119. disappointing…goodnight all.. hopefully coin flip lands right side up on wednesday

  120. Good night now. Again, an invitation to anyone who wants to read my Mets blog:

  121. this team isnt getting it done – they will be competitive all year but once again disappoint – im sick by this loss because it’s the last two seasons all over again which tells me this team is not maturing past this, this is what they are competitors not winners….

  122. How come Bud Selig couldn’t have scheduled the Pirates as the first visiting team at CitiField? They were the visitors for the first Mets games at the Polo Grounds and Shea Stadium. But we know how Bud hates tradition, like Cincinnati opening the season at home.
    Brian Stokes now Sherman “Roadblock” Jones and Ed Bauta in losing the first game at a Mets home field.

  123. What are the Mets doing with all these “First balls”, “First hit”, etc balls? Giving them to Cooperstown? Or selling them?