How amped will Pelfrey get?

PELFREY: Will he control emotions?

PELFREY: Will he control emotions?

Mike Pelfrey wrote off his bad first inning in Cincinnati last week to being too amped, too excited to pitch in his first start of the season. He settled down with four scoreless as the Mets came back to win.

It’s part of the development of a young pitcher to control and harness his emotions. If Pelfrey thought the atmosphere was tense last week, imagine tonight in the Citi Field opener. There will be a buzz tonight people will talk about for years.

Not even the Mets’ 3-3 start will take the edge off. The hunch here is Pelfrey will be a fast study and keep his adrenalin in check.

Oh, and Luis Castillo will get treated nicely tonight.

Enjoy the day and we’ll see you tonight for Mets Chat Room.

4 thoughts on “How amped will Pelfrey get?

  1. My condolences on the passing of Harry Kalas. The voice of the Phils, but more known by me as the voice of NFL Films.

    Regarding tonight, i’m not sure that Castillo is going to be greeted nicely. One good game on a road trip isn’t going to change the way the majority of fans feel about him. Anyway, hopefully the Mets won’t disappoint tonight.

  2. Kalas was a good broadcaster. Heads and shoulders over the other phils broadcasters.
    Castillo will get some boos. some cheers. If he didnt have that big game it would be all boos, especially after the bunt yesterday. Pelf? We still dont know alot about how he handles pressure yet. At least its a weak lineup he will be facing.